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This Report is 40 or more pages and is included with your live session.

The Report explores the Quadrant placements of Sun, Venus, and Mercury. These personal planets have a strong influence on temperament, depending on their Quadrant placement. I have been working with this system over many years with many clients, and I can attest to the wonder and accuracy of the G-zones and Quadrant placements of Sun, Mercury, and Venus.

Each Quadrant has its own orientation. The 4th Quadrant begins with the ascendant (sunrise) and ends at the midheaven (noon); the 3rd Quadrant begins with the midheaven and ends at the descendant (sunset); the 2nd Quadrant begins with the descendant and ends at the nadir (midnight), and the 1st Quadrant begins with the nadir and ends at the ascendant. You will learn about the meaning of the Quadrants, and which one/s are unique to you.

The Quadrant influences were discovered by Patrick Jerome who, over decades, re-worked Gauquelin’s original data. Jerome also discovered Neptune’s power zones. Neptune was not one of the original “Gauquelin” planets.

I identify and describe the meaning of the power placements of the five Gauquelin planets: Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.  You will not have all of the Gauquelin planets, and you may not have any.  On the other hand, you may have a counter-Gauquelin. Counter-Gauqelins are more practical than passionate in how they express.

I look at Mercury and Mars in relation to the Sun – perihelion, or aphelion.

Mercury is a special case because it has many different ways of expressing.

I also check for planets that were stationary at your birth, including Chiron.

And I check to see if any of your planets have stationed via secondary progression.

I also identify which of the five Moon velocities your Moon was traveling at the moment of your birth. Moon Velocity is a discovery of Mr. Jerome’s extensive data-driven research.

And more: traditional astrological interpretations are also included.

Everyone needs different things in order to be themselves. There is no wrong horoscope.

Your astrology reading will give you reliable information on the nature of your temperament and what drives you.  Do not expect that all of who you are in your actual lived expression can be described by your reading. What you as an unduplicatable individual bring to your natal chart is complex and unique to you, and will always transcend the mechanics of your natal horoscope.  However, the descriptions contained in your reading tell a story about your potentials and orientation because they identify certain fundamental yearnings.  It is my hope that this reading helps you validate who you are. 

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