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Seeking clarification: I have a friend who has twin boys. They are fraternal, not identical. They were born 1 minute apart via C-section. Their human design charts are identical, but the individuals are very different in how they show up in the world. Can you offer some insights as to why this is so?

Fraternal Twin #1 is very strong-willed and argues with his mother frequently and intensely. He is very creative and mechanical. He is always building things out of wood, paper, and connect toys. Fraternal Twin #2 is very quiet and compliant. I have never heard him argue with anyone in the house except with his brother. Fraternal Twin #2 likes to read and if he disagrees with something his mother says, he may just walk away, or he may go to his room and cry, but he never yells at her. Whereas, Fraternal Twin #1 will stand there and speak his mind louder and louder and tell his mom that she is wrong and it’s not fair and she is lying to him…as I said, he is very strong-willed.  As you can see, they are complete opposites in how they show up in the world. As infants, their personalities were opposite to who they are now. Fraternal Twin #2 screamed and cried for the first 6 months of his life; his mother said she didn’t know if his hair was on fire or if he didn’t like the wall paper! Fraternal Twin #1, on the other hand, was very quiet and content as an infant, just observing everything around him.  

Here are my working reflections on how the same human design can show up so differently in two different people.

Part I: Why Charts Express Differently

The following discussion takes a look at why Fraternal Twin #1 and Fraternal Twin #2 might bring such different expressions to the same design.

Human Design charts notwithstanding, we can all agree that Fraternal Twin #1 and Fraternal Twin #2 are two different souls each with their unique trajectory. By trajectory I mean several things – each has their own history of experiences accumulated from lives prior, and each has their own dharmas (overall soul objective) and current life purposes to play out, as well as unresolved issues and karmas to complete.

Their soul profiles (not the Human Design profile) are different. Fraternal Twin #2 and Fraternal Twin #1 have their own unique paths to take, and those paths, although different, are each going to best express through their identical human design.

Twin’s charts, charts of triplets, quintuplets, etc., are great ways to deepen our understanding of how Human Design actually functions in the real-time, real lives of human beings.

The Chart is not the person.  The Chart is not the personality. A Human Being is far more than a Human Design chart could ever contain or express.  The Chart contains the mechanics that reveal the themes and the curriculum of the person born at that moment.

Our Design is a description of our energy is meant to flow and how it will function for the current life.  Our Design shows us our best tools for applying our energy, including how to choose appropriately, where our greatest strengths are, and what we will likely be drawn to.  All of these are intended to assist us with carrying out the life plan through how we focus and what we focus on, through our personal creative style, how we connect to others, how we find our place in the world, and how we find meaning and fulfillment.  In other words, how to emobdy the highest expression of our purpose. Our Human Design is, above all, a Design that is intended to serve our continuing evolution.

I want to bring attention to a crucial piece of information: C-section births, such as the fraternal twins experienced, are forced births. The soul’s timing for when to come into the world may be undermined, and the patterns of heredity that unfold over generations in the charts of families lose their similarity. Michel Gauquelin (1928-1991), a French psychologist and astrologer, studied the impact of forced birth times on heredity. He noted that planetary heredity was greater between siblings than between unrelated children, and between parents and their children when births were natural. With his wife Francoise, also a psychologist, he conducted rigorous research over a period of thirty years that demonstrated that certain astrological phenomena held true to a high degree of statistical validity.

Forced birth times can create an unintended redirection for how the soul will accomplish its intentions, as it impacts the placement of the planets. Each planet has its own frequency, its own archetype, and its own evolutionary journey; hence, the importance of its pre-planned position in the chart. The planetary information that we depended on to guide us and give us specific tools is taken from us with a C-section.  We have to find another way to get to where we are going. I wonder if Fraternal Twin #2’s screaming for the first six months of his life was related to his anger over having to force his soul’s plan and overall journey (trajectory) into an energy outfit that does not reflect or support his original intentions for his life.  And perhaps Fraternal Twin #1’s frequent displays of anger attest to that as well, even if unconsciously.

For the record, I am not issuing any judgments about C-sections.  I recognize that they can be necessary to save lives.  It is also possible that the soul knew a forced birth was likely, and chose that situation for the growth it would catalyze.

Being born with a Design that is not of one’s own choosing may add a significant challenge to connecting to the original intended themes and tools. How do we connect to our authenticity and find our right path when the tools and attributes and map that we planned on have been altered?  

Notwithstanding that consideration, how can there be such widely differing expressions of personality and interests coming through the same design? 

The flip side of the question, how is it that such different personalities can manifest through the same Design, is – why do we expect that a Design is going to express more or less similarly, regardless of the individual expressing it? Consider, in addition to the primacy of history and agenda that each soul brings to its Design, the influences of culture: the prevailing psychological and spiritual paradigms, gender, gender bias, sexual orientation, historical context, climate, and geography – to name some of the big ones. What is the extent of their impact on the chart? Each of these arenas bestows significant imprinting from their time-and-place-dependent beliefs, morés, what is considered normal, and what is seen as sacred and profane. Each of these arenas create limitations that impose their perspectives and beliefs on how human beings are supposed to behave. These limitations are inevitably going to influence the direction, and most certainly the expression, of an individual’s Design.

In Part II ( we take a look at how Fraternal Twin #1 and Fraternal Twin #2 might be expressing their shared design authentically, despite appearances to the contrary.

In Part III ( we will look at how soul purpose is identified in the twins’ design charts.

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