The Human Design Manifestor: The Producers

Manifestors are one of the rarest Types in the Human Design system, making up approximately 9% of the population. Manifestors are the only Type who are pure energy beings because they have a direct defined channel from the Throat Center to one or more of the motors — (Will Center, Root Center, and Emotional Solar Plexus). However, a Manifestor never has a Sacral Motor (Sacral Center) defined. This means that Manifestors, in spite of their tremendous initiating energy, are not here to work in a sustainable fashion. A regular Monday-through-Friday, nine-to-five job is exhausting for a Manifestor, and most Manifestors, when faced with that as their work option, will feel exhausted or even angry. Because the open Sacral takes in work force energy and amplifies it, it can work intensively for a short period of time, but not for a long period of time. The open Sacral is not here to work in the traditional way. None of the open sacral types are not here to work sustainably. They cannot maintain the traditional work schedule forever. Projectors crash at around 40, often before that. Manifestors seem to be able to hang on a bit longer, 45 – 52. Burnout can manifest as an auto-immune disorder, depression, physical issues.  The body eventually breaks down if the Manifestor does not leverage her energy correctly.

As a Manifestor, you have an internal, non-verbal, creative flow that you need to follow. This is your imperative: you have to be able to follow that internal, non-verbal, creative flow. You are not following the logical dictates of the mind; you don’t manifest from the mind. As a Manifestor, you have a direct connection to Divine Spark, or Divine Inspiration. That connection bypasses language and goes straight into “doing” energy. You find your timing for doing anything or taking action by waiting for the inner alignment of the “go” signal with your inspiration. You will feel the timing. When you get that “go” signal, you leap into action – after minding your Authority.

Manifestors absolutely have to be out in the world making things happen for themselves. They are the billiard ball on the billiard table. They can initiate things; they can start a ball rolling that other people can then respond to or join. A Manifestor who does not initiate will fry their circuits. You are an energy volcano, and if that energy has nowhere to go you will shut down. Your creativity will shut down — and you might also get sick. Your Life Purpose is often about leading change by sharing new ideas, pushing people beyond their comfort level, and empowering them to do things in new ways.

When a motor is directly connected to the Throat Center, it gives a person the energy to start things such as conversations and businesses without waiting.* (Unlike the other four types.) A Manifestor will have a powerful voice and a powerful presence. When a Manifestor speaks or enters the room, most people will feel their energy. Because Manifestors are the only Type who can truly just do things without waiting, the energy of a Manifestor can make people a little uneasy or uncertain. No one ever really knows what the Manifestor is about to do. When a Manifestor gets an idea, they just go do it. And they can usually do it quite well. They are designed to just do things. *Manifestors do need to wait on internal signals that it is time to take action.

Manifestor Strategy: Inform
The Manifestor strategy is to inform others of their actions before they take action. However, Manifestors move so fast that they feel that it takes too much time to explain. Ultimately, slowing down and informing others about what they’re doing, as angry as it makes them, will in the long run save the Manifestor a lot of time and disruption, judgment and misunderstanding.

A powerful Manifestor can soften the impact of her energy and harness her energy to serve herself and others by taking note of all the people who will be impacted by her actions and then tell them what to expect. Informing does not come naturally for Manifestors, and they may feel controlled or manipulated by the people in their impact field. Manifestors are not here to be told what to do! Most Manifestors do not tell others what they are doing because they learned very early on that others will try to stop them or tell them that what they want to do is not possible, or they’ll want details. But Manifestors who understand that informing can improve their relationships and remove resistance will create support for their power and creative energy. It is important for Manifestors to remember that just because they inform doesn’t mean that they have to stop or change what they are doing. They are just letting people know what to expect.

In addition to informing, Manifestors also feel more loved and respected when they themselves are informed about what is happening. If you love a Manifestor, inform them about what you are doing. It helps them create and takes away some of the natural anger that can be triggered in the Manifestor.

What are some of the challenges for the Manifestor? All of the other types have a decision-making strategy that is sourced or rooted in the external world. They have a strategy that is designed to wait for things to manifest in their outer reality. They can then confirm whether or not a certain opportunity is correct for them.

Manifestor inspiration comes from within, but because of that there can be some hesitancy and lack of clarity about what to do. Often, the Manifestor just has to do it. Only after the fact will they know whether it’s correct for them or not! It is important that the Manifestor maintain an inner connection with themselves or their higher power. A Manifestor must have a connection to an internal voice that’s bigger than them in order for them to have clarity for where they need to go, what to do next.

It is said that emotional theme of Manifestors is anger. But this anger is really about having your creative flow interrupted.  It’s not true anger.  When a powerful surge of energy is  disrupted, that disrupted energy response is about losing your connection to your creative flow, and it leads to frustration and disappointment.  Take a breath and pause, and see if you can recapture the flow.  

Manifestors often struggle with knowing when enough is enough. If you’re a Manifestor, it’s important to gauge the impact of what you’re doing to make sure you’re not frying your own energy or everyone else’s energy and burning them out.  Manifestors have to take breaks, too.

The Manifestor Aura. The aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds all living creatures, extending about 6 feet in every direction. Its frequency communicates who we are to others, and governs the way we impact or connect with others. The Manifestor has a closed and repelling aura. The moment someone comes towards a Manifestor, their own aura is pushed back.

Let’s take a closer look at what it means to have a repelling aura. The Manifestor does not have sustainable energy. Therefore, it is really important for them to be judicious in how open they are to requests for their energy. This is why the Manifestor must repel, and do so with discernment because they cannot afford to spread their energy everywhere and give it to whoever wants it. Energy in non-sacral beings is a precious commodity and must be guarded. It is so important for the Manifestor to be discerning about what they say yes to, and what they commit to. So many of us take on more than what we can actually handle, especially with so many deserving causes asking for our help. Then we burn out. This is why you have an aura that pushes outward, but it is only meant to push away what will not honor your energy or the availability of that energy. It is not about your loving heart. 

