The Human Design Projector: Guides and Directors

Projectors (22%) are the new leaders of humanity.  They are here to serve in a leadership capacity.  Because of their ability to read energy, they have unique insights and wisdom regarding how to best manage the flow of energy so that everyone benefits. 

Projectors are non-energy types. Projectors are a non-energy type, meaning that their Sacral Center is undefined.  Projectors also do not have a motor to the throat.  This means that (on both counts) accessing energy can be a real challenge for Projectors, and when they are not living their strategy, they can quickly burn out their bodies and their emotions.  However, this does not mean that Projectors are not energetically available to life!  They need to be with the right people — those who value and honor their gifts — and their energy will flow. Projectors are here to allow energy to move through them in service to their purpose.

Projector energy is not sustainable.  As a result, they are often thought of as lazy. A regular Monday through Friday, eight-to-five job is exhausting for a Projector and most Projectors, when faced with only those work options will eventually feel deeply bitter. At the same time, because they take in Sacral energy and amplify it, they can be super-generators for a time.  Projectors are often out of touch with knowing when enough is enough! Because working hard and putting in long hours every day don’t work for the Projector, learning how to leverage their energy is important.  Unlike the Generator, they cannot be “on” all the time. Because the open Sacral takes in work force energy and amplifies it, Projectors can work intensively for a short period of time, but not for a long period of time.  The open Sacral is not here to work in the traditional way.  The open Sacral types are not here to work sustainably. They cannot maintain the traditional work schedule forever.  Projectors usually burn out completely at 40 if they are minding a corporate schedule.

Therefore, the Projector’s way of creating has to be very intentional. One of the keys to sustaining your energy as a Projector is to leverage knowledge by mastering a system, i.e., become a specialist. You will benefit by having specific tools through which you offer guidance and direction.  As a Projector, you also need time alone and lots of breaks. After being around others, it is important for you discharge that energy and get back into your own auric field.

For tips on how to preserve and revitalize your Projector energy, go here. Tips on Preserving and Revitalizing your Projector Energy

Projectors have innate wisdom about what others need and they have an innate impulse to use this wisdom to make the world a better place to alleviate pain and suffering. Projectors are designed to guide and direct energy, especially Generator energy. Their life purpose is to guide others — Projectors innately understand how to make the most of each person’s unique potential, and when they are connected to the right people, they have plenty of energy to guide them.

Because a Projector has no motor to the Throat and no Sacral, they will struggle with being heard and recognized, and as well with getting things started. Projectors can address a crowd and talk up a storm but if no one asked them to talk, they run the risk of either not being heard, having their ideas stolen, or inadvertently insulting or criticizing the people around them.

A Projector who initiates conversations may be misunderstood or ignored. A lifetime of this kind of reaction from others can damage self-esteem or make a Projector seem bitter. It seems counter-intuitive as most of us are raised to speak up, be bold and “just do it” but truly, for the Projector, this is just not natural or easy. However, a Projector who waits to be asked, recognized, or invited has an enormous amount of wisdom to share with the world. A Projector is here to be wise about energy, particularly work force and life force energy.

A Projector’s throat may have definition or not, but it will never be connected to a motor.  The lack of a motor means that the voice cannot truly be heard unless it is already established that everyone present has equal right, opportunity, and access to enter the conversation. Examples of equal access are: being a member of the same task force, on the same board of directors, your study group, your classes…but when Projectors enter into conversations that they are not part of — as in they are not part of a group where its members are already recognized — they can have a hard time being heard.

This is because recognition and awareness of your relevance and presence is first required. It is a mystery of energetics. A motorized throat has the energy to be heard. An un-motorized throat cannot be heard in the same way. However, when you are already recognized, you are seen, and so you can speak. There is another subtle aspect to being heard — even though as a Projector you have the answer for someone, if they haven’t asked you for advice and you go ahead and give it, it probably won’t be well received.  If you feel you must speak, then ask for permission, as in: “I think I know something that could help. Do you mind if I tell you what that is?” This approach respects the other person’s right to say no, and you will have avoided offending their sensibilities by jumping right in.

The Projector Aura. The aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds all living creatures, extending about 6 feet in every direction.  Its frequency communicates who we are to others, and governs the way we impact or connect with others. The Projector aura is penetrating and focused. It is the Projector’s specific gift to be able to recognize the other. Their aura penetrates the G-center of the other, and that is how the Projector is able to read others. Because of this deep and focused penetrating ability, the Projector is also vulnerable to being conditioned by the other.

The Projector aura is very powerful. It is felt by everyone, and those who are in sync with your aura will feel good in your presence. These are your people, whether for the duration or the short-term. Those people who feel good in your aura will be your friends and helpers. Helpers can be networkers, facilitators, employers, instructors, teachers, mentors, and so on. So don’t think you have to force things. Your aura is a magnet! You just need to go where you feel drawn. It could be as simple as going to Starbucks for a coffee. You don’t need appointments with others to be visible and put yourself out there, nor do you need to speak to be approached. You are drawn to certain places because of energetic resonance with your aura. And your dharma is key here, as well, because you will be drawn to your agreements.

The Projector strategy is to wait to be invited, but they can also invite others.  An invitation for a projector is going to be about big life events.  The big events are: job, career/ love, romance, marriage/, where to move to/ where to live, what groups and organizations to belong to. When those invitations come, it’s almost as if time slows down.  The invitation seems to ripple through the time-space continuum.  The invitation will be clearly recognizable as an invitation.  However — just because you are invited doesn’t mean that you have to be grateful and say yes. It’s essential that it’s the right invitation, that the invitation feels delicious — because if it’s not, the invitation won’t work for you.

KEEP IN MIND that Projectors do not need an invitation to follow their personal bliss and what calls to them. It is actually really important for a Projector to follow their bliss and the call of their talents and interests, and to develop them deeply because when the big invitation comes, they will have reached a level of mastery in their unique areas of expertise. They will be that much more valuable. Projectors are gifted at taking in information, and for understanding systems.  Projectors are found in every walk of life; every type of profession.  You do not necessarily have to be a therapist, counselor, or some other type of practitioner.  Wherever you are, you will have wisdom to share.

Timing between the big invitations can take a long while. Society tells Projectors they can’t just sit there and wait. They have to go out and go for it.  But Projectors have no energy to the Throat, so they can’t initiate. And they will not be heard if they offer their insights before they’re asked. They cannot artificially stimulate an invitation. You have no sacral energy.  There’s nothing for you to respond with and nothing for others to respond to in you.  Before you despair, keep in mind that you as a Projector are not here for everyone. You might know how to help everyone, but  you are here only for a specific group of people.  They will recognize you and invite you into sharing your wisdom with them.  Your people will recognize you by your aura.  That is how the Projector gets invited to the big things. While you’re waiting, follow your bliss.  Study what intrigues you — you love to learn! You are adding knowledge to your toolbox, developing your expertise, and getting ready for your next invitation.

What constitutes an invitation? Do they have to be literal?  A true and correct invitation is characterized by several things.  It needs to recognize the individual Projector’s unique assets — their gifts, skills, and training — and it needs to compensate the Projector for those assets.  Compensation can come in different forms.  It can be monetary, it can provide for something the Projector truly needs, and it can even be energetic, meaning that the invitation provides the Projector the opportunity to participate in such a way that they find personal reward through continued experience and development, and always through being able to offer their guidance.  Those are just a few examples of compensation.

An invitation can be energetic.  For example, a Projector wants very much to move to a certain area, but has not received an invitation to move through a person or a job offer.  They don’t know anyone.  If they have a partner, personal or professional, with whom they associate meaningfully, the partner can receive the invitation.  This extends to the Projector.  Or the Projector can go to the area they wish to relocate to and see how they are received.  Local folks may smile at them.  They may even go up to them on the street and ask if they’re new, if they can help with something, approach them at a mall, at a restaurant, and so forth.  A Projector may receive an invitation through how a place makes them feel.  Are they uplifted?  Also, animals and other aspect of nature may extend their invitation by communicating to the Projector a sense of warmth and acceptance.

If a Projector is in trouble financially and they have not been able to find a job or create an income-producing situation for themselves and they are about to lose their home, it is OK to ask for help!  If you are sinking without a life jacket, go ahead and yell for help. No one ever needs an invitation before they can be pulled off the ledge.

It has been said that the not-self emotional theme for the Projector is bitterness. A current and more evolved understanding of bitterness is that it is actually a state of deep fatigue. When Projectors are fatigued, they are unable to receive invitations because their energy is simply not available to take on any more projects or commitments. They are not necessarily bitter. In fact, they may not be bitter at all. Deep fatigue will shut down the Projector and they are no longer energetically available.  Period, the end. This is the Projector’s signal to take time out.  It will not work to “suck it up” and just “go out and do it,” and try to force something  to happen. This works AGAINST the flow of energy, and in this condition, recognition and invitations cannot be drawn in. Going out and just doing it is a fundamental misunderstanding of how energy naturally flows for nearly all of the Human Design Types. The exception is the Manifestor, the only Type that can go out and knock on doors. Even then, it is correct for the Manifestor to act only when they receive an internal signal that now is the time to do so.

Projectors need to wait to offer their wisdom to those who ask for it.  Otherwise, they will not be heard and they will be rejected.  So what’s a Projector to do? While you’re waiting for the invitation, focus on your gifts, not your problems. Focus on what you are grateful for.  A word about bitterness — there is a difference between bitterness over the state of the world and the human condition generally, and personal bitterness because of lack of personal opportunities and lack of recognition.  

Projectors and sleep. Projectors have to go to bed and lie down before they’re tired.  This is because of the nature of how your energy works; you need time to discharge the energy you’ve picked up during the day.  You have to lie down to do this.  If you wait to go to bed until you’re exhausted, you will not sleep well.  Sleep alone if you can.  Or with another Projector or Manifestor, provided you don’t create a defined sacral center in your composite chart.

Quantum Purpose of the Projector (per Karen Curry Parker): to hold the energy template of what’s to come and to clear the vibration of the collective consciousness. Projectors are constantly cleaning the energy of the planet.  You may think you’re doing nothing, but while you sleep you (or are zoned out on the couch), you are holding the subtle body template of the planet together.  You are keeping its energy aligned, anchoring it, and making sure it’s strong enough to hold whatever is coming next.

Projector Key Words and Phrases: Guides, mentors, counselors, wise, insightful, penetrating observers, communicative, networkers, talented at organizing others, gifts come alive when they are recognized, 9 to 5 schedules will eventually injure/ take down a Projector, non-sustainable energy / limited capacity for physical effort, available in bursts; need recognition for their skills to become successful; can be loners, pursuing many projects on their own; understand systems; inherent ability to understand others; democratic; leaders, excellent administrators, supervisors, managers, human resource specialists, show their true capacities when they are directing and managing others; need to be invited into commitments and activities that involve other people; needs time alone to discharge.

More: Sociable, interested in others, can be observer or passive, energy fluctuates from high to low; can be dynamic and dramatic when energy is available; vacillates between introvert and extravert; works hard and takes it easy; compassionate, problem-solvers

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202 Responses to The Human Design Projector: Guides and Directors

  1. Marie says:

    Sometimes, being a Projector feels like a punishment 🙁

    • gloria says:

      I hear you, Marie. It’s not an easy road — it’s not a Projector world. You made the choice to be a Projector because you wanted the sensitivities and insights that are unique to Projectors. You wanted to be a Guide in the way that you are uniquely designed to guide. You wanted the challenges as well, so that you could test your personal resources and grow your spiritual muscle.

      There’s no question that if you accept what it will take to develop depth and resilience, you will become a powerful Projector who will carry out what she came here to do — with fierce determination in the face of fear, grief, not knowing what’s ahead, and not always knowing what to do, or how to do it. Wait for the invitation, wait for the recognition, wait for the inspiration, and in the meantime, pursue what calls you. Follow your heart and stay out of your head!

    • Vera says:

      I’m very happy to be a projector. Yes it’s not always easy but now when I read all of it. It makes sense. I do get tired from my work. My mum lack energy too. She’s also a projector. My dad is a generator. He was always full of energy and still is.

    • Kiki says:

      Hi Gloria

      I am so glad I found you. I discovered only yesterday that I am a Projector, with profile 6/2 and Ego-Projected Authority.

      All this makes so much sense. I am 22 years young woman, just graduated from university as a Fine Artist. I went through a couple of watering and retail jobs where I got fired twice for not being able to follow the rules properly and not meeting my bosses’ expectations, although I tried my hardest to please them, with compassion! A few months back I had an interview for a corporate job but was unsuccessful in achieving that as well. All of this has been sure signs that I am just meant to beat to my own drum and offer my gifts to the world. I also recently decided to follow my calling to work on my own tech start-up to lead the industry that is usually predominantly male-driven, to create a more sacred feminine archetype of the tech industry. It will be a social networking platform where food can be exchanged and traded sustainably and locally with more eco-centric and land-stewarding values.

      My instincts and creative passion for art and sensitivity is a result of my Pisces moon and Aries sun, whilst my hardworking nature comes from my Capricorn rising. I often need material results to prove that I am successful. My life path number is 8, and my Chinese astrology is an Ox which makes me stubborn and extremely tenacious.

      I always had an innate instinct to guide others and be a sort of leader or guide in the field of environmental awareness and bringing more unity consciousness to the world). My art is in context with that oneness philosophy. I believe that also being half Japanese I embody a lot of the Shinto philosophy in myself intrinsically.

      Before turning 22, I went through a huge setback in my life, it was quite a turning point for me. I went through a horrible break up because the person I was with no longer served my soul’s mission. This break up left me burnt with lots of negative belief systems, self-doubts that were not mine but imposed onto me by my ex. My ex used harsh words which I believed to be true about myself, so that was another tough deconditioning I had to go through, alongside other family-based trauma I had to release. I believe that this was the last of my long deconditioning, as my mind perceived my ex as an authority figures (he is 10 years older than me, so makes sense). I ended up having to move back in with my mother and recently realized that all of my experiences were a blessing in disguise as now I am in that rest and recovery period to hone in more of my skills and passion.

      Although the future is so uncertain and scary, I feel that I am on the right track anyway. I just want to ask you more in depth what is the 6/2 (Role Model/ Hermit) in my Design and how can I cultivate more of my make-up to leverage and attain momentum in manifesting my desires?

      I am constantly being challenged by the surroundings around me (where I am currently staying) as it is not nurturing to my soul and I am struggling to not feel too depressed as I know that I am only in this situation temporarily and I do believe more opportunities will come to me as I keep on putting my creative work out there. I struggle with impatience, and as a Projector tend to get conditioned by other people who are very different to me, and I really don’t like what it is doing to my character, it’s making me feel anti-social and overprotective of my energy. Sometimes when stuck in a situation, I can’t find the right people to recognize me. Whenever I feel this way I tend to believe that I cannot continue in this world if I am living for a Manifestor/Generator’s world. I feel like an alien that wants to live off-grid with other aliens. But I don’t want to isolate myself from society, I want to feel empowered as a Projector and do it successfully.

      However today I am so grateful to have incarnated into this period of advanced technology and in the age of information. I can use social media and instant messaging to my advantage to connect with other like-minded people around the globe and talk and connect to literally anyone of my tribe. This is what I choose to focus on and work towards, and won’t let my geographical location and financial situation restrict me from doing what I came here to do.

      Is there any advice you could give to a young Projector like me, frustrated at how differently this word is built? Thank you so much for holding space for us.

      Much love to you.

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Kiki. Thank you for writing!

        I hope that you take time to read through these pages so you can see my other responses to the various questions and comments that Projectors have made. You will find a lot of information that you can relate to, and that will hopefully give you additional insight and direction.

        I congratulate you for being so clear so soon in life as to what you are drawn to, for having identified significant skills and talents (know that you are still unfolding, despite your current levels of mastery), and for your astute awareness of the basis and motivation of your significant relationships, including your family relationships.

        You have asked two core questions, and I will begin with answering the first of these.

        What is the 6/2 (Role Model/ Hermit) in my Design?

        The 6th line profile is a transpersonal profile. What that means is that you are here to gain experience for your own soul’s learning, but your experience will also serve as an example or role model to others of what is possible when you are true to yourself. You do not have to actively or consciously be a role model. This will happen naturally as a result of the 6th line energetic influence.

        The 6th line, aka, the Role Model, is mission-driven; it feels destiny pulling them forward, although they are not necessarily clear at the outset what that destiny is. It must evolve and reveal itself over the course of the life. The 6th line will not engage with something (or someone) unless they feel that it is worth their investment. The most critical and important thing about being a 6th line is that it has a tri-phasic life. From birth to around the first Saturn return, life is lived very experimentally. This is a time of throwing caution aside in the sense that the experience and the knowledge gained is more important than a fixed outcome. This is a time to engage life head-on, “no holds barred,” and falling and getting up and falling and getting up, again and again.

        By the time you are ready to go “up on the roof,” the second phase of the three phases of the 6th line, you will be around age 35 and ready to take a break from so much experimentation and direct engagement. This is more of an internal, introspective phase. This will be a time to review what works for you and what does not work, and to take time to heal, but also to continue to follow your interests and cultivate and train those. This is a time when you will be more aloof and you will be more concerned with making something of what you have learned in the prior phase of your life. This is not a good time to make big changes in your personal life, but it is a good time to start a business, or begin new projects in your life, using what your knowledge and expertise.

        At around 50, you are ready to come down from “the roof.” At this time you will more actively re-engage your life, and no matter what you do, your presence inspires others to be true to themselves. At this time you have much better insight into your inner workings, and are even more clear on what you want to do for the next part of your life, however long that is. You may revisit themes of the initial phase, but you will have greater wisdom to handle them, as well as the determination to live a meaningful life.

        6th line profiles also seek their soulmate, and prefer to have this companionship as they move through life.

        Combined with the 2nd line, the Hermit, you love your alone time, and do well pursuing projects by yourself. However, as much as you think you are invisible, your energy is attractive to others, and they will call you out to connect with them.

        As you can see, you are in the initial phase of experimentation and seeing what is out there. This is a highly creative time for you, so stay engaged with what calls you and do not neglect your need for close and trustworthy relationships. You need to hear yourself talk with them so that you can stay connected to your truth.

        Your other question:

        How can I cultivate more of my make-up to leverage and attain momentum in manifesting my desires?

        The cultivation of one’s best expression happens when we stay true to who we are. Stay connected to what calls you. Honor your needs, and honor your feelings. Live from integrity, treating others as you wish to be treated.

        YOU HAVE A CORE ESSENTIAL TRUTH. IDENTIFY IT AND LIVE BY IT. There is something enduring at your Core that has nothing to do with time or place. This is what remains even if everything that you relied on has been stripped away. Your core essential truth is what your life is anchored into. It is unwavering and immovable. Stay connected to this truth, and it will sustain you.

        Finally, read my article, PROTECTING AND PRESERVING YOUR PROJECTOR ENERGY. It will more fully answer your question on cultivating and maintaining your purpose. You can find it here:

        I believe that you are firmly anchored to your dharma and well on your way to a rich, satisfying, and deeply meaningful life.


        • Kiki says:

          Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, Gloria. And yes I did manage to read this whole thread. It’s been very enlightening and I understand myself a lot better.
          I look forward to life!

      • Margaux says:

        Hi Kiki!
        When I was done reading your message, I just felt like I read myself: like you, I’m an Aries (rising Leo ; moon in Aquarius), Life Path 8, projector 6/2, born in a family of Manifesting-Generators/Generators with a very harsh family history/habits/conditioning…
        Like you, I’ve experienced some trauma in my early twenties that forced me to stop everything I was doing because my body had to scream what my mind was saying out loud for ten years because I wouldn’t listen to my OWN energy.
        I agree with you, it’s a tough reality to be surrounded by Manifesting-Generators/Generators. At first, I wanted to write
        ” it’s a tough World to live in as a Projector” but I thought it was way too disempowering to put it like that (being Life Path 8, we know what power is and we also know way too well how it feels like to be depraved from it or having no control over our lives because of some family pressure or lack of confidence, etc…).

        My point is: I was just glad to read your comment knowing that someone out there has kind of the same numerological/astrological dispositions in their chart as I do and somehow it feels less isolating and it gives hope. And I think Hope is a very on point topic for our 6/2 type: Hope is. the 2nd Color under our line. That means that we come into this World animated by Hope. We are here to be Hopeful beings. It’s what is there to guide us and push us. And the moment we look at the transference of the 2, it creates some feelings of guilt, blame, etc… So instead of being hopeful, we become someone who is guilty. Instead of being somebody who is full of vision and belief, we become somebody that sees that everything is whether you are conditioned or whether you are conditioning. And we are not us anymore… So the moment we feel guilt or some kind of discomfort coming from a situation or someone, we must know that this person or situation is NOT FOR US. So we shouldn’t engage our very limited energy (that why we always have to create with MEANINGFUL INTENTIONS) being friends or in some kind of relationship with that person or that situation.
        Because our aura is very penetrative and everything come to our Aura, we must really select people and things based on our Aura. And for us, 6/2, we decide whether that person or that situation is for us or not if we feel HOPEFUL. If your relationship with them keeps you in your hopefulness everything is just fine. But if these are beings that drag you into the guilt, they’re not for you. It’s very simple, and it’s very important.

        Anyway, I got very inspired by your message and felt an urge to reply to you because I recognized myself in it (I feel like it’s kind of nacissistic but oh well… :’)

        Anyway, I guess that what I want to say is thank you. 🙂

    • puerile says:

      Yes true agree to that. More so when one is 6/2 projector

      • Goda says:

        Recently I discovered Human design and that I am Projector. Everything turned up side down in a good way. Everything started to make sense (finally!) and how I should behave in the world and what is ‘allowed’ and what to expect 🙂 So yay.

        Im writing of what Margaux wrote on the last sentence about narcissism. I feel that Projectors shouldn’t be worried about that. I didn’t do a lot in my life, didn’t accept a lot of invitations because I thought I should be humbl,e and also that I should make an effort instead. And no surprise, it wasn’t working!

        And I always had the ‘knowing’ but because others where skeptical of my ‘knowingness’ I felt trapped and later resentful. And labeled it as a little narcissism. But now I understand it’s not narcissism. It’s insight. It’s guidance. The only thing left to figure out is how to express it to the world, how to present it, how to get others to listen, accept, and be curious.

        So my point is – I don’t think that Projectors can ever be narcissists. It’s just we have to find the right moment/place/person to show what we know.

        Good luck to you all, dear Projectors <3

        • Pick says:

          Hey Goda. I’m a 45 y/o 4/6 Projector who used to be a teacher, became a Casino Pit Boss, a cybersecurity software salesman, and eventually opened his own company and worked on several entrepreneurial endeavors, some successful and some not-so. I also speak 3 human languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

          I think what you just said is one of the most apt Projector comments I’ve ever read in about 5 years of following human design ideas.

          “It’s just we have to find the right moment/place/person to show what we know.”

          To me, and I’m no expert, that’s the exact right idea to manage the energy.

          We have to be OBSERVANT (not projecting) and find the right/moment/place/person.

          Oooooo! CHILLS! Nice one, Goda! Spot on!

          Then that right moment/place/person will ASK for us to shower them in Projectory goodness in a not-gross or creepy way, but in a way that lifts them up and helps them gain the clarity we are here to help provide others (and get paid for too!)

          Projectors gotta eat! (And prosper!) Nothing wrong with making a difference AND making a healthy bank account in the process….

  2. Ana says:

    Not being heard is so painful, when there is so much wisdom to share. Those who are not Projectors simply can’t get Projectors, no matter how hard you try to make them understand.

    On top of being a projector, I am Server (5/2/3) with an Artisan ET and a Sage task companion. It really has been a very trying lifetime.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Ana. There is a method and a strategy for the precious Projector to be heard. It is so very important to wait to be asked to share your wisdom. The most insightful and healing advice will not be heard when it is not asked for. You will be asked to share what you have to offer when you are seen and recognized. The best way to be recognized is to allow your aura to speak for you. Your aura needs no words to be felt. Projectors naturally have penetrating auras that are felt by the other. If you are the right Projector for them, that is, if you have the information and guidance they are specifically seeking, you will be asked for it. Projectors are not here to guide everyone. Each Projector is uniquely endowed with their own special gifts, and these gifts will be called on by those they are meant to guide. Be patient with the process of waiting for the right invitation to share. Your pearls of wisdom will be sought after by your tribe. How will your tribe find you? Go out there, and be seen. As you are an expressive Projector, you will be seen that much more easily.

      Warm regards,

      • Renate (Koko) says:

        I just recently came in contact with human design. I am a 5/1 Projector and what I am reading is making sense. In response to feeling the frustration of not being heard in my knowledge, l like to say, that I have shifted in an understanding where I started to realise that I don’t have to give advise to those that don’t want te know. It means for them, that they are not ready and for me, that I have save my energy, I so readily would have drained into the ones that are not ready to hear.
        4 moths ago I read somewhere; for those with ears, hear. For those with eyes, see. Just like that. Those that are ready, will present themselves to me. My life is easier, I am no longer frustrated and feel blessed to carry knowledge that is not mine, which I am here to share.
        To read yesterday about human design, to find what type I am, resonated to my core. It is like coming home.

    • Goda Lemnickyte says:

      I am an emotional projector (6/2). I’m almost an 18 year old. I will be finishing school soon and I will need to get a job for the summer, I don’t know what to do now should I wait for an invitation to get a job or should I just give out my CV.

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Goda. Thanks for commenting.

        I would go ahead and apply to jobs that you are suitable for/ that you can do reasonably well AND that are looking to hire. Many Projectors find their jobs through advertised job openings as opposed to invitations which are specific to them. Since this is just a short-term summer job, I would not get too contemplative about whether or not the job is perfect for you.

      • Copperpot says:

        Hi Perhaps, Intern to be a agent for the movie stars, there hiring. It be a fun job, good cash, and allow you to become an expert in who’s who and who fits best with what project and people! Live The Good Life!

  3. Solnce says:

    Hello and thank you for this article!

    I am struggling right now with kind of beating myself up for being “lazy”.
    I am having such a hard time getting off the couch. It’s been a couple of months. Prior to that I was very active. It comes in waves. I feel guilty as people that I admire are always active and getting things done. How can I understand myself better and get going?
    I really appreciate any response. Thank you.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Solnce. Thank you for your comment. There’s a reason (or reasons) you find yourself on the couch at this time. The primary one, regardless of the circumstances that got you on the couch, is likely that you are preserving and rebuilding your energy. Projectors are notorious for over-extending themselves because of their ability to take energy into their Sacral and amplify it. It will keep you going for a time, but the crash is always inevitable. Projectors need regular down time — continuous interface with a job or with people is draining because the energy to sustain those connections is not available 24/7. You might also have emotional authority – I can’t tell without seeing your design, but if you do, emotional authority will also put you on an energetic roller coaster. Emotions that ride high and low waves are exhausting. If you are open emotionally, then it’s easy to take in other people’s emotions and accompanying debris and become exhausted from that. There is also imprinting in which we learn to behave in certain ways that actually undermine our natural way of being. That is exhausting. And not being in the right job, or being heard, or being seen, or being understood are all exhausting. And if you don’t have a support system of at least one other person that believes in you and sees you, being alone in the world is exhausting. Perhaps you got laid off or perhaps you don’t work in the conventional work world. Any way you look at it, being a Projector in a Generator world is very difficult and requires knowing what you need and then being true to that. Ultimately, you need to learn to leverage, or work with your personal cycles of energy. Let me know if I can help you with a session.

      Warm regards,

  4. Shay says:

    Omg! Reading this has literally brought tears to my eyes. On top of being a Projector, I’m a highly sensitive person, an I/ENFJ (I’m equally an E and I LOL) and I take on other’s emotions.

    I feel like no one gets me. I feel like I think differently and I see things so differently than others. After I spend a day with people (and taking on their energy) it’s like I have a hangover and need to do nothing.

    Thank you for sharing this information and for making me feel “normal” especially when I’m so different than others around me.

    Total side note: My husband is a Generator and both of our kids are Manifestors.

    • Jasmine says:

      I see the way you are responding so lovingly to everyone’s comments. Similar to Shay, when I read more about the projector yesterday I had tears in my eyes. Like I felt truly seen! Thank you for all the guidance you are giving to everyone here. I feel your heart.

    • Amira says:

      God love you, Honey! It must be quite an experience dealing with two manifestor children! Keep the faith 🙂

    • IBM says:

      Two manifestor children, woah!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Shay! I just found out that I’m a projector as well. I’m also highly sensitive person and an Infj! I can totally relate to feeling different from everyone else and misunderstood. It’s so nice to come across others who are just like me :)) We aren’t that different after all. We have our own tribe we just didn’t know it!

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi, Thank you for this post. I find it very interesting. I’m a projector too, and new to the subject. I’ve been reading multiple articles about this today, and find myself resonating a lot with this one.

    I must admit, I’m confused by this; “They must wait to offer their wisdom to those who ask for it. Otherwise, they will not be heard and they will be rejected.”

    I’m wondering how far the above statement goes.

    For example, I’m considering blogging about things I’m interested in, personally. But after reading about this I feel hesitant. Do I have to be invited to share my thoughts online..? If I choose to write an article about something I’m passionate about, will the article be rejected/ignored or misunderstood because no one invited my insight about the topic? Or is it enough, that, what I choose to write or speak about comes from my heart?

    And, how do I recognize a true invitation? Different people have asked me, “Why don’t you write books about your life” Can I consider that an invitation?

  6. gloria says:

    Hello, Amanda. Welcome, and thank you for your comment.

    Projectors need to wait to be asked for their opinions/insights/wisdom. This is not as restrictive as it sounds. If you are a student in the classroom, if you are a director on a board, if you are a teacher of students, if you are in public where there is an event and everyone is invited to share their opinion at the podium, you as a Projector already have an invitation to speak. The energy has been made available to you. Without the invitation, whether general or specific to you, the Projector has no energy to communicate her ideas. The invitation may not be to you personally, but you have been included/ recognized as part of a group where certain dynamics have been established for interaction and exchange. You will be heard in all of these situations, and all other situations that are similar.

    If you are not part of a group and attempt to offer your insights, they will likely be rejected. Or, if you are not directly rejected, what you have to say will not be taken in. It will not be heard. It will be as if you are not present and never said a word. When a Projector is personally recognized and asked to share their contributions, the impact of that contribution is directly proportional to the profundity and relevance of the Projector’s offering. When a Projector is invited to share her insights, she has been given the energy for manifestation.

    Once you are part of a group setting, as in a classroom, or some type of gathering where people have come together over a common agenda, you do not need an invitation to speak. You may continue to engage without any more invitations. A Projector only needs to be recognized and invited once. However, it is always a good thing to indicate that you have something to say and wait to be recognized before you speak because that is the most natural flow of the energy for the Projector.

    Regarding blogging, writing a book, and other creative pursuits, including academic studies, various explorations, traveling, and generally checking things out — Projectors do not need an invitation to follow their personal bliss and what calls to them. It is actually really important for a Projector to follow her bliss and the call of her talents and interests and to develop them deeply because when the big invitation comes, she will have reached a level of mastery in her unique areas of expertise. She will be that much more valuable.

    Even though your work will ultimately be shared with others, you do not need an invitation to express and develop who you are. It is critical that you do develop who you are. When you put your work out in public, you can simply allow others find that work, but you can also invite others to come and take a look at what you have to offer. The difference is you are not giving advice that has not been asked for. You are stating that you have materials available that focus on your work and your wisdom, and if others are interested, this is where they can go to view it.

    I would consider it an invitation if someone suggests that you take a certain action. Whether or not the invitation resonates for you is another matter. Projectors need only consider invitations that are specific to who they are. Just because an invitation has been given it does not mean that you accept it. It must recognize your specific design — that is, talents, interests, abilities. And it must feel right to you. It must feel delicious to you. You are not under an obligation, in other words, to accept an invitation that is not right for you.

    The significant invitations for Projectors really have to do with those invitations that, if accepted, will be life-changing, such as a major move across the country/ to another country, a wedding proposal, new employment situations, and participation in activities that will force a re-prioritization of your current routine and available energy. And Projectors would do well to wait for invitations for major life events so that the energy flows naturally. However, this does not mean that if you want to move to a particular location and have no invitation to do so that you cannot go there and experience it. Spending a little time in a place or organization that you want to be part of just might get you the invitation you need — straight from someone local. The best way for a Projector to get the invitation she seeks is to get out there and be seen. You don’t have to say anything because the Projector aura is so compelling and powerful that if you show up, eventually someone comes over and invites you to make yourself known.

    • Kari says:

      Oh, this answer gave me hope! I am currently trying to balance utilizing my knowledge and powers to produce texts for the online world. However, I find it hard to do because I feel very sensitive to my own energy now after allowing myself 6 months of down time after years and years of doingdoingdoing, and at times sitting down to write is simply impossible because the energy just is not there, and I cannot seem to generate it. It has to be sparked by something…I have gone through a long period of bitterness and am coming out now on the other side with more love and gratitude and less of the belief that I have to act and say stuff all the time…there is a lot of deconditioning at work.

      I’m a 6/2 projector. 28 years now, so I guess I’m on my way up on the roof. Thank you for your insight. If you have any specific tips on my combination, I appreciate any feedback and support.

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Kari. Thank you for submitting your comment.

        Six months of down time after years of intense activity is rarely enough recovery time for a Projector. I believe you are still too burned out to be as generative as you’d like. This is likely still a period of time in which you are re-gathering your energy as well as your creativity. When our energy is low, creativity also tends to flow more slowly. Higher energy supports greater levels and depths of creativity. Especially since you have been inside of bitterness (understandably) for a long time, your capacity to be open to your own creative flow is not what it will be when you are well rested and feeling much better about yourself and about what life can offer you.

        This also applies in part to being “sparked” or inspired by influences outside of yourself. Projectors become very active when they are sought after for what they specifically offer, but this also means that the Projector’s energy level is strong enough that she can go out and be seen by others. Being seen is how you will receive the invitations that are meant for you. If you are in the process of recuperating, it is also a time for you to be healing and taking care of yourself. There is a season for everything; sometimes it is winter and unseen growth is germinating beneath the surface. This is a natural cyclical flow, and when you are healing you are placed in that season of winter as much as when it is simply part of the folding and unfolding process of your evolution.

        I recommend that you live your life at a pace that is consonant with your energy levels and take care of restoring yourself. This means eliminating tasks that are not critical for your sustainability, as well as avoiding commitments that will make demands on your time and energy, and creativity. If you have too much that you need to pay attention to, this will make a dent in your ability to access and express your creativity. You only have so much energy as a Projector, and you must be especially mindful of this in all of your seasons.

        As a 6/2, you have many insights about the nature of life. You are here to be an example of what is possible when you are true to yourself and your calling. Do not worry that you will not be asked for your unique skills; your line 2 and your Projector aura will both ensure that you will be called out.

        You are getting ready to go “on the roof,” as you note. As this happens around 30, you are still wrapping up the first phase of your life which was one in which you gathered data to see what fits, and in which you got to know yourself. You are also at the threshold of your first Saturn return, and during your “roof” period (which takes you to age 50), you will undergo a deep process of reviewing what you’ve gathered and further refining your skills and understandings. You are also getting to know yourself at a deeper level.

