When we speak of soul intentions, we are referring to those plans that were made by you prior to incarnating. Soul intentions are created for the purpose of fulfilling your agreements to your self and to others. These agreements have their basis in your soul history. Their agenda was based on the annals of your past; they are not formed arbitrarily, or on the basis of a passing whim.

A soul intention is not about glibly asking the question, “Hmm…what would I like to do next?” It is not about waking up one morning and lazily considering whether you will have muffins or French toast for breakfast. Soul intentions are driven by internal directives to pursue specific goals as well having inherent desires for them. Pay attention to information with which you especially resonate as this will assist you to remember what you agreed to show up for.

We will rephrase the question: “What is it I need to do in order to fulfill the requirements of my intentions, and what is my next step to getting there?” Before we offer our reflections on this, let us first consider the origins of soul intentions.

Each time you incarnate you choose a series of tasks which are aligned with what you plan to accomplish for the life. How do you decide what you will focus on for a particular life? This is the million-dollar question, so to speak, but it is not actually that much of a mystery. Your life plans are based in what you have previously experienced and assimilated – as well as what you did not complete. Those experiences with which you feel complete – that is – those in which you mastered, for example, a certain skill, or where you came to know the painful limitations and joyous capacities of the body, and where you incontrovertibly understood the extent to which your assumptions expanded or contracted your opportunities and choices, etc., will not call to you in the same way they did when you were eager to test your mettle in these areas. Once you have gained depth knowledge in a curricula and the critical self-knowledge that comes with exploring the unknown, you are ready to move into a different arena.

At this juncture you will want to review the actions you took to master various skills and have certain experiences. On the way to mastery, actions are sometimes taken that are detrimental to another’s choices. As you can see, the purposes behind re-entry into the physical form of existence are complex. Let us examine an actual past life and review the original plan, the goals of the plan that were actually accomplished, the actions still needing to be taken because of lack of completion, and the desire to explore new territory.


Here is a brief portrait of a young woman who lived in Kansas in the early 1900’s. As the scene to memory opens, Helen, about 31 and petite, is driving a buggy along a dirt road in the country. She is wearing a plain black dress and a white scarf. The horse is dark chestnut with red tones. The landscape is flat, but the surrounding fields abound with growing crops. A storm is coming; she hurries. She is carrying a small bottle of medicine. It is for her elderly father, who is ill. She drives past a round barn to the house, and is greeted by her teenage son Eli. Her father, Elijah, is in bed. She gives him several spoonfuls of the medicine.

Next we find Helen at her father’s burial, out on the farm. Several farmhands are assisting with lowering the casket into the ground. It is raining out, and the ground is extremely muddy. The farmhands’ clothes are soiled and worn. Eli is weeping. Helen does not seem to feel much of anything.

In the next scene, Helen is talking with a tall, gaunt man who appears to be a caricature of someone in the legal profession. He is formally dressed, and Helen is arguing with him about being forced out of her home. Apparently she is going to be turned out because of unpaid rent on the land. Despite what seems inevitable, Helen is arguing confidently and seemingly holding her own – for the moment.

Helen has taken residence in a boarding house where she works long hours at grueling labor to earn her keep. She spends her days washing, cooking, and cleaning. It is hard work, and though she is only 33, her body is breaking down. Her son attends a one-room school where she wishes she could teach.

Helen finds some peace through reading, and keeping a journal. Some of her journal entries comment on the lack of opportunities for women. Helen recalls her experiments with humane farming, and how her neighbors looked upon her and her family with suspicion. They kept to themselves as they did not resonate with the community. Helen also had an interest in astronomy and owned a telescope. She and her father were kindred spirits.

The boarding house is located in a town that is essentially lawless and dangerous. Men ogled her as she walked by, and they were base and ill-intentioned; an appropriate husband was not to be found among them; not that she sought one. She kept to herself, and her primary concern was caring for her son.

Her son is scapegoated and hung in public for a crime he did not commit. After, his corpse is tied to a horse and dragged through the town to hostile jeering. These were deeply disturbing brutal acts, and they drove Helen to suicide. The hostility of that lawless community was not surprising, given that she and her son were never accepted, again being seen as suspiciously eccentric.

** ** ** **


In Helen’s original soul intentions for this life, an unusually active and inventive mind was integral to what she wanted to accomplish. This goal is also a carry-over from a previous life in which she, then male and an extremely talented musician, had planned to spend most of his time composing epic works for orchestra and piano. However, that goal was short-circuited when family business matters unexpectedly demanded that he take the lead in running them, effectively thwarting his intentions. In the life as Helen, she would apply her creativity to inventing useful objects that would have positive impact on her rural society. This setting would not support a musical life, but it offered sufficiently compelling components to make it a life worth living. She could, in another life, follow up on her intentions to compose. In reviewing her agenda with her guides for the Kansas life, it was additionally thought that a greater challenge would be had if this task was undertaken in the body of a woman. It was felt that, given Helen’s advanced soul level, she would benefit from the challenge. Helen was also to experience the lifelong love of her husband and son. Helen’s husband was to have lived a longer life and to have provided her with protection. She also did not plan to wear herself out in the dreary boardinghouse, nor was it in her plan to witness such a heinous end to her son’s life, another soul who had agreed to be in her support system.

