Some people come in with a strong sense of knowing what they want to do with their lives.  For most of us knowing comes gradually, and it requires that we journey deep into the faceted landscape of experience.  Knowing comes with time, and with divine timing.  Even when we have inklings and inclinations of what we might become, we can be easily distracted and deterred.  Why?  Because of cultural dogma and the conditioning that follows from that.

All of us are born into a moment in time that is potent with many layers and expressions of energy — multiple aspects of consciousness — all of which are held in potential within us, waiting to be given shape and form as we live out our lives.  Sometimes our ability to follow our curiosity is unimpeded and even encouraged, and perhaps just as often, the path we wish to follow encounters roadblocks.  The roadblocks and delays aren’t necessarily a bad thing; resistance can counsel us to remain in integrity with our truth and to keep forging ahead with greater clarity and determination, or it can stop us in our tracks and make us second-guess ourselves.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Reviewing why we’re going where we’re going can illuminate if something is actually correct for us and if we really want to go there.

I believe that we are each born with specific talents and interests that serve as both map and compass to guide us in our unfolding and so connect us to our soul curriculum, our raison d’être.  Many of us will follow what compels us as a natural reflex even though many of us do not know our Human Design, our astrology, Enneagram, numerology, 9 Star Ki, and so on.

Does our Human Design compel us to express in certain ways and follow a certain path, even if we do not know this system?  Yes, it does. Your uniquely configured Human Design works in conjunction with your innate yearnings. It too serves as a map and compass.  But do our desires and having a Human Design mean that we will automatically and correctly engage the compass points of our Type, Profile, and Incarnation Cross?  I don’t think so. The expectations of our immediate community, including, but not limited to, family and cultural traditions and expectations, religious beliefs, and what schools tell us about who we need to be if we are to be successful, can obscure our inborn natural compass to follow what compels. (Look there for your calling).  None of us can come into our own without information, education, and experience.

This where the Trusted Advisor comes in: it is the Human Design Specialist’s job to guide their clients to their truth.  Through conversations that direct them back to their own realizations, the Specialist can help them identify what has meaning for them and what gifts they uniquely bring to the confluence of all individuals.

Human Design identifies very specific kinds of orientations about how to live your life that are not necessarily available in the codex we were handed, but it won’t tell you specifically what career to choose, or what your greatest talents are.  This is what you bring to your Human Design chart via your desires, experiences, and self-knowledge.

For example, the Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx 4 has the Conscious Sun in Gate 1.  The Sun and Gate 1 are a potent force for self-expression and will push that person to find their mission, but it won’t necessarily spell that mission out for them.  Identifying what pushes us to express comes through our own unfolding: through experiences that reveal to us our gifts, what we desire to further explore, and conversely, what we don’t want. And we can deepen our understanding of our purpose through contemplation and conversations with others.  What is clear to me is that, in the end, our purpose is where we find ourselves at home with life.


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