        Being “on the roof” does not mean that you go into a cave and are not seen again for decades. It means that you are no longer as actively gathering information as much as establishing a solid foundation that will support your growing insights, knowledge, and confidence in your abilities. You will still be active, but your perspective will have a dimension of detachment — you will not need to take things so personally because your essential self has been built over the first 30 years of your life. Now it is about refining, which includes looking at new things that will add to who you are becoming.

        Take this time to rejuvenate yourself and enjoy the unique quality of this quieter phase of your life. Be mindful that now you are healing to be whole again. This is necessary, as the time will come when you are called to be actively engaged in life.


    • Mariah says:

      Wow, thank you so much for this description! This is something I’ve been wrestling with and trying to understand myself.

      I work with families to set up household systems and improve their family dynamics and my biggest struggle is understanding how to market myself and bring in new business since it’s the opposite of waiting for an invitation.

      This helps me see how continuing to focus on just putting out content and ideas and being okay with having a side gig while I grow is my best strategy right now. Thank you.

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Mariah. Thank you for commenting. Here’s more information, and validation for you that you are on the right track:

        There are two key factors in creating abundance for the Projector. First of all, the most important thing that a Projector has to master is their own sense of worth and value. A Projector has to wait to be recognized by the right people, the people who value and see them for the gifts they bear. If a Projector is not sitting and waiting for the right people because they question their own value, it can undermine their energy and ultimately causes them to “waste” their wisdom and energy on people who don’t value who they are.

        Projectors who value themselves enough to wait for the right people to give them invitations are powerfully compelling and often have to turn invitations away. A Projector who values themselves is an abundance magnet.

        Secondly, when a Projector learns to trust the abundant trajectory of the Universe and can wait comfortably for the right invitation to show up, they conserve their precious energy and feel vibrant, vital and ready for the invitations when they manifest. Burned out Projectors, on the other hand, sometimes have to turn down good invitations if they’ve wasted their energy pursuing something that isn’t correct for them.

        When a Projector is living according to their purpose, they are serving as “midwives” to the world. They guide, coach and nurture others into fulfilling their roles as initiators and builders. Projectors truly tend to the template of the evolution of the world in every aspect. When Projectors are serving in this capacity they are strong and powerful blessings to the world around them, and magnets for abundant opportunities.

        When Projectors first learn their strategy of waiting for invitations, they often have to dramatically align their current life. Sometimes Projectors have to maintain their “day job” because they need the money. It can be tricky to keep the traditional flow of income coming in and to simultaneously shift to waiting for the right thing to show up.

        While they’re waiting, Projectors need to stay in their joy and follow their bliss. It’s not unusual for Projectors to take a deep dive into what brings them joy only to find that their next invitation is deeply aligned with the joy they’ve been pursuing!

        Projectors are gifted at knowing others, not so good at knowing themselves. Projectors will benefit from having a good friend to talk to, not because they need advice, but because they have to see their decisions in the context of someone else in order for them to know what is right for themselves. Talking helps a Projector “see” themselves and can be crucial to help them get clarity before making big decisions.

        Self-care, rest, restoration, and working on self-worth and value are the most important things Projectors can do to activate their abundance. When Projectors feel energized and valuable, they transform, not only their loved ones and themselves, but the world around them as well! I wish you the best as you continue to dive in and develop your skills.


  7. Marie Thompson says:

    Thank you for this item. My Mum was an Energy Projector, My Dad was a Mental Projector and I’m a Self Projected Projector. Both passed over 28 years ago. So deeply conditioned to work and be the Not Self. And as I learnt about my Projector Self my healing truly began with my parents and the love…wow the love is different. They both really suffered as Projectors in this world and I’m grateful to the Human Design knowledge and Ra. And that I can say this. I’m so wowed out that I had Projector Parents and I feel amazed as these types of Projectors are so amazing especially when they’re in their own Truth and Aroha for my Parents, especially Dad who experienced extreme Bitterness!!! It punched a huge hole in his world and he never gained his breath again. But nonetheless I feel special to have had two Projector parents. But that’s my story and I know others have their stories (might not be so easy to share).

    One thing that strikes me about this guidance as with all the guidance from Human Design for Projectors, is that it really focuses on what is the very truth for and about Projectors. I’m in my 2nd year of the experiment and experimenting with my PHS. And yes I’m really different, in look and feel from 2 years ago. The guidance isn’t as surmountable as the life I lived before the experiment. Yes I’ve got a habit still of not waiting, but it’s getting better as days go by, as I keep recollecting on my S & A and the deconditioning process with my PHS. The guidance for Projectors doesn’t garner guilt or judgement. It doesn’t expect me to climb the mountain and spend all my time pushing for something that for me as a Projector would be unattainable – a motor. However it’s a Generators World and as I keep reading the same wisdom and guidance for the Projector, the more I find myself surrendering to the Projector S & A as I experiment, not just to avoid bitterness, but to also to avoid being swept up in the addiction to Manifest. Dealing with this at present as I decondition.

    I love that all I need do is learn and master a system. Let my Aura do the talking. Don’t panic. Have faith. And best of all – Focus on my gifts and not my problems.
    My best and continued learning is gratitude – and done very softly and lovingly.
    I don’t have to stretch myself to have relationships with the old Seven Centered belief systems, that for me as a Projector was just simply Hell and drove me crazy.
    I’m discovering new relationships and ways of relating. And I acknowledge I have my moments of being a Projector on this planet! And I’ve complained to the Universe about being a light weight in this very dense world. The Education has helped big time. I loved the LYD and the RAVE ABC, I look forward to completing the 3rd foundation course later this year and reading everything I can about Projectors and the Other. Best thing I ever did, coming into the Human Design…Warmth and best to you my fellow Projectors.

    • gloria says:

      Dear Marie,

      Thank you for your descriptive and profound sharing. You have said many insightful things and truly express as the Wise Projector that you are. Keep up the fabulous work and attitude!


    • Judy Anderson says:

      Dear Marie,
      Your beautiful sharing means so much to me because I crashed physically 4 yrs. ago following the death of my father (Alzheimer’s) and have been needing oxygen assistance since that time. I’ve been pushing against and resenting that I can’t seem to breathe freely again, but reading what you’ve written just opened a portal and insights flowed in. The most wonderful one is the perfection of my current “illness” and how in this time I’m learning so much about myself. I’m 66 yrs. old and only in the last two years have known that I am a projector.

      Thank you.

      • gloria says:

        Welcome, Judy. Thank you for commenting here.

        I’m so sorry that you had this experience, and I commend you on your courage to both surrender to the experience, and to persevere.

        Breath is so fundamental to life. When we can’t breathe, we are not getting enough of what we need, and we have too much of what we don’t need. Then there’s a process of identifying what it is that is wrestling with our life force. Sometimes we even think that what we give our energy to is appropriate for us.

        When the breakdowns occur, we are given the opportunity, as you know, to really evaluate how we got to where we are. And then we hopefully realize how precious our lives and energy are, and take steps to preserve and support ourselves.

        May you receive deep insights into the road you’ve traveled and apply them well, so that you can yet travel many more roads.


  8. Heidi Pendergast says:

    Hello, thank you for the article, very helpful. I am a 5/1 splenic projector. I have been trying to create a traveling puppet theatre for a number of years. I can only work on it for short bursts because of the energy thing. The puppets and performing with them are what I think and dream about all the time. I feel I have a gift for this kind of theatre.

    A little back-story…2 years ago I asked for help in my life in a big way. I was stuck. I knew some of the projector stuff. I felt if I didn’t ask for help I would be stuck for years, unable to help myself. I went to therapy. The therapist sent me to Bureau of Vocational Rehab where I was recognized as being severely disabled due to depression and fatigue…they offered to help me out and asked what I wanted to do (for work) I already knew I wanted to train in TRE, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (I had actually already started but couldn’t afford to finish) so, that was what I submitted! They agreed to pay for the completion of my certification! Bam! Very very exciting. Soon after this BVR invited me to submit a business proposal to see if I could get monies from Ohioans with Disabilities for the startup of my business. It was actually too soon, as they were pushing for me to write this proposal before I even finished my TRE certification. I expressed my feelings of overwhelm and asked if I could wait a while longer before I started it. They said yes (right timing I think!) so, as I finished my training in TRE my resilience increased tremendously, I was able to handle more of everything before becoming overwhelmed. This summer I even came out of a high functioning freeze response I believe I have been in since a terrifying childhood ER experience. The depression abated and fatigue certainly decreased. This fall, almost a year after completing my certification I began writing the 50 page business plan, scary at first but unbelievably, I finished it! I am so proud of myself for waiting for the right timing and for finishing this.

    I feel like a grad student who just finished their dissertation. I don’t feel attached to getting the monies, although it will be incredible to have the equipment, computer, advertising expenses and many other things. As of today’s date the proposal has been submitted to the appropriate agencies for review. I will likely know in the next month about funding. I have accomplished so much just asking for help. So, my question is would that be any different with my creative work. I have literally been trying to manifest this puppet theatre for like 10 years…I am persistent, patient and passionate! And, at the same time I would like to complete the theatre (which is fairly close to being finished) and 3-4 puppets and begin performing. Here is the amazing thing…I am already being asked and invited to perform and I haven’t even finished the theate or the puppets! This excites me to no end, of course! I get stopped in my creative process for many different reasons and am thinking that if I somehow worked with other artists (reaching out and asking for help from designers, sketch artists, sculptors, builders…instead of trying to do ALL aspects myself) could I possibly see results in my artistic life as I have in these other areas of my life? Any feedback would be great!? I am assuming I would only approach those who recognize me?!

    Thank you so much,

  9. gloria says:

    Dear Heidi,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story here. You have tremendous courage coupled with an acute and uncompromising awareness of your vulnerability. Beyond that, you have a willingness to share that vulnerability with others. This is actually an indication of both humility and power. The humility comes from your lack of pretentiousness about your life situation and your process in navigating it, and the power comes from your surrender to your circumstances, and your willingness to work with them.

    How wise of you to ask others for help. You have also shown wisdom in asking for help from the right people and organizations. Your instincts have guided you well. It appears you are also able to work through fear very effectively.

    The puppet theater project has been with you consistently. This is an enterprise that seeks completion, and you are right to ask for help. We are all project pals for one thing or another — different pals for different projects — and you are right to not go it alone. There is nothing energetically wrong with you striking up conversations with other artists in your related field, as you share interests in common. It is easiest to have these conversations inside of a setting where others with your interests are gathered. It is natural in these settings to approach others and talk about your shared interests and projects. From that, you can see if it would be appropriate to ask someone to join you in your efforts or give you advice. These settings can be formal or informal. You will recognize when the flow of energy is available for you to approach someone. By the same token, your splenic center will let you know when you are forcing the issue.

    I wish you the best as you fulfill your mission.

    • Heidi Pendergast says:

      Hi Gloria I am just now seeing your response! Thank you so much! I look forward to talking and sharing with others per your suggestion.
      Kindly, Heidi

  10. Noreen says:

    Thanks for this great article, and the interesting comments.
    I’m a 3/5 Emotional Authority Projector.

    Since Ra first got the download on this information, and the ensuing categorization of it by himself and those who refined it, we now know there are so many variations to the different types- especially for Projectors.

    I notice in general Projectors tend to be “conservative” in how they use their energy, as its probably a necessary survival tactic. For generators, they can gamble on certain times that their sacral will energetically protect them, even when the odds are not that good. But even for them, pushing the envelope isn’t always a smart strategy.

    I am intrigued by Projectors who are past 40 yrs old, and still work full time, have families, projects, etc- and have been doing so for decades. I know a few of these. They never complain of lack of energy, or about anything at all really. I wonder if they have great genes, or will someday collapse out of the blue.

    One of these women is now pushing 60 yrs in a few years; she still has the same job she got in her 20’s (a county dispatch job), and raised 2 children on her own (with child support from her ex’s, but one of them is under age, and still in her custody). She seems to still be operating fine. I don’t know her that well since its my good friend’s sister, but I never heard from my friend that her sister, the non stop Projector- is breaking down in any shape or form. In fact, she is more on the go and productive than my friend the Generator. And this has been the case for at least 3 decades for this friend’s sister I know.

    another Projector I know at age 49 yrs old has been at her job full time at a known warehouse store chain for a couple decades now. She is also not only a mother, but a young grandmother (she first became a grandmother at 38 yrs old). A real working family type… just saying again, the whole lifestyle of these Projectors are more like Generators or Manifesting Generators. No major health issues, breakdowns, nothing.

    anyone know of such Projectors?

    but other Projectors seem to follow the typical life course of what is likely for them- finding the right jobs that are not too taxing, not expending themselves too much, etc. A lively and good life can be achieved, but seems like the set up is just a bit more tricky to work with.

  11. gloria says:

    Hello, Noreen. Thank you so much for posting, and for posting on such a provocative topic.

    If you know how a Projector is designed, and you know individual Projectors, you will inevitably run into the anomalous Projector who absolutely defies the expected energetic limits of the Projector.

    The stereotype is that Projectors are going to run out of gas by the time they’re 35 IF they’re working against type. However, as you have observed, Noreen, we do occasionally see a Projector who operates more like a Manifesting Generator or Generator.

    What’s up with THAT?

    Two of your examples noted that in each case, the Projector has been at her current job for two to possibly four decades. I want to point out that we have to assume that these jobs are in alignment with the energy limitations of each Projector. By in alignment, I mean that whatever the particular duties are, they are not draining either of these women. Some kind of dynamic has been established between each Projector and the demands of her job such that she has been able to carry on for such a long time.

    I also want to point out that the longer you have the same job, the more you become a master of that job. You have a routine and you know exactly how to handle the processes and to maximize efficiencies for all them. It is much easier to stay with a job that works for you than find yourself having to switch jobs every few years. Acclimating to new duties, new expectations, bosses and co-workers takes a lot of energy.

    With any of us, regardless of energy Type, what’s most important is that we enjoy the work that we’re doing for a living. It may not be the highest expression of our soul, but beyond that, if we find sufficient satisfaction in our work, we will not suffer an energy drain in the same way as if we are in the completely wrong job and feel like we’re pushing boulders uphill all day long, only to have them come crashing back down.

    Finding satisfaction requires that our work is meaningful, that we feel as though we’re making a contribution, and that our contribution is actually appreciated, and we ourselves can see the positive results of our labors. This depth of satisfaction will go a long way towards sustaining the energy of the Projector.

    Now, when a Projector is actually doing work that she absolutely loves, that she is absolutely designed for (and I’m talking about more than the bodygraph, I’m talking about satisfying the needs of the soul), then she will find that the energy she needs to keep going is available to her, even when human design says we should have hit a wall.

    At the purely physical level, there are limitations. However, as I noted, when soul satisfaction is brought into anything we do, the energy is there to make things happen. It is also true that Projectors vary in their health. And I’m talking about more than genes. I’m referring to health that can be managed by paying attention to basic things — eating foods that are right for you, exercising in the way that is right for you, and emotional health as well. Having people in your life that value you and see you for who you are, and are supportive, will go a long way to sustaining the energy of the Projector. If, however, the Projector is involved in contentious personal relationships, or is not appreciated at her job (boss is unkind, co-workers are unkind), then the energy drain will be deep and rapid.

    It is also true that some Projectors are born stronger. It’s the way of inheritance, what you come in with.

    It is really important for Projectors to surround themselves with people and circumstances that make them feel appreciated and valuable. That means eliminating, as much as possible, unnecessary stress. It may take time to do this, but it can be done.

    There are other factors that contribute to raising energy in a Projector — if they have a dharma that will involve long hours and complex work, then their soul will get behind it, and they will find the energy to accomplish what they came here to do.

    Overall, however, it is very helpful for Projectors to know their type so that they are more conscious of paying attention to fatigue, and not just brush it off as laziness or something they can get over with just a good night’s sleep. That can lead to cumulative fatigue, even chronic fatigue.

    The bottom line is if you’re truly happy with what you’re doing with your life you will have access to the energy you need.

  12. J says:

    I’m a mid-40s emotional authority 1/3 Projector. While I have my career nailed down (and it is solitary work, with a niche expertise that I deeply enjoy sharing), socially I am very alone. I do not blend with local community, and am not received well by groups that seem like they would be more inclusive or supportive than they are. I am divorced, a single parent, and shunned at my child’s school except by one or two families. I do get on well with anyone I work with, and career-wise and in daily minor interactions (service transactions, hello to the neighbors, chitchat with random strangers in stores) I shine. But I do not have a deeper local community system that honestly knows who I am and asks for my time. Sometimes this is ok with me; other times it feels confusing and lonely.

    I am happiest in a dependable intimacy. Who isn’t? But have been dispatched by 5/1 emotional authority Generator partner, and am now having real trouble understanding how to live without that person and relationship.

    I’ve had several long term intimate relationships but this was the most important and most rewarding. I feel I am meant for a marital intimacy, but with the departure of this person and because of my child’s age and my parenting role, I am looking at literally years more of being unpartnered.

    I don’t have the energy or heart to consider even just getting to know a new partner. And I’m scared of this. I need to understand something more of how a Projector (theme of Planning 3) is meant to move through adulthood without the comfort of touch and physical intimacy. We were expected to marry and the loss of that intended shared future is really disorienting. I find I am handling it well, but I am concerned for the future. It isn’t that I need something else to do; it’s that I liked doing that life the best, and felt I was finally in my right place, personally and in love.

    Do other Projectors suffer from lack of true intimate connection? And do they survive adulthood without a marriage or steady partner. I know I can; I’ve survived a lot. But minus the in-home light and warmth of a loved partner, it doesn’t feel like this life is much longer worth doing.

    I don’t mean anything dire by that. Just feeling really dispirited. Any guidance here will help.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, J. Thank you for writing, and for your willingness to be vulnerable.
      A 1/3 Projector does well with solitary work in a niche that is personally and professionally fulfilling. However, the Projector is not meant to be cut off from community 24/7, despite the various benefits of working solo in your own business.

      It’s possible that your lack of success in blending with your local community and certain specific groups is being affected by several factors. One, the community and groups are not really your tribe. If these folks do not share your values or interests, then you cannot hope to have more than a surface connection with them. And you need to ask yourself how interested you really are in getting to know them better and having them know you better, as well. Is it possible that you have reached out only tentatively and given an impression that they need to prove their worthiness to you? Again, check the level of your genuine interest in making a connection with your community. And then be honest about how involved you want to be with them. You may not want much involvement at all, and this can be sensed by others. What creates bonds between individuals, between individuals and groups, and groups and groups is a basic reality. If needs will be mutually met by creating alliances and relationships, then being accepted by a group will not be difficult. Frankly, all of us engage with those who have something of value to offer us. The more value they have for us, the more deeply we want connection. This could be a teacher who has information we seek; it could be an intimate partnership that offers emotional and financial security and who will have our back; it could be participating in an organization that is doing much-needed work in the world that you also want to be doing. We do not usually seek to create alliances with either individuals or groups whose value and activities we do not resonate with. Be honest, and truly assess what it is that you are seeking to have met with any alliance. Then you may find that the reason it’s not working out for you, and that you even feel shunned, is because this is not who you want to connect with anyway.

      The other influence that may be blocking your ability to truly extend yourself to others is your current emotional state and frame of mind. Since you are experiencing deep betrayal with the abandonment of a partnership and the subsequent tearing down of your dreams of a certain future, your heart will not be free to receive from others. You are currently in a transitional space where you need to protect your personal space.

      I am sorry that your partner has chosen to leave. When we have invested our vulnerability, our hopes, and our heart in intimate partnership, there are no words that can truly capture the loss. We can never make someone love us, nor can we make them stay. Of course, we enter into partnerships with the best of intentions and strive to bring those intentions into manifestation. But there are no guarantees that things will work out as we planned since there is more than one expression of free will in the mix.

      When things don’t work out and we are in a condition of disappointment, loss, and sorrow, and even at times, despair, is when we are called to focus on re-connecting with our needs. What is it that you really need in order to thrive? Honor that need, as you honor your loss. Times of loss are times for heightened self-care. It is a good time to check in with yourself and see if you gave away some part of yourself in order to have this partnership; if you allowed some needs to go unmet so that you could have partnership. Other questions I have – how well did you know this person? Was he on the same page with you about the purpose and goals of the relationship? When he left, were you completely surprised, and was there a part of you that was secretly relieved?

      Your theme of Planning (3) places your Sun in Gate 40. This is a gate of aloneness, and this aloneness often opens out into loneliness. There is a kind of request here – to be able to have time to one self. There are reasons for this – to discharge energies that don’t belong to you; to reflect on your place in the world and your developing sense of self; to reflect on who your true community is. Because Gate 40 is part of the Channel of the Bargain, of Contracts, and Marriage Contracts, it is not likely that you are intended to live a life without partnership. Projectors are not intended to be alone. They need other people, although this does not always result in a long-term partnership but sometimes shows up as active involvement in organizations that share your heart-felt values.

      I do not agree that your child’s age is a block to creating another intimate alliance. It is extremely common for women with children to remarry. If partnership is core to your happiness, and is one of your deeper drives and motivations in life, that tells me this is something that is part of your life plan. Perhaps your previous partner was not completely right for you, or perhaps he abdicated his agreements with you. In any case, there is plenty of time for you to meet someone else. What is important for you to be doing at this time is taking care of business – that is – holding together the integrity of your life. The plans you make naturally as a result of your design cover a broad spectrum of areas. There are many things to plan for in a life. In your case, identifying the right community, the right setting and environment for you, and identifying the type of person you really need for a partner, are some of the things you can start to work with now, and then plan for bringing into your life. But you must have the space for this, and that space includes a relaxed and confident frame of mind, and a heart that is ready to once again receive, and give. In the meantime, take the bull of your life by the horns and continue making your plans for the future you wish to create.

      You can always set up a session with me to look more deeply into your situation.

      Warm regards,

  13. Rose says:

    Thank you so much for the article!
    I’m just under 18, but despite following the projector’s strategy, I’m already feeling tired and overwhelmed… I guess I haven’t quite gotten a hold on using my energy efficiently but since it’s an absolutely necessary survival tactic, I’d be glad to get some tips.
    Also, I read somewhere that your vibration frequency can affect your aura. So for example, can negative thoughts affect my aura? In a sense I may not get invited or is that even possible?
    Much love,

  14. gloria says:

    Hi, Rose. Thank you so much for writing. I’m sorry that you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed. I’ve written the following tips for you, and other Projectors.

    Tips on Preserving and Revitalizing your Projector Energy

    When you don’t have a defined sacral your energy’s not sustainable, so you have to learn to be really smart about how you use your energy. And that means that you have to be aware of what your personal energy boundaries are. You need to be aware of when you are using too much of your precious energy, and also engage the practices that will ensure you get sufficient rest and restoration. It’s not enough to read about the Projector’s energy limitations or how to make the best use of that energy – you really have to get to know your own capacities, and then work with them.

    1. Don’t push into your fatigue. If you are already tired, you’re past the point where you should have stopped what you were doing and taken some down time. If you push into your fatigue, you are going to have a difficult time recovering from your energy losses. I realize that it’s not always possible to just stop what you’re doing, particularly if you are working for someone else, but when you know you’re going to be called on to be present for long hours or hard labor (God forbid), it’s critical to plan for that. This means that you get as much rest as possible between your assignments so that you have as much energy available to you as possible. This means that you don’t take on extra projects when you know the demands on your energy are going to be high for a sustained period of time.

    2. Don’t take your energy levels for granted. Projectors are going to have days when they feel they can take on the world. This is because the undefined sacral takes in the energy of others and then amplifies that energy. That sacral becomes a dynamite factory or even a nuclear reactor relative to the steady energy of the defined sacral. When the Projector has a sacral that is bursting with energy they can act like super-Generators, and feel like they could leap tall buildings at a single bound. When the energy is flowing like that, it is good to take advantage of it, but in a focused and measured way. Do not go to extremes or you will pay for it later.

    3. Remember to discharge your excess energy daily. Every day the Projector picks up volumes of energy from others. This is a circumstance that is particularly in effect when the Projector is out among others. Keep in mind that this is a natural dynamic for the Projector, and it is why the Projector is so gifted at reading the energy of others – because they are literally taking in that energy. At the end of your day make a practice of discharging the energies you’ve accumulated by standing barefoot on the ground, walking barefoot, sitting by a tree, or laying down in a room that you have all to yourself. Sleeping in a room that belongs only to you will discharge excess energies and is very restorative. Listening to music that removes you from the concerns and insults of the day will move you to a healing state of mind. You can experiment with ways of discharging energy to find what is most effective for you – but the bottom line here is about letting go of what does not belong to you.

    4. Don’t work against yourself. The biggest energy drain for a Projector is when they are working at tasks that they don’t enjoy and that are not meant for them to do. When you are doing work that is fulfilling, you are energized. When you are doing work that engages your unique skills and creativity and mindset, your energy will flow. Ideally, the Projector has all the energy she needs to do the work that is fulfilling to her. If you are not doing work that acknowledges your nature, and if it is particularly draining, you should be looking for a way to leave that situation. If you cannot leave as soon as you would like, this is where the practice of preserving your energy becomes especially important. This means you do not take on any additional tasks or projects, and that you make sure you get as much rest as possible while you are working in situations that are demanding your energy.

    5. Find work that is true to who you are and that you love doing. Eventually, the Projector must find what works for them. This is a process of trial and error. The trial and error allows you to get to know yourself. Understand that as time goes by and you get older and develop more skills and greater self-knowledge, the environments that you can work in effectively will change. It is about context for your current time and place, and for your state of mind and health. Regardless of your stage in life, when you are engaged in life in a way that respects who you are, that respects your personhood and unique gifts, the energy you need will be available to you. Stick with jobs and projects that have your name on them and that you cannot resist taking on. Whatever you’re drawn to doing, whatever compels and calls out to you, is what you need to explore.

    6. Process the advice of others through your personal truth filter. Projectors need to talk with the people they trust so that they can get a sense of what’s right for them. But you’re not really seeking advice as much as you’re needing to hear your own truth as you speak your words out loud. Talking with other people is genuinely helpful for the Projector, and know that you may have many conversations before you begin to parse out clearly what will work for you. If you don’t get a handle on what you should do in a situation, and you decide to follow someone else’s advice (someone else’s truth), you will probably find yourself in an uncomfortable place. If something doesn’t feel right, if your intuition isn’t giving you the green light, or if you can’t find your intuition or the feeling of rightness, don’t do it. The time isn’t right. Keep talking, even if those conversations are just with yourself. A Projector does well to have a few close friends that they can just talk and talk and talk with. Eventually, you will know your next step. And remember, if it doesn’t feel good to you, forget about it.

    7. Respect yourself. Know your limitations, and stick to them. Don’t allow others to override what you know will work for you. Stand up for yourself, and say no to requests that are going to make demands of you that will injure you if you try to meet them. Projectors are not here to be martyrs for others. Martyring your energy will take you out, and completely undermine your ability to be able to communicate your unique brand of wisdom and insight.

    Negative Thoughts and Your Energy

    We live in a world that is congested with the energies of many beings, with the energies of their thoughts, and the energies of their actions. A great deal of that energy is harmful. The best way to deal with negative energy is to make sure you discharge excess energy every day, and that you have activities that restore your state of mind and sense of well-being. These activities are unique to you, but they can involve dancing, walking, listening to music, reading, watching movies, resting…there are many. You know which ones work for you.

    There is no escaping how others think and act, but we can protect ourselves by choosing to create environments that are healthy for us, and have relationships that honor us. We can eat food that sustains us and honors our conscience. We can surround ourselves with beauty. We can treat others the way we want to be treated. We can withhold our judgments of others, and we can accept our life circumstances while we plan to make the changes that we want and need.

    Just as we can learn to work with circumstances that don’t meet our needs while we look for ways to improve them, we can let go of expectations on how beautiful we should look or how smart we should be or how accomplished we should be, and just relax into accepting that we have what we need to grow into and become the full flourishing embodiment of our potentials. When we seek to connect to those things that honor us and bring us into greater health and help us develop into our best selves, we are doing everything we can to stay away from the negativity.

    Because we are alive there are times when we are going to feel like failures and have things happen that we didn’t want to happen and that we didn’t foresee. It is the way it is. This is the way consciousness evolves. The journey of the soul in third density is complex and winding.

    If you are living your life in integrity – that is, you are making choices that consciously support your well-being at all levels – you will not miss the invitations that are meant for you. The truth about invitations is that, the more you are being yourself, the more others will recognize you and from that, the invitations that are right for you will find you.


  15. Inaluna says:

    My life theme – not being seen or heard. Question- the Projectors are non-energetic types. Does it mean that they take others energy? I have a big problem with that.

  16. gloria says:

    Hi, Inaluna. Thank you for your comment.

    Projectors are seen and heard when they are operating inside the context that is correct for them. No one, no matter what energy type, is seen and heard when they are working against who they are. The most important thing for any energy type is to be in alignment with their strategy and authority, and to not try to be someone they are not. Life is harsh and even cruel when you are trying to be someone you are not. You know when your life situation is abrasive — it hurts pretty much all the time. For example, we are none of us designed to be pushing boulders up a steep mountain only to have them fall down the mountain again.

    As a Projector, your job is to cultivate your talents and interests. You are to investigate those matters that call to you, that ignite your curiosity, excitement, and sense of adventure. When you flow towards what naturally calls to you, you will meet others who are drawn to the same things. You will find your network. As you get to know those in your network (and they will be of all energy types), they will recognize what you have to offer and invite you to participate in the way that honors your gifts. A Projector only needs to be invited once into a particular setting. Thereafter, they are free to initiate, be creative, and take the lead on a project, if that is what is called for.

    Projectors don’t “take” other people’s energy. Open centers in the bodygraph, and all energy types have open centers, will take in energy from the surrounding environment. That includes everything, not just other people. The more open centers you have, the more energy you will take in. The open center is designed to take in energy and read it. Over time, you will become more adept at understanding the different types of energy around you, and how to read them.

    Because open centers receive energy, they eventually become quite discriminating about different types of energy, and the value these energies offer. After a while, each open center can become very wise about the specific energies it is designed to receive.

    The open centers have their own areas of inquiry and expertise. Here are questions that the open centers ask:

    Head Center
    Am I under pressure to answer other people’s questions and live out their ideas and inspirations?

    Ajna Center
    Am I struggling to be certain about making up my mind or to convince others (and myself) that I am certain?

    Throat Center
    Am I trying to get attention (perhaps inappropriately) so that I can be heard?

    Identity Center (also called “G” Center, Center for Love and Direction)
    Do I question my lovability? Am I struggling to find direction? Do I love where I live, where I work, and who I’m with?

    Will Center
    What am I trying to prove?

    Emotional Solar Plexus Center
    Am I avoiding truth and conflict, and trying to keep everyone happy?

    Root Center
    Am I still trying to get things done so I can be free?

    Spleen Center
    Am I holding on to things (or people or pain, etc.) for longer than I should?

    Sacral Center
    Do I know when enough is enough?

    When you enter correctly into situations, you will be seen and heard. For the Projector, that means following your bliss, engaging work and play in environments that are suitable for you. In these environments, you will find your tribe, or like-minded people. Your chances of being seen and heard and receiving invitations that recognize and honor what you have to offer increase tremendously when you place yourself in contexts that align with you. These are places that are fun, and challenging in a good way. These are places that can teach you things you want to learn.

    Putting yourself where you feel most comfortable greatly increases your chances of receiving appropriate invitations. What does that mean? It means the invitation specifically honors what you can do and who you are, and offers you the opportunity to do what you want. Everything unfolds from there.

  17. Athena Blu says:


    Great article. I’m a projector and have recently been reading up on “waiting for an invitation.” I have had terrible luck with jobs I’ve been searching for the last six months. Online mostly. How do I get an invitation if I don’t apply?? I’m a little confused as to how this works. I am applying to jobs I see posted online that spark my interest. Any help would be appreciated.

  18. gloria says:

    Hi, Athena.

    Keep applying to the online jobs that appeal to you. Although the invitation for those jobs isn’t specific to you, they are not specific to any one person, either. They are looking for someone who is a good fit for their organization. The invitation is a general one, but it is there. Generators will respond; Reflectors will take their time to reflect, and Manifestors will just knock on doors, regardless of whether an ad is posted. And if you as the Projector feel moved, excited, curious, interested, or are simply in need of something to tide you over, send in your cover letter and resume for that posted online job. Eventually, an energetic connection will be made and you will be offered an interview. Then a job. Don’t give up.

    Just remember that nothing is set in stone, and you aren’t necessarily looking to connect to your forever job. But when you do get connected, there will be something specific in that environment that has your name on it.

    Let me note that once you’re in a job, and the environment is generally a good match for you, what often happens is that, over time, the job you’re in gets tailored to your particular talents, or you get moved to a position that is a better fit.

    Warm regards,

  19. Emily says:

    I’m curious about two things.
    Projectors are the newest type of Aura, why did we come about? Why did we spring into being? What was missing (if anything) that required us to be here? Do we have an expiration date?

    Were generators and other types “failing”–in a way–to fulfill their potential, and so Projectors had to insert themselves into this reality/plane? I’m curious about why we manifested in this reality.

    Secondly, I’ve learned that I’m a projector with self-projected authority…and I understand that to truly know myself, I must hear what I say to others when invited to speak. I find this to be exciting, on one hand, because I can explore the endless possibilities of myself with/through others — but also frustrating on another hand…as I try so very hard to understand myself. I find that I have phases where I don’t want to be around anyone (except maybe my niece and nephew or my twin sister) for various reasons, and all of this time spent alone I’d like for it to mean something beyond just me recharging. I have been talking to myself for many years, meditating when I can, trying to ask myself questions and answer those questions. Sometimes I record my free flowing thoughts and then listen back to them — though I’m not sure how much this is serving me. Can I truly learn about myself by having these self-conversations, or reflecting on past recordings of my thoughts – and trying to react to those thoughts in some way? Or do I have to converse with “the other” to get at my truth? Or is it possible that I can pick up enough energy of “another” that I can have a conversation with that “other” and myself without them actually being present–so, if their energy is sticking to me and I haven’t discharged myself of it — am I able to objectify that presence of the other and converse with it?

    I’m not sure if my question makes sense… so let me try to clarify. I think I find it frustrating that I can’t get to my core self without “going through” someone else. I, in a sense, wish I could find myself without the help of others. Although, I suppose this is not meant to be – as projectors do not operate that way (at least that’s how I understand it), and I just need to accept that. So I guess I want to know if it’s possible for a self-projected projector to know themselves without having to go through “the other”. I’m assuming the answer is “no”, and that the encouragement I am left with is that I can still know who I am and know my truth — I just have to operate within my design and use my inner authority to guide me to that truth.

    I look forward to your response 🙂 and I appreciate your article.

  20. gloria says:

    Hi, Emily. My answers to your questions are in bold.

    1. Projectors are the newest type of Aura, why did we come about? Why did we spring into being? What was missing (if anything) that required us to be here? Do we have an expiration date?

    From Ra Uru Hu: In 1781, in conjunction with Sir William Hershel’s discovery of the planet Uranus, a momentous event took place: The advent of the nine-centered being. “Centeredness” is a structural aspect of evolution. Neanderthals were five-centered like modern Mammals, and so-called Cro-Magnon or Homo sapiens were seven-centered beings.