An additional note on the repelling aura: the Manifestor’s creativity moves very quickly through them, usually from a pre-verbal, not-yet-articulated, manner. Manifestors often work from an instinctive-like place, creating as they go. This is a process that requires sovereignty. In other words, the aura pushes away whatever threatens to interrupt their specialized creative process.

Manifestors And Sleep
Sleep can be a big problem for Manifestors. Because Manifestors do not have a defined Sacral Center, they are not designed to be “worn out” at the end of the day like a Generator. Non-sacral people need to lie down and rest before they can fall asleep — before they feel sleepy. This means that Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors get healthy sleep when they go to bed and lie down before they are tired. If a non-sacral person waits until they are exhausted to go to sleep, the quality of their sleep will likely be poor. It is not uncommon for non-sacral people to struggle with insomnia or wakefulness at night.

Non-sacral beings tend to sleep better by themselves. The time spent alone while sleeping helps the Manifestor discharge the extra Sacral energy that they have picked up and amplified all day. The idea of sleeping alone can be difficult for Generators to understand, but it isn’t personal! Manifestors will sleep better, feel better, and be healthier if they get a chance to renew their energy.

Manifestors have a deep intuitive sense of knowing what they are here to do. They follow an internal directive to create. This directive is not articulated, but unfolds as the Manifestor takes action to bring their creation into being. Manifestors always win when it comes down to displays of raw power. They can turn on huge bursts of energy from a standstill position. They work according to their own internal pattern and schedule. 9 to 5 schedules are stifling and draining.

Quantum Purpose of the Manifestor (per Karen Curry Parker): is to initiate others into the frequency of transformation and creativity. As an initiating force, the Manifestor, through following their own flow, stretches the  boundaries of  what’s possible  in the human story.   They transform us by following  their own path. Manifestors create openings at the edges of the human story so that the story itself continues to evolve, and collectively, we can continue to serve the evolution of the human story.

Manifestor Key Words and Phrases

  • Go-getter; initiator, catalyzing force; tremendous drive and focus; highly motivated; relentless, driven; action-oriented; achiever, doer, dynamo; can go it alone and succeed; move very quickly; have amazing energy for moving fast; need freedom, don’t tell them what to do.
  • Innovative, powerhouse, provocative, thought leader, paradigm-busting; can go it alone and succeed, lone wolf, edgy and experimental, constant need for action, intense dislike of being interrupted when they are in their creative flow, high need for freedom.

More: Aggressive; Out there; High Risk; Dynamic; Active; Works Hard; Can be Selfish; Non-Communicative (because so involved in their projects and following their creative flow); Temperament: can be edgy

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60 Responses to The Human Design Manifestor: The Producers

  1. Theresa Davey says:

    I have been awakened to my Human Design, and for the first time in my life I feel at home with myself. Thank you.

    • Daniel says:

      Same here Theresa, same here. Are you a manifestor too? I only struggle with finding a way of making money that will allow for such inspirational and innovative impacting on the world. I have zero interest in money per se and it seems to be almost in opposition to the inspiration I am here to bring, but unfortunately one does need to make a living somehow. I know I have a lot to give, but don’t know how to do it. Write books? Articles? May I ask how did you go about this?

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Daniel. Thank you for your comment.

        You are on the road to identifying your calling, and the direction in which you will find it. Since making money is not what draws you, that tells me you are not here to learn how to make money (you likely already have that skill down), or to necessarily make a lot of money.

        I would not put a lot of pressure on yourself to find out what you’re here for. Go easy in getting to know who you really are and what paths will allow you to do this with flow and ease. Finding your purpose and your calling is ultimately about connecting to what fulfills you, to what makes you happy, to what makes your heart sing. When you ask questions like — should I write books? Should I write articles? What should I do, and how do I go about finding what I should do, it tells me that you are already countering the influence of conditioning – the influence of the expectations that your friends, family, and the culture generally, have placed on you. It is important for you to see which of the many things you are looking at as possibilities for your life are truly aligned with you. Which of these things respect you? Honor you? Give you peace of mind and make you feel at home, satisfied, and valued?

        Not everything is yours to do, is your responsibility, or belongs to you. You are designed for certain things, and you came in with a specific agenda, or dharma, for your life. It is this dharma that will help you identify what you are here to do and give.

        How do you know what your dharma is? Follow your bliss, follow your curiosity, follow what calls to you, and keep following that. You will always come to forks in the road, and if you keep following your curiosity, you will know where your next turn is. The forks in the road force us to stay true to ourselves. They force us to be honest about what is truly correct for us. Even when we do take a wrong turn, no experiences are wasted because it is all useful information. If you track in this manner, you will know how to give, how to contribute, and what you should continue to develop in yourself.

        Really, it’s not that hard. When you reframe your thinking that life has to be expressed in certain specific ways to instead allowing yourself to follow your desires, curiosity, and excitement — without putting pressure on yourself for things to look a certain way — then you open yourself to a much bigger horizon of what’s possible for you. Not that you are doing this, but when we try to find our path by attempting to fit all of our interests and yearnings into a neat vocational package, we are actually putting the cart before the horse. Instead, if we allow our desires, passions, yearnings, and so on to lead us, we will give ourselves permission to experience a variety of things, and it is here that we gather the information we need to find where we belong, and what activities and ways of living are correct for us.

        Allow yourself to follow the flow of your interests, and over time you will refine these, and come to know where you want to put more of your time, energy, and attention.

        I invite you to join my facebook community page, Living From Your Essence Community, where I give feedback and reflection on your questions about your experiences, your Human Design and astrology charts, and insights to assist you with your soul’s journey.


    • Fredrick says:

      I could not agree more with this statement Theresa!

  2. John Smith says:

    This is different and better than the other descriptions I’ve seen. I think it’s important to remember we aren’t all the same. I would imagine we’ll drop below 8% as fewer appear over time.

