When you don’t have a defined Sacral your energy’s not sustainable, so you have to learn to be really smart about how you use your energy. And that means that you have to be aware of what your personal energy boundaries are. You need to be aware of when you are using too much of your precious energy, and also engage the practices that will ensure you get sufficient rest and restoration. It’s not enough to read about the Projector’s energy limitations or how to make the best use of that energy – you really have to get to know your own capacities, and then work with them.

1. Don’t push into your fatigue. If you are already tired, you’re past the point where you should have stopped what you were doing and taken some down time. If you push into your fatigue, you are going to have a difficult time recovering from your energy losses. I realize that it’s not always possible to just stop what you’re doing, particularly if you are working for someone else, but when you know you’re going to be called on to be present for long hours or hard labor (God forbid), it’s critical to plan for that. This means that you get as much rest as possible between your assignments so that you have as much energy available to you as possible. This means that you don’t take on extra projects when you know the demands on your energy are going to be high for a sustained period of time.

2. Don’t take your energy levels for granted. Projectors are going to have days when they feel they can take on the world. This is because the undefined Sacral takes in the energy of others and then amplifies that energy. That Sacral becomes a dynamite factory or even a nuclear reactor relative to the steady energy of the defined Sacral. When the Projector has a Sacral that is bursting with energy they can act like super-Generators, and feel like they could leap tall buildings at a single bound. When the energy is flowing like that, it is good to take advantage of it, but in a focused and measured way. Do not go to extremes or you will pay for it later.

3. Remember to discharge your excess energy daily. Every day the Projector picks up volumes of energy from others. This is a circumstance that is particularly in effect when the Projector is out among others. Keep in mind that this is a natural dynamic for the Projector, and it is why the Projector is so gifted at reading the energy of others – because they are literally taking in that energy. At the end of your day make a practice of discharging the energies you’ve accumulated by standing barefoot on the ground, walking barefoot, sitting by a tree, or laying down in a room that you have all to yourself. Sleeping in a room that belongs only to you will discharge excess energies and is very restorative. Listening to music that removes you from the concerns and insults of the day will move you to a healing state of mind. You can experiment with ways of discharging energy to find what is most effective for you – but the bottom line here is about letting go of what does not belong to you.

4. Don’t work against yourself. The biggest energy drain for a Projector is when they are working at tasks that they don’t enjoy and that are not meant for them to do. When you are doing work that is fulfilling, you are energized. When you are doing work that engages your unique skills and creativity and mindset, your energy will flow. Ideally, the Projector has all the energy she needs to do the work that is fulfilling to her. If you are not doing work that acknowledges your nature, and if it is particularly draining, you should be looking for a way to leave that situation. If you cannot leave as soon as you would like, this is where the practice of preserving your energy becomes especially important. This means you do not take on any additional tasks or projects, and that you make sure you get as much rest as possible while you are working in situations that are demanding your energy.

5. Find work that is true to who you are and that you love doing. Eventually, the Projector must find what works for them. This is a process of trial and error. The trial and error allows you to get to know yourself. Understand that as time goes by and you get older and develop more skills and greater self-knowledge, the environments that you can work in effectively will change. It is about context for your current time and place, and for your state of mind and health. Regardless of your stage in life, when you are engaged in life in a way that respects who you are, that respects your personhood and unique gifts, the energy you need will be available to you. Stick with jobs and projects that have your name on them and that you cannot resist taking on. Whatever you’re drawn to doing, whatever compels and calls out to you, is what you need to explore.

6. Process the advice of others through your personal truth filter. Projectors need to talk with the people they trust so that they can get a sense of what’s right for them. But you’re not really seeking advice as much as you’re needing to hear your own truth as you speak your words out loud. Talking with other people is genuinely helpful for the Projector, and know that you may have many conversations before you begin to parse out clearly what will work for you. If you don’t get a handle on what you should do in a situation, and you decide to follow someone else’s advice (someone else’s truth), you will probably find yourself in an uncomfortable place. If something doesn’t feel right, if your intuition isn’t giving you the green light, or if you can’t find your intuition or the feeling of rightness, don’t do it. The time isn’t right. Keep talking, even if those conversations are just with yourself. A Projector does well to have a few close friends that they can just talk and talk and talk with. Eventually, you will know your next step. And remember, if it doesn’t feel good to you, forget about it.

7. Respect yourself. Know your limitations, and stick to them. Don’t allow others to override what you know will work for you. Stand up for yourself, and say no to requests that are going to make demands of you that will injure you if you try to meet them. Projectors are not here to be martyrs for others. Martyring your energy will take you out, and completely undermine your ability to be able to communicate your unique brand of wisdom and insight.

Negative Thoughts and Your Energy

We live in a world that is congested with the energies of many beings, with the energies of their thoughts, and the energies of their actions. A great deal of that energy is harmful. The best way to deal with negative energy is to make sure you discharge excess energy every day, and that you have activities that restore your state of mind and sense of well-being. These activities are unique to you, but they can involve dancing, walking, listening to music, reading, watching movies, resting…there are many. You know which ones work for you.

There is no escaping how others think and act, but we can protect ourselves by choosing to create environments that are healthy for us, and have relationships that honor us. We can eat food that sustains us and honors our conscience. We can surround ourselves with beauty. We can treat others the way we want to be treated. We can withhold our judgments of others, and we can accept our life circumstances while we plan to make the changes that we want and need.

Just as we can learn to work with circumstances that don’t meet our needs while we look for ways to improve them, we can let go of expectations on how beautiful we should look or how smart we should be or how accomplished we should be, and just relax into accepting that we have what we need to grow into and become the full flourishing embodiment of our potentials. When we seek to connect to those things that honor us and bring us into greater health and help us develop into our best selves, we are doing everything we can to stay away from the negativity.

Because we are alive there are times when we are going to feel like failures and have things happen that we didn’t want to happen and that we didn’t foresee. It is the way it is. This is the way consciousness evolves. The journey of the soul in third density is complex and winding.

If you are living your life in integrity – that is, you are making choices that consciously support your well-being at all levels – you will eventually come out on top!  You will not miss the invitations that are meant for you. The truth about invitations is that the more you are being yourself, the more others will recognize you and from that, the invitations that are right for you will find you.

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  1. joni says:

    “If you are living your life in integrity – that is, you are making choices that consciously support your well-being at all levels – you will eventually come out on top! You will not miss the invitations that are meant for you. The truth about invitations is that, the more you are being yourself, the more others will recognize you and from that, the invitations that are right for you will find you.”

    Gloria, I found your website today doing research on Human Design. I resonate with your words very much. Thank you!

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