    We are nine-centered. We are a transitional form, “Homo Sapiens in Transitus.” Human Design is the knowledge of the mechanics of the nine-centered being and this knowledge is the basis of the Science of Differentiation. Since 1987, we have been awakening to our nature and its extraordinary potential. [end]

    Gloria: The creation of two new centers also created the Projector. It was time for humanity to move into the possibility of having more sensitive and intimate emotional and psychic connection with each other. The Projector brings this energy and ability.

    2. Were generators and other types “failing” – in a way – to fulfill their potential, and so Projectors had to insert themselves into this reality/plane? I’m curious about why we manifested in this reality.

    Gloria: I believe that what brought the Projector into being comes from the same motivation as that of Consciousness: to ceaselessly evolve. The job of Consciousness is evolution. Its motivation is curiosity and desire. Its end goal is unity. Its product is agape, or universal love. The Projector is another expression and experiment of Consciousness as part of Its commitment to expansion. I would not say that Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, and Reflectors were failing to fulfill the potential of that type so much as there was plenty of room for a new energetic expression, or consciousness evolution. A manifest aspect of evolving consciousness is just around the corner in the form of the Solar Plexus Mutation. It is said that the Mutation of the Human Design bodygraph will be complete in 2027. This new platform will challenge everyone to gradually let go of old paradigms and embrace new values – values that honor everyone’s right to the Tree of Life. That includes all living beings! Even though we are some time out from this shift, we can see and feel the beginning of the changes it will bring. The channel 19/49, Love and Marriage, and the channel 40/37, The Bargain, will no longer be part of any design. The nature of how we bond and mate will change, how we share resources will change. The emotional wave will be steadier so that we are not so subject to extreme highs and lows. We will not operate from fear-based intuition; we will do what we feel/ know is the right thing to do. We will actively seek peace. We will actively find ways to bring peace. And there are specific things that will do this. We will not eat animals; we will see how barbaric and cruel it is to raise them in feedlots. Business values will change. The emphasis will not be so much about profit as about meeting real needs. This is a major shift in values. You can see the changes now in each of these areas. In 2027 the bodygraph will shift. Everyone will be affected. Collective consciousness will be forced to shift because its energetic platform in the material plane (incarnation) will be different. It doesn’t mean that people will all of sudden behave civilly and want the best for everyone — but the new energetic platform will be compelling. It means that humanity stands a much better chance of rebuilding civilization so that everyone’s needs are met. Meeting basic human needs is fundamental and paramount to establishing peace. The truth is that Universal Consciousness recognizes that we only exist in relation to others and that others are part of our existence.


    I’ve learned that I’m a projector with self-projected authority…and I understand that to truly know myself, I must hear what I say to others when invited to speak. I find this to be exciting, on one hand, because I can explore the endless possibilities of myself with/through others — but also frustrating on another hand…as I try so very hard to understand myself. I find that I have phases where I don’t want to be around anyone (except maybe my niece and nephew or my twin sister) for various reasons, and all of this time spent alone I’d like for it to mean something beyond just me recharging.

    Gloria: Yes, when you can speak your truth to trusted others, your truth will come out. You will hear it and feel it. That is one way to get to know yourself. Another way is to look at what you’ve been doing, and where you’ve been. What does your record look like? Who have you been being? As you know, the undefined sacral needs to discharge energies that it has taken in, so down time is required for the Projector. You are discharging and recharging, but you are not just undergoing a mechanical process. You are also evaluating, reviewing, and synthesizing. The time spent alone allows you to disengage from outside chatter. The extent to which you consciously deepen your self-understanding through evaluation, review, and synthesis is up to you. But even if all you think you are doing is recharging, there is a lot that is taking place beneath the surface.

    I have been talking to myself for many years, meditating when I can, trying to ask myself questions and answer those questions. Sometimes I record my free flowing thoughts and then listen back to them — though I’m not sure how much this is serving me. Can I truly learn about myself by having these self-conversations, or reflecting on past recordings of my thoughts – and trying to react to those thoughts in some way? Or do I have to converse with “the other” to get at my truth? Or is it possible that I can pick up enough energy of “another” that I can have a conversation with that “other” and myself without them actually being present–so, if their energy is sticking to me and I haven’t discharged myself of it — am I able to objectify that presence of the other and converse with it?

    Gloria: Yes, I definitely agree that engaging yourself in conversation is another way to get to know yourself. Having free-flowing and open-ended conversations with yourself is really a pretty good technique for this. I congratulate you on doing it. What you are referring to when you ask about picking up the energy of another is a form of proxying in the energy of that person. Yes, you can definitely ask for the other person’s essence to be present with you so that you can converse with them.

    I’m not sure if my question makes sense… so let me try to clarify. I think I find it frustrating that I can’t get to my core self without “going through” someone else. I, in a sense, wish I could find myself without the help of others. Although, I suppose this is not meant to be – as projectors do not operate that way (at least that’s how I understand it), and I just need to accept that. So I guess I want to know if it’s possible for a self-projected projector to know themselves without having to go through “the other”. I’m assuming the answer is “no”, and that the encouragement I am left with is that I can still know who I am and know my truth — I just have to operate within my design and use my inner authority to guide me to that truth.

    Gloria: Ultimately, people need to stay connected to each other. We each have unique perspectives and ways of being that can be of service. We inevitably, whether or not we are Projectors, will gain our greatest self-knowledge through seeing how we interact with others. We also learn a great deal from others, directly, and by observing who they are.

    Everyone learns who they are from how they interact with others, and we also learn who we are by how we spend our alone time. The story is that Projectors cannot know themselves except through others, but I don’t agree with that. We can look at our track record, our interests and our choices. Those tell us a great deal about who we are. On the other hand, I don’t think anyone, Projector or not, can fully know themselves outside of how they are with other people. And yes, following your strategy and authority will get you far.

  21. Gaby says:

    I’m a splenic projector and I’m hitting a wall with waiting. I totally confirm on waiting for invitations and the right energies that have to go with them in order to respond with a yes, but regarding certain important life areas, I’m waiting for 20 years now for some changes to be implemented. It feels like I will implode if nothing is going to change soon. I have gate 20, the gate of stillness and I guess that is a factor. As a human being I also need to experience the aspect of movement, moving forward.
    Any helpful info on this is greatly appreciated.
    Mahalo, Gaby

  22. gloria says:

    Dear Gaby,

    I agree that it is necessary to experience movement in one’s life. It is necessary to be available to movement, as well.

    It won’t do to sit around waiting for an invitation. It does nothing for our self esteem, our state of mind, our sense of identity and belonging. And it undermines courage and trust that we are doing and being what we are supposed to be doing. And being.

    So — let me suggest to you that you consciously and intentionally make changes in all of those areas of your life that do not require the BIG INVITATION. You are not a puppet of invitations, destined to wait on the whim of some greater force to bestow anticipated change and the riches that go with it.

    You are ALLOWED to be the master of your life. You are called upon to be the master of your life. It is your job to take charge and create the environment you need. Begin with breaking up the stagnation of energy around you by making changes that do not require an invitation, but only require that you act on your personal will and desire.

    Move your furniture around. Light a candle. Hang a picture. Buy a book. Get a cat. Change your hair. Paint your nails. Get a new outfit. Study something new. Become proactive in making changes in your life that you want. This will break up the energy around you. It is you taking action for the course of your life, and you calling the shots. By the time the Big Invitation comes, you might not even want it.


  23. Gretchen says:

    As a consultant I want to offer services on how to support student athletes in higher education settings. I was invited to do that as the academic mentor to our football team. I am a full professor with tenure at a division three private liberal arts college and it is the best work I have ever done. But I want to speak about how to do this more widely because many student athletes are not fully seen by faculty or the school they attend. I have been following my bliss, and just learned I am a projector. I have a workshop idea for this – but do I need to wait for an invitation to go out and do it? I am part of a Mastermind group who made the observation that I do know what I can offer. But then the projector invitation idea came up. I would be interested in your thoughts.

  24. gloria says:

    Hi, Gretchen. Thanks for writing!

    As a consultant who has already been working from the flow of having been recognized for her expertise and invited to share that expertise formally, you do not require an invitation to offer your new expanded workshop. What you are proposing to offer is a continuing expression of your expertise, and you are offering this to the academic community with which you have already established a relationship. Even if you plan to offer your teaching outside of the immediate academic community where you are personally/professionally known, you have already been recognized by the broader academic community for your niche area of expertise. The invitation for you to teach and do workshops took place a while ago. You are in the flow.

    It’s like this: a Projector only needs to be invited once into a particular setting. Thereafter, they are free to initiate, be creative, and take the lead on a project.

    How exciting that you are taking your knowledge to a broader base. This is correct for you.

    Warm regards,

  25. Angelo Fegali says:

    Hi there …. I’ve for some time start reading about Human Design … focus on the projector type aura which I’m … it’s like when you hear professor xjavier (from xmen, in apocalypse) “a gift can also be a curse” threres no doubt about it … it relies in the way we can learn about other and ourselves … know others I wisdom . Know itself is enligthment … when you become in the time present about yourself you become light going through the darklands of you own fears, anxiety, depression, bitterness, lonilenes… once you accept that condition of yourself you can reach out and work it out … to migrate your treaths & weakness into opportunities and those to strengths (from the same well of weakness comes the strengths) that’s the great mistery … also publish even better your gifts … waiting is crazy and desperate but it truly works out if you have prepared yourself like in a Jedi discipline yo really sincronise mind body soul aura in one updated vehicle of your own journey … if you’re not coming through or having too much bitterness and depression it means that you’re in the wrong environment or even worse with the wrong people surrounding you ,.. make a rational diferential diagnosis and analyse what sucks your energy into drain or exploted by others … when you find yourself you contemplate every instant and at that same moment you can understand the energy of people’s around you … you also have yo be careful at that point don’t be too generous because we are a generous type it our essence … don’t become too attach to others it also hurts … don’t trust too much in others to not become dissapointed in the lies that they tell and think our aura doesn’t get it …. our most true gift is to seek truth because we’re light … and light wins in the war against darkness… to become light you must go through darklands !. It’s no easy it has been a constant fight to survive adapting to each situation and looking forward to not be reminded depressed from the past … this present is a gift and you must use it … like toda said “there’s no try … only do!” Unbelievable or not … projectors have to work out like jedis, the force inside and outside us … and to really seek out into this life we must understand the emotion transition from Jedi to Vulcans …..

  26. gloria says:

    Welcome, Angelo. Thank you for your comments.

  27. Olga says:

    Hi, Gloria
    Another projector is here, I would love to learn more about this system that I can propagate this knowledge to others, what would you suggest my next step is?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Olga. Thanks for visiting.

      I suggest books and the internet, youtube, facebook, and also live classes. Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be, by Chetan Parkyn and Steve Dennis, is a great introduction, as is Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are, by Karen Curry. Karen Curry Parker has many, many teaching videos on youtube. She has many classes in addition to her transit reports. There are many other books, but the ones I’ve mentioned are the best for giving you a simplified, clear introduction. You are also welcome to purchase sessions with me. Gloria

  28. miss projector 6/2 says:

    I have become bitter from all that impatience to be heard, that is, thwarted/ignored. Wish I knew about this earlier. Thinking about it always makes me sad.

    • gloria says:

      Dear Miss Projector,

      I am sorry that’s it been hard. But it’s never too late to get back on your correct course. The quickest and only right way is to follow your strategy and authority.

      Keep this in mind: just because you get an invitation, it doesn’t mean it’s the right invitation. It has to feel good. It has to feel delicious. Most importantly, it has to be an invitation that recognizes what you bring to the table.

      In the meantime, to heal from your disappointments, do all the things you enjoy doing. Focus on that. This includes both play and study. Stay away from energy drains. Remember to discharge your energy by taking alone time — in your room, outside in nature, or wherever you are not impacted by the energy of others.

      Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

      • Lakshmi says:

        You are so generous with your knowledge, Gloria. Thanks for this oh-so detailed explanation and many clarifications. You are a blessing to this Projector (1/3). I have tried for many years to fit in this world with all its ambitions and goal-setting, and I could never do the same with any authenticity. It felt terribly fake and postured. Such a relief, SUCH a relief… that I can be who I am, and it’s valid and valuable to this world.

        • gloria says:

          Hi, Lakshmi. Thank you for writing.

          You are so right. The only way to be in life is to be who we are. As Wise Ones said:

          It is useless to try to be something you are not. The Universe cannot be fooled. When you deny who you are, you are battling the Universe in its efforts to be authentic.

          Being yourself is what will keep you on your path and lead you to your right experiences as you designed them. It is how you will receive your greatest support, as you being you is actually tied into many agreements. And as you move into acceptance, love, and compassion for yourself, you will find that you can accept others more easily, and that your courage, as well as a sense of your own power and destiny, will grow accordingly.


  29. Nora Belton says:

    Hello Gloria, Thank you for this article and your generous attention!! In desperation I googled “Projector Meltdown,” and it led me to this page :). I am Hermit Opportunist. I guess my biggest challenge is trusting that what I really want to do right now is learn/study/experience/nourish my curiosity, live in the woods, dance and sing!! I don’t feel I have the right, since I am not “earning” and “succeeding.” I am 63 and I am feeling (yet again) the physical repercussions of a lifetime of struggling with the Projector challenge. I am considered an elder and a specialist in my fields (Yoga & Therapies)…but managing money has never been my strength, and work relations…well. I can’t believe after all the hurdles and triumphs I still feel lost and low, unrecognised and unappreciated and with no material compensation. I am tired of having to prove myself over and over. Does it ever get easier?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Nora. Thank you for writing. The present quandary that you find yourself in is not unlike the similar frustrations and setbacks that befall many other Projectors across the planet. Many are unsatisfied with their lives and struggle to find a better way, to improve their circumstances and visibility, to improve their sense of value and worth, to find ways of making contributions of their innate intelligence and gifts, and to make profoundly meaningful connections which have genuine positive impact on the world.

      Unfortunately, life rarely progresses smoothly, even for those that seem to be at the top of their game. I absolutely do not wish to minimize the extreme frustration, sadness, and sense of having a rudderless connection to money. And perhaps there is also a sense of not even being anchored to anything truly solid. This is a very real experience, emotionally, spiritually, and literally. And it is not truly possible to create connections that are perfect, completely free of abrasion. But: you know from your own history and experience that no situation stays the same. Inside of each situation, there is a diamond of evolution from which much can be gained, and all current issues do eventually run their course. Knowing this makes it easier to surrender to the flow of your life, even as you continue to participate actively in that flow, both from the perspective of a curious witness, and from the perspective of someone who is excited by yet another opportunity to bring your unique creativity and insights to bear on finding ways to ameliorate and even solve current circumstances – yours and others.

      What has transpired in the past is firmly and undeniably in the past. Arguing against reality is hugely counterproductive and only leads to more frustration. To hold on to what happened and what was not gained simply puts life on hold and steals away energy that is better used in the present.

      Each soul has its own unique path. At some point a decision is made to accept “what is” and let go of the critic in the brain that only dwells on what isn’t, what didn’t work out, and where we perceive failure.

      When things don’t work out, it is often because it was the wrong timing and the wrong environment, and the wrong invitation — any or all of these. We often second-guess ourselves, shutting out the first whispers of our inner guidance that told us that something is not right for us, and plow ahead anyway. When we continue to second-guess ourselves, we create a cumulative pile-up of situations that do not serve us. The best thing to do is to always honor what is in alignment for you, to follow what feels right, and to heed the warning voice or sensation that says “caution” or “something is not right here.” We must be our own advocates and allies. Always.

      I think, Nora, you would feel more balanced and at ease if at this time in your life you focus your energies on what can be accomplished in the now and spend less time on what did not come to pass for you. Focus on what IS working, and let go of what is not. Do what needs to be done to take care of the infrastructure of your life and let go of the rest.

      Follow the calling of your Projector soul. I strongly encourage you to embrace your longing to learn/study/experience/nourish your curiosity, live in the woods, and dance and sing! Our yearnings point the way we should go. There is always something there for us. It is not a matter of succeeding, or earning, or deserving. It is a matter of executing your soul’s agenda. It is a matter of anchoring your soul into the present form and circumstances of your life. Your yearnings are the cue for you to continue your adventure of exploration, self-discovery, and connection with others and other places. Be at peace with the present. Surrender rather than resist. Follow your yearnings and your bliss. Say yes to what is correct for you, over and over again. You will eventually find yourself back on the path that is right for you. This path will make your life a working demonstration of what is possible for a gifted Projector who does not run with the herd. Keep this uppermost: life is meant to be enjoyed in the full and spacious present.


      • Nora Belton says:

        Thank you Gloria, it is now only two months on since that response from you yet it feels like a lifetime. I have returned to your beautiful response again and it is uplifting. And it is correct!! Venting is healing, especially with such a beautiful response. Thank you so much.

    • Elcin says:

      Dear Gloria,
      So happy to find you here.
      I have a 6 year old 1/3 projector daughter.
      How should I advise her when she is having relationship with her friends, general advises to her and where shall I direct her education wise. Future jobs etc.
      Ie: she was complaining for friends who are not taking her to the games at school. Mums says their kids find her quite funny (in a good way).
      How shall I raise her in order to help her to be a confident adult in the future? I’m a very determined person and I put her in one of a top school. But I also have to find her own specific needs to give her best possible experiences.

      I’m also a projector 2/5.
      I didn’t quiet understand the waiting the invitation. It might take years and how will I wait without initiating? I’m quiet a stubborn person. Can you please give an example to waiting an invitation?

      I’m also looking for a new career. I’m an industrial engineer and I have been away from work since my daughter was born. I am always good at searching, finding the spot on info, put everything together nicely. I’m very good at putting the colors, designs together. I have a good classy quality taste.

      I’m also very keen to learn human behaviors, personal development books everywhere but even if read all I keep doing things against to these books.

      What would be my new career?

      I hope it makes all sense.

      Thank you

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Elcin. Thank you for writing.

        Projector children need to have it instilled early on that they have value, and have an innate connection to inner wisdom. Let her know that, whatever she does for work, she will always have the role of advisor and mentor, and may find herself in leadership positions. Again, this is because of the Projector’s innate capacity to sense and understand energy. Informing her of her Design’s special purpose is how you can raise her with confidence.

        Because of the lack of Sacral definition, a Projector child will not be able to keep up with most of the other children. Therefore, you want to be careful to limit how many after-school activities your daughter is enrolled in, as it is important to protect and preserve her energy. Let her know that she needs to wait for recognition before she offers her advice. Also, that she will be invited to participate in activities by the right people. The right people are those who see her value, and the invitation has to feel good to her. Not just any old invitation will do!

        When your daughter is older, say in her teens, and she begins to look for part-time work or work during school breaks, it may be necessary for you to facilitate an invitation for her to be interviewed. Because it can be very challenging and not correct for Projectors to go out and find work, you may need to help in this area as well. Even if you are a Projector yourself. The difference is you are not seeking your own invitation.

        I have seen your daughter’s chart and she is all individual. Her only two channels are in the Knowing circuit. That means she will think differently, out of the box, that is, and others may not immediately catch on. But she is here to be different, and to bring change by offering a new perspective. Projectors are relational beings, and they naturally create friendships. Lots of friends are not necessary; just one or two good ones. Although, it is up to your daughter how many friends she wants and can manage with her energy. Your daughter will let you know who she is and what she needs because you are in touch with her interests and talents, and you encourage her to develop them. From these interests, you can develop a sense of what careers she might find fulfilling. You can make suggestions, of course, but she needs to be true to her calling.


        Projectors always fear that they will not be invited. However, if you follow your strategy of waiting for the invitation instead of trying to get ahead of it, what happens is that your aura’s frequency starts to change. Your people will recognize you by your aura. The more you live according to your Design, the more invitations you get. Once invited, you don’t need to wait for any more invitations regarding whatever you were invited to (project, job, relationship, etc.) Just follow your authority and don’t initiate.

        Waiting for an invitation doesn’t mean that you do nothing with your time and energy. Projectors do not need an invitation to follow their personal bliss and what calls to them. You mention some of your interests. It is actually really important for a Projector to follow her bliss and the call of her talents and interests and to develop them deeply because when the Invitations come, she will have reached a level of mastery in her unique areas of expertise. She will be that much more valuable. During the course of living your life and following your correct energetic trails, you will meet others under many different circumstances, and invitations will come from that. In the meantime, do follow your interests, allowing them to lead you to various venues. In this way, you increase your visibility. The thing to remember is to not push and not force situations in hopes of getting an invitation. The energy does not work this way. In other words, there is a natural flow that you can trust in.


        The Quest for Right Vocation

        Rather than struggling to identify a specific vocation (or career) focus instead on this:

        What do you care about? What did you love to do when you were very young? Look there for clues to a particular vocation. What is compelling for you? What creates excitement in you? What do you consider an adventure? What will cause you to leap out of bed? There are clues here pointing to specific vocations. The activities you are naturally drawn to, what you long to learn about or explore, will point you to your next career. In other words, follow what calls you and your career will find you.

        • What do you love to do? You want to enjoy your work.

        • What types of activities or situations bring you so much joy that you forget your troubles?

        • What did you used to love to do, but have essentially forgotten about or given up on because it didn’t work out at the time or simply made no sense? Or you didn’t get much support for it? Revisit it. Re-engage it. These things, whatever they be, are yours. These are your gifts. They are to be deployed.

        • What are you really good at? Again, what you’re good at is also what is fun and meaningful for you.

        • What are you really passionate about? Where do your yearnings lead you? Your passion will get you over humps, writer’s block, self-doubt, waiting for an invitation, pretty much anything that rears its ugly little head and tries to talk you out of embracing your natural design. Or, put another way, your inclinations and your yearnings..

        • What are you passionate about sharing or teaching others? If you don’t think this points to your vocation, think again.

        • What have you acquired much knowledge in just because you enjoyed going there? In other words, what have you really been training for all your life?

        • What are you really good at? Take stock here. What you’re good at is more than a hint of where you should put your time, energy, and attention. What vocations does this translate to?

        Having said the above things, consider whether your passions and yearnings best express themselves through a single vocation. Or even as a standard, conventional vocation.

        We have been enculturated to believe that one’s talents and passions can best be expressed — or only expressed — through a particular vocation. That may not be the case for you. You may not be here to do “normal” or conventional work, or specialize in just one area. Maybe you are here to explore, experiment, and do many things! Your passions and talents will likely connect naturally to several types of vocations or careers, but it is best to steer yourself away from thinking that what is out there in the ordinary workaday world will necessarily be your perfect match. What is important is that you put your attention and energy into what calls you. Follow that, and you will make the ‘career’ connections you need. In other words, you can find the right path for your gifts.

        It is not uncommon that what you do for a living is not your highest expression. That is, your official job may not be as fulfilling for you as a “hobby” in which you find a lot of joy and where others also benefit. Our way of thinking is that what we do for a living has to match up with what brings us the most joy and where we have the greatest impact. This is actually not true, and in real life, such jobs are not always easy to get, though it may work out that way. What is important is that you create the space to use your gifts, even if you are also working a regular job. As a Projector, you want to be careful, of course, of making sure that you don’t overdo it.
        As a Projector 2/5, you will need time alone, in retreat, to gather your thoughts and energy. Understand that retreat times are meant to revitalize you, not isolate you. Both the 2 and the 5 attract attention. You will be called out for your talents, and others will seek to access you because the 5 is a projection field which attracts attention. Your job is to first to protect and preserve your energy so that you have your vitality when you are called out, and to be visible and approachable when you are not otherwise taking alone time.


        • Elcin says:

          Thank you so much taking time to answer all my questions in details.
          One more question, no one really asking us for a playdate but my daughter keeps asking me to arrange playdates with the girls in her class. It is bit awkward us always have been asking. We had the playdates but we have never been asked back.

          She is a lovely girl and I know the other girls really like her but no invitation is coming for a playdate.
          How can I deal with this situation? My daughter is so keen. Is it part of the INVITATION process?
          Many thanks

          • gloria says:

            Hi, Elcin.
            I’m sorry to hear that your daughter is not getting playdates. This is where you, as the mom, can go to another mom (or moms) and ask for an invitation for a playdate for your daughter. In this way you can also find out if there are any issues, or if people are simply not paying attention because they are distracted by their busy lives. If there are issues, then you can work with that and hopefully bring those to resolution. You will at the very least have information on what is going on, if anything. You also have the option of extending more playdate invitations to the other children. If their moms are simply distracted, then perhaps they will catch on and return the invitation.


  30. J.B. says:

    Hey there everyone,

    Wonderful article, Gloria. I’m an emotional projector, and as so many other have said before: reading this makes me feel seen and understood. Beautiful.

    I’ve been into human design for almost a year now. It all makes sense, I feel it on a deep level, beyond and above the mind.

    I have a specific question about waiting for invitations: I’m striving to be a screenplay-writer. I’ve always liked to do this, by now I have several scripts in the drawer and/or in the process of being created, and all the HD-information confirms that it is the (or one of the systems) I can master as a projector. 🙂

    Of course being seen as a writer is tough, so what could such an invitation look like?

    Basically, I’m trying to send scripts to anyone who’s willing to read them (i.e. script contests)… the vast majority of studios don’t accept unsolicited submissions, so that is the very definition of “NO INVITATION!” 😀

    But those places who do accept stuff from outsiders…is this a sorta-kinda-invitation? Or might this “create” a real invitation? You think my scripts are “infused” with my aura? Will those who are right for me (and for whom I am right) recognize me through my scripts?

    These are just some thoughts, I’d be happy to learn more about your take on that. 🙂

    Thank you, Gloria, and thank you all for your comments. Inspiring.

    • gloria says:

      Hello, J.B. Thank you for writing. Ah, you highlight the quintessential question for the Projector – what does an invitation that is specifically for me look and feel like?

      A Projector is aware of her gifts as a screenplay-writer. She loves doing this so much that she yearns to be able to bring her stories into the mainstream, to receive recognition through multiple invitations to create and deliver more of her expressive stories, to be honored for her stories, to be told they are well-crafted, engaging and illuminating, and to be paid for these contributions of intelligence and heart.

      Failing receipt of such direct requests (invitations) for her to create, she is nevertheless compelled to continue creating because the force of the well that springs from inside her is such that she has no choice but to continue to give palpable shape and form to the stories she carries inside, and that beg to be given validation through the act of manifestation. Her drawers are spilling over with scripts.

      The Projector, a screenwriter by desire, by trade, and by design, must create. The creation does not depend on invitations. She will create because it is what she does, what she must do, and who she is. This vital force is not dependent on being called out or seen; it is a phenomenon that is already whole unto itself, that will activate regardless of the recognition. The Projector’s gifts of story are complete as they emerge in form, but to be seen and to be shared would surely take this form to another level of creativity and delight – one where others can exchange their own energy with the energy that has emerged from another.

      I would like to affirm your courage in openly and boldly acknowledging that you are the producer of content and ideas; of possibility and adventure. I would also like to point out that while invitations are important for a certain type of movement to occur, in and of themselves they have no bearing on your ability to be a creative force, and that lack of recognition does not invalidate or deny who you are, or what you have to offer. Still, you will seek and find invitations because that is the next level, and that is how it works.

      Specifically with regard to screenplay scripts: send them out without invitations. What have you got to lose? Definitely send them to anyone who’s willing to read them. Yes, this is a type of invitation. It’s general, and not specific to YOU, but it is specific to your craft. Anywhere you send your material and it is seen can create an invitation that is specific to you.

      You want to create visibility by making yourself visible. You do not have to wait for a specific invitation to put yourself or your craft out there to be seen. Your job is to create, to communicate the creation in whatever way is available to you, and then to wait for the invitation. You have done your work by being and doing who you are.

      When you receive an invitation, you must be discerning enough to know whether that invitation is correct for you. Does it validate you and your skills specifically? Does it feel delicious? Does it feel good? Does it energize you? This is how you recognize the right invitation.

      Your question – are your scripts infused with your aura? Your scripts are an expression of your creativity and how you organize the world of stories. In that sense, they are also an energetic expression of your uniqueness. That is how I would state it.

      Remember, too, that your creativity and person extends beyond a particular craft or crafts. Throughout the course of your life you will receive invitations that validate the different qualities and attributes you bring to others. For the Projector, invitations reach out to the many facets of her being-ness.


      • J.B. says:

        Gloria, thanks for that deep response.
        Following an “unlikely” career path can be confusing and terrifying at times, especially in a “go get it!”-world.
        Words like yours feel like a reminder. A soothing, loving reminder of something else.
        Word being “infused with our aura”… “energetic expression of our uniqueness”… I like your way of putting that, too. A lot. And I think it’s pretty much what I mean as well. That being said:
        I appreciate your uniqueness. 🙂

        I mean… isn’t this all amazing? SEEING and FEELING the energy at play… I’ve invited you to speak to me with that one question, and then you spoke and it is going deep and it’s just BEAUTIFUL. And in contrast to that, just yesterday I spoke without an invitation and it was… well, less than deep and beautiful. 😀
        This awareness is like fresh water… for the soul… yah. 😀 (I’m actually laughing now.)
        Thanks for this great blog, Gloria. 🙂

  31. jr says:

    I am curious about J.B.’s question too, as I am a longtime actress (and beginning filmmaker) and just found out I’m an emotional 1/3 projector. This explains why constantly going to general auditions/open calls for film or theatre felt so frustrating and draining, how impersonal it is. Similar to being a screenwriter, there are “rules” of contact the industry places on us — general invitations like open casting calls, specific invites (like a meeting or callback), and often a LOT of silence or seemingly closed doors. For artists, we feel compelled to share our work with the world, but for we projector artists it seems very bittersweet to deal with the waiting and invitations. I will remind myself to practice my craft for my own love and refinement of skills, and not get too tied up in looking for invitations?

    Also — can you explain what the numbers mean? 1/3, 3/5, etc?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Jennifer. Thank you for your comments. I hope you read through my previous responses, including the one to J.B., as the commentary therein applies to your situation.

      Yes, a Projector who is frequently engaged in activities that make demands on the physical is going to find that draining – after a while. Initially, being around other people can be very energizing, and as an actress, this is in your favor because it makes it easier to reach for energies that are larger-than-life and imbues you with expansiveness and greater dramatic reach.

      Having the emotional wave for an actress Projector allows you to find the alchemy or the precise point of expression that you are seeking when you are giving voice to someone who is not you, but is still someone you can relate to because they exist inside your emotional wave. Of course, over-accessing energy and emotion and giving them amplification must be tempered with knowing when enough is enough, and with correctly discharging the energies that you’ve taken on.

      The numbers 1/3, 3/5 and so on, are distinctive Profiles. Your Profile is determined by the lines of the hexagram that your conscious and unconscious Sun have entered when they occupy a very specific degree of the zodiac.

      There are 12 Profiles:

      1/3: The Investigative Martyr
      1/4: The Investigative Opportunist
      2/4: The Hermit Opportunist
      2/5: The Hermit Heretic
      3/5: The Martyr Heretic
      3/6: The Martyr Role Model
      4/6: The Opportunistic Role Model
      4/1: The Opportunistic Investigator
      5/1: The Heretic Investigator
      5/2: The Heretic Hermit
      6/2: The Role Model/ Hermit
      6/3: The Role Model/Martyr

      The first number in your Profile will always be the conscious energy – the energy you follow first and that you are more aware of. The second energy is more subtle. As you get to know yourself, you will see its influence in the choices you make. Your Profile is your learning style, or the unique way you have of exploring whatever interests you.

      Each of the lines has a meaning:

      Line 1: The Investigator
      Line 2: The Hermit
      Line 3: The Martyr
      Line 4: The Opportunist
      Line 5: The Heretic
      Line 6: The Role Model

      Let me know if I can of further assistance.


    • J.B. says:

      Hey jr,
      since your question is close to mine, and I’m an emotional projector as well, reading this made me have another close look at my own chart to see which numbers apply to me. And I realized I’m an 1/3 as well!
      I never knew much about this number, just like you, but after having done some research I saw it’s really spot on for me! And I guess for you as well.
      Thank you! 🙂

  32. Jennifer says:

    Is it good for Projectors to work with animals? I am graduating from grad school and have either the choice to go into a 9 to 5 job working with people OR a 9 to 5 working with dogs. I have found when I’m around animals I feel more energized than when I’m around people. It’s really difficult being a 5/1 Projector. I can go into a room and be at the mercy of the energies around me. I meditate regularly, which helps me find my center again and I use sound therapy to clear my chakras. Doing this consistently helps me feel energetically lighter, but it requires a LOT of down time. It’s definitely been true for me to not give advice unless someone asks for it. Better to be patient than running around telling everyone things they don’t recognize as being important for them to hear. Any insights about Projectors and animals would be appreciated!

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for writing.

      There are certain things that are good for ALL Projectors. Including, but not limited to, things like: waiting for an invitation that take you into life-altering experiences — getting married, having a child, getting degrees and advanced degrees, moving, taking a job, taking an opportunity that requires major commitment, and knowing when enough is enough. That means STOP and go offline (rest).

      As you know, no two Projectors are alike. If you take into account all the different profiling systems that exist, for example, astrology (Western, Vedic, Chinese, Mayan and others), the Enneagram, the Myers-Briggs, numerology, soul type (Artisan, Sage, King, Warrior, Priest, Server, and Scholar) soul age (infant, baby, young, mature, and old), and soul ray, etc., each person has many unique layers that distinguish them from others in the same category or categories, including the energetic categories – the Human Design types.

      Each one of us has a unique dharma and a unique blueprint. We are each differentiated by our own soul history. Each one of us has a unique trajectory or path that we have been on from the beginning of our incarnations. That path has a unique pattern. It also indicates our unique signature. That signature can be identified as a frequency, a vibration that shows up as a our special way of being in the world. We distinguish ourselves as individuals by how we do life when we are in a body. We develop masteries – and these are the result of what our souls have become interested in and pursued over the centuries. We will have more than one area of mastery over the course of our soul’s long history, although we may only bring a few, or even just one or two, into a specific incarnation. It all depends on what we have set up for ourselves as a life task/s in service to our soul’s greater dharma – our over-arching over the centuries goal/s – for a particular life.

      What has become very, very clear to me about how to identify your purpose – or at the very least – what your next step in life is, is to follow what calls to you. If you are truly drawn to working with dogs rather than human beings at this time, if this is what makes you feel happy and joyful, and you feel that you would be of service to them and to yourself, then you really need to look at that. Animals are certainly deserving of love and respect, and they give back unconditionally.

      It can be exhausting for a Projector to spend full days with other people’s energies. And being a 5/1, with all of the projection that goes along with that contributes to exacerbating the energy drain. You might be able to handle this at some point, but it means you learn to put up a shield that protects you and that also allows you to engage with others from an authentic place. If you are not ready to work with other people, then go be with the dogs. They are evolving beings who also have much to teach us, and they are capable of communicating from the heart.

      It is your decision. You need to be honest about how each of these options FEELS to you, and feel free to talk about how you feel with others. Not for their advice, but to hear your truth come out of you as you speak your feelings.

      That said, I do think it’s good for Projectors to work with animals because animals are primarily Reflector designs, and will not drain Projectors. Not to mention how non-judgmental they are, and how they have no objections to Projectors giving them advice.

      P.S. Congratulations on getting through grad school!

  33. Kiri says:

    I just recently found out I am a Manifestor and am still learning about myself and human design. I decided though to find out what my partner and kids human design is and discovered my partner is a mental projector…looking into projectors and how they fit into the human design and how I can learn to engage in my relationship using human design I am stuck as to understand how my partner (who isn’t aware of his human design) and I can make this work. Because from what I have learned so far about his type he doesn’t have an inner authority to make decisions so does that mean that anything can happen in his environment and he doesn’t know what’s true and right…lack direction??…or have a knowingness to make decisions??

