THE JOB OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS EVOLUTION. Its motivation is curiosity and desire. Its end goal is unity. Its product is agape, or universal love. A manifest aspect of evolving consciousness is just around the corner in the form of the Solar Plexus Mutation. It is said that the Mutation of the Human Design BodyGraph will be complete in 2027. This new platform will challenge everyone to gradually let go of old paradigms and embrace new values – values that honor everyone’s right to the tree of life. That includes all living beings! Even though we are some time out from this shift, we can see and feel the beginning of the changes it will bring:

• the nature of how we bond and mate will change
• how we share resources will change
• the emotional wave will be steadier so that we are not so subject to extreme highs and lows
• we will not operate from fear-based intuition; we will do what we feel/ know is the right thing to do
• we will actively seek peace
• we will actively find ways to bring peace
• our relationship to the animal kingdom will change, moving towards compassion and honoring their rights as living beings
• business values will change; the emphasis will not be so much about profit as about meeting real needs. This is a major shift in values.

This shift in the Human Design BodyGraph will have universal impact. Collective consciousness will gradually recalibrate its focus because the energetic platform that the material plane sits on will have changed. It doesn’t mean that people will all of sudden behave civilly and want the best for everyone — but the new energetic platform will be in place, and it will be compelling. It means that humanity will be more supported than ever to get on with the business of rebuilding civilization. We can look forward to the day when everyone’s needs are met. As we know, meeting basic human needs is paramount to establishing abundance. Meeting basic human needs is paramount to creating peace, joy, and acceptance. Personal creativity and global problem-solving will increase by leaps and bounds: the truth is that Universal Consciousness recognizes that we only exist in relation to others, and that others are part of our existence. When we actively work from this truth, we will manifest our highest potential as human beings.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Just found your work! Thank you.

    Long before I learned about Human Design, I taught and spoke about the evolution of the emotional body being our current major work. Bit of a messy job getting there, but I am aware of the shift happening.

  2. gloria says:

    Hi, Jessica. Thanks for your comment and for visiting!

    I agree, the evolution of our emotional body is much needed. Human psychology is complex and difficult (messy, messy). If only it worked as well as a healthy human physiology. Perhaps we can look to our bodies for clues on how to regulate and moderate the emotional body.

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