Before we can feel at ease with the world we need to feel at ease with ourselves. Being at ease with self involves feeling physically well, emotionally balanced, and intellectually engaged. Being at ease with self involves accepting oneself as is. Being at ease with self means truly caring for who we are. It means we love ourselves, always, and no matter what!

If we want to make changes, we start from where we are. We do not criticize or put ourselves down. I cannot overstate how important it is to feel well in the body before you can feel at ease with anything. That means plenty of rest and eating the foods that support you. It is so important to rest your nervous system. This means staying away from conflict and negative thoughts. This means that your relationships are mutually respectful and supportive.

When we feel at ease with ourselves, we are available to be of service. Then we can do our part to change the world. Most importantly, living righteous lives will help us feel at ease with the world. Righteous lives seek the greater good for all, but never to the exclusion of self. A righteous life has an open heart, but is never a victim. A righteous life means that you believe in yourself and believe that all beings have a right to thrive.

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