Each of us began our immigration from reaches unknown, and places only vaguely remembered at best. Although we may not remember the specifics of our origins, those beginnings nevertheless follow us in our dreams and in our imagination, sometimes haunting us in the way of a forgotten melody, sometimes spurring us to reach the tantalizing wilds on the other side of the horizon.

Just as the pulse of our first heartbeat continues to thrum its way through each of our incarnations, our beginnings are never separate from us. That long-ago first coming-into-consciousness propelled us unerringly forward into exploration of myriad unknowns – beautiful and ugly, ecstatic and painful – all of which have seen to it that we will ultimately give a shape and a name to our souls.

What’s the next step? Where do we go from here, and who do we need to be in order to get there?

These questions are a constant for me – they have no end; only beginnings. As soon as I’ve rounded the corner of what was once teasingly distant and mysterious, the questions return afresh. Irrespective of what I’ve uncovered and resolved to conquer, there will always be unknown territory to explore – infinite, ever-revolving facets of self, soul, and consciousness. The universe is infinitely available and willing to share its secrets and insights as long as I am willing to take the journey – despite the terrors that are inherent to it. And the truth is, I won’t have all the equipment I need at the outset – because I can’t know what’s ahead. It is only in experiencing the terrors of the unknown that I can find and develop the resources to face them down. I did, after all, show up with the inbuilt capacity of infinite possibility.

The blueprint for our lives is not set in stone, and we are encouraged to re-create our irrepressible divinity as we go. This is your most basic birthright and talent: the capacity to evolve and adapt as you wish, and as you need.

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