When I was a very little girl and I looked in the mirror I had a powerful feeling that that reflection wasn’t really me. I silently asked: Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here now? I would get chills when I asked those questions, and the shadows of timelessness would begin to envelop me. My image in the mirror morphed into a thousand different shapes. That was absolutely frightening to my four-year-old self and I would run away each time. Even so, I continued to go back, surreptitiously stealing towards the mirror to again investigate my reflection. As I got older, I forgot to pursue this adventure. I didn’t, however, forget my questions, nor did the deep need to have those answered go away.

To draw down your soul

 you must drink from its well.

 But where is that well?

 It is the depth you have always carried.

 It is the murk in which you’ve hidden your deeds

 and the light which exposes and cleanses all imbalance.

 It is your inheritance and your legacy.

 It is you.


What Does it Mean to Draw Down the Soul?

When we draw down our soul, we are seeking to align ourselves with our authentic nature, our true nature, so that we can remember who we are and act on what we came here to do. It is inherent to our authentic nature to act in concert with our higher self. Drawing down your soul refers to aligning yourself with that aspect of yourself that resides permanently in the higher vibrating planes. And it also means to activate that eternal aspect from within.

Why Draw Down Your Soul?

So you can find out what you planned to do when you got here. So you can come to know who you really are. The great yearning we have to uncover the mystery of who we are, and the great yearning we have to take ourselves on our own heroic journey is what propels us to draw down our soul. It is through coming into alignment with our souls that we will come to know ourselves and really see what we are made of. The current trajectory we’re traveling – what we do, who we meet and bring into our inner circle – will drastically alter.

When you bring down your soul you will be moving out past your comfort zone, but you will also experience your high potential as it unfolds before you. When you are aligned with your soul’s plans and purpose, you will be astonished to discover that you can stretch beyond what you ever thought possible around what you can create for your life and the benefit of others. You cannot wait to get out of bed so that you can get back on task, because when you bring down your soul, you are bringing Creation into manifestation. You are standing in the shoes of God.

You Were Born to Greatness

That greatness unfolds through living out your soul purpose. But to live your greatness, you must know who you are, and then do what you can in each moment to support that. Your soul contains vast reservoirs of knowledge and abilities that you have acquired over the course of your many incarnations. When you bring forth the sum cumulative of those gifts you can create profound change in yourself and in the world. Think of your soul as your personal library filled with everything you need to guide you to a life that is clearly directed, resounds with rightness, and is deeply fulfilling. The greatness of your purpose is not defined by fame, conventional forms of power, or fortune and wealth. Greatness is not defined by your being in the world’s limelight in an exalted way – it is about successfully identifying, pursuing, and accomplishing your purpose.

When you are not living your purpose, your life is at best dull, ordinary, and unfulfilled. At worst – your life is characterized by setbacks and even cruel experiences. It is difficult to overcome the limitations imposed by being in the wrong place and situation. It is nearly impossible to come into our own when we are in the wrong environment, with the wrong people, and applying ourselves to tasks which are not ours to do.

You Were Born to Power

Most of us never access the power we have because we have agreed to conform to the paradigms of culture. You were born the leader of your life. You are in charge. Sometimes, or even often, it seems absurd to think of ourselves as leaders, and especially as powerful leaders of our lives when we don’t seem to have much power or control over anything. When our livelihoods don’t yield much in terms of paycheck or meaning, or when a livelihood is nowhere to be found, it certainly does not feel or look as though we have much say over our lives. But these circumstances, painful as they can be, are not statements about our value or our true power. They are not reflections of who we are. We may believe that we have no value, but the truth is, our value always stands outside of time and place. You cannot give in to any belief that tells you your value rises and falls with your accomplishments and the approval of others. We may believe that we have no power, but the truth is we have the power to move heaven and earth.

Can you say more about this power we have to move heaven and earth?

When we say that you have the power to move heaven and earth, we are referring specifically to your innate capacity to bring in the life you agreed to live, even despite the challenges you find yourself in, or have been in for quite some time. We are referring, specifically, to your personal power, the power that comes straight from your soul. That is the power to be the leader of your life. We are also referring to your capacity for resilience in the face of uncertainty and opposition. Your soul will lead you, but you must be open to receiving its information and instruction. This information comes in many ways and through many sources. They are the sources that speak to the depths of you, causing you to experience a heightened sense of excitement and increased curiosity. You will know when you are hearing your truth – it will have the unmistakable ring of conviction. You will know beyond a doubt that it is your soul speaking to you.

~ end Part I ~

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