Do I have a life purpose?

That goes without saying! It was so in the beginning, and will be to the end. You have a unique purpose encoded within. You are here to act from that purpose. You are here to live, breathe, create, and experience health and great joy from that purpose. Living your purpose has immeasurable ramifications in the good that it does. Even if you cannot at first articulate that purpose, if you seek it with an open heart, it will find you.

How can I know what my life purpose is?

What do you care about? What have you fallen in love with? What did you love to do when you were very young? Look there for your life purpose. What are you compelled to bear witness to? What is it that loosens your tongue to speak the truth? What will cause you to leap out of bed? Look there for your purpose. The activities you are naturally drawn to, what you long to learn about or explore will point you to your life purpose. Follow what calls you.

Your purpose is driven by your soul intentions, and is not tied to the material world, though it must express inside of it. Bear in mind that the soul is not about hierarchy, ego, or one-upmanship. Your life purpose will not be found there. The soul is about sharing, giving, and receiving. It is about coming from love and being fully present. In its grandest sense, your life purpose is to learn to give and receive love.

Is it about living an exalted life, that is, one where you are famous and glamorous and impressive and influential and make lots of money?

Your purpose is not necessarily tied to a career; its focus may not be about making lots of money or being famous — at least, not for most of you. Maybe your life purpose is to make money, or maybe your life purpose will have the outcome of making money, but don’t assume that making a buck is your soul’s primary purpose for being in a physical vehicle. Rather than focusing on what vocation will make you the most money, focus instead on creating a life that gives you joy and provides you a forum to be of service. If you allow logic to overrule your heart’s desires, you will miss the boat.

Of course, there is room in any life for trial and error, especially around finding your life purpose. There is, in fact, the need to make mistakes. And it is inevitable that you will. No matter. Mistakes will teach you what is dear to you, and what you can live without. This discussion is not intended to imply that only a rigid course of action will get you on your right path. It is the willingness to test the waters and be resilient when things don’t work as planned or don’t follow a neat trajectory that will be the most benefit to you in identifying your purpose. The goal is to give yourself permission to experiment and to not know.

Does my life purpose best express itself through a vocation?

We have been enculturated to believe that one’s life purpose can best be expressed — or only expressed — through a particular vocation. And it can be deeply satisfying to pursue mainstream courses of study, or to take a job in an established and respected vocation. When that is the case, it is intended that you take those interests further. But many of you are not here to do “normal” or conventional work, or specialize in just one area. Many of you are here to do many things! Because there is an almost infinite variety of life purposes and ways of expressing them, it is not always possible to find a vocation that will seamlessly mesh with or match your unique purpose.

The reality is that collective culture and consciousness is behind in its understanding of vocation. As a result, most of you will live your purpose as best you can in conjunction with (or not), and in addition to, what you do to make a living. The important thing is that you live your purpose and do what you can with the support you have. When you courageously live your purpose, you are truly in the vanguard to raise consciousness on the deeper meaning of vocation, including making new criteria for the standards by which vocation is valued.

What does it look like when I’m living my purpose? More importantly, what does it feel like when I’m living my purpose?

You will know you are living your purpose when you experience a deep sense of personal fulfillment; you will know, from your sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, that this is what is right for you. Your purpose is something you do whether you get paid for it or not because it gives you tremendous satisfaction. Your soul’s need to experience profound fulfillment and the connection to all things that arises from living your purpose will light a fire under your feet.

What is the common denominator behind every life purpose?

Your life purpose is given specific form and meaning from the soul. Your soul is the driver of your life purpose. So you can ask: What does my soul want? What is meaningful for my soul? Your soul wants to be fully present and engaged. Whatever compels you to be present and thoroughly engaged is your life purpose, or part of it. By being present to your own life and following what calls to you, you will live your purpose. How do you get there? It’s actually quite simple. You do it all the time without thinking about it. Follow your bliss. Follow your joy; follow your yearnings. If you follow your joy you will find yourself gradually shaping a life that is in sync with your life purpose. Your joy and fulfillment are your clues.

I want to be faithful to my life purpose. I want to live it, but I don’t know what the next step is, especially because I’m still not clear on that purpose.

Trust that the next step will become apparent. Take the step that brings you the most excitement — this is always your cue for the right direction. Taking the next step on behalf of your joy is much better than not moving at all. If you find yourself losing your joy, then correct your course to reconnect with it. When you follow your joy, how you live your life will gradually come back into congruence with your life purpose. When you follow your joy, what is right for you will find you. If you cannot feel anything, move forward anyway. You will again find what feels best.

Believe in yourself.

Believe that you have a right to be here. You have as much right as anyone to be here. There is a place in this world for you, and it is yours alone. Your role and your contributions are needed more than ever.

What is calling you at this time?

Pay close attention to what you are drawn to. There are large clues here to help you find your purpose. Are you responding to those or ignoring them because they are not practical and perhaps even somewhat crazy? Trust that you were built to surmount the obstacles to your purpose. Trust that you are meant to follow your path, however crazy and unwise it appears to everyone else. If you are authentically living your purpose, you will be supported to live that purpose.

Our world desperately needs your gifts! This is what makes it imperative that you live your purpose. Pay attention to what will not leave you alone. Living your purpose is not just for your sake, although that is important, but it is also for the world’s sake. Because each one of us contains a unique piece of the creative genius behind this world’s design, every human being’s participation is required. Therefore, understand that being who you are is everything. Your divine assignment is meant to be a force for the evolution of this world; it is effective only to the extent that you are living your purpose.

Develop your talents to their greatest extent and use them to make the greatest contribution you can – this is true success.

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