What makes it June Solstice? The June solstice—occurring this year on the 20th—marks the day when the Sun is at its northernmost or southernmost arc along the celestial equator. The June solstice is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. The sun is directly above the Tropic of Cancer in the North and makes the longest day of the year.  In the Southern Hemisphere, it is midwinter—the shortest day and longest night. 

The Astrology of Summer (June) Solstice 2020

On June 20, 2020, the Sun entered 0 degrees Cancer at 5:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time.  I am using the location of Washington, D.C., as it is the capital of the United States, and as such represents this country’s collective experience.  Let’s take a look at the symbolism of this hour of the day.  At 5:43 PM Eastern Time, the Sun and Venus were in the third quadrant (houses 7, 8, and 9). The Sun is in the third quadrant between noon and sunset.  At this time of day there isn’t as much enthusiasm to get things done as there was in the morning.  It becomes harder to concentrate on being productive.  We need a change of pace.

The symbolism of the setting sun.  The Sun is no longer at its zenith, and there is an urge to re-evaluate agreements that were made from a different state of mind in different conditions where it seemed reasonable to go about business as usual.  There is also an ‘energy’ of restlessness urging us to shake things up and take a break from business as usual.  We may not feel as committed or driven to “get it done.”  Sometimes we seek change for the sake of change, but radical philosophies and insights that question prevailing norms can also be born inside of this energy.  A good way to  expand our thinking and inspire solutions that are off the beaten path is to give ourselves permission to play with ideas that push social and intellectual boundaries. While we may not agree with everything about the devil’s advocate stance we’re trying on, it can be mind-opening to do so.  This role-playing can be helpful for getting clear on who you are and what you want, regardless of what others think. 

The Astrology of the ‘Ring of  Fire’ Annual Solar Eclipse 2020

This year, a rare event takes place — an Annual Solar Eclipse occurs at 2:41 AM EDT, just 9 hours after the Solstice.  A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, blocking sunlight on Earth. This solar eclipse won’t be total; instead, a magnificent annular ‘ring of fire’ will be visible around the Moon. (“Annulus” means “little ring” in Latin.)  An annular solar eclipse that falls on the summer solstice won’t happen again until June 21, 2039.  The last time was in the summer of 1982.  This year the Sun will line up perfectly with the Moon’s orbit and the Eclipse will last for around 3 hours, 20 minutes.  

I am again using the location of Washington, D.C. to create the horoscope for this Solar Eclipse.  At 2:41 AM EDT, the Sun is between midnight and sunrise.  This is a time when the village is dark and most of the world is asleep. There is a special social atmosphere surrounding the sleeper.  How safe do they feel?  How secure?  If they are a child, they need to feel protected from the monsters of the night.  If they are an adult, they need to be able to turn off their conscious mind, forget their problems, and trust.  Whether child or adult, they cannot be worried about burglars.  To sleep well, they must feel safe in their physical and psychological surroundings.  They must feel they are among people they trust who will not harm them while they sleep.

The symbolism is about creating safe communities that are insulated from the dangers of the night.  Consider also the significance that the Solstice and Eclipse Sun is in the sign of Cancer, the sign of home, roots, and community. Our sense of community includes a belief that we are cared for by a benevolent consciousness, a Mother-Father-God who ensures the safety and well-being of her children.  To feel healthy, whole, strong and complete, a community must embrace a mythos — a lofty idea or high ideal.  This ideal is also often represented by a deity or religion. The ideal is always larger than each individual life, yet everyone can relate to it. Despite the diversity inside each community, everyone can get behind the same idea because the mythos holds and represents everyone’s highest ideals.  As an example, let’s look at a mythos of the United States.  Here, the population is widely diverse in creed, culture, and national origin; still, the mythos of ‘land of the free, land of equal opportunity’ is an ideal that millions can embrace.  We are still striving to bring that mythos into manifestation.

There are strong tribal impulses that create community — a belief in an over-lighting consciousness that holds the stories of humanity’s past and humanity’s dreams for the future.  The community must also work together if they are to create their dream for a sustainable way of life.  Life must be sustainable for everyone, or as history and recent events have shown, it is sustainable for no one.  There is calm, sanity, and truth in this acknowledgment. When the mythos finally becomes a universal reality, there will be nothing to rebel against as everyone is looked out for and their needs are met.   

The Annular Solar Eclipse Sun is conjunct the June Solstice Sun.  Solstice events are harbingers of what we can look forward to for the next quarter of the year, and the influence of an eclipse is said to begin six months before they occur, and six months after.  But this influence can begin earlier and last much longer! An eclipse is powerful because it catalyzes change, and keeps it going.  A solstice that takes place in tandem with an eclipse is given additional power and range of influence, and is also flavored by the nature of the eclipse.

These charts have noteworthy astrological conditions in common. In both the Solstice and Eclipse charts, Mercury and Neptune are stationary.  What this means is that each one of these planets is within a day or two of changing direction, with both Mercury and Neptune stationing to go retrograde.

