Following your fulfillment is what will result in finding your purpose. I use the word fulfillment deliberately, as opposed to the word success. Success is too often associated with social status, with money, and with power. While we might be able to sustain “success” for a time, it will be abrasive and draining if we are trying to be someone we are not designed to be.

It’s not hard to identify the tracks that will lead to a purpose-filled life that also fulfills YOU — follow your bliss, follow your curiosity, follow what calls to you, and keep following that. You will always come to forks in the road, and if you keep following your curiosity, you will know where your next turn is. The forks in the road force us to stay true to ourselves. They force us to be honest about what is truly correct for us. Even when we do take a wrong turn, no experiences are wasted because it is all useful information.

Some things you will visit or study for a short time, and others you will major in. But if you follow your excitement, your interests, and your passions — in every moment you will be living your purpose, and gathering the specific information you need to keep growing.

Purpose is found in your experiences of the moment, in expression as well action, and it is not just one thing. Purpose is not defined as an end-goal or a product launch. Your purpose evolves over the course of your life as you expand in self-awareness.

While purpose can be expressed through a particular vocation or vocations, the vocation actually provides the CONTEXT for the expression of one’s purpose. In and of itself, a vocation is not your purpose per se, even though some vocations will be beautifully aligned with your purpose.

Think about your purpose as a living and ceaseless dynamic of pursuing your excitement and curiosity — which always includes following your heart — rather than as something that is easily contained or defined by a business suit, scrubs, a gavel, a hard hat, an advanced degree, and so forth. The reason is: purpose is ultimately about finding and staying connected to all those things that will support the continued expansion of your consciousness and your joy. And this has no ending.

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