    • gloria says:

      Right! We are not all the same, and as you know, there’s a Manifestor spectrum that includes every single Manifestor. It’s a huge one because each individual Manifestor has a different Design. About the Manifestor energy leaving the planet, that’s what the Ra told us. But aren’t we grateful to all the Manifestors who’ve shown us the way! There’s a Design evolution in play with the coming Solar Plexus Mutation, and we’re all going to be part of it. Thank you for your comment, John.

      • Daniel says:

        Hi Gloria and John, can you tell me more about “the manifestor energy leaving the planet”? I never heard about it.

        • gloria says:

          Hi, Daniel. It has been said that the Manifestor was the ruling human design type for the duration of the 7-centered being. That changed in 1781 when we became 9-centered beings, and the Projector type was born.

          For a long time, Manifestors ruled. They held positions of power over other people in the standard way that this takes place — by having more wealth and resources than others. What they said was how it went and how things were done. Think kings, queens, high priests and priestesses — anyone who had recognized authority that no “commoners” had any real power to challenge.

          My understanding is that Manifestor energy was needed to organize the rest of us. It was not a democratic style of leadership where everyone had a voice and a vote and participated in the decisions that were made — decisions that affected their lives. For good or bad, these were frequently made by Manifestors. That is the power and authority of the motorized throat, and the power of the tremendous amplification of energy that is available to the undefined Sacral. The combination of the two, a motorized throat and an undefined Sacral, produces a highly motivated, highly energized being who takes charge and moves quickly. And you don’t want to be in their way when they’re moving!

          After 1781, humanity crossed a threshold where Manifestors were no longer needed to tell others how to live their lives. This was most often done by decree. Projectors stepped in to become the Guides for others, but not from a seat on the throne, and not by proclamation. Rather, they guide by the invitation that comes when their particular information — facts, insight, and wisdom pertaining to their expertise — is asked for.

          Manifestors are now free to focus on taking charge of their own lives without having to deal with the burden of making decisions for others. That is really not who they are, anyway. Manifestor genius is unleashed when they are allowed to call the shots for themselves, for their own lives, without interference from others. So long as Manifestors let those who will be affected by their actions (just those people) know what they are planning, they are energetically free to go ahead and take action.

          I have heard that there will be a time when the Manifestor design will no longer be, but I need to do research on that. It doesn’t make sense to me, because that design has its purpose and also serves as a role model to others for courage, risk-taking, and innovation. In any case, this is not something that you need to be concerned about. You are here as a Manifestor, it is the design that is with you for the rest of your life, so make the most of it!

  3. Mira B says:

    I’m new to Human Design. My chart says I’m a Manifestor but that doesn’t ring true for me at all. So I’m still struggling to decide if this system is accurate or not. Your article provides a lot of information on what a pure Manifestor is, but I haven’t been able to really discover any information on how a Manifestor reacts to conditioning. Any suggestions?

    • Justine says:


      I can totally relate. The first time I read about the Manifestor, I thought to myself what is this bullshit and even more when I saw that anger was my “theme”…well, it has been a long road and I have as well been doing a Jungian therapy but now that I am letting go the conditioning I can tell you that I sure am a Manifestor…only thing that is not ok for me with Integral human design is that you get the feeling that you are stuck with all that. I know that My aura is closed and repelling BUT that if I trust and love someone it opens and let people in. IN general it is closed and repelling but I can control it and also, yes I am good at initiating BUT for others..a Manifestor has to be of service to others and then he/she will start to have correctness in his or her life…I find the Gene keys a much more soft approach to all this knowledge and it has helped a lot 🙂

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Justine.

        I hear you on “integral” Human Design. If I understand you correctly, you feel that Human Design is often applied in a fundamentalist way such that it boxes people in to a kind of fate where they cannot be other than what their energy type says about them.

        Here’s the thing — remember that you are ALL of the chart because you have all of the chart. You can access any part of it as your circumstances require. The most important thing to keep in mind is your true energy type, your strategy, and authority. This way you will stay in alignment with the energetically correct way for you to pursue your goals. You can be anything you want to be. You are not limited by your energy type.

        Also — what your chart says about you would yield a great deal of information and insight about you as an individual if read with depth and understanding. You are a Manifestor, but who are YOU inside of that? And what is all of your definition?

        Human Design is evolving. I prefer to watch how people are actually expressing their design rather than assume things about them based on the design. There are many variables of expression for each piece of the bodygraph — just as many as there are souls who are expressing their intentions through the design they gave themselves.

        Do not think you are limited by your energy type. It is up to you to push the envelope or the boundaries of expression so that it fits you perfectly, and let the world know that THIS is what a Manifestor can look like, can be, and do!

  4. gloria says:

    Hello, Mira B.

    Thank you for your comment. I always appreciate interest.

    Regarding your exploration of the Human Design Manifestor and the fact that it is falling short of describing who you are, that could be, as you pointed out, the result of conditioning. We are all conditioned heavily. Another word for that is imprinting. It’s inevitable. It’s how we learn to make our way in the world; it’s our first entry into identity, and it’s how we survive — by adapting to what is expected of us, and behaving inside of the norms and mores of the tribe is the safe thing to do. It will not go well if you try to challenge that too much. Better to wait until you have a solid foundation in yourself, and better to make sure that if you want to do some confronting and arguing, that your battle had better be worth the fight. Otherwise, the bridges of alliance and communication are irrevocably destroyed.

    Eventually conditioning becomes a problem. We all need to find out who we are, what our gifts are, what our real interests are, and what calls to us. Conditioning can get in the way of self-discovery and the experiences that lead to deepening self-knowledge.

    But all is not lost. In fact, nothing may be lost. Often, the best way to find out who you are is to be who you are not. It won’t fit well, and this will start you on your way to find what does fit. You asked about how a Manifestor reacts to conditioning. Conditioning is not something you react to. It is simply something that happens as you grow into becoming a functional member of whatever society you are born into.

