The Human Design Manifestor: The Producers

Manifestors are one of the rarest Types in the Human Design system, making up approximately 8% of the population. Manifestors are the only Type who are pure energy beings because they have a direct defined channel from the Throat Center to one or more of the motors–(Will Center, Root Center and Emotional Solar Plexus). However, a Manifestor never has a Sacral Motor (Sacral Center) defined. This means that Manifestors, in spite of their tremendous initiating energy, are not here to work in a sustainable fashion. A regular Monday-through-Friday, nine-to-five job is exhausting for a Manifestor and most Manifestors, when faced with that as their work option, will feel exhausted or even angry. Because the open Sacral takes in work force energy and amplifies it, it can work intensively for a short period of time, but not for a long period of time. The open Sacral is not here to work in the traditional way. The open sacral types are not here to work sustainably. They cannot maintain the traditional work schedule forever. Projectors crash at 40. Manifestors seem to be able to hang on a bit longer, 45 – 52. Burnout can manifest as an auto-immune disorder, depression…the body eventually breaks down if the Manifestor does not leverage her energy correctly.

Manifestors absolutely have to be out in the world making things happen for their life. They are the billiard ball on the billiard table. A Manifestor who does not initiate will fry their circuits. You are an energy volcano, and if that energy has nowhere to go you will shut down, your creativity will shut down and you might also get sick. Your Life Purpose is often about leading change by sharing new ideas, pushing people beyond their comfort level, and empowering them to do things in new ways.

When a motor is directly connected to the Throat Center, it gives a person the energy to start things such as conversations and businesses without waiting. (Unlike the other four types.) A Manifestor will have a powerful voice and a powerful presence. When a Manifestor speaks or enters the room, most people will feel their energy. Because Manifestors are the only Type who can truly just do things without waiting, the energy of a Manifestor can make people a little uneasy or uncertain. No one ever really knows what the Manifestor is about to do. When a Manifestor gets an idea, they just go do it. And they can usually do it quite well. They are designed to just do things.

Manifestor Strategy: Inform
The Manifestor strategy is to inform others of their actions before they take action. However, Manifestors move so fast that they feel that it takes too much time to explain. Ultimately, slowing down and informing others about what they’re doing, as angry as it makes them, will in the long run save the Manifestor a lot of time and disruption, judgment and misunderstanding.

A powerful Manifestor can soften the impact of her energy and harness it energy to serve herself and others by taking note of all the people who will be impacted by her actions and then tell them what to expect. Informing does not come naturally for Manifestors and they may feel controlled or manipulated by their impact field. Manifestors are not here to be told what to do. Most Manifestors do not tell others what they are doing because they learned very early on that others will try to stop them or tell them that what they want to do is not possible. But, Manifestors who understand that informing can improve their relationships and remove resistance will create support for their power and creative energy. It is important for Manifestors to remember that just because they inform doesn’t mean that they have to stop or change what they are doing. They are just letting people know what to expect.

In addition to informing, Manifestors also feel more loved and respected when they themselves are informed about what is happening. If you love a Manifestor, inform them about what you are doing. It helps them create and takes away some of the natural anger that can be triggered in the Manifestor.

What are some of the challenges for the Manifestor? All of the other types have a decision-making strategy that is sourced or rooted in the external world. They have an opportunity to wait for things to manifest in their outer reality and confirm for them what direction to go in. Manifestor inspiration comes from within, but because of that there can be some hesitancy and lack of clarity about what to do. Often, the Manifestor just has to do it. Only after the fact will they know whether it’s correct for them or not. It is important that the Manifestor maintain an inner connection with themselves or their higher power. A Manifestor must have a connection to an internal voice that’s bigger than them in order for them to have clarity for where they need to go, what to do next.