  34. gloria says:

    Hi, Kiri.

    Knowing that your partner is a Projector is the beginning of understanding him, and guides you to the right handle on how to engage with him in a way that supports and grows mutual respect and intimacy.

    As you noted, a mental Projector does not have access to authority as defined by a particular Center in the bodygraph — the spleen, the emotional solar plexus, or the sacral. But what a mental Projector does have — and all Projectors have this — is the ability to know their truth.

    The way Projectors access their truth is through conversation with those they trust, and these trusted people really want to participate in creating the venue for the Projector to access their truth. It’s this simple: every Projector must have conversations on the things that matter to them. And frankly, it’s always going to be more than one conversation. And they can be long and looping, so have patience while your Projector finds his way to his truth. A Projector needs to HEAR themselves speaking their ideas, their truths, their feelings. In this way, they will KNOW what is correct for them. And it happens through being allowed to just talk. And talk. And more talk. These conversations, where Projectors are discussing whether or not to do this or that are not really about seeking your advice. They are about hearing themselves speak their truth. So even though your partner does not know about what it means to be a Projector, you can support support him tremendously by encouraging him to just start talking — about what’s on his mind — even if it seems trivial. Eventually, the conversation he needs to be having in order to determine for himself what is correct for him, will take shape.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that authority does not give us our values and our beliefs. It also does not give us our truth. Authority allows us to ACCESS what we believe and what we value so that we have this inner sense of what’s true, but it does not CREATE those things. Your partner already has a set of values and beliefs that can be accessed through conversation. This brings them to the surface, it gives them shape and form, and he can hear and feel them more intensively. The gift you give is offering conversation and patience.

    As you are a Manifestor, keep in mind that you move much faster. Your impulses and instinct are ready to break out of the gate. This is not the way for a Projector, who generally moves much more slowly and deliberately. Finding the right timing between you so that you are in sync for the things that matter is one of the challenges of the relationship between a Manifestor and a Projector.

    I hope this helps.


  35. J.B. says:

    Hey Gloria,
    hey everyone : )

    I feel that projectors (and maybe especially emotional projectors?) often run the risk of coming across as rude, unreliable, and straight out anti-social when dealing with people who 1.) aren’t familiar with HD and 2.) aren’t correct for them. I know that I do. And I don’t want that. It’s a juggle between “I wanna do what is correct for me” and “I don’t want to piss everyone off.”

    Now one might say: “Hey, if they’re not correct for you, why bother at all?” Maybe true. But just because they’re not correct for me (and I’m not correct for them) doesn’t mean I want to hurt them or absolutely never see them again in my life, especially if it’s a (from my point of view “former”) friendship.

    How do you (Gloria and everyone) deal with this?

  36. gloria says:

    Hi, J.B. Thanks for writing again!

    As I see it, the essence of your question is really about the struggle between service to self and service to others. And inside of that struggle is the question: do I insist on getting my needs met first and do I feel OK about that, or is that too selfish, and should I put off getting my needs met while I take care of someone else first?

    What is service to self? I’m going to use the concept that service to self is generally characterized by doing whatever it takes to get what we need and want. In extreme cases, it doesn’t matter what the consequences are – to anyone. Or to anything. There is no accountability for our actions and their consequences as long as we get what we want and come out on top. Personal survival (you can include family and close friends) is what counts, and the heck with everybody else. It’s too bad, but it’s a dog-eat-dog world and you have to look out for number one. This point of view is the result of a belief that there is not enough to go around so you better take what you can. This belief is also exclusionary; it does not see other lives as valuable as your own.

    What is service to others? The healthy expression of service to others includes taking care of one self, as well as others, but not to the extent of depletion and deprivation that actually undermines our ability to get on with our dharma. The unhealthy expression results in giving to the degree where we become martyrs to what we thought was a higher and worthy cause. Martyrdom happens when we hold a secret belief that our lives really aren’t as valuable as other people’s, and that we have to compensate for our lack of value by giving until we are broken – physically, financially, emotionally, and so on. Or when we’ve been taught to believe that painful sacrifice is what is required of the soul to prove its worthiness before God.

    The reality is: to get one’s needs met is not selfish because in doing so you are nourished and able to be of service, in whatever way you are called. You put the oxygen mask on first so you can help others with putting on theirs. You put on your life jacket before you plunge into deep water to save someone who is drowning and does not have a life jacket.

    When we find ourselves behaving in ways that do not invite others for a closer look, what is really going on?

    • We’re too exhausted to engage in any more conversation.
    • We’re too exhausted to get to know someone new.
    • We’re not feeling well.
    • We’re not emotionally available because we’re suffering a loss, or having anxiety over a decision we need to make, or over something we have no choice over.
    • We don’t trust that person or situation. Either we have some previous experience with that person or situation, or our intuition is waving red flags.
    • We don’t believe that this person or situation is worth our time and energy because it doesn’t offer us what we seek and need.
    • Something is off, but we can’t put our finger on what that is.

    In all of the above examples there is a lack of alignment. There is also a lack of correctness, and a way to create correctness. We cannot connect because to do so would cause further depletion. It isn’t necessary to be rude or anti-social, but when we are already feeling threatened or depleted our first instinct is to protect ourselves and that usually comes out as some form of growling or arms-length distancing.

    It’s important to understand what is really going on with you when you want to run from someone or stop them from getting any closer. What are you feeling? What are you perceiving about the situation? If you take a moment to touch base with your heart, you will expand your understanding of yourself. You will see that you are reacting in a certain way because – you’re tired, you don’t have it in you, your intuition is telling you to keep some distance, etc. An emotional Projector may be low on their wave, and if they have a defined root, the pulse may be off, and if, in addition to having a defined emotional solar plexus and root that Projector has a defined will and it is at rest, then we have a triple whammy situation where the Projector is not available and should be off on retreat and renewal, even if that is just pulling the curtains and staying home. Or climbing under the covers.

    Certainly the Human Design type and definition should be looked at to see where you are with your pulse or wave, as what is happening there will also have an impact on the Projector’s ability to be open and approachable. But these are not, as discussed above, the only factors that support one’s social or personal availability or the need to take alone time.

    The BIGGEST PIECE is that you have a dharma to fulfill. There is nothing more sacred than the agenda that you as a soul carefully put together before you got here. What this means is that your soul will steer you away from people and situations that are not going to support your dharma – the doing of that which you came here to accomplish. As you can see, it is possible that not wanting to have anything to do with someone who does not feel correct for you, or not wanting to spend as much time with former friends could well be motivated by the needs of your dharma. We are not always aware that our path is being corrected, but that correction can come in many different ways. One of those can be a decreased interest in spending time with people that used to be close friends. As we get deeper into our lives with time and experience, our interests shift, and so do our contacts and our contexts. If we are being true to ourselves, not as in lacking accountability for our acts and their impact on others, but in the way of following our path, then our dharma will pull us towards what is correct for us, and create a lack of interest and even distaste for what is not. This is a general outline of what is going on and how to handle oneself when faced with taking care of oneself, or saying yes when we want to say no.

    How I personally deal with doing what is correct for me and not wanting to say no and piss someone else off really depends on the specifics of the situation. If I am dealing with a child or an invalid or an animal that needs care, and I have set myself up to be responsible for them, then I need to take care of myself so that I am in decent enough condition to do what I said I was going to do. If there’s an emergency, and I can help, I’ll jump right in, assuming I have the capacity at the time. That won’t always be the case – not for any of us. But if I need to say no to what is a reasonable request because I simply cannot say yes without causing some degree of injury or resentment, I’ll say no, or I’ll say I might be able to after a certain amount of time has passed and I’ll get back. These days I mostly say no right away because I’ve come to know my limitations, directly as a result of agreeing to things that were not for me to do.

    It may be that you need to engage in some trial and error and make some mistakes before you get a really clear idea of what you can agree to do without injury to self and what you can do that would provide real benefit to yourself and others. We’re not going for martyrdom here, although sometimes we do have to sacrifice and there is some depletion, but only because we believed it was necessary in the moment or we believed it to be a worthy endeavor or cause. Then we will be fine, and we will recover.

    I hope this is helpful.


    • J.B. says:

      Thank you for that throrough response, Gloria. It’s definitely helpful. 🙂

      I feel that in my particular case my dharma is steering me away from certain people. Even consciously I know that I can’t be myself with those people… I can’t express myself in ways I consider meaningful (most things important to me are misunderstood or even frowned upon), so the result is a very limited, carefully censored expression on my side… I guess they’ve always liked that. “So in love with the mask”… that’s something I’ve heard somewhere about this topic, and it’s spot on. I smile when it’s appropriate, I listen to things that have nothing to do with me, I come up with responses that aren’t really mine. This may sound arrogant, but I feel that they are not in touch with themselves in the slightest, and it’s exhausting, and even makes me angry at times.

      They miss “me,” and wonder what’s going on, and that’s sad. But taking your response into consideration, it’s very clear to me that I’m not TRULY of service to them by complying and just joining them now and then. Who benefits from such a stage play?

      The interesting thing is that before I knew about HD, it felt sorta kinda ok to just spend time with people and if necessary wear a mask to get through the night. But since I do know about HD I literally CANNOT do that anymore.

      • gloria says:

        You know, J.B., we are always moving along our own evolutionary scale. When we no longer match our surroundings, we’re going to know it. We’re going to feel it. We can make things work for a time, especially as this is often necessary (life being what it is), but we are going to become increasingly uncomfortable if we don’t address the imbalance.

        What we want to do is get as much balance as we can every day. We work on taking things less and less personally (yes, I know it’s damn hard), and we have some type of practice that keeps us centered, that we do frequently, perhaps each day. Establishing a rhythm or routine in your day will remind you, that despite the changes and the friction, and the occasional chaos, there is a place of silence that we can enter, and that there is a still point around which the world turns, no matter what. The routine can be as simple as making yourself a cup of your favorite tea, and entering your private refuge and closing the door. You can remind yourself that you are here, you are alive, and you can create everything from that.


  37. Amanda says:

    Hi Gloria,

    I am so happy I stumbled across this page. So much of what you are saying resonates with me.

    I am new to human design and learned that I am a 4/1 Projector. I am 30 years old, and for the past 8 years have worked in corporate jobs that have felt increasingly draining and unsustainable. I have often felt a sense of frustration that I have not been able to accomplish as much as those around me, but now, understanding my nature, it makes sense. I rarely have the energy to do anything outside of work anymore. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my friendships and I haven’t taken the time to develop many hobbies.

    I know that I need to make a change to find a career and a life path that allows me to live my design, but I am at a loss for where to begin.

    Also, I’ve read that being a 4/1 means living a “fixed fate”, but I’m not sure what that means for me.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Amanda says:

      Hello Amanda,

      My name is Amanda, and I am also a 4/1 Emotional Projector- we are rare and unique beings and operate differently than most people. I’m happy to have crossed paths with you! Feel free to email me anytime –
      I’m going to share a description of the 4/1 profile that I shared on Reddit in a Human Design community.

      The 4/1 is like an oak tree, this is a solid fixed being and that oak tree might bend a little but it really doesn’t bend —-you can chop it down and burn it but you can’t expect it to bend. They can be broken if they don’t have a proper foundation. A benefactor during its period of dependency is very important. Specifically somebody who can provide opportunities for them based on their interest. Being nurtured in childhood is very important. (I need this, I want this, I have to have that) Demanding as children and often misunderstood— deep love and luck is crucial. However, they are wonderful children to have in adulthood —- they will return the energy – this is the beauty of them.

      It has one purpose in this life – to be able to influence others through its foundation. And they have the ability to bring left and right angles together.

      If somebody doesn’t like their trip, they won’t be able to stay in a friendship with them. It’s not going to hang around and be met with consistent criticism about their nature and how they’re expressing it. Solid as a rock. They follow a very fixed way – how they are going to get there – is truly written in a sense.

      When they don’t feel like they are in a solid foundation they can develop an Inferiority about it. A 4/1 must externalize their own foundation. They can hear what other people have to say, but ultimately they want to externalize their foundation.

      When a 4/1 goes out into the world, they must be able to stand in the pressure around them. Underneath they have an authority saying I’m the boss, I know what’s right. They will back off if somebody doesn’t accept their influence. Also known to be the most friendly profile out there. They are designed to be a solid foundation out there that can change everybody’s life- that’s what they want to be in this life. However, they can be deeply exhausted by other human beings – they have a breaking point- you can destroy them.- and it’s very difficult to put back together. A solid foundation in life is very important.

      They are Unique beings, aloneness with creativity underneath / they are neither this or that // and mostly everyone is either this or that. The right angle is fundamentally yin and the left angle is fundamentally yang and so when you are looking at the juxtaposition – you are looking at the hermaphrodite- something interesting- flexible to either side. They are designed to be in the middle — so there is a creative difference in them nurtured in their aloneness and depth.

      They learn social techniques by delivering their foundation. They wait for their opportunity. You can never imagine what’s going to come from them. They become really good at externalizing their foundation. They are deeply alone and withdrawn in life if they don’t have a strong foundation.

      The bonding strategy is confidant or not – intimacy is found through friendship—- the partner must accept their foundation – or else it’s just not going to work. They are looking for the right people to influence. On a sexual level, the 4/1 is a pursuer — good at pursuing through friendship and then they’ll tell them how they feel. They will meet the forces that are correct for them. The gift of the 4/1 is that they will never give up on finding that person who will accept their foundation.

      They are driven by being a self provider. Their solid foundation is how they are going to make a living in this life.

      information from the one and only Ra Uru Hu

  38. gloria says:

    Dear Amanda,

    I totally understand your frustration as a Projector living in a world that sets its routines and expectations to meet the needs of the defined Sacral. When your Sacral is wide open, your needs, capacities, and gifts are different. And working in environments more suited for Generators, and which are looking specifically for Generators, those capacities are not going to be very visible, and often not sought as after.

    The open Sacral is sensitive to other people’s energy and amplifies that energy. It senses and reads when energy is chaotic or excessive and needs refinement and focused direction. Projectors who have not been invited into a job for what they uniquely bring are not usually asked for advice or insight on how to manage energy flow.

    For most Projectors, working in corporate environments is going to be draining. For one, the schedule is hard on a Projector’s mind, spirit, and body. For another, unless you have expertise that you can bring to a job (and for which you were specifically hired!), and which expresses your gifts, you are likely going to be relegated to the “assembly line” or the equivalent of the secretarial pool and be required to do work that is not unique to you as a Projector, will not ask for the unique insights that you specifically bring, and will be too many hours. This will eventually drain you.

    It is understandable that you do not have the energy to do much more than go to your job. This is how it is when you are trying to make your life work in the confines of a regular work-a-day job. Some Projectors will last longer than others, though eventually, all come to realize that they can’t do this anymore, and at some point, some Projectors, not having yet figured out the alternative, will break down physically and simply not be able to get out of bed or move like a normal human being and that will be that. You won’t be able to go into work for a long time.

    This is indeed a good time to consider your options – before you suffer a breakdown or meltdown. When we don’t know where to begin, we start with where we are.

    How to Reconnect To Your Self When You’ve Become Lost

    When you reconnect to your self, what you are here to do (and where to go) becomes much clearer. Here are some suggestions that will help you get back to your center:

    • Do those activities that bring you joy and pleasure. Re-engage with your
    • Connect with people who truly see and appreciate you.
    • Take breaks and rest!
    • Have fun.
    • Reconnect with what is beautiful to you.
    • Engage the rich world of your imagination.
    • Remember that you are truly resilient.
    • Believe that you are lovable and deserve love.
    • Believe that you have the power to call in and create your right life.
    • Recall your track record of courage and having made correct decisions despite
    how hard it was.
    • You have a unique wisdom that has been built brick by brick from your life
    experience which is always available to you. And others.
    • Trust yourself to act in your own best interests.
    • Strive to be real; that is, authentic to yourself and others.
    • Value yourself. Understand that the time you have is precious and needed for
    your evolution and joy and for that of others.
    • Get to know and respect your energy capacities and learn to work with them in a
    sustainable way.

    These things will re-connect you to your inner truth, to what is correct for you.

    To help you remember:

    • What experiences have been profound and meaningful for you?
    • What do you love to do?
    • What types of activities or situations bring you so much joy that you forget your
    • What did you used to love to do, but have essentially forgotten about or given up
    on because it didn’t work out at the time or simply made no sense?
    • What are you naturally good at?
    • What are you really passionate about for yourself?
    • What are you passionate about sharing or teaching others?
    • What are you here to contribute? Don’t think about it. Just say it.
    • What have you been training for all your life?
    • What have you acquired much knowledge in just because you enjoyed the subject
    or activity?
    • What experiences do you desire to have?
    • Why do you desire these experiences?
    • What do you need to do or have to get these experiences?

    Community: who you feel aligned with gives you important information on your purpose.

    • Who are your people (who do you feel accepted by, at home with, comfortable
    • What issues are calling you to actively participate in raising awareness about and
    • What work environments attract you? Indoors? Outdoors?
    • Do you like to be around a lot of people? A few?
    • Do you prefer big cities, small towns, or rural settings?
    • Do you enjoy working with others?
    • What organizations would you enjoy volunteering for?

    When you remember who you are, what is yours will remain, and what is not yours will fall away. In this way, your purpose and calling can emerge freely. The gifts and challenges of your journey and the hard-won insights and knowledge you have acquired are too precious, too necessary, and too much fun to be allowed to buried or put off by energy-consuming false callings (including wrongly assumed responsibilities) that distract from and are not in alignment with your authentic nature or purpose.

    Pay attention to experiences with which you especially resonate as this will assist you to identify and remember what you agreed to show up for. Pay attention to your emotions as these will guide you. Letting go of the paths not taken and the roads not fully traveled, begin here: live each day as if it were your calling. Without excessive attention to detail and over-thinking, choose those activities that seem the most right or important. And instead of demanding immediate results, revel in the quietly unfolding intrigue of each moment. Take small steps, one at a time. There is no need to offer up arguments or resistance; simply do each step, improvising as you go. You do not need to know the next step or the next action – by responding to the choices that call to you, to those impulses that seek expression – your life plan and purpose will reveal itself.

    As you faithfully listen to the call of your intuitive knowing, you will become more adept at discerning the next right action. You do not need to wait for inspiration. Simply take actions that reflect best what you know to be true for yourself, and you will steadily regain footing on your course as you remember your passions, which will re-connect you to your purpose and right path.

    The 4/1

    This is a foundational profile. That means you need to have a solid foundation for anything you do. In order for the 4/1 to feel confident, secure, and yes, safe, she needs to have friends. These friends are the tried-and-true who truly care about you, and you would do anything for them. You will always want to have at least one cherished, trusted friend with you as you journey. Ideally, this is someone that is with you for the course of your life, but the reality is that people come and go depending on who we are evolving into, and what our evolutionary needs are at the time.

    The 4 does not let go easily. She needs to know that there is someone waiting to greet her when she needs to walk away. That could be a person to take the place of the person who is being left, or it could be a job ready and waiting so she can leave her old job and walk right into the new one. Security of connection is important.

    The 1 needs to be supported by lots of information before decisions can be made, especially life-changing decisions. Before the 1 does anything on the spectrum of significance, even at the low end, she must have information.

    The combination of the 4 and 1 means that you will not move quickly on your decisions, or from one place or person to another. You must have a solid foundation to step on to before you take your next step. There will be times when you will need to take a leap of faith because of timing or because no more information is available, but you have your Projector intuition to assist you. Just find someone willing to listen to you as you talk through your options. You are very sensitive to criticism, so your network of friends should be people who wouldn’t dream of hurting your feelings or making fun of your dreams.

    The 4/1 seems to have a predetermined life path, or fixed fate. You can look at it this way: you planned this life down to the last detail, with much deliberation. There are certain things that you want to accomplish and experience. These are not open for negotiation. Therefore, you did not chart a course that would be too wide-ranging. You had your reasons for coming here at this time, and for being who you are. If you follow what calls to you (see above discussion), you will find your solid foundation a step at a time.

    I hope this is helpful.


  39. Justin says:


    You are helping many of us newly-discovered Projectors to wrap our heads around what it means to be who we are.

    I struggled with effectiveness in the workplace for 14 years. Between 2001 – 2015, I was a high school Spanish teacher, lacrosse coach, master’s student, phd student, mortgage broker, casino pit boss, a teacher again, a marketing guy, corporate salesman, janitor, and handed out food samples at Sam’s Club. I also did some private equity investing work with a friend from college.

    I thought I was insane! I mean, there has to be something deeply disturbed about a man who has 10 jobs in 5 cities in 10 years AND drops out of an ivy league phd program right?

    Over the last few years, I took my expertise in Spanish, and turned it into a home- based business that has been very successful. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to stick my nose where it wasn’t wanted, trying to be recognized over and over.

    There is nothing wrong with me b/c I prefer to work quietly in a small room with no distractions.

    I can see why my 10 year teaching career exhausted me so much… I was doing little more than standing up in front of children and extolling the virtues of learning a language that most of them could care less about.

    I was an uninvited projector blathering away, day in, day out. I had over 3,000 students. I could have done so much more with them, but unfortunately the factory model of public education doesn’t allow the projector the time we need to wait for the invitation.

    my life turned out well. i got married. i have a daughter. we bought a house. i certainly feel the existential exhaustion Gloria describes.

    my life consisted of feeling my way blindly from moment to moment always wondering if i would be heard….

    The human design projector concept has really opened doors for me to peace and acceptance.

    it also allows me to counteract a lot of the old programming I was raised with growing up in an affluent suburb in the 90s: achieve… work hard… grow… reach for the stars….

    How exhausting! BUT…. it is perfectly appropriate for others like generators/manifestors….

    I just want to thank the human design crowd for their insights. I am building the next stage of my life…. life after 40.

    I feel optimistic and hopeful. I know I have a lot of wisdom to share and now I know that if I just go about my day and tell my truth, the invitations will come… in fact they’ve already begun….

    good luck to all projectors out there. keep speaking your truth. take care of your emotional well being. your time will come!

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Justin!

      Thank you so much for writing. Your narrative about how you’ve been working with your energy for the last 14 or so years is very informative, as well as entertaining. I also appreciate the lighthearted tone you use as you witness for us the manner in which you have embraced being alive.

      Your engagement with life is expressive of tremendous vitality, curiosity, and the need for exploration. It appears you came in with many gifts, and that you have used your Projector’s capacity to fill up and amplify your Sacral, along with your other open Centers, to give you the energy of a super-Generator. Projectors can be like that. Are that – for a period of time – before they realize that the energy isn’t supporting them anymore and they need to take a break and probably change up how they are doing life.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with exploring everything that calls to you – whether it has big appeal or is the curio of the moment. You never know – the curio might become a long-term fixture in the life. And this is how we begin to identify our calling/s – by sorting through the pile of treasures before us. Some of us have greater curiosity along with a complex agenda to fulfill, and we need a large palette of opportunities and experiences to assist us with that agenda, and with refining it. It is appropriate and necessary to see what lies on the other side of the horizon.

      When the youthful Projector is out there making things happen, unless they have learned about how their energy works, they’re going to jump into the race with the Generators. Projectors take their modeling of how to be “out there” from the best of the Generators. And they will keep up the pace that Generators set – for a time. Eventually, however, the Projector will realize that something is off as things begin to unravel. They can unravel at the level of the physical body, the emotions, the mindset (for sure there), and stop manifesting. Then what?

      Maybe we see a doctor and we’re told we need to go to the gym and pump it up. Or run more miles. Maybe we think the solution is to uplevel the healthiness of our diet. Maybe we need more sleep. I will say this – forget the gym and running if you’re already exhausted, and go to bed. Don’t do anymore than what you have to do to keep body and soul together for you and those who depend on you. If you are to get the rest you need, go to bed before you’re tired and close up shop at a reasonable hour. Eventually you will recover your energy. But it’s not an overnight thing, and if you abuse yourself too long, it could take years to recover. Literally.

      Sometimes we need to do big explorations because that is what our soul is calling for. In your case, Justin, you arrived early at some clear identifications of where you should be in your life and what that look should look and feel like. I think that’s the result of your jumping into life with great enthusiasm and bravado. And you’re young enough to have stayed in one piece, despite the energy drains that you were experiencing. You were able to identify more clearly where some of your interests lie and understand that there are limits to how much output you have available. As a result, you realized you needed to husband that energy. And you stopped before your energy situation became critical. Congratulations!!

      You do have a lot of wisdom to share, and some of that includes what works and what doesn’t work. There’s a lot more ‘coming down the pike,’ as they say, for you. Now that you know that you have to leverage your energy by pacing it, honoring its needs, and meting it out with grace, calm, and intention, you will be able to accomplish a great deal, and live a full and satisfying life. It’s all about the sustainability of your vitality, so that you can do what you came here to do in a joyful manner and be of great service to others.

      Thank you again for sharing with us.


  40. Jen says:

    I’m a 26 year-old projector with an emotional authority and I’ve spent most of my adult life wondering why I feel so deeply and painfully dissatisfied and unfulfilled despite having “it all” (good job, nice car, etc.). I did everything I thought a person was supposed to do – went to university, got a well-paid office job, moved in with my boyfriend, bought nice things – so why wasn’t it making me happy? Why did I wake up every day feeling empty and lost when everyone around me seemed to be coping just fine? It took the ending of my two-year relationship and coincidental ending of my contract at work for me to finally accept that my approach to life just wasn’t working. I realised that I had been so consumed with my boyfriend that I’d neglected myself completely. I had been using him to escape my own reality, hoping that he would be able to give me the things I felt I was missing, that he would complete me. Needless to say, it didn’t work. I was left alone and jobless, desperately trying to figure out what I should actually be doing with my life. The idea of going against everything I’ve ever known was terrifying and overwhelming. Could I really just ditch my office job? What if it was the wrong decision? Where would I even start? I started questioning whether I even had a place in this world when I just couldn’t seem to work out where I fitted in. This, coupled with my grief over the relationship, caused me to have a breakdown. Then I heard about human design. I got my reading and I listened to a seminar about projectors. I became so emotional, crying as I listened. Nothing has ever resonated with me so much. All my struggles now make sense. I can see how I’ve been living as my not-self for so long, and now I can start to learn what I need to do to be happy and fulfilled.

    I’m currently working in an office job that I generally enjoy, although I still feel unsatisfied with my life. I’m considering doing something on the side such as a yoga teacher training course in the hope that it will give me the option to eventually leave my office job, have more freedom and do something more meaningful and in line with my values. However, I’m worried that if I do this, I won’t be living my design. I know from experience and from what I’ve read that projectors can’t make things happen for themselves. If I was to pursue something like this without waiting for the invitation, would it work, or would it result in bitterness? Should I just continue to explore things like this as a hobby in the hope that an invitation presents itself in the future, or should I try and make it happen for myself on my own? I would love to hear your thoughts.

  41. gloria says:

    Hi, Jen. Thank you for writing!

    I commend you for your tremendous courage in taking the leap to create a life that is a more authentic expression of you. This is an extremely difficult crossroads for everyone – whether to stay with the known, as uncomfortable as it has become, or to make a break for it, not knowing if things will actually improve for us.

    In order to continue differentiating and evolving into our deeper, truer selves, we must go on our own heroine’s journey. We start out in a world that is populated with conventional thoughts and things and expected ways of being, including the expected (but ordinary) paths to success.

    But in order to become who we are, we need to find out what we’re made of. And in finding out what we’re made of, we also find out who we are and what we are meant to do. But none of this happens overnight. That is why it is a journey – filled with scary unknowns and the possibility of coming face-to-face with some terrible thing waiting for us around the next corner.

    But we have to go. We have to break free of all those things that imprison our psyche and that drain our creativity and make us feel cookie-cutter dull. At this juncture, we hear the call to adventure – perhaps it is not so much the call to adventure as it is the need to escape the matrix. And we hear it more than once while we hesitate, trembling and anxious. What you did, Jen, in completely turning your life upside down, was make the choice to save it.

    Your question is ultimately about how to navigate the new world so that you can remain true to yourself, not fall back into the not-self, and make the decisions that are correct for you. You also have questions about what kind of actions you can take and when, and still be true to your Projector design.

    The Projector is told that she must wait for the invitation, and that she must wait to be recognized first, so that she can be invited. But then – the Projector must also discern whether a particular invitation recognizes her for who she is, or if she is being asked to serve a cause that is not hers, and that will wind up draining her energy and removing her from her path.

    As you know by now, if the invitation does not make your heart sing, if it does not fill you with excitement and a sense of personal destiny, then the invitation is not for you. Maybe someone wanted to use your unique talents, and you might think, “I get to use my unique talents!” But if you’re not being compensated, and your life is already spoken for, you will not have the energy to continue. You will be a Generator slave.

    You must always be compensated. It doesn’t have to be money. It could be that an activity is so fulfilling for you that the act itself is sufficient to sustain you energetically. And the activity networks you in the right way. As long as you have your practical material needs already taken care of, you are safe to explore.

    How do you know if it’s all right for you to go ahead and pursue your hobbies? Because you want to! Because you enjoy them! Because you love that stuff! A Projector should never deny herself what brings her joy and fulfillment. Ever. We can’t think in terms of whether or not a particular hobby is going to financially support us. Not if we are drawn to it. If it calls, follow.

    It’s like this: following your fulfillment is what will result in finding your purpose and your calling, and in ultimately being recognized.

    While Projectors are waiting for invitations, they should always pursue their interests and their excitement. Here’s a secret: the invitation is actually inside the excitement. Over time, you will develop a series of skills that come straight from what you love to do. This is what will ultimately lead you to your mastery, the expertise that you offer that others will support you for.

    By staying open to whether or not something feels right for you, you will stay on track.

  42. Jen says:

    Hi Gloria,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Your advice is so helpful.

    I forget that life is a journey. I want everything figured out right now, but it doesn’t work like that. Thank you for reminding me.

    I feel so overwhelmed with options and I feel like in choosing one path, I’m missing out on another.

    You’ve made me realise that instead of trying to figure everything out in one go, I should just keep adding good things to my life.

    Thank you.

  43. Lillis says:

    Hi Gloria!

    I’m very, very new on this with hd, and I wunder if you can sort things out for me.

    I found out that I’m a projector, with inner authority: Ego projected with profile: 5/1 and with definition: split.

    I am 51 years old and was until 2017 working in my grandfathers company ( worked there since I was 21 ) my sister and i took it over when our dad pass over.
    In year 2016 we sold it, and I’ve been free for work since.

    Now my problem I can’t decide what to do, in some way I like to be a inspire person that can help others in some way, or I like to write a book, or start a company who sells T-shirt with text coming from inside me, but I really don’t know.

    In some how i longin for express myself for the benefit of others, but I not so good to fulfill my idees, because Ive got to have new things to deal with, otherwise I loose the focus on the project. (getting bored)

    Thats my dilemma, I can’t stay on the same way because new things is funnier, I love to learn new ways of the soul and about the universe, and I seeking my truth within.
    And read books in that subject and do courses.

    Sometimes when I’m asking myself what I’m here for I think I understand and the next day I’m lost.

    When I was listen to a video about the projector I was crying and I felt that I did’nt wan’t to be one, because the man who was spoken about us didn’t in a nice way all the time.

    I have always heard from others that I Shine and I give others energy, that I’m a natural healer (I think we all are) but how could I bee if I’m a projector?

    My way has been the spiritual way, but I know for now that I’m not gonna be a medium, not in that sence, but in a way I will guide others, but for now I hav’nt have a clue.

    So please, please kindle a little light for me.

    Yours Sincere


    (Excuse my English)

  44. gloria says:

    Hi, Lillis. Thank you for writing.

    You are, at age 51, inside the transformative effects of your Chiron return. Chiron is a key part of the midlife transition beginning at 50 years of age. It indicates the spiritual challenges that must be mastered to live out your destiny.

    Chiron in our natal charts points to where we have healing powers as the result of our own deep spiritual wounds. There is, however, no guarantee that we will carry that wound forward into healing. It is not automatic. Chiron, as the wounded healer, must first face issues of low self-worth and feelings of inadequacy and learn to rise above these issues. If we do not, we remain wounded. But because the wound goes deep, if we confront it to heal it, Chiron’s (the wound’s) power to heal is potent.

    This is the time where the huge healing of all the upheaval of the mid-life crisis can happen. You have another chance to fulfill some of your youthful dreams. Now it is time to review them and see if they are still a part of what you want to do. It is time to reach for the stars again.

    My sense is that you are trying to force something to happen, that you are trying to force something to be born before it is time. You’ve had ideas about who you are and what you should do, based in part on things you are drawn to, and you’re trying to create something from those old ideas about yourself. However, now is the time for you to pull back the curtains and open the windows. Now is the time to allow a fresh perspective to enter your reality. In a sense, you are starting over.

    Instead of trying to put your future inside of this or that box, allow your spirit and imagination the freedom to explore without the pressure of time, and without your life having to look a certain way. If you allow your energy to flow without imposing expectations on it, it will flow naturally towards those things that are appropriate for you. Those things you are naturally drawn to, and the gifts you came in with, will lead you towards a new, more expanded expression of self, and new forums within which to express that. That could look like a specific vocation or business, or it could be a hobby that you find a great deal of personal and spiritual fulfillment in. Hobbies can contribute as much to yours and others’ well-being as income-producing vocations.

    Because you have self-projected authority, it is important for you to hear your truth, over and over. Talk out loud to yourself, to your friends, to nature, to anyone or any thing that you can focus your process of discernment on. That could include dolls, teddy bears, pictures, trees – objects that you can feel free to speak to.

    Continue your explorations, and let them go in their natural direction. In this way, you are free to explore what is correct for you, and what your soul is seeking to experience at this time.


  45. Crystal says:

    Gloria, I’m a few months in to learning my Human Design and finally feel I’ve found the missing piece. I’m a 2/4 emotional authority projector. I’ve read these comments over and over and am so grateful for your wisdom. I am starting a business which will allow me to be mobile, and I have a desire to move to another state. My whole life I’ve more or less chosen something to do and then did it if it opened up to me enough to get my foot in the door. I think I operate a bit like a manifestor. I’m aware that I was out of my authenticity and in my head trying to figure out what could help me make a living most of my life, and that contributed to the survival panic that eventually ran me, but I intuitively focused this life on gaining knowledge and wisdom, moving closer to my heart. My new business is all heart, all authentic, and I believe in it deeply.

    All that said. I’d like to move to a place I love, get a dog, and settle my energy in one place. I’ve gone through several years of travel and am ready to stop and work toward some big goals. As a projector, can you share with me how I can best go about a big move? I normally just ask the universe for what I want and then take the leap, trusting that housing etc. will fall in line. Waiting for an outside invitation has never occurred to me, and I’ve never received one. With things like moves, housing, dogs, and cars, what does the projector (I also have non specific manifestation) need to look out for when manifesting these inner desires? My constant work is to follow my joy at all costs and I’m determined to become very graceful in that skill.

    Thank you

  46. gloria says:

    Hi, Crystal. Thank you for writing!

    Congratulations on finding information that connects the dots for you and gives you real clarity on how to live your life. Human Design contains many gems of information, both practical and esoteric. And how wonderful that you’ve created a business that is a reflection of your authenticity and your heart.