    In the initial stages, when we are all learning to more or less obey the tribe/ the rules of civilization, we are being conditioned. Regulation is a useful thing — we need to know what the boundaries are, and what is acceptable. But after a while, who you are will begin to assert itself through your likes and dislikes, and even more importantly, through your choices. When you are energetically aligned with the choices you make, conditioning eventually takes a back seat, and your real self can start blooming.

    I’m happy to work with you privately if you need additional clarification on your questions or want to enter more deeply into what is going on for you at this time.


    • Linda says:

      I love this comment, “Often, the best way to find out who you are is to be who you are not. It won’t fit well, and this will start you on your way to find what does fit”. As a formerly conditioned emotional manifestor, I thank you! Start as a seeker end as a finder.

  5. Sam Q. says:

    Any advice on recovering Manifestor energy? At 50 I feel like my mind is fried. Poor memory, lack of focus, difficulty in getting anything done. How do you waken up your manifesting potential when it seems to be shut down?

  6. gloria says:

    Hi, Sam. Thanks for posting your comment.

    Dear Manifestor, you are burned out. You are tired, and what you really, really, need is lots of rest. That includes surrounding yourself with beauty, with all things that calm you. Gardens of beautiful things. It’s really important that you maintain a peaceful and loving environment that affirms you and buoys you up. It’s time for a cycle of rest.

    Be with people who see you and appreciate you.

    Keep your heart open by staying connected to all the people and animals you love. The energy of loving others is very nourishing.

    Make room for play in your life, for fun and enjoyment.

    Above all, stay connected to what you love (your passions will nourish you), and rest, rest, rest. I understand if you cannot rest all the time — but it is imperative that you do only what you HAVE to do. The rest belongs to you.

    After some time you feel renewed and refreshed, and manifesting will come easily to you again. But don’t force it before you’re ready — you need to get your vitality back, and you’ll know when you have that. You won’t be able to help manifesting. It is who you are.

    • Justine says:

      Thank you!

      What you describe is exactly where my deconditionning path has brought me. In my case I used: Shamanism, human design, Gene keys, working with horses, tarots, astrology, Jung, yoga ha ha ha Such a rich Journey and exciting part is that it doesn’t stop 🙂

  7. Sam Q. says:

    Thanks Gloria! I just thought that maybe it was bad for manifestors to rest too much. BTW what does manifesting really mean? May be an odd question, but how do I know my manifesting is working. Success? Anyone can get up and go start an bus. for example. How is different for a manifestor. Say I want to have an online bus. and a Generator also does. How is that I would manifest and the generator would not?

  8. gloria says:

    Hi, Sam.

    You ask: What does manifesting really mean?

    To manifest is to show, to reveal, to make evident, to make palpable, to make dimensional…to create, to bring something into being.

    We all manifest all the time, but making something happen, bringing something into being can take place at different levels. You don’t have to be conscious or have an intention, for example, to manifest. You can have unconscious motivations that lead to your taking action. Your actions will always cause something to occur, even at the most mundane level.

    When you seek to create something that will take considerable effort, you can work towards its manifestation by streamlining your focus and working out a strategy to get you there. This is deliberate creation as opposed to the accidents that happen because you were being careless with your attention and energy. Your carelessness will cause things to manifest, but you may not want the results.

    There is a new age school of thought that understands manifesting as bringing something into your life that is so far removed from the resources you have to bring it in that causing it to happen is akin to manifesting the miraculous. Realistically, you can manifest what you need by carefully placing your thought, time, attention, and energy on it. Energy also means taking action. Successfully manifesting something also needs the energy of DESIRE. You have to really want it, and you have to believe that you deserve it, and that it is possible to have that. No pretending here.

    Be aware that it is possible to manifest, or bring a situation into being that is not in alignment with your highest interests or the interests of the other parties that may be involved, whether or not they know this. Here’s the thing — if you desire something with enough intensity, whether or not it is aligned with truth and love, you can still bring it into being. This is where we need to be careful around what we wish for! This is where it is really, really important to be honest with ourselves about what it is we truly want, and if what we want is going to benefit everyone affected. Enough energy, intensity and desire will get the ball rolling in the direction you want. The final ingredient is taking the actions that will get you there. Exception: In some cases it is also true that there are some very talented wielders of energy that are able to bring their desired objectives into being just with pure focused intent.

    I prefer to avoid the word success and think in terms of fulfillment. What is it that fulfills you? Success is too often associated with material advances and outward achievements. While those things CAN bring fulfillment, they are not in and of themselves what fulfills you at the core. Fulfillment is related to the meeting the desires of the heart. The heart — not the mind, not the ego.

    A Manifestor’s approach to manifesting is to just go for it. Manifestors are the only energy types that can initiate and not work against themselves energetically. Please keep in mind that as a Manifestor, you are best off by letting those who will be affected by your actions know that you are going to be doing a certain thing — but remember that you don’t need their permission. Just do them the favor of informing them that you are (going to do a certain thing), and then go and do it.

    A Generator cannot initiate. They need to respond to opportunities and suggestions that come to them from their environment, from the external world. Their heart’s fulfillment and the manifestation of what they desire will ultimately come from following the responses that generate excitement and curiosity in them.

  9. Meghann Perc says:

    How does this work for emotional authority manifestors? It seems completely at odds with itself. Manifestors are supposed to act quickly and on inspiration but emotional authorities have to wait until they ride out the wave. How do you know when to act quickly? And doesn’t this run the risk of missing out on inspiration because you are waiting to be in a better mood?

  10. gloria says:

    Hi, Meghann. Thanks for writing.