A stationary planet has a somewhat different meaning than a retrograde planet. During a retrograde, a planet is symbolically reviewing and remaking territory that it has passed over and that it will pass over again as its motion turns direct.  When the motion to turn retrograde or direct is at its slowest velocity, the planet is said to be stationary, or stopped, in its motion.  The symbolism of a stationary planet is that of a silent witness who has stopped its journey with the express purpose of watching a particular person being born,  and for the rest of that person’s life, the planet takes a Godfather-like interest in them.  Something new is being born in our world culture, and we ourselves are bearing witness to it.

Stationary Neptune is about the mythos that an entire collective has in common — it could be local, it could be regional, and it could be national, or worldwide.  Stationary Neptune is about the need to belong to a collective where everyone shares a core ideology which connects and sustains everyone.  Stationery Neptune also represents the ability to speak a universal language that everyone understands.  Stationary Mercury does not have the shrewdness or fiery ambition of Mercury; the stationary is a more accommodating and diplomatic version. Communication with transparent agendas that take everyone into account is supported.

The Human Design Charts for June Solstice 2020 and the June 2020 Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

This year the Human Design type for the June Solstice is a Manifestor.  Recall that the astrology for the Solstice is about expanding our thinking to initiate new ways of how we do things.  It has an energy of breaking away from conventional thought to bring in another perspective, one that can see beyond tradition.  Thus, the Manifestor type is the perfect archetypal representation of initiating a new way of behaving which can lead to breakthroughs.  The internal, non-verbal creativity of the Manifestor is directly connected to divine inspiration.  The influence of the Manifestor in the chart of this celestial event is to pioneer the way that breaks free of old patterns and takes down paradigms that do not support the nurture and advancement of human beings and human civilization.

The Human Design type for the June Annular Solar Eclipse is a Projector.  The astrological theme for the Eclipse centers on creating community and connection.  This theme is repeated in its Projector chart.  Projectors are here to guide and direct others and to serve in a leadership capacity. Because of their ability to read energy, they have unique insights and wisdom regarding how to best manage the flow of energy so that everyone benefits. It is the Projector’s undefined Sacral that gives them the capacity to read the energy of others, in addition to the unique penetrative capacity of their aura.  But because they do not have a defined Sacral, the Projector does not have continuous access to energy.  However, this does not mean that Projectors are not energetically available to Life!  On the contrary, they need to be with the right people — those who value and honor their gifts — and their energy will flow and they can guide with vitality.  Again, the astrology for the Eclipse is about community and connection. 

Both the Solstice and Eclipse charts have the Channel of Awakening.  This Channel can organize people around ideas and concepts that are rooted in the energies of self-love and self-empowerment.  It can speak words that inspire the imagination to see what is possible when we change existing narratives, and teach us that it is possible to write a new narrative!  New words with new ideas can change the direction of people’s lives and the communities they belong to.  In its high expression, this Channel has the power to lift us to a higher awareness and expression of self-love. Self-love powers courage, confidence, and vitality.  It empowers us to be more than what we have been, and to bring our best efforts and ideas to strengthen our communities. However, as we have often seen, in its unbalanced expression, this Channel can become “The Verbal Gunslinger,” where language is used to disempower and hurt others.

Both the Solstice and Eclipse charts have the Cross of the Vessel of Love. Each Human Design chart has an Incarnation Cross, made up of the Personality (Conscious) Earth and Sun, and the Design (Unconscious) Earth and Sun.  Each of these four planetary points occupies a gate and a line. The unique configuration of the Conscious and Unconscious Sun and Earth placements creates a specific cross.  The Cross of the Vessel of Love is about the power of love to transform — everything. 

The four gates of Cross of the Vessel of Love are the 46, the 25, the 15, and the 10.   In the 46 we have the love and appreciation of being in a human body so that we can give our spiritual purpose form and manifestation; in the 25 we remember that the reason we do anything is because of our reverence for, and gratitude to, Source; in the 15, we remember our need for connection to community, and in the 10, we remember to love ourselves.  The effect of these celestial events will be long-term, thus we continue to work on creating community.  Human beings will flourish when all communities are built on love. 

What is being empowered with the conjunction of the events of this Solstice and Eclipse?  The Solstice energy brings a restlessness to change things up and to question the way things have always been done.  There is a desire for new thinking, born from the awareness that the traditions and structures and philosophies that keep those in place are no longer adequate.  And they are not just inadequate, but created from the belief that some people are better than others and this gives them a right to more resources and opportunities.  We are currently riding the eruption of a volatile and fiery drive to restructure ingrained perceptions to expand the parameters of what it really means to be a community.  A community looks out for each of its members, and everyone needs to be looked after!  The need to belong and to be part of something greater than oneself seeks to be reformed in thought, word, and deed.  The need to create a truly inclusive community is supported and represented in these celestial events.   A new mythos is being born, and the first clue to its coming manifestation is the great resetting heralded by this Solstice Eclipse. 

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