    It is understandable that you would try to figure things out with your mind. That is what we are taught to do, after all. Use our logic, our ability to see patterns to identify the possible outcomes of this or that action, and then decide on a course of action or strategy to get us where we want to go. Of course, if we have not checked in with ourselves to see how we really feel about heading in a certain direction or taking on a certain project, as brilliant as our thinking may be we are likely to be dissatisfied with the results. We may even find ourselves stranded.

    You have naturally followed your passion in the pursuit of your business – a business that very specifically reflects what you have to offer, your value, and what you are about. In this, you have a very solid example of how following your bliss feels, and how to navigate your way at each juncture and crossroad. You will use this same map to get you where you want to go, to help you to identify your next action in each new endeavor you are called to.

    After traveling, you want to settle in a place you love and create your home there, complete with your dog. How appropriate and how delicious! How should you go about making a big move? First question: where do you want to live? Then: how does it feel when you are in that location?

    It’s important that you go to the places you are drawn to and spend a little time there to see how it feels for you. See if you are really drawn to living there. How do you FEEL in that place? When you leave, see if you are still drawn to living there. It’s important that you live in a place that feels good to you, that is beautiful to you, and makes you feel alive and happy! This is a place where you will thrive.

    You have clearly developed some expertise on how to follow the path of joy. I believe you know what joy looks and feels like for you. Your sense of joy and excitement is your map and your invitation. Just do the work of identifying exactly where you want to be – it’s the place that will make you want to dance.

    Watch the interesting synchronicities and invitations that come from you taking the actions to get you there. You just need to know what you want and what is correct for you. It will feel amazing. Since you know how to identify these things, go find your new home. I invite you to continue to follow your joy.


  47. K.M. says:

    Hi, Gloria.

    I’m a Projector and I have had a extremely trying several years, almost ten. I was involved with a narcissist for 8 years and since that relationship ended almost 3 years ago I haven’t been able to work as I’ve had to build up my energy and health from adrenal fatigue etc. I have made great strides in this area, however, the time is nearing for me to open Pandora’s box to prepare myself for the upcoming relationship property court case and I find my emotional and energetic self exhausted so much that I haven’t been able to get started. I used to work for myself as a successful body therapist prior to meeting my ex and have now lost everything. Although difficult to, I have accepted this and trust my life will one day again be fulfilling. I’m so unsure of myself now though and don’t trust the process. I live with a lot of fear now and this is so different than the way I used to life my life. I used to live in my own flow, knowing when to move and when to be still and wait. Now waiting can be a place of fear as I don’t know or trust what I should be doing. I have since had a few incidents where I was “thrown under the bus” blamed by others, ostracized and haven’t been able to find any deep connections since. In the past my deep connections came with my work, my interests and one true friend so I didn’t require much of a social life. Now with this court case looming I have lost the faith and energy to get back to work or study that I was gaining. Can you offer me any insight?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, K.M. Thank you for being willing to share your story with me. I am so, so, sorry that you are experiencing this time of confusion and vulnerability. It is understandable that you are not feeling very solid, given that your energy was consumed during the long period of relationship with someone who was not good for you. I understand the fear, too, because you spent a long time being dishonored and victimized. Your trust was crucified. This is a deep trauma, and when you’re in a situation like this, it’s like the awful science experiment of the frog who was slowly boiled to death — you don’t realize always what a bad situation is taking from you because you keep compensating for the energy drain. We compensate by rationalizing or denying or distracting ourselves. But the body-mind cannot be fooled. The toll keeps being paid.

      As you know, you need to find your center — your strength and your courage. To get back your resiliency, it is absolutely important that you keep to a regimen of self-care. What is that for you? Specifically, it involves those activities that refresh you and put you back in touch with the larger context of your life. The larger context of your life is everything you are, everything that connects you to your purpose, your fulfillment and your joy, and also which validates and honors you. This is a foundation and a practice that must be built into your life.

      A Projector needs lots of rest, and a wounded Projector needs even more. Time to heal, time to grieve, time to dream, time to embrace the opening of a new life. It is important that you do those things that lighten your life, that bring you joy and ease. Connect with everything that empowers you and avoid everything that does not. Projectors can get so focused on healing another person that they bend over backwards and martyr themselves. It is easy to lose yourself supporting someone else’s life. It is an issue for Projectors, to take this too far. You need to get very selfish. The things you engage in – all things — have got to support you as well. No more of this one-way, one-sided horror show. There is no higher cause than yourself. Everything follows from there.

      It is possible to rebuild your life, as you know. But you must be so careful and so selective who you allow into your life, and who and what you give your time and energy to.

      Did you read my article RESILIENCY IN TOUGH TIMES: BREAKING THROUGH DESPAIR ? There is a lot of information there about how to get yourself back.

      I hope this helps.

      Warm regards,

  48. S.R. says:

    Dear Gloria,

    I’ve just learned that I am a projector. I’m not entirely sure what this means. Reading through all of the testimonies and your responses to other projectors has really resonated with some of my life experiences. I’m 29 years old.

    I’ve been working and pushing since I was 14. I thought I would be done pushing by now, but it seems I’ve gotten nowhere. I work very hard, I’m extremely depressed, and on my days off I can’t seem to get out of the bed. I just feel exhausted. I don’t feel like I’m alive. I have no hobbies and I don’t know what I would enjoy if I had the chance to do it. I’ve always just sacrificed my wants and needs to do what needs to be done in order to accomplish my goals and to care for my family. I can tell that I won’t be able to do this much longer.

    Thank you for your time and any insight that you can offer.

  49. gloria says:

    Dear S.R. Thank you for writing.

    As you know, you are a Projector. And you know Projectors do not have defined Sacrals, so it is difficult for them to maintain a traditional work schedule of 40 or more hours a week. You are simply not designed to work that way.

    You are exhausted and depressed. You are burned out from pushing yourself to stick to a routine that is completely out of alignment with your design. It is critical that you do not take on any more commitments than are necessary to sustain you and those who are dependent on you (who cannot do for themselves). You must find the space in your routine to rest. You are at a place where what you require is pure rest.

    There is no clarity for anyone when we are exhausted. All of our energy is being used to just keep us going. We are so tired that even things that once moved us with their beauty — a painting, a landscape, music, and so forth — have no effect on our emotions. This is a dangerous place to be because you no longer have the discernment to identify what will support you and what will drain you.

    Until you make a radical shift in your schedule so that you are no longer working against your physical and emotional needs, you will not know what direction you should be moving in. I understand putting the needs of others before your own, but too much of this will consume every last ounce of strength you have. It is time for you to save yourself first. To love yourself first. If you are gone, you will no longer be of service to the greater context that brought you here. It is time to rest, so that you can hear the call of your soul’s agenda.

    You are at a critical cycle phase at 29. You are in your first Saturn return, and this is the threshold between being who others want you to be and embracing your destiny. This is about deepening your individuation and coming to greater terms with who you are. If you are not true to yourself, you cannot be true to your soul purpose, or to any one or any thing. Let go of all the clutter in your life. Think about your routine, the things in your space, commitments that use you without giving back…see how it feels when you think of letting it go.

    Ask yourself often, “how does this feel to me?” If you feel good or happy or interested, you are doing what is correct for you. If not, do not pursue that particular course. When you act on what is correct for you, your life force is supported. When you feel that force of energy moving, follow the direction that feels right.

    Be well,

  50. Joshua says:

    What’s the best way for a Projector to create? A Manifestor uses their voice, Generators work extremely hard, but I can’t find what’s best for me as a Projector.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Joshua. Sorry I’m late in getting back to you. And thank you for your question.

      So, what’s the best way for a Projector to create? I would rephrase that question as: what’s the best way for YOU to create? Without seeing the design of your specific chart, I can’t discuss your natural path to get your creative juices flowing. Projectors do not work at the speed of light like Manifestors, nor do they have the capacity to sustain long hours consistently like Generators. They can, but in short bursts. Manifestors are highly energetic beings even though they do not have a Sacral. The defined throat allows for unrestrained leaping into action, and so it can mimic the Sacral. But I’m digressing!

      For right now, don’t focus on being a Projector, and focus instead on what it is that causes you to be in your creative flow. As a human being you are intrinsically designed to be creative. And each person has gifts that are unique, and in how their creativity is expressed. Whatever it is that drives you to bust out and express your creativity and compels you to keep going is your clue for YOUR best way to create. It’s personal to YOU. The things that get one’s creative juices flowing vary. They are as individual as the person. But what is true for everyone is this: when you follow your excitement and your curiosity, you have aligned yourself with your creativity. Following what calls to you, and pursuing that call to its fulfillment puts you right inside the zone of creativity and once there, you can’t help but create!

  51. Kavya says:

    Hi Gloria,

    5/1 Projector here. I just want to say Thank You!!!! Currently beginning my journey of self-knowledge and self-love; while unpacking trans-generational and societal conditioning. Waiting for an invitation seems really humane to me for some reason. Like we’ve lived in a world where the dynamics of power, control and leadership has been abused. So the idea of obtaining knowledge that could help guide someone or a group but needing the invitation to do it, to me, seems like a great way to balance the power between to people…. everyone in equal give and take in a beautiful harmonious dance. The most humbling experience, in my opinion, is being human…..with all this complexity and duality within us…the world. Human Design shows promise of a better world where everyone wins and thrives….????????❤️

    Sorry for the random thoughts.
    Thank you again Gloria…. for your patience and kind words.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Kavya.

      Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. Yes, absolutely, abuse of power and inequality in how we connect with others is common. Respecting what you have to offer enough to share it only when others respect it, creates balance and honors the needs of the conversation and of each person to give and receive.

      I’m so happy to hear that you are beginning your journey of self-knowledge and self-love. This is how you come into your own and develop your gifts to their greatest capacities.


  52. Rachel Ryan says:

    Hi Gloria!

    Thank you so much for all the insights. Reading through all the comments here has really helped me to come to terms with being a Projector, especially since my parents, and most of the people in my life are all Manifestors or Generators. I’ve always felt like the black sheep and it’s been a struggle.

    I am a 3/5 Projector and I’ve really been struggling to make money from my business over the last 5 years. I tried working in corporate as a chemist, but it burned me out and I was miserable. I was also in an abusive relationship for 6 years that I have been out of for over a year now and I’ve done a lot of healing, but I still find myself struggling with everything.

    Nothing I’ve tried in my business has worked. I can make money for short periods of time but then I burn out. I have these big dreams of what I want to do, but I just don’t have the energy to keep working towards them. I’m thankful that my fiance is financially supporting me, but he keeps asking me to go get a job, which I know will exhaust me and make me even more miserable so I keep saying no (and then feeling immensely guilty about it), but I’m at my wits end when it comes to making money because it’s just not coming through.

    Any advice on how to make money from a business as a Projector? I’m ready to just throw in the towel but I also don’t want to give up on my dreams.

    Thank you!

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Rachel. Thanks for writing!

      To begin, some words of caution: when things aren’t working out, it is often because they were entered into with wrong timing, or it is the wrong environment, the wrong business, the wrong invitation, or because we’re trying to succeed at something that isn’t actually aligned with our heart, with what truly calls to us. OR BECAUSE WE’RE BURNED OUT. Driven by the need to succeed or not be seen as lazy, lost, or irresponsible, we often second-guess ourselves and shut out the whispers of our inner guidance that told us way back that something wasn’t quite right. Maybe it was kinda right, but still not all the way right, and that’s confusing. But the reality is — it has to be RIGHT. And even though we hear guidance to walk away, we sometimes need to take the time to identify WHY something isn’t correct. That can be scary when we want to get going, and so we keep on plowing ahead. But forcing a situation that is incorrect for any number of reasons will result in frustration, anger, depression, and eventually, burnout.

      Your comments reveal that you have spent quite a long time in situations that drained you. For one, the job, and for another, an abusive relationship that went on for six years. That ended not so long ago. Six years is a long time to endure emotional battering — whether through criticism, lack of validation for our interests and values, lack of respect, lack of recognition of who we are, demands that we are not doing enough, not good enough, not worthy, despite all evidence to the contrary.

      I believe you are still recovering. I believe you are still in a healing process. There are so many layers at which healing must take place before our energy is fully available to us. When our energy isn’t flowing freely, our capacity to make decisions that are correct for us isn’t as sharp or extensive as it could be. When our energy isn’t truly available, our creativity is affected, and our various bodies, including especially the physical body, are not functioning at peak. When we are healing our attention needs to be on healing.

      I suspect the above conditions may point to why you are struggling.

      You are still getting back your power. And you cannot be powerful if you are disconnected from your truth, from your body, from your authenticity, from what’s correct for you.

      Being in a new relationship has its stresses as well, although if it is the right relationship, you will have an ally who has your back and understands what you need to thrive. I hope this is what you are experiencing. I am a little concerned that your fiancé is asking you to get a job. This tells me he does not fully understand that you need to go at a pace that honors the requirements of your healing process. A large component of that is having time to rest, and to not have pressure to produce. It is important that you honor this need for yourself, not just as a Projector, but as a sensitive person who is emerging from difficult circumstances and still bears the impact of those.

      Some questions for you:

      What do you really want your life to look like?

      Do you believe you can have this?

      What habits do you have in place to support that?

      Are the choices you make every day supporting you to live the life you want?

      What activities are there in your life that nourish and support you and give you a sense of well-being and purpose?

      Are there things you are doing / not doing that will not support your goals? Are there activities or things or people that are creating clutter and doubt draining your energy?

      Are you willing to remove these from your life?

      What small things can you do every day to support yourself and anchor your goals?

      The best thing to do is to always honor what aligns with you, to follow what feels right, and to heed the warning voice or sensation that says “caution” or “something is not right here.” The warning voice is a warning to course-correct. You still have to do the work of being honest about what you really want to invest your time and energy into. But first, you must have your energy and your power back. Without these, it’s going to be hard to identify what is right for you. It’s going to be hard to have the energy you need to move forward. First things first: take the time to rest. Do not pressure yourself to come up with the right plan or to have a certain amount of cash flow. These things naturally come into play when you are healthy and vital and charged up with all the goodness of your heart and the greatness of your soul.

      We must always be our own advocates and allies; we are the highest authority for what is true for us.

      I hope this is helpful for you.


  53. Angela says:

    Hi Gloria ~ thank you so much for this article – but especially thank you for all your very generous, thoughtful wisdom in your replies to the comments here. I am a 6/2 Projector with an Ego-projected inner authority (not self-projected). I have done a ton of research on what ego-projected authority really means at its essence. Some of it is helpful but I think because it’s such a rare authority, it’s not written or spoken about in a very consistent manner or in a way that has been truly helpful to me. I’m wondering if your own take about what this inner authority is and if you would be willing to share it with me. Thank you, Angela

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Angela. I did not hear from you on how you experience your authority, and how that syncs up (or not) with what others have said.

      The bottom line for ALL Projectors, regardless of authority, is this: find someone you can talk to about your ideas and confusions without actually seeking advice. You will eventually hear the thread of your truth on the matter come through clearly, and it will repeat, so you will know what that truth is.


      • Angela says:

        Hi Gloria,

        Apologies for not responding sooner! I just happened to look at this thread again and forgot that I had asked a question! I’m so thrilled that you replied.

        So, I want to answer your very good question. But before I do that, I just wanted to share that your question is actually helping me formulate my own answer…which I think may be the mark of a good question!

        These are all the different views that my research on ego-projected authority has uncovered:

        Ego Projected Authority (Heart)

        • If your Heart center is connected to the G center, identification is a key to truth. To recognize the correct decision by asking yourself “What do I want?”, “What’s in it for me?” and you will either have the energy or not, to do something. This Authority is related to trust in waiting to be invited. Since there is a lot of openness in the Bodygraph of a Projected Authority, it is easy to get lost in all the openness. Once invited, you have an enormous capacity to be a transformative force, and your leadership is a great guide for others. While waiting to be recognized and invited, use the time to learn about a system that will support you in guiding others. Decisions that will support the truth of people with Heart Authorities are made with consideration of being able to making and keeping promises and to have a balance between work and rest so there is also time for play.

        • Just like ego manifested, a yes will feel like the heart is being pulled towards something and a no will feel the heart is being repelled away. In order to feel this pull, there must first be an invitation. Projectors are meant to share their gifts and guide others. When an opportunity presents itself in the form on a genuine invitation, the heart will take action by pulling them towards or repelling them away from the opportunity.
        Note: Projectors only need to wait for invitations when they are serving their purpose of guiding others. Making decisions to follow their passions and sharing their gifts do not need a formal invitation, but must still feel the pull of the heart giving them purpose and direction.

        • What do you want on this material plane? You have to make decisions based on the wants you have from this material physical plane. They can be divided into money, fame, being seen, having an impact, being successful – any variety or combination of those things. Those are supposed to be the things that motivate you that make the decisions for you. It requires a lot of reconditioning. When you are invited to things, it’s your ego that gets to decide. When you have figured out what your ego wants, whenever an invitation comes in, you have to make sure that the invitation promises you what it is that one of your egoic wants are.

        • Your major life decisions need to test your limits – you have a very powerful will and this means that your big decisions need to arise out of a sense of excitement. Unless your will is going to be challenged, the decision will not come from the heart of you. You are here in the world to go beyond yourself and others. Everything you are here to do must serve this questing spirit within you. All your daily decisions need to have some element of excitement within them, as though they were all leading to some distant goal. If you are bored with your life, then somewhere in your past, you may have made an incorrect life decision or a compromise, and you will have to wait until true recognition finds you.

        All your decisions must flow right from the heart of your being. You can be easily swayed away from your own direction by the presence of others. You need to learn to make decisions from your heart, in spite of what others may or may not think or say of you. This does not mean you are oblivious of others, rather that you can best serve them by remaining true to yourself.

        • The Heart center is a motor, and when you think of embarking on a project, you’ll either have the energy to do it or you won’t. So, listen to your heart. 

        I have only been experimenting with Human Design for the last couple of years so in terms of what syncs up in my experience, I don’t have a huge amount of experience. That being said, in terms of what helps me make a decision is really asking myself that question “What does my heart want?” That’s not been a super easy question for me to answer due to my conditioning.

        I have also noticed that there are opportunities that have come my way that I have a strong YES for and ones that I have either a strong NO or no energy towards. That’s been helpful.

        Although it can be helpful to speak my truth out loud to others, it’s not always reliable for me. In my research, I think it’s the Ego-Manifested Authority and the Self-projected authorities that need to speak out loud in order to become clear – because their throat center is connected to the G Center – which is not true for Ego-Projected authority though I really wish it was.

        As I write all of this out, my intuition says that this is part of my deconditioning process– to keep asking myself what I want – to go through the process of uncovering what that is – to feel all of the uncomfortable, vulnerable feelings – to learn to trust myself.

        If you have any other thoughts, I would love to hear! Thank you so much.

  54. gloria says:

    Hi, Angela. Thank you for your comment!

    I wonder if you would be willing to share with us what your research has uncovered about ego-projected authority, and then talk about how what is out there syncs up (or not) with your personal experience of how that authority works for you.


  55. Milena says:

    Hi, Gloria!

    I am Milena and I am new to the Human Design. I read a lot, but I lost myself in all the information. I am a mother of a 3 year old mental projector and I would highly appreciate if you could give me some advice on how to raise her. I read a lot about this type of projector and what scares me is the fact that she has only Head and Ajna centers defined and no inner authority. My elder daughter is Manifestor and I am a Manifesting Generator. You can guess how difficult it is for me and how confused I am in this situation. I am not able to control the projector, she doesn’t care what I’m saying but she is always doing what she wants to do. For instance, after repeating several times-please put on your socks, finally I say – if you don’t put your socks on, you will be punished to stay alone in the bedroom. And she goes to the bedroom, saying – i prefer to be punished rather than putting on my shoes. It’s really frustrating and I don’t know what to do. Any advice will be very welcome.
    Thank you for reading this.
    Greetings from Bulgaria

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Milena. Thank you for writing.

      A defined Head and Ajna not connected to another center (with the exception of the throat) is the mark of a teacher. Your daughter will grow up to be very wise, and she should be encouraged to study and work with what interests her.

      Because she is a Projector, and especially because she is so open, she is taking in tremendous amounts of energy from everyone and everything around her. This is overwhelming for someone who is designed with great sensitivity, and the result is what you are seeing — someone difficult to control. She is carrying an overload of energy and she needs to discharge it. So, going to her room where she can be alone and somewhat protected from excess energy is a good thing. It will allow her to discharge that energy. She must have breaks from overstimulation!

      As a Manifesting Generator, you are basically the opposite of your daughter in terms of energy design. Your type has the most energy and you NEED to run a lot of energy through your system to stay healthy. It is the opposite for your daughter, who is overwhelmed by excess energy. She needs alone time and quiet time and should not be forced to engage in activities that she does not want to engage in. Your little Projector needs a lot of rest and down time, or she will be difficult to control.

      By the time she is fighting you about putting on her socks, you can be sure she is overrun by excess energy and is expressing from great discomfort. AND with so many open centers, your daughter has many needs. I suspect these are not being recognized. Think about what those might be. Better yet, ask her what she is feeling and what she needs. It is critical that she gets her needs met. Every possible area that a child needs support for must be given to her. She is not being temperamental so much as letting you know that some vital things are missing for her. She needs to be recognized, paid attention to, and assured that you love her and will be there for her, no matter what.


  56. Sarah says:

    What an incredible blog post and what incredibly thoughtful and helpful responses from you, Gloria. I am so grateful to read all of these as it’s been so helpful to learn more about being a Projector (emotional).

    I’ve gone through many corporate jobs, tried so hard to fit in, become exhausted, had to leave to run my own business but that was hard too. I’m now a stay at home Mum to two manifestor children! They are demanding though very sweet. Lovely children but each with a very specific set of needs. Alongside this I have tried as hard as I can to set up a business to make some money – but I have not succeeded at all. I find being a Mum incredibly draining. I take my role very seriously and put everything into it as much as I can although I find play dates with other children draining and even taking my children to after-school activities draining! I feel like a bad Mum some days, and yet I know my children know they are deeply deeply loved and cherished and I hope that that will be good enough. I have to sleep alone – my poor husband but he understands and he snores a lot so in the end, it’s worked out well for us! We both get a much better night’s sleep!

    I’m a 6/2 and when I read that my life will change again at 50 I was stunned because being 44 now I have thought for the last 3 or so years that when I reach 50 I will return to making music and do the thing I love to do the most. I don’t know how i know this, but it’s been a theme running through my mind for quite some time now. 50, 50, 50. In my fifties. I’m not sure in what guise or form I will make music – but it’s always been there. I am a creator. I create because I simply have to. There is no audience for many years now, when I play the piano and make up songs and sing – yet I still do it a lot because it brings me joy and I can’t imagine life any other way. I’ve wanted desperately to be recognised for my achievements in all areas of life – and yet somehow, it’s never come for me. Always eluded me.

    I have been amazed at human design though as it describes me to a T. Especially too the 6/2. My children fit very aptly into their numbers too with one being a 3/1 and the other a 6/4. My husband who is incredibly driven is a 5/1. I’m not sure we are a good match at times and I think sometimes he can’t understand why nothing works out for me! How could I be so intelligent – and yet it doesn’t happen! 😀 And yet I know he loves my worldly kind and perceptive nature.

    I’ve been creating a course for two years. I ran it once but it was very draining to have those women and support them. I’ve been trying to automate it recently so I could have the course run but not have to support them. I feel guilty though as I know support has been so crucial to me. Perhaps though if it was bought by a generator or a manifesting generator, they wouldn’t need the level of support I have needed and therefore I should feel no guilt about this!

    Just wanted to thank you Gloria for releasing me from the purgatory of constantly feeling like I ‘should’ be doing something and allowing me to get back to my soul’s truth and work. I almost feel like I have forgotten what I love to do. How do you stop yourself from feeling guilty?! Waiting for the invitation is hard!

    Much love and many blessings.


    • gloria says:

      Hi, Sarah. Thank you so much for your comment!

      It appears that you have been expressing, through your choices and experiences, aspects of the following quotes:

      It is useless to try to be something you are not. The Universe cannot be fooled. When you deny who you are, you are battling the Universe in its efforts to be authentic. ~ Evolving Consciousness

      Our direction in life is designed to take us where we receive support for the authentic expression of our self. ~ Evolving Consciousness

      Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ~ Rumi

      There is the assumption, in these observations, that each life is not random, and that its appropriate path is unique and specific. It is a matter of following your heart, your truth, and your energy. If things don’t work out, it could be a matter of timing, or there was not enough support and interest, or your heart wasn’t in it, but it seemed like a good thing so you went ahead anyway, giving it energy that you didn’t have. Bringing your passion, intelligence and compassion to a situation that is out of alignment with your gifts and with timing is not enough to guarantee success. And it will also eventually become draining.

      Creating a course is one thing; providing the support for it is another. Sometimes you can do both; sometimes you cannot. You appear to be someone who is best nourished in personal creative expression. Your creative ideas support your well-being at a fundamental level, but perhaps some of these are for others to develop further, or take over, as you suggested. Selling a product of your creation and allowing the new owner to configure it according to their energy capabilities, might just be the way to go.

      It seems your task right now is to be the best mother and wife you can be, which means taking care of your energy so that you can do these things well. At your Chiron return, around the same time that you are off the roof, your opportunities will expand, and your ability to meet them will depend on your health, your attitude, and your joy.

      Take care of what is yours to take care of, and follow your joy in everything else.


  57. Shaadi O says:

    Hi Gloria,

    I am a 4/6 emotional projector and wanted to see if you can clarify for me the 4th line profile especially when it comes to social media. Should I stay private and only share with my network or go public? I’m not meant for strangers yet not sure how literal to take it. Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Shaadi. Regarding social media, I encourage you to cast as wide a net as you wish. Your 4th line is designed for networks, and social media is a universal open invitation to all to participate. Those who are meant to connect with your trajectory will find you through this venue. Don’t worry about the rest (strangers who won’t recognize you). Go for it; you have nothing to lose.


  58. Patricia says:

    Wow, I am a Projector 3/6! I have spent much of the past 52 years of my life trying to be a Manifesting/Generator and also share all my wonderful wisdom upon deaf ears! I have worked, worked, worked so hard and this is so illuminating to me – thank you for the clarifying article. I have one question as I am really struggling with acceptance – apparently. so we should not be doing any manifestation work? At all? It doesn’t ever seem to work for me anyway, but I just amazed at the plethora of information available to Manifestor’s everywhere, but that is just not in our Projector toolkit at all, is it? Thank you to a newbie, as I learn to wait for the invitation, and also want to live the life of my dreams.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Patricia. Of course you should be doing manifesting work! You just need to do it correctly. You should never stop following your heart’s desires. Your heart will lead you to the next step and keep you on the right path. You are at the stage in life where things should be opening up for you. You are just past your Chiron return — a very significant astrological threshold — and as a 6th line profile, you are now off the roof. You have made it through two significant life cycles(first Saturn Return 28-29)and the Uranus Opposition (41-42), and are actually more prepared for the road ahead than you realize. In addition, all of the experimentation and “mistakes” (all that hard work and resistance!) you’ve made have allowed you to become intimately acquainted with what works for you, and what does not work for you. You have also discovered where your true interests and talents lie (this is ongoing, but by now you have a solid grasp of these and a competence foundation as well). Stay courageous and curious and keep going — all you need to do is follow your strategy and authority. Above all, listen to your heart. The deepest intuition is found there.

  59. Latoya says:

    I am a Splenic Projector 4/6 and I am so confused as to how I should share my wisdom with my right people. The more I try to listen to intuition to guide me to my entrepreneurial sweet spot, the more I feel met with resistance and fear that I am choosing wrong and will eventually get tired of what I’m doing and move on. I have a habit of jumping in and out of things.

    When it comes to mastering a particular skill or niche, I notice I have multiple things I’m equally good at and it’s hard to know which one will truly fulfill me, my purpose and serve my people.

    Words that come up for me are creativity, potential, guide, balance, beauty, harmony, ideas, efficient, enjoyable and peace.

    And when I got my natal/birth chart these are some of the things that were highlighted:

    … Uncover the problems, details and remove the blocks that hold others back from achieving their creative goals
    … Help them experience greater beauty, balance and harmony in their life
    … Make money by nurturing, protecting and caring for others to help them feel comfortable or creative in business
    Now…that all sounds good but what does that actually look like?
    Life coaching, business mentor, writing coach…

    This confuses me a lot.

    And when it comes to ‘waiting for the invitation’…

    Are we allowed to inform people that we need to be invited before sharing our wisdom?

    In relationships, can we tell our partners we must wait on an invite before making moves and that we don’t initiate?

  60. gloria says:

    Dear Latoya,

    As you are a 6th line profile, your habit of jumping in and out of things is exactly what you should be doing. This is a very experimental line, and you will learn a great deal about who you are by jumping in and trying new things — whatever is calling to you in the moment.

    As I have written previously, there is absolutely nothing wrong with exploring everything that calls to you – whether it has big appeal, or is the curio of the moment. You never know – the curio might become a long-term fixture in the life. And this is how we begin to identify our calling/s – by sorting through the pile of treasures before us. Some of us have greater curiosity along with a complex agenda to fulfill, and we need a large palette of opportunities and experiences to assist us with that agenda, and with refining it. It is appropriate and necessary to see what lies on the other side of the horizon.

    For you, life is filled with treasures to explore. Take your time and see what’s out there. Play with your ideas and your interests. That won’t all manifest into something that you keep forever, but some will. However, you will not know what they are, and you will not know the extent of your abilities and true interests unless you keep trying out different things/ options/ opportunities.

    There is tremendous amplitude in how you can give expression to creativity, potential, guide, balance, beauty, harmony, ideas, efficiency, enjoy-ability, peace, and so forth. There are many different vocations that will allow you to express these qualities. It is your job to try them on.

    You are likely here to do more than one thing. Be gracious with your inclinations and your intuition. Don’t put them on a leash!

    You can inform people that you have some advice for them. This is how you do it — rather than giving advice that is not asked for, if you feel strongly about your insight, you can say that you believe you have a perspective that could be helpful, and then ask if they want to hear it. You might get invited to share, and you might not.

    Once you are in a partnership of whatever type, business or personal, you are already recognized. It is not necessary to wait for a formal invitation from your partner. That invitation came at the beginning. However, it is always diplomatic to be aware of the availability of your partner to truly hear what you have to say.


  61. brittney linklater says:

    Hello, I have had a couple of human design readings done finding out that I am a projector 3/5 profile. If not all of the things that I have read resonate with me and the challenges that I encounter in this lifetime.

    There is an aching feeling in me that knows I’m here to serve humanity in a new light, but at this point in my life I am really struggling to find the direction that I am meant to go. I am feeling very overwhelmed with all of the opportunities there are in the holistic field that I want to enter. As a projector I am to wait for my invitation but I am in this chaotic feeling of being stagnant. I am eagerly waiting for opportunities to arise or for invitations to open doors and windows to the field of expertise that I want to explore in order to create a fulfilling career and fulfill my purpose here on earth, for however long that may be.

    I have a lot of experience in trauma from a young age and feel called to work with people who have gone through similar situations. But not having the finances or the clear direction on which way to go has been sending me into severe anxiety and depression. I have lots of confusion and feelings of unworthiness or having any purpose. Seeking out community and tribes that I am meant to live coinciding with creating a better space for people to live outside of our condition world and finding their own inner power and purpose.

    I am currently in a relationship with the manifesting generator, and I don’t know if it is beneficial or not because he has so much clarity and drive towards his future, which I do not. Also wondering if a manifesting generator is a compatible partner for my human design. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

  62. gloria says:

    Hi, brittney. Thank you for writing.

    Take heart. You are not lost. Begin here: study and explore what interests you! If you know you are interested in healing trauma in others, you already have a place to start. You are the one in charge of deciding who you are going to be, how you are going to present yourself to the world, and what you want to study. When you have developed skills in certain areas, you are much more likely to be recognized for those skills and then invited to use them. So study and explore whatever interests you! Your knowledge and expertise will eventually draw invitations to you.

    In your explorations and studies, you will find that you stay with certain areas because they really resonate with you, and that others are put back in the queue or the back burner, perhaps to be revisited later, or perhaps never again. Your active exploration of what calls you is absolutely necessary in order for you to find out what you really enjoy doing, and what you do best. Projectors do not need an invitation to follow their personal bliss and what calls to them. It is actually really important for a Projector to follow her bliss and the call of her talents and interests and to develop them deeply, because when the big invitation comes, she will have reached a level of mastery in her unique areas of expertise. She will be that much more valuable.

    You don’t need much money to educate yourself in your areas of interest. You can go online and read the blogs of experts, and you can go to the physical library. There are many, many groups on Facebook that will have as their focus your areas of interest. You can connect with tribe there. There are newsletters you can sign up for. Perhaps there are organizations in or near your neighborhood that interest you. I personally love volunteering with animal shelters, and people who support the well-being of animals are one of my tribes, including the animals. We each have more than one tribe. Be honest with what speaks to your heart, go to those places, and you will find the members of your tribe. And you will learn from them, and you will network. Your depression will lift as you take action to move towards what you want to do. Taking action is critical to making deeper self-discoveries and to empowering yourself. It’s all about taking a stand for your life.

    I would think that having a boyfriend who has both clarity and drive would be a good influence, as well as provide you with some role modeling. It is possible that it might be stressful for him to see you so distressed, especially because he may feel that he’s tried to help you, but things don’t change for you, despite his efforts. Instead of feeling like you are stuck and can’t do anything with your life because you don’t have anything solid right now and you are not clear about where to begin, do the exploration thing. AND read, rest, take walks, etc. Take your mind off your own life for a while. You are not stuck! These are some things you can do to get your energy, confidence, and hope moving again. It’s about moving your energy — and it almost doesn’t matter where you start. You will course-correct as needed.

    As long as two people get along and they share the same values and they want to be with each other because it makes them happy, it doesn’t matter what their energy type is. Our Human Design gives us our individual mechanics to work with, as well as the all-important correct strategy and authority for making decisions that are right for you.

    Keep in mind that human beings are much more than the mechanics of any of their charts. The state of your consciousness has a great deal to do with how you do the mechanics of your Human Design, and that applies to everything in your life. So much is up to you; the balls are all in your court. Your job is to prepare. When you are truly ready, your aura will speak for you and the invitations will come.

    P.S. Have patience with yourself and with the process of your unfolding. Enjoy the journey!

  63. Courtney says:

    Hi Gloria,

    Thank you so much for this article, and especially for your thoughtful responses to each person who has posted a comment! Reading through the comments has helped me to better understand what it means to be a projector and the struggles we can face if we use our energy incorrectly.

    My question is about projectors and exercise. Currently, I am a national-level athlete in an endurance sport, and have long training hours most weeks of the year. I have noticed that I tend to get sick more than the average person. For example, I have had a cold or flu on seven different occasions in the last year and a half. This is obviously not normal or desirable, and I wonder if it might have something to do with over-extending my energy? I am also a full-time graduate student on top of the physical training, so perhaps I do not have enough down time for a projector. I really identify with having spent most of my life trying to be a manifesting generator.

    What is your take on this? Do you have any examples of clients who are high-level athletes and also projectors? What should physical activity ideally look like for projectors?

    Thanks in advance for any help you (or anyone else reading!) are able to provide!