    An emotional authority Manifestor should ride out their wave and check in with themselves throughout the entire wave whether or not an idea they have feels right and is truly in alignment with their principles. Once a Manifestor gets going, they go very fast. But before they leap out of the start gate, they should consider whether or not this is something they really want to do. Inspiration may come in a rapid download (or not), but an emotional authority should wait to see if that inspiration feels right along the entire wave before they go bolting out the door. If the inspiration is correct for them, it will not be lost.

    The big thing with Manifestors is this: they don’t need to wait for recognition. They can knock on doors without an invitation or apply for a job that has no ad. And once they get going, they move like a super-hero. But before an emotional authority Manifestor launches, they need to carefully consider whether a thing is correct. Otherwise they can leap off a cliff without a parachute.

    I hope this clarifies for you the difference between moving fast /acting on inspiration and waiting out the wave before you hit the road. Waiting for clarity will not subvert genuine inspiration or impede success. Once you have that clarity, there’s nothing to stop you.

  11. Joy says:

    Thank you for taking the time and energy to inform us so deeply. I only learned I am a Manifestor recently. At first I rebelled; I didn’t want to be one. I could only see negative within it.

    I’m almost 60, burned out, conditioned, with a deep desire to share a message around the globe. I have stepped away from my business, turned my life inside out, upside down and stripped away many layers.

    I yearn to connect to the message I was born to bring, and yet it escapes me. There are times fear grips my throat and heart, terrified of not being able to support myself and family.

    When I’m relaxed, I feel very different. I have invested in many mentors and I gain wisdom and at the same time feel stuck, especially when I put things into the boxes that others fit in.

    Clutching at shiny objects, outsourcing and not trusting myself to have the answers has been an interesting journey. I yearn for peace and play and humour and yet sadness is my ???? can’t remember the name of it. Movement and laughter is my medicine, and yet I don’t seem to have so much of this.

    Like others above, I can’t seem to focus, to find clarity and then I put much pressure on myself. I can feel the push that pushes people away, I don’t like that, I yearn for connection with others and yet don’t have this so much.

    Hmmm does this sound whiny?

    I would love to have the impact I was born to have, to serve, to be the global speaker, and instead, I feel far, far from this.

    I appreciate Your advising rest, connection to our passions, to what lights us up. I tell myself at night I will do this and in the morning it is all gone.

    Love Light Grace and Ease to you fellow Manifestors

  12. gloria says:

    Hi, Joy, thank you for writing.

    I believe that the biggest thing going on with you is that you have just entered your Second Saturn Return. Congratulations. You are in the midst of a deep shift, courtesy of a cycle of time that will inevitably take you deeper into yourself.

    The astrological cycles bring us to new passages, a new fork in the road, and each is rich with the opportunity to dig deep and find your resilience, develop your capacities, find your purpose, and identify your new mission. The key to understanding the transition you are currently in is to recognize that this is a natural cycle, and surrender to it, work with it, and not fear that all is lost. Not having a clear road ahead, a clear direction, or a consistent vision or energy, is part of having crossed a new threshold which is about becoming more of who you are, and leaving behind that which no longer defines you or serves you.

    All transitions come with an ending, and every ending comes with a symbolic death. During this time of disorientation (and even despair), a new beginning will emerge. Be patient with yourself. You cannot force the unfolding of this process. It has its own timing, and that timing has nothing to do with the expediencies or demands of culture. You are in an ending, which always brings grief and confusion. But there is a new beginning. Do not fret.

    With every new beginning an opportunity follows. Watch for it. Hints of the new direction may not be obvious at first. Your initial inclinations may be more subtle and more about an inner knowing. It is important to understand what is emerging within and flow with that new way of being.

    What have you done with your life? You are looking back at the fruits of your labors. You are reviewing the roads traveled, and the roads not taken. The goal is not to be in denial of what transpired during the last 60 years, but to realize that your life is still evolving.

    Did what you created work, or not? Regardless, is it time to let it go? What do you need for this next phase of your life? This is the time when you are creating a new foundation for the new life that is emerging, one that is true to who you are becoming. It is a time for intense review and culling, adjustments, and acceptance that the life you were living is no longer suitable, or available to you anymore. Your horizons have shifted. It may not feel like it, but your life is on the way to greater expansiveness.

    On the way, you may experience these things:

     Reveries of youth are revisited.
     Regret for what was not accomplished
     Imagining the roads not taken
     A need to review the whole of what your life has meant
     If only I knew then what I know now
     Feeling the need to let go of what is no longer essential
     Feeling an unexpected resurgence of creativity

    Experiencing lack of clarity, lack of sustained focus, regret, grief, deep sorrow and confusion is all part of the molting you are now undergoing.

    “In Chinese culture, turning 60 is the single most important birthday of your life, considered to be the completion of one full life cycle, when you are now freed of old responsibilities. It’s believed that this age is the beginning of an entirely new phase where you … can move forward with a new purpose. It’s another yang stage when your energy goes outward again to take new action in the world. The level of vitality you feel at this stage will directly correlate to the amount of willpower you’ve had to use up until this point in your life. We all are born with a deep reservoir of pure will, which is available for us to tap into during challenging times, using it to push through when life gets hard and there’s no choice but to keep going. However, most of us use this will too often and incorrectly, draining it as we charge through everyday life, trying to make things happen—to force, rather than to allow—and that depletes the supply we were meant to draw from in our 60s. But we always have the chance to replenish, to refill the reservoir of will. One way you can do this is to allow yourself what you might call downtime, which is really about rejuvenation and deep rest—for example, a long soak in the tub or time spent in meditation or daydreaming. But on a deeper level, this is about remembering to trust the process, to understand that attempting to force your will on life only drains your energy and can block wonderful things that are trying to come to you, if you’ll just stop and allow.” ~from: Your Hidden Symmetry: How Your Birth Date Reveals the Plan for Your Life, by Jean Haner.