The emotional theme of Manifestors is anger. Anger often happens when people try to slow you down, help you, or tell you you can’t do something. Not having the skills to manage anger properly can sometimes be destructive. Manifestors often struggle with knowing when enough is enough. If you’re a Manifestor, it’s important to gauge the impact of what you’re doing to make sure you’re not frying everyone else’s energy and burning them out.

The Manifestor Aura. The aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds all living creatures, extending about 6 feet in every direction. Its frequency communicates who we are to others, and governs the way we impact or connect with others. The Manifestor has a closed and repelling aura. The moment someone comes towards a Manifestor, their own aura is pushed back.

Manifestors And Sleep
Sleep can be a big problem for Manifestors. Because Manifestors do not have a defined Sacral Center, they are not designed to be “worn out” at the end of the day like a Generator. Non-sacral people need to lie down and rest before they can fall asleep — before they feel sleepy. This means that Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors get healthy sleep when they go to bed and lie down before they are tired. If a non-sacral person waits until they are exhausted to go to sleep, the quality of their sleep may be poor. It is not uncommon for non-sacral people to struggle with insomnia or wakefulness at night.

They will also tend to sleep better by themselves. The time spent alone sleeping helps the Manifestor discharge the extra Sacral energy that they have amplified all day. The idea of sleeping alone can be difficult for Generators to understand but this is not a personal issue. Manifestors will sleep better, feel better and be healthier if they get a chance to renew their energy.

Manifestor Keywords: • Initiator • Innovator • Powerhouse • Thought leader • Provoking • Paradigm-buster• Can be a lone wolf • Edgy and experimental

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14 Responses to The Human Design Manifestor: The Producers

  1. Theresa Davey says:

    I have been awakened to my Human Design, and for the first time in my life I feel at home with myself. Thank you.

  2. John Smith says:

    This is different and better than the other descriptions I’ve seen. I think it’s important to remember we aren’t all the same. I would imagine we’ll drop below 8% as fewer appear over time.

    • gloria says:

      Right! We are not all the same, and as you know, there’s a Manifestor spectrum that includes every single Manifestor. It’s a huge one because each individual Manifestor has a different Design. About the Manifestor energy leaving the planet, that’s what the Ra told us. But aren’t we grateful to all the Manifestors who’ve shown us the way! There’s a Design evolution in play with the coming Solar Plexus Mutation, and we’re all going to be part of it. Thank you for your comment, John.

  3. Mira B says:

    I’m new to Human Design. My chart says I’m a Manifestor but that doesn’t ring true for me at all. So I’m still struggling to decide if this system is accurate or not. Your article (which appears to just be taken straight from Karen Curry’s Understanding Human Design book) provides a lot of information on what a pure Manifestor is, but I haven’t been able to really discover any information on how a Manifestor reacts to conditioning. Any suggestions?

    • Justine says:


      I can totally relate. The first time I read about the Manifestor, I thought to myself what is this bullshit and even more when I saw that anger was my “theme”…well, it has been a long road and I have as well been doing a Jungian therapy but now that I am letting go the conditioning I can tell you that I sure am a Manifestor…only thing that is not ok for me with Integral human design is that you get the feeling that you are stuck with all that. I know that My aura is closed and repelling BUT that if I trust and love someone it opens and let people in. IN general it is closed and repelling but I can control it and also, yes I am good at initiating BUT for others..a Manifestor has to be of service to others and then he/she will start to have correctness in his or her life…I find the Gene keys a much more soft approach to all this knowledge and it has helped a lot 🙂

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Justine.

        I hear you on “integral” Human Design. If I understand you correctly, you feel that Human Design is often applied in a fundamentalist way such that it boxes people in to a kind of fate where they cannot be other than what their energy type says about them.

        Here’s the thing — remember that you are ALL of the chart because you have all of the chart. You can access any part of it as your circumstances require. The most important thing to keep in mind is your true energy type, your strategy, and authority. This way you will stay in alignment with the energetically correct way for you to pursue your goals. You can be anything you want to be. You are not limited by your energy type.