    Some more information: I am a 6/2 projector and am 29 years old, currently going through my Saturn return. I feel a strong need to question what is currently in my life, what is coming forward with me and what should be left behind. Also, if it helps with answering the above questions, my emotions and root are defined (so I do have some energy centres defined!).

  64. Erin says:

    I just found out about this information and that I am a projector. It’s like everything in my life make sense now. I thought I was the worst and so lazy my entire life…so tired, always. I had a HUGE amount of trauma in my life which of course sucked my energy even more and healing from that takes SO MUCH as well. I am finally away from most of the toxic energy and people in my life in the last two years and in a job working from home which is MUCH BETTER for me. However, I know this job is no longer for me and stresses me out and I don’t do what I’m supposed to do out of boredom and exhaustion from not enjoying it which then leads me to fear…especially financially. I don’t know how to make a change. I slowly started to, but there have been roadblocks…some self-inflicted, but how do I figure out what I’m supposed to do to be ready for the next invitation. I feel like it may be coming soon and may be big, but sometimes I think I’m just crazy and lazy and that I just need to work harder. But I will have faith this is all true and that my true calling is coming.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Erin. Thank you for writing.

      I am sorry to hear that you’ve endured trauma, and I congratulate you on the courage you expressed by reclaiming your power, and your life.

      You are now in burnout, and the first thing to do is to acknowledge that your current situation is out of alignment with you, but also understand that this is not a crisis. Your job served you well at the beginning, and it is simply time to move on. As you are in burnout, it will be easy to blame yourself for this ‘failure’ and to even blame others for the situation you find yourself in. Neither one of these perceptions will serve you. They will keep your energy from flowing, and may even cause you to be unable to see or hear the opportunities that will come to change your circumstances.

      The best thing you can do is to have patience for the process of waiting for your next appropriate assignment, understanding that you cannot force the timing, and that your job is to tend to your health and state of mind. Have compassion for yourself, and trust that the process of connecting with your new situation will happen when the time is right. As I have previously stated elsewhere on these pages, there are things you can do to keep yourself buoyant and optimistic:

      • Do those activities that bring you joy and pleasure. Re-engage with your creativity.
      • Connect with people who truly see and appreciate you.
      • Take breaks and rest!
      • Have fun.
      • Reconnect with what is beautiful to you.
      • Engage the rich world of your imagination.
      • Remember that you are truly resilient.
      • Believe that you are lovable and deserve love.
      • Believe that you have the power to call in and create your right life.
      • Recall your track record of courage and having made correct decisions despite how hard it was.
      • You have a unique wisdom that has been built brick by brick from your life experience which is always available to you. And others.
      • Trust yourself to act in your own best interests.
      • Be true to yourself.
      • Value yourself. Understand that the time you have is precious and needed for your evolution and joy and for that of others.
      • Get to know and respect your energy capacities and learn to work with them in a sustainable way.

      These things will re-connect you to your inner truth, keep your energy moving, and help you see you are not stuck, but in transition. Enjoy your journey! There is always something just around the bend.


  65. gloria says:

    Hi, Courtney. Thank you for writing.

    Projectors and Exercise

    What a fabulous exploration — Projectors and exercise! Human Design tells us that the energy types who do not have defined Sacral Centers do not have sustainable (physical) energy. What that means is that non-Sacral beings do not have a continuously burning “hearth fire” that they can rely on. Generators and Manifesting Generators, with their defined Sacrals, have the physical capacity to keep going, even if what they are doing does not inspire them. Even so, we are all human, and there comes a time to put away our work and seek out rest and retreat. Everyone requires renewal and revitalization, not just at the physical level, but for our hearts and minds as well.

    The truth for all of us, regardless of our Human Design type, is that when we are engaged in activities and causes that inspire us, it is easy to keep going longer, but it is also easier to ignore the signs of fatigue. The danger, especially for Projectors, is knowing when enough is enough. Since most people have defined Sacrals and they have the energy to go far, it creates an expectation that everyone will have this ability — and those who don’t keep at it can be seen as lazy and lacking motivation. In other words, Projectors do not have the cultural encouragement to take a chunk of time off to rest or to schedule in rest on a regular basis. In addition, when we identify who we are by what we do, and we enjoy what we do, we tend to override the messages from our body that tell us we’re exhausted and have ‘hit the wall,’ and it is time to stop!

    What is clear from the annals (real life stories) is that the majority of Projectors who try to keep pace with societal expectations of doing and productivity eventually fall “behind” and become incapacitated such that they are forced to discontinue their jobs or careers. The body will break down — chronic fatigue, immune issues, and inability to get out of bed are more common for Projectors than we realize. Sadly, physical breakdowns often include leaving behind personal life commitments (break-ups and divorce). Rather than acknowledging that real physical breakdowns are occurring, and that this is the core issue, we want to look for answers elsewhere. For example, we may seek to add more exercise, we may change our diet, we may take classes on health and spirituality (or some other subject that interests us), or we may think that spending more time meditating will get us through the rough patches. And while these may give us insight (as well as distract us from the real issue), what is happening is that there is no longer sufficient LIFE FORCE energy to maintain and repair the infrastructure of our lives (and cells). If Projectors ignore their mind’s and body’s messages that the way they are living cannot continue, it is just a matter of time when they will no longer be able to push past the lack of energy. The breakdowns will force the issue that they are living life out of alignment with their Design.

    I will say that I have seen a few exceptions to the Projector Breakdown ‘Syndrome’ in that these Projectors have been able to keep pace with their lives without having to take significant time out to recover from excessive energy expenditure.

    My observation is that they were born with exceptionally strong bodies (as you no doubt have been), but I have also seen that these Projectors did not commit their lives to careers that demanded a regular schedule of them. Rather, they carved out their livelihoods to suit their interests and physical capacities — not that they were necessarily conscious of having undefined Sacrals. They followed the beat of their own drum, opting to pursue what felt right regardless of the cost in terms of status quo validation. And when they need time off, they take it. I know a few who take off a year at a time, and they also planned for it financially.

    If you don’t plan for time off and keep pushing, your time-out could last five years! For Projectors who ignore their body’s messages, once breakdown reaches a level of severity, the road to recovery is long. Please hear this — it is not science fiction.

    It is highly unusual for Projectors to be national-level athletes, though there have been some. That you have this ability is again, highly unusual, and it also suggests that you are a fearless role model for other Projectors who want to explore more of what it means to be in a body. If Projectors want to be more connected to their bodies, the KEY is to leverage your energy. The KEY is to truly understand what your personal physical limitations are with regard to the energy you have available to you AT ALL TIMES, and to respect that reserve at all times. Because it is not an endless reserve, it is critical that you preserve it by deliberately managing how much energy you will expend on any project or goal and pull back when you feel that you are reaching the end of your reserves. Does this mean Projectors cannot exercise or be athletic? No. This means that you must listen carefully to your body. Feel its truth.

    I believe the cyclist Lance Armstrong is a Projector. He does not have a birth time, but for most of the day of his birth, the design is that of a Projector. As a result of your question, I will be researching the charts of famous athletes to get an idea of what percentage of non-Sacral beings excel as athletes. Thank you for the idea!

    Saturn Return

    Now that you are in your first Saturn return, it is a good time, as you astutely noted, to review what is still serving you and what should now be discontinued. This is the time to connect with your truth about where you should be headed, and what activities and goals will support you to attain greater clarity on your purpose, and how that purpose best expresses.

    Your clues about what to bring in are directly related to what is interesting and exciting for you at this time. Your clues about what to leave behind are those things that are draining and feel like obligations. You are seeking to connect with JOY — in all things. Joy is your cue.

    Find a place where you can sit uninterrupted for a while. Then close your eyes and take a deep breath, breathing all the way into your body. Step back from your mind chatter. Move into a place of listening and receptivity. Become aware of all of the feelings and sensations in your body, noticing and releasing where you might be holding tension. Allow yourself to explore, through imagination, what activities and landscapes appeal to you. There will be a sense of magic associated with these things, because you are allowing your inner wisdom to guide you. Move towards what feels good, right, and energizing; see, without judgment, how you feel about continuing in your current direction.

    So what is the Projector here to do? What is the Projector really about?

    GENERALLY, Projectors are here to manage and guide creation. In their highest expression, they are here to hold the energy template of what’s to come and to clear the vibration of the collective consciousness.

    Projectors have a life purpose of managing and guiding others through their process of creation. Projectors are inherently intuitive and wise about others. A Projector can watch any of the three energy types — Manifestor, Generator, and Manifesting Generator — and know what needs to happen to make the energy types impact and work more effective and easier.

    Your specific purpose will be found in what you are attracted to and what brings you joy. This will be expressed through more than one venue or forum. It is your job to explore and experience those things that call to you. In this way, you will discover what resonates with you, and what does not.

    The best way to find out what you are here to do is to have a variety of experiences. As you are a role model profile and not yet 35, the approximate age when you will go “up on the roof,” it is your responsibility to actively experience life, and to allow your feelings and imagination to instruct you and keep you on your unique path.


    • Courtney says:

      Hi Gloria,

      Thank you so much for your reply. It has sparked a lot of self-reflection and experimentation already in just a couple short weeks. I recognize that right now, my body is definitely in a state of physical burnout. Now that I am fully tuned in and paying attention, my body is simply not letting me accomplish what it once did, even just a month ago. It has been hard to let go of labels and identity as an athlete, but I now feel it is the right thing to do. I have other passions and projects that are crying out for my attention, and I want to have the energy and vitality to pursue them!!

      I did a bit on research on my own with athletes I know personally or follow on social media. It has been almost eery how easy it is to pick out the projectors. On my team, only one other athlete is a projector and all would agree that this person pushes too far, does not know when to stop, and has had a ton of health problems. On social media, I have been looking up the charts of athletes who frequently post that they are sick or injured. Everyone I have looked into so far is a projector.

      This is quite eye-opening and frightening at the same time. So far, I have not found any athletes who are projectors and doing it in what seems to be a healthy and sustainable way. However, I am open to the idea that in certain sports it would be possible to excel as a projector. Perhaps those sports that do not require sustained, intense, endurance training, and instead draw upon the projector skill of seeing things others do not.

      An interesting exploration indeed!

      Thank you again for your words and guidance.

      All the best to everyone who is also on this journey.

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Courtney. Thank you for posting about your exploration of Projector athletes. There is a lot of data to be mined here, if one so desires. Projector athletes, as you know, do not have the constant flow of energy available from a defined Sacral. Therefore, when they have reached their limit, and they cannot stop training or are inside of a competition, they will have to push. We know what happens with repeated pushing — breakdowns, injuries, and illness. So a Projector athlete cannot NORMALLY (there is always the exception) look forward to a real career as an athlete, but they can become trainers of athletes. That role is completely in sync with the their natural “job” of managing Generator energy.

        As you are among the vanguard exploring this topic, you may have the spiritual assignment of identifying ways that an athletic Projector can use their prowess and awareness to inspire not just Projectors, but the other energy types.

        In addition, you also know that each of us has more than one gift. And we also have multiple interests. There is a season for the development and expression of these, sometimes in tandem, and there will also come a time to move to another venue. It is an affirmation of your life to keep moving forward and embracing new ways of being and expressing, knowing that some experiences, while they have shaped us, are not slated to go forward with us into the future.


  66. Mercede says:

    Thank you, what you write about Projectors is very illuminating. But I must say I was disconcerted when I discovered I am a Projector.

    I hate being a Splenic Projector (6/2), especially because as an Aries/Leo ascendant I find it very difficult to wait for invitations and act according to my intuition. Also, I am scarcely noticed even when I am quiet. I feel I have only made wrong choices in my life and now it’s too late to change. Nevertheless, I am very interested in HD and will try and see if it helps me to feel better.

    Thank you,

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Mercede. Thank you for commenting.

      If you were given the opportunity to change your Human Design, what would you choose?

      What energy type would you be?

      What profile?

      What incarnation cross?

      Would you change your astrology?

      I’m going to guess that you are young and that most of your life adventure is still ahead.

      I believe that you haven’t really given your Human Design a chance. As one example, you are a line 6 profile. You feel that you have made only wrong choices, but the 6 is deliberately experimental. You learn by doing. You learn by taking risks. You learn what works from coming face to face with the results of your engagement. In other words, as a line 6, you need to see what’s out there and you need to experience what happens when you take certain actions. There are things about ourselves and about the world that we cannot truly know until we act. Mistakes? Wrong choices? Bring them.

      It is your destiny to discover who you are and what the world is made of through experiencing, experimenting, and making mistakes. It’s not always possible to know what will happen when we take certain actions, but we cannot do all our growing from the classroom, from books, movies, or conversations. There are things we simply have to do for ourselves because there is no other way to find out what’s true for us, what’s correct for us, and what brings us to delight and fulfillment.

      And the total upside is: now you know what you don’t need to do over.

      Waiting for invitations and acting according to your intuition are not the same thing. When you receive an invitation, your intuition will let you know if it is the right invitation for you. However, your intuition is with you every day, and throughout the course of your life. You use your intuition to access your deeper truth about whether or not something is correct for you, whether or not there is an invitation.

      Perhaps you believe that because you are a fire sign (and fire ascendant) that it is harder for you to wait for the invitation — that your patience is tested to a greater extent than say, that of a Projector who is a water sign. Do you know that fire signs are not doomed to express only as impatience? That is actually a low expression. Thinking that fire signs are impatient is an oversimplification that impedes your access to their deeper function. There is more to them than taking fast action and plowing ahead defensively. What you want to master is how to keep your fire burning in a calm and steady way, with equanimity, turning it up when creativity is needed, or when it is time to take action. You can, over time, learn to temper your fire and modify it according to the needs of the situation.

      You have stated that it is too late to change. Do you not have free will? Even if you are temporarily committed to a situation that is out of alignment with you, that situation does not own you. You are a captive of your past only to the extent that you believe you are. This is where self-empowerment comes in. This is where love and compassion for yourself and your journey can save the day, and the rest of your life.

      Instead of focusing on what is not working for you, put your attention on what does work. Grow it from there.

      You are caught inside of a life story that is of your making. It is time for you to write the story of the life that you want to live. Recalibrate your life with the frequency of love and compassion — for yourself. You cannot change a situation you hate, especially when you believe you are trapped. Where you put your focus — your energy and attention — is where you will get results.

      Begin by sending love to the past that created your current circumstances, to the present that you are experiencing, and to the future that you want to call in. Moving yourself out of the situation you don’t want to the one you do want will happen when your motivation is love and compassion for yourself. As part of your expression of love, feel into appreciation and gratitude for the life that you have right now. Your life is a gift, and you can also make it a gift for others.


      • Mercede says:

        Dear Gloria,

        First of all, thank you so much for your deep answer. It moved me. I also felt your attention to what you wrote, I appreciated it very much. Your suggestions are very precious.

        What energy type would I like to be? maybe a Generator, or a Manifesting Generator. I would like to have all the energy I need to meet all life challenges.

        I do not mind my Profile, actually it explains many things of my life. My incarnation Cross, as far as I can understand (I have just begun to delve in HD) duly reflects what I am. I know I cannot change it.

        I must say that I was surprised to notice that many aspects I discovered in my HD chart correspond to my MBTI type – I am INFJ.

        I like to be an Aries/Leo. With time, I discovered I am “leonizing” myself, becoming less Aries (well, not really, I am still too impulsive).

        Unfortunately, I am not that young as you inferred, I am 54 and I am reflecting whether I already got off the roof and merged in society (6/2). I rather feel like I am more and more retreating in my inner world where there’s harmony, peace, and respect for each other. I also resent life’s injustice.

        I cannot change my current professional situation and I know I made a huge mistake in choosing a path I do not belong to, abandoning my previous work. Maybe my bitterness – as a Projector – is also due to this wrong choice, also because I cannot change now.

        I am very intrigued by your “holistic” approach to HD and by your sensitivity. Thank you!

        Have a nice day.

        • gloria says:

          Hi, Mercede.

          I acknowledge that there is grief here, and loss. Perhaps you feel that you’ve lost so much you can never fully recover. Perhaps you are resigned to things as they are.

          And perhaps there are those who don’t blame you for feeling that way. They may even commiserate with you and together you find solace in ‘this is just the way it is, how things are, how life is.’

          But if you want to have the energy you need to live your life, then a shift in what you believe to be true is needed. It is time to rebuild your life from a new perspective and strategy.

          Instead of being resigned to things as they are, surrender to them. In addition, let go of judging yourself for unfortunate decisions made in the past. See them for what they are — why you made them at the time, and what you now know not to do.

          Resignation believes things cannot ever get better. Therefore, there is no incentive to dust off your creative capacities to change things. Surrender, on the other hand, does not resist. When you surrender, you are available to see the possibilities and the openings, subtle as they might be, for you to move out of your situation. Surrender to what is as you begin to create what will be.

          It is true that we cannot always just walk away. But we can begin to change our lives by believing that we are in charge of our destiny, and that we are the ones who have the power, the real power, to redirect our lives. This may not appear to be anywhere near the truth, especially if we perceive that we are permanently caught inside a situation that is far larger and stronger than we are.

          And if we accept that, and do not push back, that will be the case. Forever.

          The way out is to take a ferocious stand for your life. You make the decision that the only thing that matters now is taking back your life. Feel into the desires of your heart, mind, and body for the future you want to bring in. Embody these by making every choice in service to the future, to the life you want to be living, to how you want to look and feel, to the people you want around you, to the experiences you want to have.

          From here on out, every decision you make, from the most apparently insignificant to far more important ones, must be in service to your best interests — to you. Not to or for someone else’s. YOU ARE WRITING YOURSELF INTO A NEW STORY. Even if you have dependents, whether they are human or animal or other, you will serve them best when you are at your best. Now is always the time to let go of conditioning and programs that riddle you with guilt around who you are supposed to be in the world, what you are supposed to be doing, how you should live, how much money you should have, how you should look, to name a few, in order to be worthy, acceptable, righteous, obedient, humble, a good citizen, etc.

          The only way to break out of conditioning and all the habits that are designed to undermine your flourishing is to take this stand for your life. You may never have done this, so now you may need to find your courage. You may wonder how exactly does one take a stand for their life. Begin by choosing you. Begin by saying yes to what calls you. You may not be able to leave your job right away, but you can uplevel your joy with things and activities that uplift, by focusing on what raises your vibration, and getting rid of what brings you down. You may not be able to move a lot of territory initially, but the more pieces you move on your behalf, the more the energy stream will flow faster. Every single small action that you perform on your behalf, on behalf of the life you truly want to live, will have a cumulative effect towards bringing in a future that supports, values, and honors you. This is a law of energetics — where you put your attention and focus is what you will grow. Believe that there is no greater cause than yourself, that there is no more sacred purpose than the life you came to live. This is YOUR life; it belongs to you. You are responsible for it.

          Say YES to Mercede. Forgive your past. Love your now.

          54 is a new beginning. Have compassion for yourself. Have patience with the process. There will be days when you feel you have failed. The thing is to get back up and keep going.

          There is so much more to come. This is yours to do, and you can do this.

          Cheering you on,

  67. Karla says:

    Thank you for the article!!!

    1. I am recent to HD study
    2. My experiment is Mental Projector 1/4 Contagion Cross
    3. What I have found recently very challenging is to read or learn that we projectors can’t manifest — we have to wait for the invitation. That seems so submissive and in a way not using your free will.
    4. I was looking for more clarity and got more confusion.

    My authority is a bouncing board so I am to communicate outside what I think inside just to hear me but because I have an open throat I must wait and not speak!?! So how am I suppose to process then.

    I also don’t have a destiny or path in the sense that I am innocence and are not supposed to have a plan yet I am not to be spontaneous because I have an open spleen.

    I am at this moment very frustrated with the mixed information and feel rather disempowered. I imagine many have the same challenges, what would be your feedback?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Karla. Thank you for writing. I’m sorry you feel disempowered — let me try to clarify some of these seeming Human Design impediments and contradictions to living your life.

      How can I hear my truth with others when I have to be invited to speak?

      When you have self-authority, talking with trusted others will help you recognize and validate your truth. You are conversing with people you already know — your circle of friends, not strangers — so an invitation is not required. Remember also that you are not asking for advice or guidance so much as you simply wish to allow your energy (thoughts and feelings) to be articulated out loud so that you can feel what is correct for you.

      The invitations that Projectors wait for are the big ones, these are the ones that will have life-changing impact — significant relationships, marriage, jobs, geography (moving). You do not need invitations to take care of yourself or to pursue the things that interest you. In other words, you do not need invitations to live your life.

      It’s not true that Projectors can’t manifest. I removed that sentence from my description on Projectors because it can be taken out of context. What this means is that Projector energy works to attract, not to initiate. The truth is, Projector or otherwise, you manifest all the time. You have created your life thus far, usually in conjunction with others, so that it is more accurate to say that you have co-created your life. You always have access to inner guidance that comes from your core essential truth. If you don’t know what that is, check in with yourself to identify it.

      I don’t have a destiny or path (no plan).

      You do have a destiny. See: You would not be here without one. Your plan is always in play, and it will unfold according to its own timing and the agreements you made to keep you on your path. Your life is always unfolding, and you will cross many significant astrological thresholds which will assist you to continue tracking your dharma.

      There are ways to get in touch with your destiny. The activities you are naturally drawn to, what you long to learn about or explore, will point you to your life purpose. What do you care about? What have you fallen in love with? Look there for your life purpose. What are you compelled to bear witness to? What is it that loosens your tongue to speak the truth? What will cause you to leap out of bed? Look there for your purpose. Follow what calls you.

      I can’t be spontaneous because of my open spleen.

      Your authority is not Splenic, but that does not mean you cannot be spontaneous. Splenic authority means that you know in the moment whether or not something is correct for you, and whether or not you want to do a particular thing. Being spontaneous, as in deciding to go for ice cream or go shopping or go to a movie with the friend who just called and asked — there are myriads of activities that we don’t plan for but do because we are living our lives and staying connected to our needs and creativity. When you are looking at making decisions that will have significant impact on your life, that is when it is important to exercise your self-authority. But the daily decisions and choices about what to eat or wear, etc., do not need to consult with your authority.


      • Karla says:

        Dear Gloria,
        Thank you for your time, disposition & response. You do give me a different perspective and it’s very helpful. Thank you. May it return in blessings!!

  68. Triona says:

    Hiya!!! Such fab information here — I’m loving it!!! As a projector I was extended an invitation to let someone know if I was ever traveling in their neck of the woods. This invitation was given over a year ago and there has not been much contact between me or the person who gave me the invitation since. I guess I am wondering if there is an expiration date on invitations?

    Also, should projectors follow a certain way of eating? Or are there certain foods projectors should include or exclude from their diet?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Triona. Thank you for your comment.

      Does an invitation have an expiration date?

      Eventually, yes, but the timing depends on the invitation. Invitations can be an ‘open door,’ as when someone tells you that when you are in their town let them know because they will then have you over for a visit and a meal. This assumes that the life circumstances of the party issuing the invitation are such that it is feasible or convenient to honor the open door invitation at the time you are ready to take them up on it. Sometimes things change, and availability passes. In your case, the fastest way to get your answer is to check with the person who invited you and see if that invitation is still viable.

      For some invitations, there is a built-in expiration date. For example, if you are invited to a job interview and you do not follow up, it is more than likely that someone else will be hired and the position will no longer be available. If someone asks you to marry them, and you take too much time to think it over, they may eventually move on to someone who knows they want to be their marriage partner. Invitations come from specific needs; there is a vacuum that is seeking to be filled.

      Be wise, and take into account the timing needs of each invitation, and then take action if the particular invitation will meet your needs, and feels correct for you at the time it was given.

      Should Projectors follow a certain way of eating?

      The physiology of each Projector is unique. There are as many different types of Projectors as there are Projectors. Your DNA is different. Your body type is different. Ayurvedic medicine recognizes three distinct body types, each with their own specific needs: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. A body can be a combination of two or all three, but will have a pronounced primary type. I encourage you to look into Ayurveda to identify your body type, and then take it from there.

      Your core nutritional needs are different, and these will again vary according to body type, age, and lifestyle (are you very active, sedentary, or somewhere between?) The state of your health is unique to you. Your health also fluctuates depending on many factors (colds, allergies, etc.) and will also change as you age and your body’s needs change.

      The one thing all Projectors have in common is the need for regular built-in rest. Maintaining your vitality by knowing when enough is enough is your number one priority.

      Be well,

  69. Jacquelin says:

    Hi Gloria,
    Thank you for this article, it sheds alot of light on the dynamic of my life. I am still unsure about something though. I am a 6/2 as well as a projector, and I have always struggled with great difficulty socially. I am wondering how exactly waiting for the invitation plays in circumstances with coworkers, friends or any type of social interaction? Should I wait for an invitation to strike up conversation? Most of the time that is hard for me to do, but on some occasions I feel more comfortable with certain individuals to talk to more than others. But I think some people identify me as not social or sometimes even weak because I am genuinely trying to be nice to them. It becomes very frustrating at times. Sometimes I will just ignore someone who seems to dislike me and that seems to end up working better than trying to be friendly with them.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Jacquelin. Thanks for writing and for your question.

      We know from Human Design that:

      An invitation for a projector is going to be about BIG LIFE EVENTS. The big events are: job/ career/, romance/ marriage, where to move to, and where to live. These must come by invitation. When those invitations come, it’s almost as if time slows down. The invitation seems to ripple through the time-space continuum. The invitation will be clearly recognizable as an invitation. However — just because you are invited doesn’t mean that you have to be grateful and say yes. It’s essential that it’s the right invitation, that the invitation feels delicious — because if it’s not, the invitation won’t work for you.

      KEEP IN MIND that Projectors do not need an invitation to follow their personal bliss and what calls to them. It is actually really important for a Projector to follow their bliss and the call of their talents and interests, and to develop them deeply because when the big invitation comes, they will have reached a level of mastery in their unique areas of expertise. They will be that much more valuable.
      OK. Awesome. Now what does a shy Projector do to connect with others when they’re unsure of themselves? Is this about waiting for the invitation to have a chat with someone already in your environment (in which case all you need to be concerned about is whether or not the circumstances are conducive), or is this about insecurity around — knowing how to approach, what to say, exactly, and what if they get mad at me for saying hi, what if they think I’m gross and I’m out of my league, etc.?

      What’s a shy Projector to do?

      If you’re in a setting with friends, co-workers, and other social situations, it’s normal for people to interact with each other. It’s expected that there will be interaction. Invitations as such don’t apply. And we’re not talking about the big things, right? In these settings, it’s not going to be a surprise if someone comes up to someone else and says: Hi. How ya doin’? I’m Jacky. If we are going to get anywhere, we have to put ourselves out there. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. But hanging back because we might be rejected or misunderstood means not taking action at all. You don’t want to do that. You have to take some risks. Make yourself known.

      The bottom line is: what do you want? What are your goals? You want more friends? Go make them. Be a friend. The more you do something, the more skilled you become at it. The more you do something, the more you know what NOT to do. It’s really that simple. You just have to put your courage on, and get into it. Get skilled. Discover your expansiveness. It’s your life, after all. You’re here to live it.


      • Jacquelin says:

        Thank you for the reply. It does take a weight off my shoulders to be told that being a projector and “waiting for the invitation” applies solely to big life events. I have been dwelling on how being a projector might be affecting me socially, and in a negative way, but it feels freeing to be told just to have the courage to put myself out there. I am grasping the way in which I must wait for the invitation in big life events, and am happy to work on my craft in the meantime. I appreciate your response and guidance.

        So in the article when you state, “A Projector who initiates conversations may be misunderstood or ignored” this would pertain more to large circumstances? That portion of the article is what kind of shook me.


        • gloria says:

          Hi, Jacquelin. A Projector has no motor to the throat, (and neither does a Generator or Reflector). The throat may have definition or not, but the lack of a motor means that the voice cannot truly be heard unless it is already established that everyone present has equal right, equal opportunity, and equal access to enter the conversation. Examples of equal access are: being a member of the same task force, on the same board of directors, your study group, your classes…but when Projectors enter into conversations that they are not part of — as in they are not part of a group where its members are already recognized — they can have a hard time being heard.

          This is because recognition and awareness of your relevance and presence is first required. It is a mystery of energetics. A motorized throat has the energy to be heard. An un-motorized throat cannot be heard in the same way. However, when you are already recognized as part of a group, you are seen, and so you can speak. There is another subtle aspect to being heard — even though as a Projector you have the answer for someone, if they haven’t asked you for advice and you go ahead and give it, it won’t be well received most of the time. If you feel you must speak, then ask for permission, as in: “I think I know something that could help. Do you mind if I tell you what that is?” This approach respects the other person’s right to say no, and you will have avoided completely offending their sensibilities by jumping right in.

          I hope this is a little more clear on why a Projector who initiates conversations may be misunderstood or ignored, and what circumstances are conducive for a Projector to initiate a conversation or give advice.


  70. Jody says:

    Hi Gloria –

    I am a 4/6 projector. You speak of following your bliss until invitations arrive. I find I lack interest in much, other than what I feel I need to learn to move on, and bliss is a foreign word. Any recommendations?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Jody.

      It looks like you’ve lost your mojo! So we’re on the same page, I’m defining mojo as a loss of interest in much of anything. Life just isn’t that appealing — been there, done that, or even if you haven’t — nothing’s all that interesting. No appeal. Nothing’s that fascinating, remarkable, or worth bothering with. It’s all mostly just — yuk. It’s all the end product of: burnout!

      To find out where your mojo went, I would take an honest look at how you’ve been living your life to this point.

      • Have you been doing too much of “nothing,” that is, putting your time and energy into endeavors that have little reward for you?
      • Have you put your time into a project and it didn’t pan out?
      • Have you entered into things correctly?
      • Have you been subscribing to the same dream, and it still eludes you?
      • Have you been overdoing it, and not giving yourself enough time to recuperate?
      • Have you experienced a loss of someone you loved, including a pet?
      • Have you made a move you did not want to make?
      • Did someone betray you?
      • Did you lose a job or not get the one you thought you were a good fit for?
      • Is the food you eat nourishing you?
      • Have you experienced a sudden change in circumstances that you did not see coming and that you never would have asked for?
      • When was the last time you experienced beauty?

      Regardless of any (or all) of the above potential situations, I think it’s safe to say that you are experiencing a loss of alignment. An imbalance from burnout that is the result of a number of factors, and you know what at least some of those are.

      When we are depressed, or believe that our efforts are not being honored (by others or the Universe), we can fall into a slump where we simply stop taking action on our behalf. Even if we are able to attend to the basics to keep life going, we can’t seem to get beyond that.

      So what’s a bored, directionless Projector to do?

      • Socialize. Invite a friend or two to go out.
      • Rest. A rested body is a resilient body.
      • Put on the music. We all love some type of music. Get your energy flowing again. Move around. Dance.
      • Rest. A well rested body is a force to be reckoned with.
      • There is something you’re passionate about. Reconnect with it! It hasn’t actually gone away.
      • Rest. A rested body remembers courage.
      • Believe in yourself. I don’t care if you don’t or never did. Just do it. Making the choice to do so will create a personal movement.
      • Rest. A rested body is a creative force.
      • Trust your intuition. Don’t second-guess yourself.
      • It’s OK to not know the outcome or the answers or how you will get from here to there. Let spirit/universal creativity put the pieces back. There’s more than you acting here. Really.
      • Rest. A rested body has a resilient mind.
      • Focus on what is working / focus on what you can change/ focus on your strengths.
      • Surround yourself with beauty. There is still beauty out there!
      • You are always inside a bigger picture, a greater context. We do not know what the whole story looks like. There’s another chapter coming.
      • Connect with the people who believe in YOU, who see what you’re capable of.
      • Treat yourself with love and respect.
      • Rest. While you’re alive, you have all the time in the world.
      • Get out of your head. Stop the over-thinking and the second-guessing.
      • Be with YOU.
      • Identify your core essential truth. Your core essential truth is indefatigable and primal. And it will get you moving.


      Realize that your situation is an EVOLVING one. Everything is temporary, and even if it doesn’t feel like it, the energy is still moving, and moving you to your next place. Every time we get stuck or something unpleasant or unexpected happens, we tend to believe it’s forever.

      When the unexpected happens, your job is to stay open and curious and follow the energy rather than attempting to get in front of it and try to make it go in a certain direction. There is a higher Intelligence at play here.

      You are inside of a much bigger picture. Whatever is happening now, it’s not forever.

      You have a LIFE! Be grateful for your life! Be grateful for your skills, gifts, talents, and opportunities, and what you have been able to do with them, and what creative and exciting things you will be doing with them!

      Your friends and your mission are still here (4/6). You’re alive! And because you’re alive, the energy is still flowing. Surrender to your life force energy. Forgive the past, forgive yourself, and let go.

      Peace and Joy,

  71. Mark says:


    I’m quite impressed by the amount of answers people are receiving, you really are willing to guide us (or maybe just push us) to the right direction.

    So I know this person, he is a 3/5 Mental Projector. All his life people told him that he was very smart. Not only his mother, but literally 90% of the people he met throughout his life. The only person that has ever told him that he’s actually stupid is his father (who he met and had the opportunity to get to know not so long ago). So this young adult is 25 years old. Committed a ton of mistakes in the past that caused him to lose the chance to finish a degree, he wasted so much money on useless things (drugs), and basically screwed up big time. He got an invitation from his stepfather to join the military in Russia (it’s just 1 year) and he overcomes the experience and turns into a somewhat upgraded and clean version of himself. No smoking, no drinking, also started working out and achieved significant strength progress, he is still progressing higher and higher. Now he got the invitation to return home, his mother is ill and it’s about time he took some responsibility for his dearest family.

    Now here comes the problem. He is 25 years old. No degree, no papers justifying education. Considerable lack of focus due to being unable to find himself a PASSION. So if the projector is setup to master a system, he hasn’t even found a system yet and is stepping into second quarter life period. He is quite capable, knows 4 languages and feels confident about being able to learn a few more. He can play a few musical instruments too. So overall he is always saying how he feels like a jack of all trades since he can do so many different things but… Projectors are supposed to be recognized for something and invited and he is gradually becoming more and more anxious about that “hole” in him, his lack of passion.

    Yes, lately, time has turned to slow motion in an extreme way since he hasn’t managed to return home after the last invitation (stupid visa problems). Bureaucracy is taking quite long.

    So the question is… Are projectors inevitably bound to find a system to master or is there a possibility for someone to be that failure Projector without a clearly defined passion?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Mark. Thanks for writing!

      The 3/5 profile is designed to learn through making mistakes. The line 3’s job is to investigate possibilities without taking a lot of time to determine what outcome a particular course of action will lead to. The line 3 is about leaping before looking — if you look, you won’t leap. It is an energy that strikes many as foolhardy, and yet there is boldness in being a fool. There are things that fools learn that those who are more circumspect will not learn by direct experience, but they can receive the benefits of the line 3’s information. And this is as it should be.

      True, because we are mortal, all line 3’s should first consider whether an action they plan to take will physically imperil them. It is possible that your friend pressed his luck because he was motivated by a difficult relationship with his biological father. Difficult connections to one’s father can easily lead to self-esteem issues. Often we attempt to prove our value, or get attention, by acting out in extreme ways.

      So let us consider that your friend’s mistakes were first compelled by the natural drive of his line 3, and secondly, compelled by additional psychological pressure to prove his worthiness. Both situations are offered via life’s classroom, and we know that your friend is a good student.