    As a Manifestor, you will likely be impatient to make things happen sooner than later. As someone who is very creative and who may be having difficulty creating, understand that you are crossing a major threshold, and all of the pieces you need to re-emerge are still falling into place. When we are in the midst of deep shifts, it is difficult to manifest anything. This is because when you are in the midst of a big change, the overhaul is such that a new foundation must be created, one that will be expansive enough and aligns correctly with you to give you the space and time and vitality to begin your new life.

    Have patience, and trust the process. Let the process lead you. Be guided by your feelings, your intuition, and the synchronicities that appear out of nowhere. Do not commit to projects that do not appeal to you. Do not go against what feels right for you, what feels like a lot of work with nothing in it for you. This is not the time to be obligated or to feel guilty. Walk through the door that has opened into new territory, and let your sense of adventure and curiosity lead the way. Keep walking, and enjoy the scenery!


  13. Klaudia says:

    Hi Gloria, I really liked all your answers. I found out about human design just couple of days ago. I am a manifestor and it was such a relief to understand why I don’t like to be surrounded by people. Human Design is helping me day by day understand myself more and more. But as another guest mentioned here earlier, I am struggling when it comes to my income, when it comes to finding a job. Recently I quit a job I loved, but it was one of those 9-5 ones and I felt burned out totally. I changed countries and came home and kept just close friends in my life.

    I started to nourish my relationship with family (cousins, mom, dad, sisters). Each time when it comes to choose a profession, I have difficulty, as each time I choose I enjoy it for a while (2-3 years) and then I get bored when I have nothing new to learn and I change again. I am kind of tired of this. I want to ask you if you can suggest any profession or any direction I can go so I will grow in a field that is for me and that will not burn me out and also stabilize my income so I can focus more on my inner growth. And maybe suggest a way how a manifestor can inform the most effective way. Thank you.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Klaudia. Welcome, and thanks for writing.

      It is understandable that you are burned out after several years of working the same job. As a Manifestor, you need your freedom. You need to call the shots for your life. When the energy around you begins to stagnate – as in there is nothing more to be offered to any aspect of you – spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and nothing more to challenge your need for growth AND your need to initiate – then it is time for you to move on. There is really nothing wrong with this. It is necessary for you to explore various situations so that you can find out who you are. You will come to know yourself deeply through the experience of different environments and the people in them. You are learning the limits of what any situation has to offer you, and you are also learning your own limits of what you will tolerate and what you need to be inspired, motivated, and nourished. You are learning what calls to you. Have patience with your process. Know that as you gain more experience, your knowledge of what you are here to do will continue to crystallize for you. You are gathering information. See this gathering as a means to an end, as a reconnaissance mission that is helping you to gain great clarity about what you are here to do. Remember that you are here to do what you are drawn to, what fulfills you and brings you joy. Your job is to dig deep and find out what that is. Surrender to the experiences that are bringing you clarity. Do not see them as a reflection of anything other than they are in your life to give you information.

      I hear you that you want to experience stability. For you as a Manifestor, stability is ultimately about being at peace with your situation and your experiences, and surrendering to the fact that everything is ephemeral. Nothing lasts forever. You may be here to sample a little of this and a little of that, and then move on. The main thing is that you are here to get the ball rolling, and then others can take over. You are not here to finish projects. Your energy opens pathways for others to get in and take over. But we need you to initiate.

      It is, of course, entirely possible that you will connect with a profession that is deeply meaningful and rewarding for you. Even so, in any profession, you will still be an initiator, someone who gives their energy to opening new doors and possibilities that others may not see as clearly as you, if at all, and then they can take over. There will always be a sense of the experimental and impermanent to you because you are an initiator, even though you stay with a profession that you enjoy and develop deep expertise in that profession.

      Informing for Manifestors doesn’t come naturally. And informing others about what you’re up to doesn’t mean asking them for permission to do what you want. Just keep those who are going to be affected by your decisions posted as to what you’re up to. That is not the whole world – people like your roommate or significant other, or your family, and so forth. You will get a lot less resistance from those close to you if you just give them the courtesy of informing, or letting them know what your plans are. Again, if those plans in some way have an impact on them, they have a right to know what you’re up to, but they do not have a right to stop you from pursuing your truth.

      One of the main things you’re here to experience in this lifetime is a deep sense of peace. This comes from your being free to do your thing, free to be you without the people around you resisting, or controlling, or manipulating, or violating you and your integrity.

      Relax and be patient with the process of life as it unfolds on your behalf.

      Warm regards,

  14. Monique Conner says:

    Oh Gloria you are such a blessing. I am so grateful to have discovered my human design. I am exactly like Klaudia. I have started and stopped right at about 3 years. Now I am into coaching women executives, I realize I am truly a speaker at heart as I get burned out at after 8 weeks of coaching. I would love your suggestion on money making…unlike what another gentleman said, I am very much interested in making a large amount of money. I look forward to your response.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Monique. Thank you for your comment!

      First things first: if you want to be successful in business you’ve got to:

      * Feel lovable
      * Feel valuable
      * Know how to tap into your unique way of expressing power
      * Trust your intuition and your connection to Source
      * Understand how to use your emotional energy
      * Be relentlessly authentic and aligned with your Soul’s Purpose
      * Know how to leverage fear and find your courage
      * Be energetic and vital and understand the balance between effort and rest
      * Know your unique way of making decisions that are right for you

      Without having these elements in place, you will find that you are starting and stopping a lot, and spinning your wheels. It is important, too, that you understand the specifics of how a Manifestor needs to do business. Your energy flows along circuits that are both an expression of being a Manifestor, and also along the circuits, gates, and channels that are unique to your individual Human Design chart.


      Some business tips from my teacher, Karen Curry Parker:

      Marketing Key:
      Manifestors need to inform potential clients of what the next step is. If you’re a Manifestor you don’t need to ask for the sale. You need to tell the clients what you’re going to do and what they’re going to get. Your sales strategy is very much about get in, share your message, and then get out.