        Also — what your chart says about you would yield a great deal of information and insight about you as an individual if read with depth and understanding. You are a Manifestor, but who are YOU inside of that? And what is all of your definition?

        Human Design is evolving. I prefer to watch how people are actually expressing their design rather than assume things about them based on the design. There are many variables of expression for each piece of the bodygraph — just as many as there are souls who are expressing their intentions through the design they gave themselves.

        Do not think you are limited by your energy type. It is up to you to push the envelope or the boundaries of expression so that it fits you perfectly, and let the world know that THIS is what a Manifestor can look like, can be, and do!

  4. gloria says:

    Hello, Mira B.

    First, thank you for your comment. I always appreciate interest.

    Second, it’s hard to write about anything in Human Design that doesn’t sound like it was plagiarized from someone else’s work. Human Design is a very specific system, and each component in that system has a certain narrative and certain definitions and understandings. It would be difficult to maintain the integrity of a description if one were to deviate much from standard jargon. As an FYI, the language was not taken from Karen’s book.

    I have taken many courses from the extraordinary Karen Curry Parker — therefore, I may from time to time sound like Karen when I’m writing about Human Design. I appreciate the compliment!

    Regarding your exploration of the Human Design Manifestor and the fact that it is falling short of describing who you are, that could be, as you pointed out, the result of conditioning. We are all conditioned heavily. Another word for that is imprinting. It’s inevitable. It’s how we learn to make our way in the world; it’s our first entry into identity, and it’s how we survive — by adapting to what is expected of us, and behaving inside of the norms and mores of the tribe is the safe thing to do. It will not go well if you try to challenge that too much. Better to wait until you have a solid foundation in yourself, and better to make sure that if you want to do some confronting and arguing, that your battle had better be worth the fight. Otherwise, the bridges of alliance and communication are irrevocably destroyed.

    Eventually conditioning becomes a problem. We all need to find out who we are, what our gifts are, what our real interests are, and what calls to us. Conditioning can get in the way of self-discovery and the experiences that lead to deepening self-knowledge.

    But all is not lost. In fact, nothing may be lost. Often, the best way to find out who you are is to be who you are not. It won’t fit well, and this will start you on your way to find what does fit. You asked about how a Manifestor reacts to conditioning. Conditioning is not something you react to. It is simply something that happens as you grow into becoming a functional member of whatever society you are born into.

    In the initial stages, when we are all learning to more or less obey the tribe/ the rules of civilization, we are being conditioned. Regulation is a useful thing — we need to know what the boundaries are, and what is acceptable. But after a while, who you are will begin to assert itself through your likes and dislikes, and even more importantly, through your choices. When you are energetically aligned with the choices you make, conditioning eventually takes a back seat, and your real self can start blooming.

    I’m happy to work with you privately if you need additional clarification on your questions or want to enter more deeply into what is going on for you at this time.


    • Linda says:

      I love this comment, “Often, the best way to find out who you are is to be who you are not. It won’t fit well, and this will start you on your way to find what does fit”. As a formerly conditioned emotional manifestor, I thank you! Start as a seeker end as a finder.

  5. Sam Q. says:

    Any advice on recovering Manifestor energy? At 50 I feel like my mind is fried. Poor memory, lack of focus, difficulty in getting anything done. How do you waken up your manifesting potential when it seems to be shut down?

  6. gloria says:

    Hi, Sam. Thanks for posting your comment.

    Dear Manifestor, you are burned out. You are tired, and what you really, really, need is lots of rest. That includes surrounding yourself with beauty, with all things that calm you. Gardens of beautiful things. It’s really important that you maintain a peaceful and loving environment that affirms you and buoys you up. It’s time for a cycle of rest.

    Be with people who see you and appreciate you.

    Keep your heart open by staying connecting to all the people and animals you love. The energy of loving others is very nourishing.