      Your friend is 25. You mention that he is stepping into his second quarter life period. I’m going to interpret this as your concern that he is getting older and needs to get with the program of finding his passion, so he can master the system that best allows for the expression of his passion though which he will be recognized and desired by others, and that will also create sustainability (economic support) for him.

      When you’re in your 20’s you may feel pressure to identify for yourself and for the world who you are professionally, or who you are on the way to becoming professionally, once you’ve completed the requirement of a course, program, or apprenticeship.

      Sit back, breathe, and relax! And relax some more. At 25, one is still several years out from the first Saturn Return. That Return is the beginning of crossing into adulthood. It is the time when you learn to distinguish your interests and what you want to do as opposed to bowing to pressure from your friends, family, or the culture, generally. There is so much more to come! You have the next 30 years to develop yourself at all levels, and even at the second Saturn Return, you are not done! You are at another new beginning. So, get some perspective — at 25 you are still gathering information about the world, about what it has to offer you, and about where you intersect with the world in ways that are fulfilling, joyful, and meaningful. And you are still gathering information about who you are.

      I also want to point out that all of these ‘gatherings’ are a never-ending process of self-discovery and expansion. They continue throughout the entirety of our lives. We continue to become more sophisticated and grounded in who we are, and we also become more solidly anchored to this life as the years go by. You develop confidence and mastery because you develop yourself and you learn to speak the language of life. Self-discovery and learning and becoming more of who we are goes on, essentially, forever.

      I want to encourage you and your friend to take the pressure off. At this stage in your young lives, you must give yourselves the luxury of exploration and experimentation. Life should be an adventure where you move towards what calls you, where you move towards what is interesting to you. This is the time in life where you really need to try on different things. Again, taking time to do so is NOT a luxury; it is a NECESSITY. This is the only way you can find out where you want to put your efforts and attention.

      If you are not drawn to something, it is never the time to commit yourself to a course of action that will force you on a path that is difficult to back out of. Release the mistaken understanding that you have to make a commitment to something so early in life. But most especially, release your understanding that if a Projector has not found his passion by 25 he may be on the way to being a ‘failed’ Projector.

      Some people are here to do many things. They become quite good at things they can offer others, and which others will want from them. Some are here to focus on one or two things. There is no hierarchy in the different choices here. And there is no judgment around how much time we spend on something, or how long it takes before we become masters or specialists. If you are following your passion with discipline, then things will unfold in their correct timing.

      This is about all of us paying attention to how we are wired. We find out how we are wired by moving towards what we find interesting. And we may or may not stay with what we find interesting. This should not be a surprise. The point is to get to know what is interesting to you, and to stay with that until you no longer find it interesting. You will develop skills in those areas you stay with. Be discerning about leaving if it is something that supports you. Consider that life offers us more than one platform to live and work from. We may not always get paid for what we love; but we can immerse ourselves in our bliss while we take care of what needs to be taken care of, and do what we need to do to maintain our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and economic integrity. This includes being responsible for what is yours to be responsible for.

      A system such as Human Design offers us a lens into our general role in relation to all the Human Design Types, and tells us how to manage our energy and how to make the decisions that are correct for us as unique Types and as individuals. But when we interpret this system in a dogmatic way such that we think certain things need to be happening by a certain time given our age and Type, then we become slaves to something that was intended as a guideline. I want you to consider that each one of us is more than the sum of our parts. Our parts, as it were, are the attributes that our souls chose to take on to give us orientation and direction, to keep us on the paths that the soul wished to explore. There are core mechanisms associated with the human design attributes, and these are our strategy and authority. But beyond strategy and authority is your calling. Follow that first by following your heart’s desires.

      Peace and joy,

  72. Sandra says:

    Hi Gloria,

    I‘m a Projector with 8 centers defined and a quadruple split. My profile is 1/3 and my authority is emotion. I can’t find something about a 8 defined center projector and the quadruple split. In my chart 2 defined centers are connected. Maybe you can bring light to this kind of projector.

    Thank you so much for answering all the comments, it really helps to understand more.

    Much love

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Sandra. Thank you for your comment!

      As a Projector with 8 defined centers you are here to express your unique energies – presence, way of being – as a model to others that it is not just all right to be who you are, but that this is also necessary. Defined centers radiate outward. They send messages and information to others, which then elicit interest and curiosity in you. This configuration asks that you become conscious and intentional with how you live your life, as your energy is very much on display. Even though you will not always know what your next step is, it is important for you to know what your values are, and what you believe in. Your values will inform your actions as long as you act in integrity with what you believe is right. This way, you do not need to worry about how you are seen by others, because your actions are compelled by your truth.

      Your quadruple split means that you need the energy of others to complete your channels. At times you may be confused as to who you are because you will experience conflict among the four different pieces (splits) or aspects of yourself. The truth is, you are a whole being regardless of your Design. But when you are not sure how to act in a certain situation, do not pressure yourself to act hastily. Give yourself time, especially since you have emotional authority, to feel things out. You are not designed to be spontaneous, and rushing to make a decision will not benefit you, and it may even harm you. Take your time. Your emotional authority is in place to protect you.

      In addition, your 1/3 profile will compel you to experiment and research before you commit to anything, and before you draw conclusions about what is true, what is not true, and what works, or not. As long as you are living your life with integrity – that is – doing what is true and correct for you, and not rushing into anything that will impact your life significantly, you will remain balanced. Others may marvel at your ability to calmly go through life, assessing your options without haste and no need to second-guess yourself.


  73. Dayyy says:

    Hi. I’m fairly new to HD. Any advice would help. I am a 2/4 projector; I think I am a mental projector. Only my throat and ajna are defined. Single definition; also right angle cross of Eden. I find myself going from day to day almost blankly. Any advice would help!

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Dayyy. Thanks for writing.

      The Garden of Eden, real or not, is still a powerful archetype in the human psyche. The Garden is the story of our beginnings as beings of innocence with vast potential to become profoundly wise. We acquire our wisdom through living our lives – through the human experience.

      Alas, the human experience is fraught with the unexpected and with surprises, not of all which are pleasant. We find ourselves out in storms without shelter, and we are betrayed by those who seemed to offer loyalty. Even more, we are betrayed by the simple myth that if we live our lives thus and so, everything will turn out fine, and we will be successful. It is a shock to learn that this is not how things work.

      To move through shock, we have to make sense of what happened, and then find a way to bring order to our world so that we can proceed with more solid footing. We learn that we do not live in a world of black and white, but in an intricate interwoven matrix of thought and feeling, hope and despair – ours and others – and these can collide. By the way, there is great creativity available in this matrix of experience and feeling.

      When what we thought should happen as a result of our efforts doesn’t happen, we are pulled up short. This is the place where nothing makes sense, and so we wander aimlessly, wanting to connect with something that will anchor us back into ourselves, that will bring sense back to our lives. However, we cannot force ourselves to be grounded before we have made sense of why things fell apart, or why they aren’t the way they were supposed to be, the way we were promised they would be. We cannot demand of the world that it make sense. We are the ones that must bring order to our experience. To our lives.

      To do this, it is important to honor what aligns with you and to follow what feels right. Even if it doesn’t inspire anyone! What is important is for you to honor your energy where it is. This is a fact: where you are right now is not where you will stay. The most critical thing for you is to be honest about what you need at this time, and what you need to let go of. It is really all right to let go of the pressure to make something happen. In fact, it is necessary. When we push and nothing changes, there is information here for you: what you are doing is not right for you at this time.

      To regain your moorings, begin by choosing you. Begin by saying yes to what calls you. It doesn’t matter if your enthusiasm isn’t great. It doesn’t matter if you can barely lift a finger. Lift it anyway. What matters is that you begin to re-create your life with intention. It matters a lot that you bring your energy out of stagnation back into flow. You can do this by focusing on a small goal each day. Do not pressure yourself to move mountains. Planting a mustard seed is enough.

      You are a very open, and hence, sensitive Projector. It is easy for you to be derailed. By following your strategy of only accepting those invitations that are delicious to you, you will begin to make sense of your life. We only speak of significant invitations — those that will have a significant impact on your life. Job, career, friendships, romance, marriage, and location of residence are the invitations we seek. You have no authority, so you are to share with trusted persons. Do not seek advice per se. Ask to be heard, so that you can hear what you are truly feeling about a situation.

      As a 2/4 Profile, your network is through those who know and accept you, including your friends. Take time to be alone. This will help to clear and center you.

      Find your joy by doing activities that uplift you. These will raise your energy level and your vibration, and this will begin to ground you. Your energy will begin to move faster, and you will be able to do more. Every single small action that you perform on your behalf, on behalf of the life you truly want to live, will have a cumulative effect towards pulling you out of going through your days blankly, without purpose and vision.

      Have compassion for yourself. Have patience with the process of bringing your soul back into your body. There will be days when you feel you have failed. The thing is to get back up and keep going. You can do this.


  74. Joni says:

    Hello Gloria,

    Thank you for your work. I am a novice in Human Design, and I found your website, and appreciate your expertise.

    As an Energy Wellness Practitioner, I am looking at my chart and have gained another level of insight today. One question haunts me, and I was happy to find your ask Gloria page.

    I will be 56 next month, divorced/mostly single for 12 years. The last year or so, it has been in my awareness that I am fixated on finding a compatible to partner with in order to bring love and direction into my life. I feel like this other, is part of my process of being here.

    I am a 6/2 Projector. Can you please provide your insight, wisdom and advice to the question of: Why do I feel this desire to meet the right someone to merge my life with so strongly?

    Thank you deeply.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Joni. Thanks for sharing your information and for your question!

      An aspect of your life purpose is to walk through the world in joy, communicating its essence in how you live your life. That communication happens in many different ways — directly through what you say to others, how you interact with others, and in how you model emotional resiliency. As you surrender your day to its highest good, you will spread joy wherever you are. Another expression of joy is love. From where I stand, it appears that your overarching mandate is to give and receive love.

      It is no surprise that you are feeling a need to make a connection with a partner. Although you are very independent and capable, quite able to take on life on your own, as a Projector you are designed for intimate connection. Your need for a partner/ life partner/ soul mate is built into your 6th line profile. The 6th line is driven to connect with their partner, someone who will walk with them, providing love and direction, as they fulfill their mission.

      These last 12 years you have undergone deep personal and professional development. You have a much more solid sense of who you are, and what you are capable of. Because you can trust yourself to be there for yourself and to meet your responsibilities, you are now ready to welcome in someone who also has those qualities. You do not need to compromise who you are.

      You can now step forth from behind the protective curtain that you created to shield you as you underwent a very personal process of refining your sense of self and your values and how you would express them. Even so, you are someone who will always hold your Self close to your chest, revealing who you are only to those who have earned your trust. It is correct for you to do this. Because you are friendly and open with others, most will not be aware of your depth or your capacity to look right into another’s soul. Or how much of yourself is not actually on display!

      Your current astrology indicates that the timing for you to bring in a partner is essentially now, and probably no later than, late Spring 2020. This is another reason you are feeling such a strong need for connection. You may be feeling pressure and a high sense of urgency around this, but I encourage you to relax. Things are already in motion. Your job is to follow your strategy, and to be available to those invitations that feel delicious. Do not allow your fears to cloud your sense of whether or not answering the invitation is correct for you. Trust your feelings.

      You are now ready to bring in a partnership that will not be like any other you’ve had. This one will match you vibrationally. I have no doubt that this connection will support both of you to rise to higher levels of integrity in all you do, and increase your understanding of, and your faith in, your mission and purpose.

      Peace and joy,

  75. Sean Reed Price says:

    Thanks for writing in depth about this. I just found out about human design a few days ago from my sister (spleen authority manifestor), and it’s been super accurate and helpful. I’ve been taking in as much info as I can about the subject.

    I’m a 28 year old 6/2 mental projector. Most of my life has been filled with a lot of turbulence and change. I’m the youngest of 6 kids, we moved around a lot growing up, and I experienced quite a bit of trauma leading up to and during my parents divorce. I didn’t do too well in school as a result of always feeling SO much.

    I’m a musician/artist- this is my calling. I love to write/sing songs, play guitar/bass/piano/harmonica, and I also love to draw in my own style and incorporate that imagery into my music. Lately I’ve been focusing more on recording/engineering/producing so that I can see my projects through to completion on my own.

    Out of high school, I ended up working a job that was particularly draining as a machinist, while I took full time units at jr college at night, as was required by my dad in order to live with him at the time. Our relationship has been rocky, as I’ve been hurt by him a few times. During that time I was also rehearsing and playing regular gigs with my band Temporal Love. Needless to say, I burnt out fairly quickly, moved out on my own, dropped out of college, and tried to focus on music until that dynamic no longer felt like it was working for me. At that time (around 22) I kinda renounced everything and lived out of a backpack for a few years. I spent a lot of my 20’s traveling, and doing work/trade on farms in a few countries and a couple states in the US.

    I also spent a lot of time studying forms of meditation and spiritual practices. After that I spent some time in Portland working as a cook, and volunteered as assistant sound engineer for spiritual teacher Matt Kahn’s events. During that time I was oscillating between extreme levels of bliss and peace, and intense bouts of unease and turmoil. Overall, I felt super isolated in the pacific north west, as my family and most of my friends are in LA, and so it felt natural to move back.

    I’ve been pretty lucky that things have always worked out for me despite the chaos, but I have picked up a few destructive habits over the years to cope, and I battle with depression and anxiety regularly. I really appreciate all the info I’ve found about human design. It’s good to feel like I’m not totally alone in this. I don’t really know why I’m writing this, but it feels good to share. I hope someone gets something out of it. In the meantime, I’m trying to integrate all this info and learn to better serve my nature. It’s nice to not be flying so blind to how my energy operates. Kinda looking forward to the 2nd phase, ha ha.

  76. Eka says:

    I am a burned out splenic projector, 5/1, 42 years old, burned out through full-time corporate schedule. Have recovery difficulties since 2 years. Looking for a way to heal, could you advice some good resources to read? Thank you!!

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Eka. I am so sorry to hear of your burnout. I don’t have any reading recommendations for you — this is because most of the material out there that addresses burnout does not understand the energy system as taught in Human Design. If you read through the comments on burnout by Projectors and my responses, you will see that over and over, it is necessary for a Projector to rest as much as possible. Once you reach the deep levels of fatigue that are the result of years of pushing your Projector energy system/body to do things it was not designed to do, the best thing you can do is to get totally selfish with taking care of your health.

      You cannot take on any more commitments. You must do only what you can to keep the roof over your head. Everything else is rest, rest, and love yourself. Once you are in deep fatigue, your recovery is not something that will happen overnight. It is very important that you realize that from here on out, you must be gentle with yourself and have no other higher focus than to support your well being. You are in a shift right now, given your age — you are in the midst of the the Uranus-Uranus opposition — where some things must be let go of because they are causing you harm and are not relevant anymore. It is not necessarily clear where you are headed, but that is not important at this time. It is important that you do not pressure yourself to create anything or make yourself be powerful or successful. Now is the time to hold yourself as if you were a little child in the arms of her mother. Now is the time to enjoy the beauty around you and appreciate that being alive is the most important thing. Breathing is a gift.

      Do not pressure yourself, and let yourself heal. Your body will find its own pace. Release your expectations of what life is supposed to be like, what you are supposed to be, what you are supposed to be doing. You are in the trenches of saving your life. Have no expectations of what is to be. Just love yourself in the same way you would love your own child. Nurture your child, feed it well, sleep as much as you can and do nothing as much as you can. You need sanctuary, so give it to yourself.


  77. Katelyn says:


    I am a 5/1 Splenic Projector and I appreciate the detail you have gone into to help us all understand this more! My design chart has The Channel of Surrender and notes that my aptitude for sensing changing trends and needs within the market and understanding how to take advantage of the market means I naturally function as a promoter and sales rep at an organization’s frontline.

    I am considering a sales role that is geared towards a product to help with eliminating plastic waste and I feel very drawn to the mission. However, I am confused how I can successfully act as a salesperson without initiating conversations. Could you provide some clarity?

    Is this a case where I have been invited to the role, so I am able to reach out on the organization’s behalf as part of that invitation – or is there a specific way I would need to approach prospective clients to be recognized?

    Appreciate your response!!

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Katelyn. Thank you for your comment.

      The formal invitations that Projectors wait for are really about four big things:

      • the invitation to love
      • the invitation to career
      • the invitation to bond with others
      • and the invitation to a place to live

      As you surmised, once you are invited to assume a role on behalf of an organization, you are now acting as its representative. If you are cold calling, then you can ask your prospective clients if they would like to hear about an innovative approach to eliminating plastic waste. If they are calling your office for information, you can share your information without delay.

      For any invitation, once you have been invited and have entered into the offer, you no longer require another invitation for that same offer. Then you can behave like a Manifestor; that is, you can initiate.

      Peace, Gloria

  78. Mirela says:

    Hi there,

    I just found out I am a projector. Unfortunately, due to being unsure of birth time, I am either a 5/2 or 5/1 . What would be a good way to narrow it down further so I can work on myself and understand myself better?


    • gloria says:

      Hi, Mirela. The best way for you to determine whether your profile is a 5/1 or 5/2 is to study these profiles. Once you understand the differences between them, you will be able to identify which one fits you best. Consider also what distinguishes line 1 from line 2.


  79. Georgina says:

    Projectors can change the world. I was listening to some Winston Churchill speeches last week for VE Day and googled his type. I wasn’t surprised to see he was a Projector. His speeches were the very best of leadership.

  80. Lila says:

    Gloria, thanks so much for this article and your comments. I just discovered Human Design; I’m a mental Projector, 3/5 with a Right Angle Cross of Explanation, only Anja and Throat defined. I found it very confusing and non-resonant at first, but the information you’ve given here has really helped a lot. I don’t know if you’re still responding to comments, but if you have the time I’d be interested in anything you have to say about the fear involved with following your true desires, especially when they’re not something that will necessarily start with an invitation (I’m writing a novel and would love to be a published author one day, but obviously I need to finish it first and submit it myself to agents, etc). I’m currently working a 9-5 job that’s definitely starting to get to me. I’d love to quit and focus only on writing, but even thinking about it makes financial worries and fear of failure flood in. It’s hard to unlearn 36 years’ worth of trying to be a Generator because I thought that was just how things were!

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Lila. Thank you for commenting.

      As you know, the Projector strategy is to wait to be invited into the big opportunities in life. These big invitations come infrequently. The big opportunities are things like love, marriage, moving, getting a new job, buying a home, etc. These biggies are the events that will take a lot of your energy and commitment and change the course of your life, so they have to be correct for you/ for your energy. And they have to feel delicious to be correct. Not just any invitation will do.

      In between the big invitations, Projectors don’t have to wait to live their lives or pursue their bliss, interests, and gifts. A Projector should be pursuing the development of their gifts, talents, and interests. No invitation needed. As you become more of an expert, you develop a specialty or specialties for which you will likely get recognized. You may or may not make a living from your expertise, but you will be much happier that you paid attention to it. As for small things such as going to a movie or going out to eat, they’re no skin off your nose. You’re not going to make a life mistake by doing things that don’t require much commitment.

      If you were a trust funder or were being supported by family or a spouse so that you didn’t have to go to a job and you could just write your book, you’d be very lucky, and you also wouldn’t grow from the tension that you are currently experiencing over where to place your energy and attention. If you are your own bread winner, you need to keep winning bread. It may be that you are reaching a point of physical depletion from working Generator hours, and this needs to be taken seriously.

      There are different approaches to working with this situation.

      1. You keep your job and when you leave you only work on your novel. You do not take on any other commitments. You rest as much as possible.

      2. You find a job that has fewer hours, if you can afford to live on what they pay. Again, you work on your novel and take on no further commitments, and you rest.

      3. You find yourself approaching the deep exhaustion of a Projector who is running a Generator schedule, and in order to save your health (and your life), you quit your job and take time off. You work on your novel, you rest, and eventually you start looking for another job.

      4. Maybe you just need a different job. Different environment, different people.

      Admittedly, number 3. is a somewhat riskier approach, but if it is the case that you are getting seriously worn out with your current schedule, and as much rest as possible and no other commitments is still not supporting you to stay in one piece physically, then you might think about jumping ship. I only say this because Projectors who have pushed and pushed (and they are usually older than you) can get to a place of such deep exhaustion that the day comes when they can’t even lift their arm off the bed. Once a Projector reaches this level of exhaustion, it takes years to recover. And frankly, you’re never the same after that. And unless you’ve got room and board covered, you do not ever want to tempt fate and wind up in that situation.

      Your question about fear has to do with what is reasonable fear and what is unreasonable fear. Reasonable fear is not walking down an alley in the dark, not seeing if you can get across the street before the truck hits, not walking up to mama bear and her cubs on a peaceful hike through the woods. And that includes quitting a job if you have no other means of support UNLESS you are at a place of deep, deep fatigue. Because you don’t get over that with one or two good nights of sleep.

      Fears that have nothing to do with putting your mortality at risk are the ones we need to push through.

      You want to be realistic; you want to be practical. You want to keep it going so that you can keep it going. Bear in mind that we all have a tendency to think that what we’re currently experiencing will never change and we’ll stay stuck in a loop, but that’s an illusion. Everything changes, and life will move you on. Your job is to stay true to your type, to your level of energy, and follow your strategy. Your job is to stay vital. Since you have no authority, you should talk your truth out with others. Just talk, so you can hear what rings true for you. Don’t ask for advice because most people have no clue about what a Projector needs.


  81. Lora says:

    Thank you for writing this article and sharing so much information. Finding out I’m a Projector has explained every struggle I’ve gone through, even earlier on until recent in career. It’s a relief but somewhat a bummer because I went from feeling like “what’s wrong with me?” and totally out of place to “ok, now what do I do?”. I’ve been working like a Generator in a modern world that advertises Manifestors, but I am a Projector. I’ve definitely have fatigued myself and especially burnt myself out over the past year or so. I feel broken.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Lora. Thank you for your comment.

      I am very sorry that you feel broken. You know what you need to do, right? Start building lots of rest and down time into your daily life. This is the number one cure for a physically burned out Projector. This is not something you can argue with. It is paramount that you do this.


  82. Jananya says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post, it’s really touching. I’m very new to Human Design, maybe 2 months in. I just barely begun understanding the types, centers, and how to basically read a chart.

    I have one burning question. It’s important to mention that it probably stems from not yet fully understanding how to listen to my authority or know which invitations are appropriate… so some clarity would be greatly appreciated.

    I understand that we have to wait for appropriate invitations, and honestly most of my life I was a yes-girl and in the last 2-3 years I felt so burnt out (I’m now 28 years old). I stopped going out almost entirely, spent most of my free time at home binging TV shows and smoking to relax. I worked full time and that was enough energy for me as is… so at the end of the day, I’d just retreat to my “cave” and shut out the world.

    A recurring phenomenon in my life, however, is people getting mad at me for not staying in touch. They expect me to come over, call, text, etc. regularly – and to be honest, it exhausts me. I hate it. I feel like a pleaser, and the whole relationship feels fake when I force myself to do it… it creates anger towards other people, and that’s the reason I simply stopped responding in the last 2 years and became kind of a hermit.

    The other part of this is that when I do attend these things – I mostly do not enjoy them. Small talk, idle conversation about stuff that does not interest me… It feels like a huge waste of time and energy, seriously. I feel like a bad person for it, lots of guilt that I can’t just “be nice” and spend some “quality time” with friends or family. I have attempted to create more interesting, meaningful interactions but a lot of times it ended badly… I now know why.

    In the past 2 months, just before I heard about Human Design, I started pulling out of my cocoon and accepting invitations again. Some felt good, some I regretted. But very quickly this expectation from people that I’ll initiate contact started up again – it irks me just as much as before. Knowing when to set boundaries and when to go along is really hard for me.

    So my question actually divides into two- How do I know which invitations I should and shouldn’t accept? And, when declining, how can I explain to people that it has nothing to do with them? I have tried explaining it directly this way, “I have a lot of things to do, and at the end of the day I feel so burned out, I just need some quiet and alone time. It’s nothing personal. I don’t stay in touch with most people unless they contact me.”

    This seems to irritate people even more. “But we all work! We’re all tired! I still keep in touch with everyone and maintain a social life!”
    Yeah, well, you’re probably not a projector like me, then…

    Yeah, lots of bitterness and frustration around this one.
    Awaiting your reply <3

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Jananya. Thank you for sharing.

      If you do a search on this Projector page, you will find that the word invitation occurs 221 times. As you read each section on invitation, you will get clear instructions and clear information on which invitations to accept, and which to reject. If you doubt which invitation to accept, you are second-guessing yourself and talking yourself out of your truth. Take the time to read the discussion available here, and which I’ve lovingly built in answer to questions about what an invitation is, what it isn’t, and how to recognize it. This section of my website is rich with the information you seek. This will answer your first question, “how do I know which invitations I should and shouldn’t accept?”

      Your second question, “when declining, how can I explain to people that it has nothing to do with them?” suggests that you need to offer an explanation beyond “no,” or “no, thank you, I’m not interested. Or: “no, thank you, I have other plans.” Or: “no, thank you, I don’t have the energy for that,” and that you have to apologize for being you. If you are struggling to explain or apologize because your no is not acceptable to someone, you have connected with people who are not members of your tribe. Anyone who attempts to pressure you or make you feel guilty or make you wrong or imply that you are anti-social or imbalanced or whatever because you don’t accept their invitation should be kicked to the curb. Get rid of them. They don’t belong in your life. That’s all there is to it.

      You’re coming up on your first Saturn return. It’s time to establish your personal boundaries and start visioning where you plan to put your attention and energy, both avocationally and vocationally. I understand you’re tired, but don’t give in to the tendency to drift off and anesthetize your mind and emotions because life isn’t a bowl of cherries right now. Take responsibility for creating the future you want. Your first Saturn return is all about taking charge and standing in your Projector power and sovereignty.


  83. LL says:

    This makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the information. However, I hate every moment of my life, as I am a Projector 4/6, Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx (2/1 | 13/7). I am well educated and lost my corporate job 5 years ago and had to move in with my parents! Completely humiliating, and miserable. No matter what efforts I make to move on I am stuck! Single as well, of course. My parents are very successful and well-off and can not understand why I am in a complete void in every aspect of my life! They know I am talented and intelligent, yet I sit here and watch others get promotions, and get married, while my life stays a constant nothingness. I am extremely unhappy, as 5 years have gone by and I have received zero invitations. Applying for jobs, had plenty of interviews and nothing ever works out for some strange reason. Decided to start my own business and even that has stalled. I am really sick of not having my own life and money. It sucks not being able to control your life!

    • gloria says:

      Hi, LL. Take a breath. Pause. Get off the roller coaster ride you’ve put yourself on. Your current experience is a great example of what happens when we hang on too tightly and we try to control the outcome and every detail between. You are not ultimately in control of the bigger picture of your life. You are responsible for navigating your life according to your energy type and according to the higher purpose you agreed to manifest. But as long as you focus on what you don’t want and what you don’t have, most of your energy is going towards resisting. And what you resist, persists.

      This is because when we are busy fighting what we don’t want and don’t have, we don’t see what we do have, and more importantly, we undermine our capacity to put our efforts towards building the life and future we want to have.

      There are some fundamentally correct ways to live your life, and to handle the challenges and disappointments that are inevitable. First, it is important that you are in right relationship with yourself. Second, it is important that you are in right relationship with others. And finally, you must be in right relationship with the created world.

      What does “right relationship” mean? It means that you honor yourself and others. It means you understand that we are all connected and that our actions affect the course of human civilization, much like the “butterfly effect.” It means that you live your life from a moral compass, one that supports the well-being of yourself and others. It means that you always consider how your actions will impact your condition, and that of others.

      Reframe your story. The way we perceive our life events influences how we experience our lives and what we ultimately create in our reality. Rewrite your story to empower yourself. Walk away from resentment and feeling victimized. Your power to change your life has always been with you. Begin by being grateful for what you have:

      • Parents that care enough about you to give you sanctuary
      • Shelter
      • Food
      • Intelligence
      • Talent
      • Health
      • Good looks

      Be grateful for your life! Be grateful for your skills, gifts, talents, and opportunities, and what you have been able to do with them, and what creative and exciting things you will be doing with them!

      Make peace with your current situation. Accepting what is will allow movement. We’re not in charge of the bigger picture. It is our job to surrender to where the flow of our lives takes us.

      Realize that your situation is an EVOLVING one. Everything is temporary, and even if it doesn’t feel like it, the energy is still moving and moving you to your next place. Every time we get stuck or something unpleasant or unexpected happens, we tend to believe it’s forever. There goes all our hard work! Then we go into flight and fight, creating disarray, with the possibility of losing the connection to our original inspiration.

      Your job is to stay open and curious and follow the energy rather than attempting to get in front of it and try to make it go in a certain direction. There is a higher Intelligence at play here.

      You are inside of a much bigger picture. Always. Allow yourself to step out of reaction and connect with the flow of life force energy that is emanating directly from you. It is very powerful, and will guide you to your next steps.

      • Focus on what is working. Focus on your strengths.
      • Surround yourself with beauty. Beauty is found everywhere.
      • Connect with the people who believe in YOU, who see what you’re capable of.
      • Treat yourself with love and respect.
      • Rest. You have all the time in the world.
      • Get out of your head. Stop the over-thinking and the second-guessing.
      • Take up new hobbies.
      • Use this time to learn new things and develop mastery and expertise.

      We are in a pandemic which gives us the opportunity and time to re-evaluate what is truly important, and what our hearts tell us we came here to do and be. And because we are in this time of a great virus, we have to make ourselves a new life, with new habits, and new possibilities. Maybe all the things you thought you needed to have aren’t really all that important, or what your life is supposed to look like, anyway. Have patience and feel into who you really are and what it means for how you plan to live the rest of your life. The timing of when things happen isn’t your job. The how, the when, and where things unfold isn’t your job, either. Your job is to bring forth your purpose and commit to it. The energy of your incarnation cross supports you to be open to the possibilities. As a 6th line profile, you are here to illustrate how to live in alignment with your purpose.


  84. Kody says:

    Thank you for this information. I recently started to really dive deep into my human design during this quarantine and this information was extremely helpful. I am a 29 year old 3/6 Splenic Projector with the Incarnation Cross of Service. Ive spent a lot of my life hustling and working multiple jobs, leading to a mass amount of physical illness and stress. My attempts to help the people I love were never accepted because I would just blurt them out when they weren’t asked for. It just always seemed so obvious to me!
    What I’m working on now is myself- I recently quit my 9-5 job and went into a seclusion around the time of my Saturn return (I didn’t realize this until I started my research, go figure) I’m coming to find that Projectors aren’t as great at seeing themselves as they are other people. I’ve searched everywhere to find out about me but I’m still coming up short and confused and frustrated with seemingly no direction or answers.
    How do I use my splenic authority as a Projector?
    Is there any more information you could forward about the Incarnation cross of service?
    I just want to know my purpose and how to live my best life and be proud to be a Projector

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Kody. Thanks for writing.

      The Cross of Service is about guiding, organizing, and correcting entrenched habits and assumptions. This cross is a pattern-corrector. Your ability to correct patterns comes from the logic sub-circuit of the Understanding Circuit. Each one of the four points of this Incarnation Cross comes off the logic circuit. Logic has the mystical capacity to see when something is out of order and sequence, when some piece of the process is irrelevant to the objectives, and ultimately, when a way of being or perceiving (tradition, the way we’ve always done it) no longer supports the well-being of a community, or the purpose of the process. And this could be any community. In communities — neighborhoods, neighbors, schools, businesses, organizations (and more, you get the gist) — everyone relies on everyone following the rules and protocols. This keeps the community coherent and integrated. But there comes a time when the rules no longer apply. Even human civilization needs to be course-corrected from time to time in order to advance. Patterns that were effective at one time eventually fail to meet current needs. Every process and system and paradigm eventually needs correction and re-ordering in order to meet the higher needs of evolution.

      As an individual, as a unique Projector with her own design and the dharma of this Cross, you will have a life whose evolution will depend on correcting the patterns (habits and assumptions) that no longer serve who you are becoming. Another way of looking at this is that you carry an acute awareness of what does not work for you, and then you can dig into your ability to use the gifts of this Cross to know what needs to be released and what you need to bring in next so that you can keep moving forward on your correct path. The core question to ask yourself is: who do I need to be, and what do I need to do to create my best life, the one that respects and honors my needs, desires, talents, and interests?

      Although you have the gift of pattern recognition, you will do best to apply this to your own life. It does not truly work to speak your mind about what needs to change when your insights have not been asked for. It is better to be asked, but if you feel pressure to speak, you can always say that you may have a solution and is it alright to make a suggestion? Of course, there are vocations that need your talent. You just need to find the ones that are in alignment with you. These are going to be the ones that feel good to you. It won’t do to make yourself do something that has no appeal.

      You will get better at this over time. It is a matter of exercising discretion and patience. Some things are a judgment call, and some things may not benefit from waiting for intervention. Use your Projector wisdom to help you. You have Splenic Authority, and this center is about intuition, timing, and survival. If you are paying attention to your intuition and instinct, and not using logic in the moment, you will be able to access your truth in the moment, in the now. This will give you information on whether or not you should speak or take action. You must pay attention because the intuitive information from the Spleen is immediate, and is easily lost if you try to reason with it.

      We learn from the experiences we have, including the ones that were not so pleasant. There is no other way to gather solid data about who we are, the limits of what we can do, what works for us, and what we want. There comes a time to pause and take a breath, take a breath, take a breath, and move out of the energetic space of what has broken. You have done that.

      It is good for you to realize that putting pressure on yourself for your next assignment and direction will not bring that about any faster. Now that you are crossing the threshold of your Saturn Return, it is time for you to take the time to flow with your feelings and imagination. It is time to relax and explore. You are claiming your sovereignty.

      We are all born with a purpose, or dharma. These can be expressed in different ways, on different platforms. There is more than one way to sing or act, or teach a course. The point is to teach and sing, if that is where your heart wants to be. As a 3/6 profile, you are meant to discover many different ways to arrive at the same conclusion. You are not meant to be fixed in your experiences. You are meant to flow with and seek out and bump into life, even as life bumps into you. Follow what compels you, and don’t judge it. This is your time to explore without needing an outcome.

      Direction comes from allowing. Take stock of your talents, your aptitudes, your interests, what you are suited for…your clues for your direction are here. Follow what compels you, and your purpose and specific direction to express that purpose will come. You can’t force the flower to produce its fruit before it’s ready, but you can nurture it, giving it what it needs as it grows so that it will eventually manifest its highest essence. Keep in mind that each flower has its own DNA. It can only become that flower, and no other.


  85. Fera says:

    Hi Gloria,

    I am a splenic projector 3/5. I am in a kind of dilemma of waiting to respond character of a projector in love issue. From your article, I should work on myself and then ‘put myself out’ while waiting for the invitation. This concept really resonates well with me and I could not agree more. However, with the clock is ticking and the invitation seems not in sight,

    will it be right for me to join the online dating?

    How to recognize the right invitation?

    I am now in an environment where there is almost no available single man that could possibly appreciate/recognize my qualities and invite me to a relationship.

    Thank you.

  86. gloria says:

    Hi, Fera. Thanks for commenting.