The aspects of Helen’s life plan that were met, at least in part, involved the execution of some of her inventiveness. She was handy. She made lightning rods that were unique in design and highly ornamental. She designed humane environments for the farm animals and treated them well. She was also an accomplished, if unknown, amateur astronomer. The plans for this life were interrupted when her husband died, leaving her with fewer resources and without the protection he would have provided. Her son was brutally murdered, a karma-making act that would later need to be paid back to her and her son, and that also led to unbearable grief and the decision to take her own life – which was not part of Helen’s original soul intentions.


As the intentions for this life were severely abbreviated, Helen’s essence will likely want to create another life in which there are opportunities for the experience of loving, lifelong relationships, a friendlier neighborhood, more time for creating, and a stronger probability for remaining in the home of her choosing. Other situations that now need to be worked into future life plans will involve the healing of severe emotional trauma. Some of the trauma will also be addressed in the between-life state. In fact, shortly after Helen’s arrival at the Gateway (immediately after her death), she was met by a Specialty Guide who showered her with healing light.

Prior to this life, Helen did agree to allow her creativity to be on open display in a society where intelligence from a woman was frowned on. It turned out poorly, and she will likely wait for a better setting before she again attempts to push this far into conservative mores. Helen also understood that part of the challenge of her life would be to offer her soul the opportunity to forge a path through obstacles, and despite them, find a way to navigate a course for the most positive outcome. Because there are no guarantees once we are in body, we are encouraged to flow with the unpredictability of the way a life can unfold, and to understand that the choices of others will also have an impact on our capacity to carry out our soul intentions. Much growth and wisdom can be gained from this, and will also subsequently inform the soul intentions that we create, as well as the circumstances we set up to support them. Please note that your plans are made not just for the next life, but for the current life in progress. It is not at all uncommon for a life to be lived in ad hoc fashion when the supporting structures you planned for have failed to materialize, or when you are (for a variety of reasons) cut off from them. Even when support systems are in place, it is often necessary to make adjustments on-the-fly to compensate for unplanned situations. This is the challenging, exciting, and sometimes hazardous nature of fulfilling soul intentions inside of palpable dimensionality – but where else to fulfill these? Most importantly, do not forget that you are never left without guidance for the shoals.

For her next life, Helen chose to surround herself with a loving family and with opportunities to allow the intrinsically inventive nature of her soul to express itself in a far less limiting environment. With the assistance of friendly souls with who she has a successful history, she was able to create a home with a higher probability of remaining there for the rest of the life. In this way, she was able to carry on her soul intentions. Helen had wanted to positively impact her society, and in the new life she has been able to do that by providing forums where many can meet to share ideas and information. In addition, while Helen’s soul was healing and planning the next life, she decided to expand her interests in creative writing and try her hand at novels that challenge prevailing mores with provocative and controversial leading edge themes. This time Helen returned as a male.

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• look at soul history and how history and intentions create soul trajectory;

• review another soul’s previous history and how that history illustrates how the soul expresses its intentions through a life;

• understand the ways in which we can recognize our soul intentions, and

• conclude with reflections on the query “What is it I need to do in order to fulfill the requirements of my intentions, and what is my next step to getting there?”

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  1. Daniel E says:

    The physical plane is just so darn unpredictable. Wonderful! (-:

  2. Alexandra says:

    That’s a great way of explaining how you accomplish your goals, lifetime to lifetime. Thank you for sharing this example with us Gloria.

  3. Ward says:

    I would really like to say thank you very much for this piece. I am looking forward to more.

  4. Kathe says:

    So interesting. As I understand it, through one of the forms of energy healing I practice, the karmic debt owed Helen and her son in their past life can actually manifest as a burden and not a reward or benefit in this life. In your work, Gloria, can you absolve karmic debt, freeing Helen’s soul from the burden of carrying this forward (as I understand it, this could circle round and round over lifetimes)?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Kathe. Thank you for your comment, and your observation of how karmic debt can become a burden to the recipient of karma. My current understanding is that neither Helen nor her son is necessarily cognizant of carrying a burden from the atrocities that were visited on them. It is the souls of those who murdered Helen’s son and created much shock and grief for Helen – in addition to parting her from the love of her son and his support – who will carry the burden, though they may not be aware of it until they come in contact with these two! It is possible that in a subsequent incarnation Helen and her son find they are having issues in their lives (e.g., phobias, unexplained physical symptoms) that are actually the result of this hidden traumatic memory. They can then, through past life regression work, bring that memory to light and in so doing release its negative energy. In a regression they can additionally meet the souls of their perpetrators and engage them in conversation whereby forgiveness is asked for and given. Meeting at the astral in this way also short-circuits the need for the perpetrators to repay (or restore the energy that was stolen from both Helen and her son) the karma in person. It is likely, however, that the perpetrators themselves may still want to do something positive for the souls whose lives they damaged – in the context of a new incarnation. They may even want to experience for themselves the horror of what they created. This is an individual matter, left to the soul and its Guides to determine if the soul will grow and add depth from this experience.

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