In Part I ( I offered my working reflections on how the same Human Design chart can express so differently in two different people.  I looked at what different souls bring to their human design, including their soul trajectory, their unique dharmas, karmas, and life purpose.

In Part II ( I considered how different expressions can arise from the same definition.

In Part III below, I look at how soul or life purpose is identified in the twins’ design charts. I understand the phrases soul purpose and life purpose to be interchangeable; in my book they mean the same thing. That is because a human incarnation serves as a vehicle to express the soul’s purpose, and not the other way around.  

The Chart is not the Soul.  Your Human Design is not your Soul.

To begin, the chart is not the Soul.  Every Soul is unique.  And although the themes of twin charts — fraternal or identical — are the same, they will be expressed from different foundations. The reality is that we are impacted by multiple influences. Our psychology, astrology, numerology, sociology, genetics, common sense, and upbringing are just a few of the additional influences you bring to your Human Design. Understandably, some of these will be the same for twins, notably the astrology and numerology (and perhaps the sociology), and some, but not all, of the genetics.

We each have a unique soul trajectory

Beyond that, and more importantly, we each have a unique soul trajectory that describes where we’ve been and who we’ve been, how others have treated us, and how we have impacted the lives of others, for good or ill.  Dharma and karma come into play here.

Our soul history affects the purpose and direction of our current lives. In other words, the dharma (your soul’s goals and purpose for your life) which we incarnated to expand on, and the karma (what we came to resolve and restore) for each life is influenced by our previous actions. The agreements we’ve made will also direct our path and our purpose.  All of these things are contained in our soul contract. The soul contract contains the overall focus for our lives as well as a list of things we wanted to accomplish.

Human Design charts have flexibility in how they express

Even though two or more people have the same chart, that chart will be expressed differently. Human Design charts are flexible in how their themes express; their expression depends on the goals of the soul of the person who has that chart. We also have free will and personal sovereignty over how we will apply the gifts of our unique Design. The highest expression of our charts will most effectively support our purpose.

Each part of the chart has themes that create a certain focus.  The Soul chose these specific themes to assist him or her with their path and purpose.  Therefore, our Design naturally guides us to seek out certain experiences and also helps us to express our unique desires and interests. 

In looking for life purpose, the first thing to consider is the Human Design Type

In looking for life purpose, the first thing to consider is the Human Design Type.  Each type has a different way of being in the world because the highest expression of a Type’s energy is directly tied to the strategy of that Type.  In Human Design, strategy is what we use to make a decision that is correct for our Type.  Strategy circumvents second-guessing oneself. (Second-guessing is to be avoided at all costs!) The twins in these essays are Generators, so we know that they have an overarching life purpose of right work and mastering that right work. Family is also going to be very important. Generators are born to respond and to find their right work in the context of connection with others. They are builders who contribute to the advancement of human civilization through their right work. Because they have sustainable energy, they are relied on to be actively engaged in working towards maintaining and building the infrastructures that support the well-being of humanity. But the work that Generators engage in has to honor their special interests and talents.  They need to love their work and then dedicate themselves to fulfilling their calling.  In this way, they benefit from deep personal satisfaction through their chosen vocation or through creating products, services, and information that others need.

We also look at the Profile for an indication of purpose

We also look at the Profile for an indication of purpose. The twins’ Profile is 2/4, the Hermit Opportunist. The focus of this profile is connection with others and it also needs time away from  others.  It is, overall, a profile that has a natural gift and desire for working with others. It is a profile that will be called out by others to share their abilities. They can be shy and not always aware of their gifts, but line 4 needs to be connected with a close network of friends, or people they trust.  It is through these close connections that the 2/4 profile finds their work and relationships.  The 2/4 profile has the purpose of being actively engaged in the world by working with a particular community.