    Ah, well, the clock is always ticking, isn’t it? Whether or not that means we’re running out of time or that the clock is just ticking, because that’s what it does, depends on what we want it to mean, or think it means. Of course, it is true that we are moving inside of a time continuum, and that eventually we will come out on the other side of that. In the meantime, there are things we want to do and places we want to go, and there’s usually plenty of time for that built into a life.

    That’s because we have a purpose to fulfill and a life to live in order to fulfill that purpose.

    The answer to your question, Fera, hangs on the meaning of the Projector Invitation. So what does that mean, invitation? There are actually only four formal invitations that a Projector seeks:

    • the invitation to love
    • the invitation to career
    • the invitation to bond with others (friendship, organizations)
    • the invitation to a place to live (moving)

    And while you’re waiting for the “big four,” you live your life. You do what calls to you. You play, you have fun, you study what you’re drawn to, and so on. You know – you live your life.

    It can be confusing to know if joining an online dating service is in breach of The Invitation. Which of the big four would joining a dating service fall under?

    Invitation to love? No, not really. No one is asking you to be their girlfriend or wife. How could they? They don’t know you.

    Invitation to bond? No, not really. Again, no one knows you. So they can’t ask you to be their besty.

    In both of these examples, there is no actual invitation. No one knows you enough to offer one. So, in choosing to join an online dating service, you are simply following what calls to you. You are investigating and experimenting. You are putting yourself out there and making yourself visible so you can be seen and in this way get an invitation from that. In other words, you do not need to wait for an invitation to get on a dating service. Do yourself a favor and join. Explore and experiment and reply to the dating profiles that interest you without waiting to be written to first because you are just following your interests and not accepting or rejecting a true invitation. If anything, the invitation came from the marketing for the service. Not one of the big four, so nothing to worry about. A true or formal invitation, when accepted, will change your life in a big way.

    Projectors know when an invitation is correct for them because it feels good. And it feels good because the invitation specifically asked for YOU. It’s your personality, your appearance, and your unique qualities that are being asked for. You know the difference between when someone wants to get to know you or offers you a job because you are just what they’re looking for vs. when someone is just looking for a warm body to fill in the gaps. It won’t feel right if you’re just a substitute or fill-in. In fact, it might feel awful. It’s easy to tell. How does the invitation FEEL? If it doesn’t feel good or right or something’s off, it’s not your invitation.

    And, of course, you’ve got your Splenic authority to listen to. Despite that, Projectors usually need at least a little time to explore an idea, an answer, a direction, a project…you can always ask yourself how does this feel to me? Watch for any tendencies to talk yourself into or out of something when your feelings have already told you that a certain situation isn’t right for you.

    Have fun with online dating. Watch for any tendencies to take things personally. Take advantage of what the service offers, and enjoy the exploration.


  87. Andrea says:

    Hi Gloria,

    I am a 6/2 self-projected projector. I really want self-discipline to follow my goals on a regular basis. I’ve battled with procrastination in the past.

    I’ve worked on getting in tune with what I really want to prioritize my time on. My two biggest priorities are my independent creative career and intuitive movement.

    While I’ve cut a lot out, I still become overwhelmed quickly in the day. I’m trying to balance the bare minimum of housework, personal hygiene, keeping up with my simple part-time job, and some social activities. And I get headaches frequently.

    As a child, I loved school and learning but had trouble completing my homework and I would do it last minute on the bus. In college, I loved taking classes on anything that interested me but I developed severe anxiety for writing papers and never read all the assignments on time.

    Do you know what type of daily or weekly schedule or approach would work best for me?

    Thank you.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Andrea.

      Thank you for writing.

      I’m wondering about your headaches. Your frequent headaches could be why you are having difficulty with focus and follow through, and why you have needed to pare your life to minimum.

      Have you looked into managing or healing these headaches? How about Chinese medicine? What about allergies? What about your eating habits and what you are eating? Is there something in your life that is a constant and difficult presence, whether it’s your location, a relationship, or something else? What about your energy level? Can you rely on it, or is it consistently low?

      It seems there is a block of some kind, whether it’s physical or emotional, or spiritual, and it may have multiple causes, and it’s old. You can do so much for yourself, and then you reach a threshold that you cannot cross. You have only so much energy, and it goes to taking care of the basics of keeping body and soul together. Beyond that, things become difficult.

      Creative expression and working with your intuition light you up, yet you cannot consistently focus on that. The reasons are something of a mystery. When we are doing what really lights us up, we have the energy for it, and these activities also revitalize us.

      I would encourage you to follow your flow of creative energy. This is a flow that has its own rhythm, but it is always within reach. Every person has their own rhythm, regardless of whether they also have a routine that they follow.

      Since you are having difficulty following your creative flow, it may be that something deeper is going on, and I encourage you to look into that. I recommend Chinese medicine. I also recommend Ayurveda practices, beginning with understanding the needs of your dosha. And there is also allopathic Western medicine. Having someone to talk to about what you are feeling and thinking, with the only the goal to listen to what it is that wants to emerge, would be good for you. Do you have such a friend?

      I am sorry, Andrea, that you are struggling to stay focused long enough to manifest your goals and desires. Again, since you are a Projector, you need to always be aware of your energy levels. Sometimes we have lived with low energy for so long and adjusted our lives around that that we don’t realize the best thing we can do for ourselves to get all the rest we need. And it could be that you need to rest for a long time before you are renewed and back in your body. It’s only from that place that you can pursue your heart’s desire with a consistency that will take you where you want to go and bring you results. And as I said, please think about what other causes there might be, things that you don’t necessarily see as contributing to your lack of focus, that could also be impeding you.


  88. Amanda says:

    Hi Gloria,

    Hoping you can advise. I’m a projector and for all my life I’ve followed invitations when moving home/location. Especially when I move abroad!

    But this time I want to move (my partner suggested it, but he is a projector too) across country but there hasn’t been an invitation.

    Can I follow my bliss or would this be going against my energy type?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Amanda. Thanks for commenting.

      Any human design type can issue an invitation. Perhaps especially Projectors. The human design strategy for each type works both ways. It is correct for Projectors to make invitations, just as it is correct for them to receive invitations. Your partner’s suggestion (a type of invitation) is valid for you.

      There is sometimes a tendency for us to think that if we are given a correct invitation that we will know its correctness right away and be able to act on it right away. The reality is that these things usually take time. It’s true that Projectors can get invitations that are so in alignment that they know immediately that they will accept it. But Projectors do well to take their time feeling their way through the correctness of the invitation, and talking about it, as well.

      The other thing you can do to feel into the correctness of your partner’s suggestion – if you haven’t done so already – is to explore the new area you are thinking of moving to via the internet. And if you know people who have lived there or live there, you can ask them about their experience of the area. Or find online commentary. It is correct to research the implications of an invitation and to allow yourself time to feel your way into its correctness. In the process, you may also receive another invitation to move there or check it out – from a perfect stranger!

      What you said about following your bliss, which is how Projectors live their lives 98% of the time, is applicable here as well. There is a phenomena that takes place when people are partnered in that what is happening for them energetically and opportunity-wise is also transferred to the other partner. Since you are doing this together, the invitation surrounds you both even though your partner brought it up. Explore the region and feel your feelings. What is correct for you will feel good. Remember that you never, ever want to talk yourself into or out of something because we never use our minds to make our decisions for us. Later, when we know our truth, our mind will help us with the logistics of getting our show on the road.


      • Amanda says:

        So beautifully put. I can feel the truth of it, thank you.
        I’ve read a fair bit around projectors, but haven’t seen it from that perspective, especially the partnership energy – that’s fascinating.

        Truly appreciate your detailed response and I will continue to follow your work.
        With gratitude,

  89. Yasmine says:

    Hi (: I just recently started learning more about Human design and I’m having some difficulty understanding it. I am a Projector 5/2 with Splenic authority. I’m also an INFP and a Pisces with a stellium in Pisces and a 12th house stellium. As a young girl I was a loner and very shy. I made friends here and there but only had one good friend.

    I hit a severe depression when I was 16 years old and it was life-changing for me. I do live very afraid and unsure. Thinking of the future or ‘what ifs’ scare me, so I try not to think about the what ifs. However, one thing good did come out of depression and that is my reason to be happy for the small things, and it seems it also helped me learn my dream.

    I decided:

    1) I want to live in a foreign country, specifically Korea. It has been my goal.

    2) I want to maybe be a kindergarten/elementary school teacher and hopefully find ways to make myself feel worthy in this world. It’s a crazy and outrageous dream.

    3) It also has been my greatest dream to make music, but that was always something I considered next to impossible. But who knows, maybe one day.

    4) I want to provide emotional support to the underdogs, those who hurt and are alone in this world. I doubt myself a lot, though. But I hope I can.

    Now I do wish to know more about my type and traits/abilities. Thank you (:

  90. Ashlee says:


    Thank you so much for the amazing information on projectors!

    I am a 3/5, single definition, splenic projector and I’m almost finished nursing school. I started school later in life, as I’m 36, and just have an urge to help people be the best versions of themselves! I know I want to help people energetically and physically, but I’m afraid that being around so much energy and the long hours may eventually wear me out.

    What advice would you have for a projector going into this career field?

    Thank you again! Much love to you!❤️


    • gloria says:

      Hi, Ashlee. Thank you for posting.

      Congratulations on becoming a nurse! Healing, guiding, and mentoring is definitely a Projector focus, and nursing is certainly a venue for that.

      Your concerns regarding the long hours are well-founded. You don’t have a defined Sacral as you know, and this most powerful motor of the four motors in the Human Design bodygraph is the one that continually expresses sustainable energy. In other words, you DON’T HAVE the sustainable energy required for traditional full-time work hours. I understand the drive to be out “in the field” doing the hands-on immediate work of caring for others, but having a schedule where you are in the field day in and day out is not one that you are built or designed to handle. Even if you have the other three motors (Will Center, Emotional Solar Plexus, and the Root Center) defined, your ability to handle a regular full-time with nursing hours will eventually become difficult for you.

      If you are serious about going full-time and not part-time, it will likely be necessary for you to cut back on other activities in your life and spend much of the rest of your time resting. Rest is your only defense against a Generator schedule. There is also the absorption of a great deal of energy into your Sacral and other open centers to consider, but if you spend your non-work hours in your own space resting, that should take care of discharging the extra energy you’ve pulled in from your environment. Even so, you may find after you’ve been nursing for a while that spending your non-work hours resting is not enough to compensate for the energy you are putting out to keep up with the demands of your job. In other words, the toll of a schedule that demands you to be “on” until clock-out time may become too much regardless of your self-care routine.

      The real answer to your question will be revealed after you have been working for a while. Understandably, you probably don’t want to live a life where all you do is work and rest, but how much else you need in your life and how much time you devote to additional activities or relationships is a personal choice — and need. If you have pets at home (preferably that don’t need to wait for you to get back home to take them out), you may find that their company and energy makes up for a lot.

      It’s possible you can keep a full-time schedule going for a good while, but be aware that Projectors excel at pushing! Feeling in your body when you do not have the energy to keep going will preserve your energy — if you stop. Projectors who keep pushing often end up not being able to work at all for years, and many spend quite a long time recovering. This is not an exaggeration! Again, you will need to experience this work situation in real-time to find out what you need to do to make it work for you. Blessings, Gloria

  91. Pracchi says:

    Hi Gloria
    Thank you for your beautiful post about projectors…I’m a 3/6 projector on right angle cross of explanation (43/23,4/49)…. I have been doing a day job 9-5 for past 7 years…. pushing myself to go to office…(I didn’t like the job but due to monetary benefits and due to my own fears….also I don’t want to make a wrong decision)….I kept going …. wishing someday …. someone will rescue me..or recognise me for myself….but 7 years later I’m on the verge of Burnout…still my close ones are saying to think again and again about leaving the job ….it’s true I could do nothing else than rest and go to office in these years….I couldn’t follow any of my interests properly…and now I have no alternative to go forward with ….. people advise me to do both job and interests (personality development/healing) together and I think that I barely have energy to stand ….how can I do both together…

    I am afraid but physically I’m unable to push myself anymore….I’m a splenic projector….how to move forward with happiness??

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Pracchi. Thank you for your comment.

      I’m sorry to hear that you are burned out. You’ve been working for 7 years at the same job. In astrology, 7 years is the Saturn square to itself. That square creates tension regarding the need to review and re-assess your current life circumstances. In addition, you are actually not able to continue in the same manner as you have for the last 7 years.

      Even though in the past you’ve managed to push past your fatigue, you can no longer push. There’s a threshold where the body can no longer borrow and hold the extra energy needed to keep going. So you are now at the place where pushing is not getting you results. If you continue to push, you may collapse and even need to be carried out on a stretcher. This is no exaggeration. I know of many Projectors who continued to do jobs with Generator hours and demands and who eventually could no longer get out of bed for a long time.

      I understand that working a job while you’re pursuing your areas of interest in order to develop expertise is very difficult for a Projector. If you are young in body it is usually easier, although I have known Projectors in their 20’s who could not do the job plus the evening pursuits. The older one is, the harder it is to do anything but the day job and then go home, feed the cats, have dinner, and go to bed. Day after day. This doesn’t change over time because the demands made on the Projector body by regular business hours (Generator hours) exceed the Projector’s energy capacity.

      You are at the place where you can no longer push. The writing is on the wall. It is time for you to take care of your body. If you continue to push, it is possible to become very ill. When you have reached this place of physical exhaustion, the only thing that matters is to focus on your healing. Please remember that you are one of a kind, that your Projector energy is precious, and that you are precious. It is time to take the break, rest, and heal. In order to move forward with happiness, you must have your vitality. When you have vitality again — well-being of body and self-image — then you can see more clearly what to do, and you are also available for the right invitations.


      • Destiara says:

        Hi, Gloria.
        I’m Desti from Indonesia. I am a projector with inner authority emotional solar plexus, single definition, profile 2/4, Incarnation Cross Right Angle Cross of Eden (11/12 and 6/36). Alternative digestion, design sense touch,’ motivation fear, power perspective and environmental kitchen.
        My gates are 6,11,12,14,17,18,25,30,31,33,34,38,41,58,60 and 61. My channels are 18-58 and 41-30.
        Can you explain about this? Thank You

        • gloria says:

          Hi, Desti. Thank you for writing. Here are answers to some of your questions.

          What is a Projector?
          Projectors are around 22% of the population. Although the Throat Center may be defined, it is never defined by a motor. Projectors also always have an undefined Sacral center. Projector energy is precious and must be used judiciously.

          Projectors are the new leaders of humanity. Because of their ability to read energy, they have unique insights and wisdom regarding how to best manage the flow of energy so that everyone benefits.

          Projectors have a life purpose of managing and guiding others in their process of creation.

          Projectors are inherently intuitive and wise about others. A Projector can watch any of the three energy Types (Manifestor, Generator and Manifesting Generator) and instantly be conscious of what needs to happen to make their impact and work more effective and easier.

          Projector strategy is one of the most counter-intuitive of all the Human Design Types. The Projector strategy is to wait to be invited into the big opportunities in life. These big invitations come infrequently. Big opportunities are things like love, marriage, moving, getting a new job, buying a home, etc. In between the big invitations, Projectors don’t have to wait for small things such as going to a movie or going out to eat.

          You have Emotional Authority. This means that before you take action, it must also feel right to you to do so. Emotional authority has a wave that goes up, where everything feels good, and goes down, where nothing feels right.

          There are three types of emotional waves – collective, individual, and tribal. Your wave is Collective, in the Sensing Circuit (41/30). This is a long wave, and it is important to pay attention to how you feel about a pending decision before you make a choice. Long waves have extreme highs and lows, and it is easy to say yes when you are at the high end of the wave. Do not make significant commitments of your time and energy until you have experienced the high and low of your wave several times. If you feel good about making the commitment regardless of where you are on your wave, then you are OK to move forward.

          Your Profile is the 2/4 (made up of Conscious line 2 and Unconscious line 4)
          Your Profile is the theme of how you learn, and it shows how you will travel on your life path. Your Profile is comprised of two numbers and they are the energies that work together to create your learning style. These numbers come from the lines of your Conscious and Unconscious Sun, and your Conscious and Unconscious Earth. Your Profile is 2/4, The Responder/ Stabilizer.

          You are here to integrate knowledge, energy and wisdom and wait for the readiness of others to call you out. You like and need to have your alone or downtime. You may feel or seem shy at times and may notice you like to be ‘alone together’ with one other person, meaning you’re on the couch reading a book and they’re on the other end of the couch with a headset watching videos on their phone. When you retreat others will notice you’re ‘gone’ and ‘call you out’ or give you something to respond to. You’re here to lay the foundation of community and connection and prepare the way for sharing and spreading of ideas.

          You are very sensitive to judgment and criticism. You do not like to be in limbo and therefore tend to move from one foundation to the next (job, relationship, etc.) in order to feel safe and secure.

          The Incarnation Cross represents the story line of your life purpose and comprises 70% of your purpose as revealed in your Human Design chart. There are 192 main Crosses with various permutations that taken altogether, make an even larger number of Crosses.

          The Right Angle Cross of Eden 4 means you will explore, experiment with, and experience the pursuit of pure inspiration. To explore new ideas by trying them out and then sharing the experience with others as a means to inspire. To have an impact by implementing new ideas that have the power to shatter the patterns of the past and that stretch the edges of the human story. To break free from past limiting patterns.

          Your Environment: The Kitchen is also sometimes referred to as the Laboratory. The Kitchen is where a lot of different things come together, like ingredients of a meal, with ample workspace to combine creatively. An example of a Kitchen would be a city, where housing, offices, shops, cafes, restaurants, and public transit are all humming away. Not only that, but the Kitchen is where people from different backgrounds, cultures, races, ages, and professions coexist. The Kitchen person will flow best when surrounded by a lot of different connections, options, variation, and action.

          The 18/58 is in the Logic Circuit and is the Channel of Judgment, aka the Channel of Improvement, and is the ability to sense when patterns need correction, realignment, and improvement. This channel guides you to understand that perfection is a constantly evolving state. Remember to value your insights enough to wait to be asked to share them.

          Logic is about understanding and recognizing patterns and sharing the information from those patterns because they have proven to be true and consistent and reliable through repetition over time.

          The 41/30 is in the Sensing Circuit (sub-circuit of the Collective Circuit), and is called the Channel of Fantasy and Desire, aka the Channel of Intention. This channel is about the ability to envision your intention and dreams and hold their emotional frequency until the time is right to act.

          The Sensing Circuit (sub-circuit of the Collective Circuit) is all about telling stories about the past and incorporating new experiences into the bigger story of humanity. The Sensing Circuit is holistic, right-brained, sensual, and experiential. Epiphanies, great understandings, aha moments, and curiosity are contained here.

          A reading from me will help you to really dive deep into the meaning of your chart. You can go to to learn more.

          Peace, Gloria

  92. Violetta says:

    Hi, Gloria! I’ve just been reading your article and comments with your responses and wow!! So much information, I had only looked up human design properly as a friend had mentioned to me about it a couple times, and maybe divine timing, but I finally took the test and reading all I can!!

    From what it sounds it seems like I’m “on the roof” but I’m only about to turn 24!! Somehow manifested having the opportunity to just learn and develop myself as I felt so deeply called to this about 2 years ago and that manifested with a partner that feels like a destiny connection…

    I had so many invitations and began understanding that “things just come to me” ha,ha! I would get jobs that enabled me to use my energy in the way I wanted — always working part time jobs to freelance modeling and teaching kids, which I really enjoyed, but it was sooo difficult for me as it was in Russian and I am a native English speaker!!

    After only learning for a year I went straight into university level. It seemed almost impossible to me, I felt so disconnected to my classmates that it gave me the feeling of not fitting in or being seen, or as though my intelligence wasn’t really seen there. I thought I wasn’t working hard enough but I was just so tired all the time, and working while studying I was like how do I do that, especially when I really had so much energy for work but not for schoolwork, so I dropped out!! Then I was sooo much happier and so many invitations came, and even with my partner at that time when we were together things were slow (and I was on and off with him). Every time we broke up, my life would get so exciting — more invitations and opportunities or just good energy, I knew I had to end it for good, but dependency a bit I guess especially when you’re a Projector and crave connection when there aren’t many people to connect to, even tho the person has their problems and you see “their potential” and just gotta let go.

    With my current partner I realized that I would project his emotions and wondered why he really could shift my energy sooo much!! Make me feel so low when he gets angry and projects onto me. He might be a Projector too but maybe a different kind from me. He always says he never feels like people listens to him hahaha so that might give it away, sometime I do sense an ego vibe but I used to think I was projecting cuz he actually knows what he’s good at and also quite manifests a lot, like has the energy and when he thinks of something he kind of just does it, idk.

    Maybe you have some understanding based on just that, but with him I noticed I go unheard sometimes and it used to bother me, but now everything really makes sense, sometimes I’m literally just “projecting” what I think he wants without asking and it usually ends up with him not accepting my offer or action and I used to get annoyed but definitely understood so much about myself in that dynamic that I know I need to mostly focus on myself and then when I’m in my own energy I just don’t get so affected by him, breathing/ connecting to the breath helps!! But we are so grateful, like we understand each other so well, regardless of some miscommunication sometimes which I think is due to our age gap of 20yrs. I do feel like we are guides for each other, definitely feel that our relationship has a deeper meaningful purpose that goes beyond just the two of us, but excited to see what will happen, until then I will keep exploring my interests and living through my intuition, deeply anchoring in my flow.

    I haven’t finished reading the comments, but they’re so amazing I will continue. It’s like getting to know parts of yourself that are living different lives yet seem so similar and so unique. Haha, how amazing! The work you are doing is so wonderful, you and the people you have brought here have brought me so much information!!

    Blessing to you all!! ✨✨✨🙏

  93. Amber says:

    Hi Gloria

    Thank you for your time in these comments. I have a better understanding of myself through reading these messages.

    I am a 4/6 Splenic Projector, and my cross is the Right angle cross of the unexpected 3 (28/27 | 31/41). I am not sure if I can relate to this cross as my life has been quite smooth (proper job, have a side business, close bond family, but still single). Reading the description for RAX unexpected seems to hint that my life is about risks and unexpected events. Honestly, that frightens me a little.

    The other thing bothering me is how a projector is seen as a guide or coach, but I am shy and introverted, and definitely not comfortable networking.

    I also have the same problem as some other readers – I can’t seem to find my purpose and passion. There’s nothing I’m strongly drawn to and my attention span is so low I dropped many ideas after I lost interest.

    I would really love to hear what I should do with my life, and should I really be bothered by my cross?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Amber. Thank you for visiting my page and for your comments. Here are my responses to those.

      • I am a 4/6 Splenic Projector, and my cross is the Right angle cross of the unexpected 3 (28/27 | 31/41). I am not sure if I can relate to this cross as my life has been quite smooth (proper job, have a side business, close bond family, but still single). Reading the description for RAX unexpected seems to hint that my life is about risks and unexpected events. Honestly, that frightens me a little.

      The names of Incarnation Crosses are often misleading. What we should look at are the four gates of the Incarnation Cross and their meanings. The Conscious Sun is the most important gate of all four, but together, they tell a story. There is nothing in your Cross that speaks to risks and unexpected events.

      Gate 27 is about the ability to support, nurture, and lift others up. It is about taking action to increase the wellbeing of others. It is about feeding others with healthy food and nourishing them to ensure that they thrive. It is also about holding others accountable for their own self-love and self-empowerment. You may not literally engage in all of these actions, but the archetype of Gate 27 is to advocate and perform on behalf of the well-being of others. When you are feeling well, and you feel good about your contribution, you will naturally act from this archetype.

      Gate 28 shares the struggles and triumphs from personal experience. This is an energy that perseveres! It is tenacious, and there is a quality in this gate that enjoys a challenge. It is about knowing that the adventures in your life deepen your ability to transform life into a meaningful journey. Understand that your struggles help deepen the collective field about what we are capable of creating.

      Gate 31 is a gate of leadership. This gate has the ability to listen well to others, and then serve them by providing solutions that are democratic. This gate does not take leadership; your ability to lead is recognized by others and then you are asked to give your insights and direction.

      Gate 41 is about the ability to use your creative imagination to generate ideas about opportunities in the world. Share your vision when needed, and use your imagination to break old patterns and limiting beliefs. The energy of this Gate is able to hold the vision of a miracle.

      These four Gates contain the map to your purpose. Using your imagination, write a story that encompasses the meaning of these four gates. There is no one right way to write the story. And you can write more than one from these gates, yet they will all contain the same message. This exercise will provide you with much insight, a path for how to make decisions, and how to conduct yourself. It is the foundation of the Manifesto for your life.

      • The other thing bothering me is how a projector is seen as a guide or coach, but I am shy and introverted, and definitely not comfortable networking.

      Being a guide, coach, or mentor and networking are not the same thing. Networking is a strategy for creating visibility so you can let others know that you have services to offer. A Projector will naturally be a guide, but that doesn’t have to be a formal expression. Projectors are good at seeing what is going on with others, and they are often asked for advice or direction. You can do this without being a professional. You can do it as a friend. Act naturally. Don’t try to conform to labels that don’t fit you! And you do not need to be an extravert to offer your wisdom and insight.

      • I also have the same problem as some other readers – I can’t seem to find my purpose and passion. There’s nothing I’m strongly drawn to and my attention span is so low I dropped many ideas after I lost interest. I would really love to hear what I should do with my life.

      When you are feeling well-rested and vital, it is easy and natural to follow your bliss, to follow your curiosity, and what calls to you. If you keep following your curiosity, you will know how to navigate the forks (choices) that will appear. Choices force us to be honest about what is truly correct for us. Even when we do take a wrong turn, no experience is wasted because it provides real information about what works for us, and what we really want to do.

      Purpose is found in your experiences of the moment, in expression as well action, and it is not just one thing. Purpose is not defined as an end-goal or a product launch. Your purpose evolves over the course of your life as you expand in self-awareness.

      While purpose can be expressed through a vocation or vocations, the vocation actually provides the CONTEXT for the expression of one’s purpose. In and of itself a vocation is not your purpose, although some vocations will be beautifully aligned with your purpose.

      Think about your purpose as the pursuit of your excitement and curiosity — which always includes following your heart — rather than as something that is easily contained or defined by a business or job or career. The reason is: purpose is ultimately about finding and staying connected to all those things that will support the continued expansion of your consciousness and your joy.

      Take stock of your talents and interests because the clues to your purpose are here. Your talents and interests will become skills if you invest time and energy into them. Your skills are the specific tools given to you by design to help you discover your purpose, and to support it. The more you use your skills, the more your purpose will unfold.

      On the other hand, when we are burned out, we are disconnected from our passion. Nothing is interesting. Everything seems pointless or too hard. Or boring. When we don’t have energy or vitality, we are not supposed to be trying to find our purpose in an active way. It is time to rest. We have times of expansion and times of contraction. There is a time to slow down and simply rest. This is especially important for Projectors.

      I recommend that you live your life at a pace that is always consonant with your energy levels. Be aware of your level of vitality so that you don’t push when you are tired. When you are tired, it is time to slow down. It is time to restore yourself. Body, mind, and heart. This means eliminating tasks that do not support your sustainability and saying no to commitments that will demand time, energy, and interests that you don’t have. As a Projector, your creativity and passion, as well as your sense of worth and value, is completely supported by your level of energy.

      One final thing: When you are a 6th line profile, your life unfolds somewhat more slowly. Sometimes 6th line profiles are referred to as late bloomers.

      The first 29 – 30 years of your life are about experimenting and exploring without necessarily a lot of discretion (because you need to take some leaps to gain experience), and from 30 – 50 you are “on the roof.”

      This is a time for review and synthesis. Your life proceeds more slowly because you are consciously and unconsciously identifying what you want to keep from your experiences, and what you want to let go of. You have information to work with from those first 30 years of bumping into life. You understand yourself and your needs better. You will be very serious at this phase about working on what’s important to you. This is a time for studies, for creating a business, for creating a family, or moving — whatever will serve the forward direction of your life. It is deep development. After age 50, you will leave the roof and emerge with highly developed skills and much self-knowledge.

      Have patience with the unfolding of your life. Your story is still being revealed.


  94. Nat says:

    Thank you for this write up. So much to meditate on as I am understanding more about some of my lived experiences. I am a 5/1 splenic classic projector 🥴


    Left Angle Cross of Alignment (28/27 33/19)

    So many questions , I will reach out as soon as I can .

  95. plowsky says:

    Gloria thank you
    i am a 5/1 G-center projector with only 10-20 channel
    i am a java coder about 39 years old
    and i don’t like coding and feel burn out
    but i am afraid of leave office
    i don’t know how to make monkey
    i have to earn the family’s living
    I’m interested in human desing and astroly
    Live hard, lay a good foundation and wait for the invitation.

    • gloria says:

      Thank you for sharing. Here’s what I advise: do not quit your job. I am sorry you are burned out, and here’s what will help you: get lots of rest. Make rest your priority. You cannot make headway in your life when you are burned out. You will not be clear enough to make the right decisions, and you will be too tired to attract invitations or recognize which invitations are right for you. Eliminate all commitments that are taking your energy. You need your energy for yourself and your family. Pretty much everything else needs to go.

      Blessings, Gloria

  96. plowsky says:

    thanck you very much.

    Human design is developing rapidly in China.

    plowsky from China.

    The wheel of fate began to turn. Good luck.

    wish everyone Living From his/her Essence

  97. Olga says:

    Hi Gloria

    I am 1/3 emotional projector and my ego, solar, and root centers are defined with g center. I have a single definition with 63 64 / 5 35 incarnation cross. ı had a tough time because I felt doubt and confusion about my talents for a long time and my circle usually did not want to what I offered and guidance. How can I live my life according to my human design? And also I want to be so successful I am obsessed with that idea because I have big dreams about that. Also I have a 25 51 initiation channel what does it mean to have this channel as a projector? what interpretation is there?

    Also I have a sister 5/1 emotional manifestor with 39 38 / 51 57 cross. So she is so free soul and does not want my guidance and doesn’t need anyone’s energy all the time. but we have 9-0 relationship chart which means nowhere to go. So, I wonder what can you say about these dynamics between me and my sister?

    Last but not least I wonder about the big shift in 2027. How affect this big shift on projectors like me? I know that before this planning shift, there was no projector on this planet. but after the 1700s years, there were projectors in here but what about after the 2027 shift? Especially when the new type The Raves will come into this world. If there is no community how can I lead and guide the people? If you answer my questions I will be so happy and appreciated.

    thank you for your insights.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Olga. Thank you for your questions. Here are my answers.

      How can I live my life according to my human design? How can I be successful?

      1. Follow your bliss.
      2. Respect your need for rest.
      3. Stay in touch with your level of vitality.
      4. Don’t commit your energy to projects, situations, or people that don’t feel good to you.
      5. Trust your feelings.
      6. Don’t override your intuition. Don’t second guess yourself.
      7. Be completely honest with yourself about what’s going on with you.
      8. Who do you need to be to get you to where you want to go?
      9. What do you need to do to get there?

      I have the 25-51 channel. What does it mean to have this channel as a Projector?

      Continue to follow the needs of your wisdom to increase in substance and understanding. In other words, study what your wisdom wants to study. Some of this will happen naturally on a physical level, as the 25-51 will lead you to certain experiences. This channel enhances the Projector’s natural ability to understand others and their problems because it is a channel of the Heart. Remember, you don’t have to say anything to move energy. Just listening to another person while they “get it all out” without hurrying them allows their energy to move. This is healing. The channel 25-51 also gives you the ability to understand in depth, especially as you mature.

      My sister and I have a composite Human Design chart of 9-0. She is a 5/1 Manifestor with the 38, 39, 51, and 57 in her Incarnation Cross. She is a free spirit. What do these things say about the dynamics between me and my sister?

      Please understand that Human Design is about mechanics, and cannot predict how any two human beings are going to behave towards each other, or the level of emotional maturity of any one human being.

      Evolved people with good intentions will be able to make the best use of the mechanics they were born into. If your sister is very independent and does not want your advice or comments, and does not want to share her thoughts or projects, respect that, and respect her space. You can let her know you’re available if she ever wants to share anything.

      Will there be a community for me to guide after the Solar Plexus Mutation of 2027?

      Yes. Your job is to live your life and follow your calling. Who you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to do will naturally follow from that.

  98. kurye says:

    Your blog is a delightful reservoir of knowledge and inspiration, where readers can dive into the depths of various subjects and emerge enlightened with newfound understanding. Your articulate writing and meticulous research exemplify the dedication you put into each post, enriching our lives with valuable insights and leaving us with a thirst for continuous learning.

  99. Natalie says:

    Thank you so much! This blog has been the MOST helpful of all the Projector blogs I’ve read. So grateful for you sharing your wisdom.

  100. beylikdüzü masaj salonu says:

    Your blog is a reflection of your dedication and passion for your chosen subject matter.

  101. Heather says:

    I am new to human design and have fully loved reading your blog — best information I’ve found yet. I am a Projector 6/2. Most of it fully aligns with how I perceive myself and the version of me I’m growing into.

    However, there’s one part that has me feeling unsettled and quite nervous. I’m a bedside RN and I used to love my job until the stressors of being a single mom kicked in. I am a naturally tired human but used to have plenty of energy to expend for 13+ hours in an ICU setting. In an ICU, you’re constantly on high alert; for 13 hours I’m on my toes. Literally and figuratively, I guess. My question is: if I feel called to be a nurse and I love what I do, or I used to… there’s just confusion, a lot of mixed feelings.

    Are there any resources that you know of that could help me with this conundrum?


    • gloria says:

      Hi, Heather. Thanks for writing.

      I understand that you are confused because you love being a nurse, but the stress of the schedule combined with your responsibilities as a single mom is taking a toll on your body.

      Being a nurse is one thing, and having to work a schedule that is abrasive to your well-being, is another. These two situations are in direct conflict. The schedule is undermining you. No matter how much you love nursing, when our bodies are exhausted it is hard to love anything. What is needed is rest, and when you are exhausted, lots of it. You can eventually become so deeply exhausted that it will be extremely difficult to function. You do not want to get to that place because recovery can take a long time. As you know, Projectors are non-sacral beings, and therefore are not built with the sustainable energy of the Generator Type, the continuous availability of which would get you through the day (and evening).

      Having to work long hours in conjunction with the responsibilities of your personal life is wearing you down. This will not get easier for you. It is not about mind over matter; you are not built to take on your current schedule indefinitely. Keep in mind that Projectors can work at any type of job or career, depending on their interests and gifts. What they cannot do is commit to a career that requires long hours.

      Maintaining your vitality takes precedence over pretty much everything. Without it, you will lose your sense of purpose, your enjoyment of life, your ability to parent, and ultimately, your health. I do not mean to sound fatalistic. I simply wish to warn you. I speak from personal experience and the experiences of my Projector clients and the stories of Projectors who are not my clients. There are a lot of them!

      There aren’t really resources to help you with your conundrum, other than rest. As I said earlier, it’s not about mind over matter, or even managing your time. What you need is to get off your feet, and make your immediate environment restful. Music helps with moving stress out of your body, and stretching helps, too.

      If your schedule allows you at least 3 days between work shifts, then you can use that time to REST. I recommend that you do not take on any additional commitments, even if they are things you enjoy, because all of these will make demands on your energy. Of course, if you were able to work fewer hours, that would be good, too. I hope this helps.

      Blessings, Gloria

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