Soul intentions drive your purpose. Intentions refer to what you agreed to accomplish prior to incarnating. Soul intentions, a/k/a your soul’s agenda, are created for many reasons. They include your agreements to your self and to others. They include your dharma and your karma. You will recognize your soul’s purpose by your inherent desires to experience and explore certain things. Some of these will be very compelling. Pay attention to information with which you especially resonate, as this will assist you to remember what you agreed to show up for.

Your soul’s purpose is not tied to the material world, though it must express inside of it. Bear in mind that the soul is not about hierarchy, ego, or one-upmanship. Your life purpose will not be found there. The soul is about sharing, giving, and receiving. It is about coming from love and being fully present. In its grandest sense, your life purpose is to learn to give and receive love.

Your purpose is not necessarily tied to a career; its focus may not be about making lots of money or being famous — at least, not for most of you. Maybe your life purpose is to make money, or maybe your life purpose will have the outcome of making money, but don’t assume that making a buck is your soul’s primary purpose for being in a physical vehicle. Rather than focusing on what vocation will make you the most money, focus instead on creating a life that gives you joy and provides you a forum to be of service. If you allow logic to overrule your heart’s desires you will miss the boat.

Your soul wants to be fully present and engaged. Whatever compels you to be present and thoroughly engaged is your life purpose, or part of it. By being present to your own life and following what calls to you, you will live your purpose.


I am now connecting with my soul purpose. I am worthy of my soul’s purpose. Without me, my soul cannot execute or complete its plan. Through expressing my soul purpose I bring great clarity and joy to myself and to others. Through expressing my soul purpose, I support the continuing unfolding of my soul’s plan. Through expressing my soul purpose, I support the continuing unfolding of all of Creation. I now allow my soul purpose to come forth and call me to live it.


• What experiences have been profound and meaningful?

• What do you love to do?

• What types of activities or situations bring you so much joy that you forget your troubles?

• What did you used to love to do, but have essentially forgotten about or given up on because it didn’t work out at the time or simply made no sense?

• What are you naturally good at?

• What are you really passionate about?

• What are you passionate about sharing or teaching others?

• What are you here to contribute? Don’t think about it. Just say it.

• What have you really been training for all your life?

• What have you acquired much knowledge in just because you enjoyed going there?

• What experiences do you desire to have? List them.

• Why do you desire these experiences?

• What do you need to do or have to get these experiences?

COMMUNITY and LOCATION: where and with whom you feel aligned gives you important information on your soul purpose.

• Who are your people (who do you feel accepted by, at home with, comfortable around)?

• Who are your people (who do you feel accepted by, at home with, comfortable around)?

• What organizations and environments do they tend to be in?

• What type of work do they do?

• What work environments attract you? Indoors? Outdoors?

• Do you like to be around a lot of people? A few?

• Do you prefer big cities, small towns, or rural settings?

CHOOSE YOUR TOP VALUES, starting with the following list of ten. Identifying what you value will help you to identify your soul purpose.

• Achievement – mastering goals

• Aesthetics – working with beautiful things, being surrounded by beauty

• Affiliation – working with people like you

• Authority – managing or directing other people’s work

• Creativity – ability to innovate, to try new approaches

• Ethics/Morals – being free to work in congruence with your own judgments

• High Pay – commanding a large salary

• Independence – being free from other people’s direction and control

• Recognition – becoming known for your expertise

• Status – having a high prestige job


Your Infinite Self is your Higher Self, your Super Wise Self that sends aspects of Itself out into the dimensional world in order to have a new way of experiencing Who It Is. 


Believe that you can create what you need. When you allow those things that are not yours to do to fall away, what you are here to do becomes much clearer. Here are some processes to help you let go of behaviors that lead to taking on responsibilities and obligations that aren’t truly yours:

• Get back inside of your own truth. This will reconnect you to your center.

• Re-engage your creativity.

• Do those activities that bring you joy and pleasure.

• Connect with people who truly see and appreciate you.

• Take breaks and rest!

• Have genuine, innocent fun.

• Reconnect with what is beautiful to you.

• Engage the rich world of your imagination.

• Remember that you are truly resilient.