      “I’m going to share a powerful healing technique that is going to dramatically improve your pain.”
      “I’ve got an answer to your struggles.”
      “I have a brand new program that will help you increase your profits in a way that feels good and natural.”

      Business Model:
      Manifestors don’t have sustainable energy so creating a work/rest cycle that supports regeneration and restoration is very important. Have an automated product line mixed with occasional live services is a good mix for a Manifestor.

      Common Traps or Challenges:
      • Working regular 9-5 hours or more is very difficult and unnatural for the Manifestor. As a Manifestor you need to be very conscious about structuring your business around your energy.
      • Manifestors don’t usually make good team players and tend to want to do everything themselves. Delegating can be hard for the Manifestor because it feels “faster” to do it yourself.
      • Manifestors have a unique energy that makes it easier for them to get things started. Sometimes, when you’re a Manifestor, it’s easy to lose your patience with other people who simply are not hard-wired the way you are.
      • The emotional theme of Manifestors is anger. Anger often happens when people try to slow you down, help you or tell you that you can’t do something. Not having the skills to manage anger properly can sometimes be destructive.

      Manifestors often struggle with knowing when enough is enough. If you’re a Manifestor, it’s important to gauge what you’re doing and also make sure you’re not frying everyone else’s energy and burning them out. [END]

      If you are genuinely motivated to make a lot money, and this is a core drive for you, then if you follow your type, strategy, and authority, inform others, and have patience with the process of creating more money, then you will be successful in the way you want to be. The important thing is that you are following what is CORRECT for you. What is AUTHENTIC for you – to your soul purpose, is what will bring you what you are truly seeking. That which you seek will bring you joy and gratitude. And the success that is right for you.

      I would like to further comment that your purpose is ultimately driven by your soul intentions. Bear in mind that the soul is not about hierarchy, ego, or one-upmanship. Your life purpose will not be found there. The soul is about sharing, giving, and receiving. It is about coming from love and being fully present. In its grandest sense, your life purpose is to learn to give and receive love.

      A bit more:
      Your purpose is not necessarily tied to a career; its focus may not be about making lots of money or being famous. On the other hand, maybe your life purpose IS to make lots of money, or maybe your life purpose will have the outcome of making lots of money, but don’t assume that making a buck is your soul’s primary purpose for being in a physical vehicle. Rather than focusing on what vocation will make you the most money, your best road to success is to focus on creating a life that gives you joy and provides you a forum to be of service. If you wind up making a heap of money while doing this, you will know that this is your authentic way to be in the world, or the dharma that you were given to fulfill, and that you agreed to.

      Warm regards,

  15. Sara says:

    Thank you, Gloria. Just, thank you!!

  16. Claudia says:

    Gloria, I’m 65 years old and just learning about Human Design, and finding out I’m a Manifestor with ego (will) authority. I only have two defined areas: heart and throat, and I’m totally wide open (not one single gate is lit up) in three areas: the head, the solar plexus and G areas, and with only one gate lit up (red) in the sacral area. I have only one defined channel, obviously between heart and throat.

    I have always had more than a few very deep and long-lasting friendships, but have always struggled with life partnerships/marriage relationships.

    I mention all the above because now that I’ve found HD concepts, I believe I have lived the great part of my life (both in time and in purpose) under the profound conditioning influences of others.

    Is it correct for me to believe these things:

    1) I need to unwind/unpack/unravel the conditioning. The “undoing” of myself feels daunting and scary. Are there strategies for doing this? I’m thinking the Golden Pathway in Gene Keys might be a possibility.

    2) I can trust my voice and my words—and it is important to let go of the fear of my truth making other people angry/uncomfortable/hurt. (I have developed a highly trained “voice” of diplomacy and careful word choice and more often as not, using SILENCE—believing that saying nothing or only careful words is the “right” thing to do.)

    3) That the years of repressing my initiative, the repressing of my expression of my wants, the repression of voicing who I truly am have built a deep well of anger that will need to be uncovered. If this is true, how can I release these decades of anger in a positive, healthy way without harm to self or others? I have even been very successful in repressing my anger. I don’t even think of myself as being an angry person at all—so deeply have I pushed that down into the deep recesses of my psyche.

    4) That my type and make-up is particularly difficult for establishing and maintaining an enjoyable life-long marital relationship.

    I want to go as far as I can on my own—reading, contemplating, absorbing the concepts of HD and Gene Keys—and then find a way to have a personal consultation—so that I can maximize my time with a consultant and also make the best use of what comes up.

    Any insights you can give for my initial thoughts as stated above would be so appreciated. I cannot find much information regarding how to use ego authority (how to know when it is properly being used rather than using mind or emotions), or for undoing lifelong conditioning.

    Thank you for your wonderful response to Joy — so much of what you told her applies to my situation.

  17. gloria says:

    Hi, Claudia. Thank you for writing and sharing your profoundly investigative questions. I am happy for you that you have found Human Design, an extraordinary modality for self-knowledge.

    You are a very open Manifestor, and as you are aware, this causes you to receive the energies/ information associated with those centers. One of the awesome gifts of having open centers is that you have the ability to read the energetic condition of others, and over time can become very wise and insightful about what is going on in your environment, and with others. Because you have the ability to intuitively read, and even assess, the essential condition of a situation, you are in a unique place to offer insights and strategic approaches to problem-solving. While we are learning to differentiate, through our open centers, what is our condition vs. the condition of others, we are also subject to being conditioned or influenced by energies that don’t belong to us.

    I don’t see this as a necessarily bad thing. We learn who we are through our experiences. We learn through taking risks, through trial, and through error. Self-knowledge comes at a price; discovering our limitations and getting in touch with our yearnings (which act as a compass) and real gifts necessitates traveling through bumpy territory, fiery territory, and even hard landings. Life rarely progresses smoothly! Finding ourselves despite (and because of) the influences of our families, our friends, our culture, its assumptions, framings and paradigms, including even our ancestral lineage, is the work that we are designed for, and that we agreed to do.

