One of the biggest issues with any system, and this includes Human Design, is the vocabulary and jargon that is used to describe its elements.   Invariably, a bigger picture is left out, and then it’s up to the students of a system to ask questions that require deeper reflection and greater honesty from the system.

It’s a common problem that many students of Human Design are made to feel disempowered and “lesser than” by the description of their type.  In this world, the “doers,” who are understood to be the energy types (Manifesting Generators, Generators, and yes, Manifestors), are seen as more important and more powerful than the “be-ers,” or the non-energy types.  In a society where the visible and palpable products of action are given higher value over invisible processes like insight, compassion, and imagination, Reflectors and Projectors are going to be made to feel like unwanted children.  But this perception that productivity has more value than process comes from the culture at large and not so much from the Human Design system itself.

Your Human Design type describes how your energy flows and interacts with others, and with the world. It describes your aura and the traits that come from how your energy flows.  But your Human Design is not all of who you are.  It is one lens, one way of accessing your psychological and physical and even spiritual profile, and there are others.  We are composed of many different attributes that cannot be described by any one system because they come from different systems.  We are layers and layers deep.  We are uniquely complex.  When we say “I am a Reflector, or a Projector, or a Generator,” we are really referring to how our energy works, and how it needs to work so that we can thrive.

You have to dig deeper, into your personal Human Design chart itself, to mine the gifts that you came in with.  And as I mentioned, we are not just our Human Design chart.  We have many attributes that can be brought to light by different systems.  Here’s a very interesting truth: who we are is our core consciousness — that is — our Soul. Our Soul is not part of any system or modality that we use to understand ourselves; instead, it makes use of those systems to help us understand who we are and to keep us on our path — our life purpose, or our dharma.  Our choice of Human Design type, astrology, and psychological profile, to name a few, orients us to behave in specific ways, and to be interested in certain things.  These attributes and profiles also endow us with the talents and aptitudes that we are going to need to fulfill our purpose, and that will compel us in certain directions so that we can fulfill our purpose.

Please don’t feel restricted by your Type – who you came here to be and what you need to focus on is going to be driven by your Purpose, and assisted by your Type. Your power, like every Type’s power, comes from your Soul — your core consciousness.  Your highly intelligent Soul will use all the circuits that you are wired with, including your Human Design, to create your right life.  If any of us has any power, it is the power that comes from fully utilizing all the tools and resources we were given. 

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