Have you lost your mojo?  And your vitality…your hunger…your passion…your hope…your freedom…your excitement…your energy…when was the last time you had the energy to do more than just sit?  Have you lost interest in pretty much everything?  Been there, done that, or even if you haven’t done that, it’s not compelling anyway.  Nothing’s all that compelling. Nothing’s that fascinating, remarkable, or worth bothering with.  It’s all mostly just — yuk and blah.

No mojo means you’re burned out.  Burnout has multiple origins, and it affects every part of our being.  We are physically tired, emotionally exhausted, unable to stay focused, and spiritually depleted.  Nothing has appeal, and there is no energy for further exploration. When you’re burned out, it’s easy to question your purpose, it’s easy to question whether whoever put you here even cares about your life.  It’s easy to believe you have been abandoned by everyone, including the Universe that created you.  When you have lost connection to meaning, to purpose, to YOU, you have lost connection to life.

Burnout can last a short time or for years. Burnout can interfere with your ability to see how things can be different and to find solutions to how you can take back your life. This state of mind can even convince you that there’s nothing you can do to turn things around, so why try.

I.  Where did my Mojo go?

Causes of burnout:

  • Have you been doing too much of “nothing;” that is, putting your time and energy into projects and endeavors that have little reward for you?

  • Have you entered into things incorrectly — was your heart in it, or did you feel obligated?  Or did you just jump in, hoping for the best?

  • Have you been subscribing to the same dream, and it still eludes you? If so, are you sure it’s your dream?

  • Have you been overdoing it, and not giving yourself enough time to recuperate?

  • Have you experienced a loss of someone you loved, including a pet?

  • Have you made a geographical move you did not want to make?

  • Did someone betray you?

  • Did you lose a job or not get the one you thought you were a good fit for?

  • Do you secretly feel like you simply aren’t good enough, talented enough, or smart enough?

  • Or attractive enough?

  • Do you put out energy and effort to cover up your belief that you’re inferior?

  • Is the food you eat nourishing you?

  • Have you experienced a sudden change in circumstances that you did not see coming and that you never would have asked for?

  • Have you forgiven yourself?

  • Have you forgiven?

  • When was the last time you experienced beauty?

  • Has everything you’ve tried to get movement, to get unstuck, yielded zero results?

  • Have you just given up on anything changing for you the way you need it to?

II.  So what can you do?

It’s time to take a break and rest. Take a break from your ideas and expectations of who you should be, of how you should present to the world, and of what you should have accomplished by now.  It will not do any good to take the bull by the horns and forge ahead. When you are burned out, heroic efforts will only burn you out more. When you are burned out, you don’t have clarity.  You will spin your wheels seeking solutions because the energy you need to get and stay focused simply isn’t there.  And then again, you might conclude that there’s just no point in trying because nothing will ever change.  You have plenty of evidence to support this.

But that is the seduction of burnout — to reach a point where we’re convinced there’s no more hope.  There’s nothing that can be done. This is a good time to review your track record and see where you have used your talents to benefit others, to remember when who you were made all the difference.  So much of what we think is important is transitory and superficial. So much of what we believe is true is nothing more than a tangled web of inoperative myths. Identify where you have been a slave to these myths.  Free yourself.  Walk away.   

The important thing is to rest, to take the break. Nurture and nourish yourself by surrounding yourself with what makes your heart sing.  The balm of nature, pets, music, poetry, and art are universally uplifting. Don’t put pressure on yourself to become anything. Do what you need to do to take care of your basic needs, and then let go. And don’t pressure yourself to feel wonderful right away because that probably won’t happen.  Have patience. The important thing is you want things to be different.

Take a ferocious stand for your life.  Decide that the only thing that matters is taking back your life. Despite the betrayals, the losses, and the shock of the unexpected, you are still in charge of your life.  You still have the power to intervene on your own behalf. Understand that you are a creation of a powerful force, and there is nothing you need to do to prove your value, your worth, or your lovability.  What you are here to do is live your life according to your soul contract.  From here on out, every decision you make, from the most insignificant to the most important, must be in service to your best interests — to you. Not to or for someone else.  YOU ARE WRITING YOURSELF INTO A NEW STORY. 

Feel into the desires of your heart, mind, and body for the future you want to bring in. Embody these desires by making every choice in service to your future, to the life you want to be living, to how you want to look and feel, to the people you want around you, and to the experiences you want to have.  Be patient with yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Many who endured the extreme conditions of the holocaust found comfort in their good memories and in dreaming of a better future. 

III.  More things you can do:

    • Connect with the people who believe in YOU. 

    • Put on music.  Dance.  Get your energy flowing again.  

    • There is something you’re passionate about.  Reconnect with it!  

    • Believe in yourself.  Choosing to do so will create your own personal movement.

    • Trust your intuition.  Don’t second-guess yourself.

    • Focus on what is working, focus on your strengths.  Focus on what makes you feel happy. 

    • It’s OK to not know the outcome or the answers or how you will get from here to  there.  Allow the unfolding of your creativity to lead the way.

    • Surround yourself with beauty. Yes, there is still beauty!  Create beauty.

    • Write your story the way you want it to be.

    • Treat yourself with love and respect.

    • Get out of your head.  Stop the over-thinking and the second-guessing.

    • Create rhythm and consistency in your life.

    • Enjoy being YOU.

You can re-awaken your mojo by moving towards what calls to you, and taking small steps as you re-discover what it means to be alive.  Being alive holds enormous possibilities. While you are here, there is a wealth of life to be explored and enjoyed. But first: rest, surrender to the flow of life, and give up all the useless demands and expectations. There is another vision for you, another life. When you are ready, take up your bed and walk.  Go about the business of being who you are.

IV. Identify your core essential truth.  Your core essential truth is indefatigable and primal.  And it will get you moving.

There is something that endures at your core that has nothing to do with time or place. This is what gets revealed after everything has been stripped away.  This truth is what your life is anchored into.  It is unwavering and immovable.  Stay connected to this truth, and it will sustain you.  

What do you need to do to release, heal, and align to reconnect with your core essential truth?

It is part of the human condition to experience isolation, depression, loss of hope, and focus.  This is what happens when we don’t pay attention to what is going on around us, and when we ignore our own needs.  Still, it is a common human experience to reach rock bottom and then to have to find a way up from the pit we’ve fallen into (or even been thrown into).  Many have fallen, but many have found their way back out.  The thing is to not see what happened to you as permanent or as the end of everything.  Whatever happens, it is a point, an event in the overall trajectory of your life.  Something else will always follow as long as you are willing to say yes to your life.

Even if you have a sense that your original plans have fallen off their map, don’t despair and don’t give up.  Your soul is a very potent force and will find ways to create new pathways for bringing its agenda into manifestation to the greatest extent possible. Even if the elements that come together to assist your intentions are different from what was planned and the timing of things has changed.  Still, because you have a purpose, and that purpose is sacred to both the fulfillment of your intentions and the connections you planned, the force that drives their fulfillment is not easily daunted. Despite delays and alternate routes, your soul will strive to attract and create the experiences you were meant to have — the ones contained in your soul contract. 

As long as you are alive, there will be change, and there will be new opportunities. Keep your heart open, and when a hand reaches out to pull you up, take it.  Say YES to life!

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