We are, all of us, living through catastrophic changes. 

Although there is so much that is uncertain and terrifying, we also have the opportunity to evaluate what is truly important and listen to what our hearts are saying.

In this time of great unknown, great change, and enormous challenge, we can still make ourselves a new life with new habits and remain open to new possibilities. Now is the time to express the truth in our hearts and begin to organize our lives around bringing in what is most needed and desired.  What we most need and desire. This is a good time to imagine new dreams about where you want to be and what you want to do.  Our job is to actively, fearlessly, dream.

Not everything is yours to do or belongs to you. You are designed for certain things, and you came in with a specific agenda and purpose (dharma) for your life. It is this dharma that will help you identify what you are here to do and give.  Even now, as we’re shifting.  Even if we didn’t see this coming, and didn’t plan for it.  Here’s some good news: how you live your life and fulfill your dharma is very flexible and adaptable.

No one would deny that the shift we’re in is gigantic.  We are being pulled towards the Solar Plexus Mutation of 2027 when the Human Design bodygraph will be re-configured such that a new energetic platform will be established.  This new platform creates a much-needed foundation for the advancement of human civilization, offering new opportunities to draw down the values, the vision, and the strategies that will support life from here on out.

2020 is deeply distinguished by the Capricorn Council of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, of which the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, a celestial phenomenon that happens every 35 to 38 years, but only once every 500 years in Capricorn, has come together not just once, but multiple times.  Each time a conjunction repeats, the energy it brings to the material plane is grounded more deeply, brings additional nuance, and increases the success for a positive outcome.

The key to working with this transition is to recognize that aspects of what we are undergoing are part of a larger natural cycle and to surrender to that, and the part that is unnatural, that was created through ignorance and neglect, can be healed when we turn away from separation and have compassion for our great mistakes.  We are in new and scary territory, but having crossed that threshold, it is imperative that we leave behind and renounce what does not serve or belong.  It is not easy, but it can be done.  We already have the map and the compass to show us the way.

All transitions come with an ending, and the endings we are living are supra-normal and overwhelming.  During this time of disorientation and despair, a new beginning will emerge.  That is inevitable. What that looks like depends on us.  Let us be patient and kind to ourselves and each other.   We cannot force the outcome and we do not know the outcome, but we know this: the shape of the outcome will be determined by how and what we choose.

These many endings are fraught with grief and confusion.  Despite the many things we’ve had to let go of, the many deaths we’ve experienced, symbolically and literally, we can still look to this truth: with every ending there is a new beginning.    

With every new beginning an opportunity follows. Hints of the new direction may not be obvious at first.  They are often subtle and initially come with only an inner knowing.  Nevertheless, it is important to understand what is emerging within and flow with it until we understand what is required of us.

Many of us feel powerless to do much of anything.  Very few of us came in with an agenda to be a world leader where we would have a powerful platform to create change.  What is important is to mind our relationship to the global community, and to work locally, from our base.   We can bloom where we are planted by minding our soul contract.

Your power to be and do what is needed to be done is in your soul contract.  No matter the disappointment or the terrible unexpected events that force us to throw out our routines and re-invent ourselves, we still have important cards to play.  We still have access to our very own super-powers. They are the contents of our soul contract.

I want to remind all of us that our soul contract is the most sacred thing we own.  It houses the blueprint of our talents and our yearnings.  Our yearnings will inevitably lead us to our right experiences, places, and people.  Your soul contract contains the precious seeds of who you can become.

These words are not intended to make you believe that things are not as bad as they are.  These words are to remind you that you were created for very specific experiences and a purpose that has many layers, some of which are mysterious.   You also have access to a great deal of creativity; there is more than one way to express what you carry in your soul.

This is where your power is!  The more you allow the rich content of your contract to express, the more passion you will feel for creating your life.  Your soul contract completely supports your Design.  And if you work with your Design, you will be supported to create your most fulfilling life.

Your job for these times, according to your Human Design Type:

Manifesting Generators, we need you to apply your tireless reserves of energy and creativity to find the solutions that will save humanity, and to find the shortcuts that will speed up the process for finding our best outcomes; Generators, we need your devotion to life force, and we need your tireless reserves of energy and creativity to build the new safe spaces;  Manifestors, we need you to show us how to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible for the human story through your courageous initiating; Projectors, we need you to hold the energy template of what needs to be created and to clear the vibration of collective fear, and Reflectors, we need you to identify those habits and practices that no longer support the advancement of humanity, and transmute them so that you can reflect what is possible when we come from a higher consciousness.

Have patience and trust your process.  Let the process lead you.  Be guided by your feelings, by your intuition, and by the synchronicities that magically appear to show you the way. Do not commit to projects that do not appeal to you.  Embrace what feels right for you and shun what feels like an obligation. This is not the time to be obligated or to feel guilty. This is the time to take your gifts and expand them to the levels where they can meet the needs of these times.  Walk without fear and take your friends, your sense of adventure and curiosity, and most especially, your love for life and all things living, with you.

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