Your birthright is to express your true gifts.
The activities that you are naturally drawn to, what you long to learn about or explore, are the indicators of your birthright and your soul purpose. The key is to follow the paths that you find fulfilling. Every human being is an aspect of the Creative Impulse that spurs the evolution of humanity and the world. Therefore, understand that being who you are is everything. It is what truly matters, because your part as a positive force for the evolution of this world is effective only to the extent that you have drawn down your soul, activating your true nature.

When you find your efforts repeatedly obstructed, it is because you are applying yourself towards goals that are not appropriate for you. Closed doors and rejections are clear indications that the approach you have been taking is not for you. The other side of this is that when you are making concerted efforts towards those activities that are your birthright, you will receive assistance to move ahead. This assistance comes in many forms: through dreams, through words not necessarily spoken to you but meant for you just the same; through strangers as well as through co-workers, family and friends; through those who share your values, and through open doors. You will feel as if you have just emerged from deep waters that you have aimlessly swum in for a long time. You will have broken through to a brightness and freshness that offers new vistas you had no idea existed.

Your soul is in partnership with the universe.
When you are on a sincere quest to identify and follow your mission, you will receive assistance from many quarters. When we say that the Universe itself is available to help you, we include every one who makes themselves of service to answer your questions and reflect your thoughts back to you; we include the words you read and hear and with which you especially resonate, finding deeper meaning in them; we include the images that speak to you; we include your dreams; we include physical sensations and emotional responses that invoke a sense of heightened knowing that something is right for you. These are among the ways the Universe conspires with your soul to guide you.

Sometimes things are really, really tough.
There will be times when you find yourself in extreme life circumstances where, as the saying goes, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Some examples of these are job losses with protracted periods of unemployment where you watch your available resources whittle down to nothing; or where you find yourself in a health crisis that disables you from being able to support yourself and care for yourself and your dependents; or where someone you depended on to maintain your financial stability leaves. Add to this dismantling of your life the crippling losses of a beloved pet or a break-up with your long-time beloved. When your house is burning down, your only recourse is to surrender. I know, you didn’t ask for this. You didn’t want it, either. Not by a long shot. Not ever. And you’ll be damned if you surrender. Until you can’t take it anymore.

But now that your house has burnt down, and the resources you depended on to maintain the coherence and stable foundation of your life are gone, you are dependent on your wits and the kindness of strangers. And of your friends and family. And hopefully, there will be some kindness. It is in these times of extended crises, where we are stripped of our anchors, our comforts, and our very identities, that the soul has an opportunity to assert itself in full-blown clarity. It’s hard to believe, I know, but when we are stripped down to nothing that is when we can truly see, once we clear the terror from our eyes. And you will not clear terror until you walk right into and through it. Let me give you some examples of those who worked with seemingly insurmountable life circumstances and a great deal of terror. Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Theresa. These are among the well-known who did not permanently succumb to despair, but instead surrendered to the calling of their soul. They pursued their truths despite tsunamis of opposition and heaping platefuls of personal sufferings of every conceivable kind, too painful to contemplate. And there are others — Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Chelsea Manning, and Chris Hedges. These outspoken truthsayers experienced ridicule and denunciation by many because they raised to the light information — against the will of the powers that be — that the world community desperately needed to see. These courageous persons could have continued to live their lives in relative privacy and quietude, but they were compelled by a calling greater than the peace and safety of their immediate lives. Your soul’s assignments will sometimes take you completely out of your comfort zone and land you straight in the middle of terror.

Your soul is an out-of-the-box thinker.
When we experience terror, the choices available to us expand or contract depend on our ability to think out of the box and to push back against the impossible. We can engage a higher level consciousness, the consciousness of the soul, thereby gaining insight into new options. Your soul is an out-of-the-box thinker. Having traveled thousands of years through time and space and between, it has a perspective and problem-solving capacity that far exceeds the limitations of a frightened mind. When we reconfigure our thinking to include what is possible beyond the bounds of what we formerly believed to be possible, entirely new vistas open up. With the creation of a new paradigm and a new lens to look through, all previous paradigms are eclipsed and collapsed. We can now go to places we have not been to before and find solutions that we did not know were available.

It is human nature to see only a very small picture of the totality of what is going on at any moment. True, we can’t possibly see everything, but we can train ourselves to go outside the normal boundaries of how we respond so that we can see more of the picture. Our capacity to see is often limited by our needs of the moment – whether they are physical, emotional, or survival-based, etc. There are always many influences coming to bear on a given situation. Some of those influences can be challenged and removed. Some can be eliminated with ease, and some with effort. But once certain influences are removed, we have simplified our situation. With our expanded soul consciousness we can train ourselves to hone in on what the core issues are in any given moment and armed with this information, we can problem-solve with relevance. We can deconstruct the terrible in what is happening right now so that we have a much more effective handle on dealing with a complex and frequently messy situation.

~ end Part II ~

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