What is the Soul?

The soul is that part of you that never dies and is re-birthed into incarnation after incarnation.  The soul is the part of you that was made by the Creator Source, which is of the Creator Source, and is the Creator Source.  Your soul is your portal back to God, it is your piece of God,  and it is what makes you God. It is your unique experiences, contributions, mistakes and insights that inspire and teach God and the Universe, and cause them to expand.

Each one of us is a unique, never-to-be-seen again expression of personality and soul.  And just as no snowflake is alike, neither are any two souls alike.  Each one of us is created in a manner that is like no other.  Each one of us has a legacy to fulfill that is like no other.  This is why it is so critical for you to do what you agreed to do. Your legacy begins with your unique piece of the Tao. That legacy is the result of the path your soul has traveled lifetime after lifetime.  Your signature, or frequency, is unique.  This frequency is your piece of the Tao, or your chip off the old block that is God.  No one else has it.

Your soul transmits your legacy of evolving consciousness to your physical being.  This legacy of consciousness incorporates the body of experience gathered from both the incarnate and discarnate planes. It is the sum cumulative of the trajectory of your soul (the history of where you’ve been), and it was set in motion long ago.  Your soul’s trajectory compels you to seek your purpose for this life. It is your soul that is equipped to guide you, first and foremost.

How do I draw down my soul? 

This can also be asked as, how do you bring your life into alignment with your truth? There is no manual other than listening to the call of your intuitive knowing.  When you listen to the call of your intuitive knowing, you become more and more adept at discerning the next right action. You do not need to wait for inspiration per se. By taking actions that reflect best what you know is true for you, you will connect to your path. It is critical to take action, even if it is not clear exactly what that action is or how it should look.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is necessary to stay engaged even if you don’t know what your next step is. As you move forward, you will innately self-correct because you will know when you’ve stepped off your path.

More tools for drawing down the soul

Follow your yearnings. Your yearnings are very useful pieces of information. It’s important to know what will give you emotional satisfaction. If you want to be happy, you’ve got to tune into your yearnings and follow them. When you follow your yearnings and allow for their expression, they will lead directly to your appropriate way of being and expressing in the world.  And that is because they demand a certain kind of focus and experience.  In fact, whether or not you are conscious that you carry an internal agenda for your life, you will connect more and more to your soul intentions because that is the inevitable result of following your yearnings.

How will I know when I’ve drawn down my soul?

Latent powers, talents and abilities that you had no idea you possessed will appear. You will feel, along with great excitement, great fear.  You will find yourself blasted right out of your comfort zones.  You will be challenged to walk a path seemingly covered with burning coals, and this path apparently continues – and continues.  You understand that you will have to plunge ahead into the unknown and into terror if you are to take a stand for yourself, for your right to live your right life. You will also have the inexpugnable sense that you are the one in charge of the creation of your life, and this recognition alone will empower you to slog on.  You are, after all, your own highest authority, and you do know what is best for you. You will come to know without hesitation that you have finally come face to face with the Divine.  Your great excitement will lead you to your Great Work – the creation of your life, the life you were meant to live.

Your soul purpose continually expands and evolves

Drawing down your soul is not an act or event that takes place once; it is ongoing for the rest of your life. And that is because your soul seeks mastery. Your soul seeks expansion. The soul needs expansion. Once you have mastered a subject or activity, you will feel the urge to create something new. It is the nature of soul to continually reach towards greater and greater exploration, and greater soul-expression.  It is the nature of soul to create without end.  Each time you are in a process of expansion, bear in mind that the map has not yet been created, and it is your ongoing willingness to be creative with your next step that will create that map. Working with your soul purpose will stretch you beyond what you thought was possible for you.  No one develops mastery or finds their greatness without being stretched or taking on some struggle.

In that struggle towards mastery your soul is your biggest and most loyal ally. You will be empowered to bring your divine plan into form by unfolding and activating your gifts. With your soul as your co-creative partner, you will be motivated to fulfill your purpose. Your soul is your blueprint for your life. Your soul is you.

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  1. Jim says:

    “What is your soul” section at the top is what I understand too and I feel compelled to contribute my current rough viewpoint; I hope that is ok.

    God is Love and Love is Primal.
    God is both a Source and a Vessel: He is an Entity and the Universe.

    The Soul is an image of God.
    Hence the Soul is also a Source and a Vessel: An Entity and a Universe.
    Each Soul is one Mansion in Heaven.

    A Man’s physical body is its Soul in Manifest Form.
    A Man’s body is inside his Soul; the Vessel: The Universe.
    The God of Man is his Soul. The Love of Love is his Love.

    The Soul, and the manifested Soul being the body, were created to know itself through harvesting experience and sharing it with the other souls and God. The Body of the manifested Soul became so enthralled by the experience of Reality that it has forgotten who it is and why it is here and is trapped and being reborn again and again.

    The Soul as a Source, is using its Vessel being the Universe, to guide the Manifested body of the Soul back home.

    It guides by lessons of experiences that the body interacts with in reality. Sometimes the body learns fast from experience, sometimes slow, and sometimes it never learns in one lifetime. Every time man makes a choice in an experience, every other choice he could have made but did not, will each spawn a new dimension to where those choice’s consequences are lived out in a reality and more experience is harvested for all.

    When a Man is close to the end of his lessons he will become in “Motion” with reality’s teachings and will break the chains of his body and reality. He will then discover an Eternal life where he can move forward and backwards through his life, experiencing the dimensions of the choices he could have made and where they lead to.

    And that will teach him the last lesson: Compassion, and then he will realise that the the place he has arrived at is where he was all along. He can then merge back into the Stillness of his Soul and have the experiences of the entire Universes of all souls and its dimensions, or he can continue within Reality as a God in Manifest Form.

  2. gloria says:

    Hi, Jim. Thank you for your lovely, insightful, and poetic commentary.


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