• You are lovable and deserve love.

• You do have the power to call in and create your right life.

• Remember that you have a track record of courage and having made correct decisions despite how hard it was.

• You have a unique wisdom that has been built brick by brick from your life experience which you can share.

• Trust yourself to act in your own best interests.

• Strive to be real, that is, authentic to yourself and others.

• Value yourself. Understand that the time you have is precious and needed for your evolution and joy and for that of others.

• Get to know and respect your energy capacities and learn to work with them in a sustainable way.

When you apply these actions, what belongs to you will stay, and what is not yours will fall away. In this way, your purpose and calling can emerge freely. The gifts and challenges of your journey and the hard-won insights and knowledge you have acquired are too precious, too necessary and too much fun to be allowed to buried or put off by energy-consuming false callings (including wrongly assumed responsibilities) that distract from and are not in alignment with your authentic nature or purpose.

You have to do your calling. And that doesn’t mean you become selfish and unavailable. When you act out of integrity and faithfulness to your purpose, your responsibilities to others become much clearer.


• Allow yourself to feel into your desires. Your desires contain your truths. Identify your truths so that you can live from them.

• Listen intently and deeply to your heart.

• Say yes to whatever causes your heart to zing. Your truths will make your heart zing.

• Let go of thoughts that say you’re not good enough. You can do this by facing your fears. The act of facing your fears will take you to the very edge of your courage. That edge is a place from which you can launch who you are.

• Become willing to just be in the journey (letting go vs. striving).

• Live each day as if it were your calling.

• Take action on what seems most right or most important.


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  1. Pedro says:

    Thanks for this. I resist any kind of external authority and altho attracted to them, to a certain extent, systems of thought, too. Upon reading this I realize I don’t trust my soul to take into account my human needs and desires. It’s romantic to assume all of those perhaps belong to the category of things my ego self THINKS it needs and therefore can be dismissed…but allowing to be guided by one’s gut/soul is a give-and-take, and my life is one where I feel burned out and unable to meet basic social needs of belonging…and so the inner scaffolding and belief in being supported seems missing. The fact that I’m such a free thinker and my ideas are often met with resistance only reinforces this sense…so it only becomes more difficult to meet my personal needs when I think of following my heart.

    Nevertheless, I’ll try answering these questions today when we get home. Thank you for sharing 🙂 all the best.

    • gloria says:

      Dear Pedro,

      When you’re burned out, nothing has appeal, and there is no energy for further exploration. There is no energy for curiosity or adventure. When you’re burned out, it’s easy to question your purpose, it’s easy to question whether or not your soul cares about your life, and it’s easy to believe you have been abandoned by everyone, including the Universe that created you.

      When we lose our appetite for life, it’s time to take a break and rest. Take a break from your ideas and expectations of who you should be, of how you should present to the world, and of what you should have accomplished by now. It will not do any good to forge ahead and take the bull by the horns and persevere. When you are burned out, attempting to overcome it with heroic efforts will only burn you out more, and maybe even convince you that there’s no point in trying and perhaps even that there is no point in anything.

      But that is the seduction inherent to burnout — to reach a point where we feel abandoned and disconnected, and then believe that those things are true. I strongly recommend that you look at your track record and see where you have used your talents to benefit others and to grow into a more developed person. Even now, there are things that work for you. Focus on what is working, focus on your strengths. Focus on what makes you feel happy. Walk away from the rest.

      The important thing is to rest, to take the break. To nurture and nourish yourself by surrounding yourself with what makes your heart sing. The beauty in nature, the companionship of animals, the sound of music, poetry and art are universally uplifting. You have some that are unique to you. Don’t put pressure on yourself to become anything. Just be. Do what you need to do to take care of your basic needs, and then let go, and find your life again. You will find it in your truth, in what moves you to connect with the Life Force.

      You can find yourself again by moving towards what calls to you, and taking small steps as you re-discover what it means to be alive. Being alive holds enormous possibilities. While you are here, there is a wealth of life to be explored and enjoyed. But first: rest, surrender to the flow of life, and give up all the useless demands and expectations. There is another vision for you, another life. When you are ready to reach out, it will be there.


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