The Incarnation Cross is a significant indicator of life or soul purpose

The name of the Incarnation Cross is not available on the chart image, but it is the Right Angle Cross of Planning (4), one of the variations this Cross expresses, depending on the quarter of the year.  The Right Angle Cross of Planning is here to work with its correct community to support the needs of that community. This Cross can see the details that must be addressed (and not overlooked) to create a successful outcome with a particular project.  To understand the focus of any Incarnation Cross we look at the gate placements of its four points: the conscious and unconscious Sun, and the conscious and unconscious Earth.  Respectively, these placements are in gates 9, 40, 16, and 37.  The 40-37 is a channel that is about making sustainable agreements for the peaceful administration of resources and energy, and gate 9 teaches us to prioritize our energy so we can stay focused and on task, while gate 16 gives us enthusiasm for life and teaches us to hone that enthusiasm through preparation and study so that our creations can be successful.

The Moon, Chiron, and Neptune are also important indicators of life or soul purpose

To gain greater understanding of the life purpose, we also especially consider the gates the Moon is in, as well as the gate placements of Chiron and Neptune.  In the twins’ charts, we see that the Moon is in gates 44 and 49.  In gate 44 we can see the patterns that aren’t working and how to transform them so that our patterns can be aligned with our purpose.  Our awareness of what’s possible shifts when we break out of the old patterns or paradigms that kept us stuck in our thinking.  In gate 49 there is a tendency to hold on too long to situations that don’t honor us, and at the same time, the gift of this gate is knowing when to let go.  In letting go of what does not honor us, we recognize and honor our value, and make commitments that value who we are.  The Moon in these charts refines the life purpose of working in community settings in that it enhances the level of that community’s well-being through identifying commitments to projects that will directly support the community.

Chiron in these charts is in gates 38 and 54.  In gate 38 we have the ability to know what’s worth committing to and fighting for.  In gate 54 we are a conduit for divine inspiration and learn to wait for right timing before taking action. Neptune is in gate 19 and this gives the ability to sense the emotional needs of others and the community, and also knows how to align those energies with sufficiency and sustainability. We can see from the placements of Chiron that the overarching life purpose of working in a supportive and even leadership capacity in the context of a community is enhanced with the awareness of making the right commitments in right timing.  Gate 19’s heightened sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others ensures that the community will receive the right kind of support for their continued sustainability.

Different professions for the twins

The twins are likely going to find themselves attracted to different professions according to their personalities, innate aptitudes, and natural talents and interests.  As has been noted, themes in the chart have a range of expression. If souls started completely from scratch, that is without an agenda for the life, then we would very likely see the same personality expression in each twin. The fact that individuals with the same chart express so differently highly suggests that souls come to their charts with a history and a pre-existing set of skills, talents, interests, and personal style. The natural inclinations and interests that each twin possesses will be revealed over time, and these will continue to develop. The twins will  use the attributes and themes of their Human Design to express and further evolve their gifts. That each twin will likely focus on a different vocation does not in any way undermine their Type or Design, or the chart’s themes. What we come to understand through twin charts is that there is the Human Design chart is capable of a wide range for how it can express the life purpose contained therein.

What we can deduce for the life purpose of the twins is that they will want to be involved with specific communities, communities that feel like home to them and that want their specific gifts.  This is where they can contribute their unique skills and talents in ways that demonstrably raise the capacity of their communities to experience well-being and sustainability.

In summary, to identify the life or soul purpose in the chart we look at Type, Profile, and the Incarnation Cross. We give special consideration to the gates the Moon is in, as well as the gates for Chiron and Neptune. To be sure, every planet in its gate is also going to influence the purpose of a particular Design, but I’ve touched on the most important markers for life purpose.  A reading of life or soul purpose would include all attributes of the Human Design Chart, including the open places. While definition focuses us, those places that lack definition invite us to experience a range of expression or what’s possible for that gate, channel, or center. In addition, no reading of the chart is complete without taking into consideration an individual’s talents and interests.  Our purpose unfolds when we fully utilize the gifts that we were given, applying those according to the Type and Strategy of our Human Design, and also incorporating the themes of the chart to refine and focus our purpose. 

Again, the bottom line in how any Human Design chart will express has everything to do with the Soul that took it on for that lifetime.  Souls come in with different agendas. We have specific goals (dharmas) and obligations (karmas). The more we come into awareness of what we came here to do, the greater access we have to the wisdom and gifts of our Design.

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