    Make room for play in your life, for fun and enjoyment.

    Above all, stay connected to what you love (your passions will nourish you), and rest, rest, rest. I understand if you cannot rest all the time — but it is imperative that you do only what you HAVE to do. The rest belongs to you.

    After some time you feel renewed and refreshed, and manifesting will come easily to you again. But don’t force it before you’re ready — you need to get your vitality back, and you’ll know when you have that. You won’t be able to help manifesting. It is who you are.

    • Justine says:

      Thank you!

      What you describe is exactly where my deconditionning path has brought me. In my case I used: Shamanism, human design, Gene keys, working with horses, tarots, astrology, Jung, yoga ha ha ha Such a rich Journey and exciting part is that it doesn’t stop 🙂

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Justine.

        Thank you for your comment!

        May your journey of exploration continue to be rich and exciting, and give you endless insight and knowledge.


  7. Sam Q. says:

    Thanks Gloria! I just thought that maybe it was bad for manifestors to rest too much. BTW what does manifesting really mean? May be an odd question, but how do I know my manifesting is working. Success? Anyone can get up and go start an bus. for example. How is different for a manifestor. Say I want to have an online bus. and a Generator also does. How is that I would manifest and the generator would not?

  8. gloria says:

    Hi, Sam.

    You ask: What does manifesting really mean?

    To manifest is to show, to reveal, to make evident, to make palpable, to make dimensional…to create, to bring something into being.

    We all manifest all the time, but making something happen, bringing something into being can take place at different levels. You don’t have to be conscious or have an intention, for example, to manifest. You can have unconscious motivations that lead to your taking action. Your actions will always cause something to occur, even at the most mundane level.

    When you seek to create something that will take considerable effort, you can work towards its manifestation by streamlining your focus and working out a strategy to get you there. This is deliberate creation as opposed to the accidents that happen because you were being careless with your attention and energy. Your carelessness will cause things to manifest, but you may not want the results.

    There is a new age school of thought that understands manifesting as bringing something into your life that is so far removed from the resources you have to bring it in that causing it to happen is akin to manifesting the miraculous. Realistically, you can manifest what you need by carefully placing your thought, time, attention, and energy on it. Energy also means taking action. Successfully manifesting something also needs the energy of DESIRE. You have to really want it, and you have to believe that you deserve it, and that it is possible to have that. No pretending here.

    Be aware that it is possible to manifest, or bring a situation into being that is not in alignment with your highest interests or the interests of the other parties that may be involved, whether or not they know this. Here’s the thing — if you desire something with enough intensity, whether or not it is aligned with truth and love, you can still bring it into being. This is where we need to be careful around what we wish for! This is where it is really, really important to be honest with ourselves about what it is we truly want, and if what we want is going to benefit everyone affected. Enough energy, intensity and desire will get the ball rolling in the direction you want. The final ingredient is taking the actions that will get you there. Exception: In some cases it is also true that there are some very talented wielders of energy that are able to bring their desired objectives into being just with pure focused intent.

    I prefer to avoid the word success and think in terms of fulfillment. What is it that fulfills you? Success is too often associated with material advances and outward achievements. While those things CAN bring fulfillment, they are not in and of themselves what fulfills you at the core. Fulfillment is related to the meeting the desires of the heart. The heart — not the mind, not the ego.

    A Manifestor’s approach to manifesting is to just go for it. Manifestors are the only energy types that can initiate and not work against themselves energetically. Please keep in mind that as a Manifestor, you are best off by letting those who will be affected by your actions know that you are going to be doing a certain thing — but remember that you don’t need their permission. Just do them the favor of informing them that you are (going to do a certain thing), and then go and do it.

    A Generator cannot initiate. They need to respond to opportunities and suggestions that come to them from their environment, from the external world. Their heart’s fulfillment and the manifestation of what they desire will ultimately come from following the responses that generate excitement and curiosity in them.

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