    All of us are given a map AND a compass to navigate that map, and it is up to us to take the journey, map in hand, and find our way. During our lives, the myriad trails we create on those maps will be uniquely individual, as we are each tasked with fulfilling our dharma.

    Your Questions:

    1. Is it correct for you to believe that you need to unwind/ unpack/ unravel the conditioning. Are there strategies for doing that?

    A. I think we can measure how much conditioning still influences us by how strong we are in these nine areas:

    Lovable — how open are you to giving and receiving love?
    Empowered — do you feel powerful enough to follow what calls to you?
    Courageous — does fear keep you from fulfilling your joy?
    Decisive — do you know how to choose what’s right for you?
    Emotionally wise — does emotional energy keep you from acting deliberately?
    Self-trust — do you trust yourself?
    Know how to leverage your energy — are you fully expressing your vitality and energy?
    Authentic — are you fully expressing your unique self, your greatness?
    Worthy — do you fully proclaim your preciousness?

    We all have moments when we are ahead, and then we fall back. The thing is to be aware of how conditioning is impacting your ability to be authentic, to follow what’s correct for you, and to stay aligned with your truth.

    Strategies for dealing with conditioning

    Seeing the truth about your conditioning is the key to getting free of it. Being aware of your conditioning isn’t enough if you are still identified with it and believing it. To become free from your conditioning, you have to see the truth about it—does it line up with what YOU know to be true about you? If it’s not true or helpful, it’s not worth listening to for one more second! Once you identify what is true and correct for you, you will see how false and unhelpful the spell cast by conditioning is. Aligning with your truth and sticking to that is the fastest way to slough off conditioning. If you are drawn to it, I think that exploring Golden Pathway in Gene Keys would be worthwhile.

    2. Can you trust your voice and your words—and is it important to let go of the fear that your truth will make other people angry/ uncomfortable/ hurt.

    A. Trusting your truth is paramount, but knowing your truth is critical. When we speak, we should be mindful that what we are expressing is true, kind, and necessary. When we are not coming from ego or a place of defensiveness, there is rarely a need to speak harshly to another. Even Manifestors, who have the ability to speak without an invitation or without responding to an external influence, should be mindful of diplomacy and timing when speaking their truths. Truth that comes from kindness and generosity, and when the timing is appropriate, will be heard much better than truth that is laced with anger and criticism.

    3. That the years of repressing your initiative, repressing expression of your wants, the repression of voicing who you truly are has built a deep well of anger that will need to be uncovered. If this is true, how can you release these decades of anger in a positive, healthy way without harm to self or others? You have been very successful in repressing your anger. You don’t think of yourself as being an angry person. Perhaps you have pushed that down into the deep recesses of your psyche.

    A. I think you need to be honest about whether or not you are truly angry, and what the extent of that anger is. If you have been able to live a good life, that is, a life that has been filled with opportunities for you to shine, with the ability to have enough financial resources to meet your needs — material, educational, medical, shelter, clothing, travel, assist others as needed and desired, and so forth — you will have a lot less anger than those who are struggling in these areas. Other needs are the needs for companionship, being loved, sharing, community, belonging, being recognized and valued for your talents and your work/ contributions. It would actually be unusual if you have gone through life and not had experiences where you felt unacknowledged and unappreciated. It would be unusual if you have gone through life unscathed by another’s arrogance and criticism.

    Yet, human beings do not all have the same set of circumstances. Some come into lives that are supportive, and others struggle to make ends meet, and do not have the opportunities for the education that would make the difference in their lives to develop their gifts and connect with networks that facilitate their success.

    If you have anger that needs to be released, tapping (EFT, emotional freedom technique) is extraordinary for releasing stuck and toxic emotions. And there is also gratitude for all the ways in which your life has worked, and for those who have supported you in many different ways and situations.

    4. Your type and make-up is particularly difficult for establishing and maintaining an enjoyable life-long marital relationship.

    A. Manifestors are human beings. They need people, and they need them for all the reasons of networks and personal relationships. However, Manifestors are very independent and quite able to do a great deal of creating on their own. Getting those creations to be validated by a group, organization, or by the larger mainstream requires that the Manifestor is available for dialogue at some point. This way others can express how a Manifestor idea or creation can be tweaked in order to better serve the needs of those for whom that idea is intended.

    What is painful for the Manifestor is to have their deep creative process interrupted. Anger has its roots here, in that the creative process has its own necessary rhythm, and suffers if halted by criticism or curiosity. The thing is, if you are creating something that will affect others, then those others must be told or informed that some specific thing is happening. You do not need to ask for permission; just let those who are in the field of your impact know that you will not be available to answer questions until later. This way they are not surprised by your apparent abandonment and get angry in turn.

    What is true for relationships for Manifestors — that they not be interrupted, that their privacy is respected (no prying or badgering; the Manifestor will reveal her intentions when ready), and that they are not judged or criticized for projects they are drawn to, is true for all the energy types. Manifestors are, however, far more highly sensitized to being interrupted, queried, or criticized, and when this is not understood, can over time be enough to drive the Manifestor out the door without looking back.

    The key for those in relationship with a Manifestor is to respect and honor who she is as a person, and support her in following her yearnings. The natural independence of the Manifestor needs healthy relationships, where each person is allowed to find and follow their calling. This does mean that there must be conversation and communication so that it is understood that when the Manifestor is off and running, she is not abandoning anyone, and please just leave her alone. She is just inside her creativity, making something manifest, and she will return. Of course, the best thing for a Manifestor in relationship is to treat the other person exactly as she needs to be treated.

    I hope this was helpful.


    • Claudia says:

      Dear Gloria, I’m overwhelmed with your generous response. I first saw it late last night, and then re-read this morning, and again later on after that. Each time I find myself focusing on different parts of your response–like a flower bud that has its petals opening 1-2 at a time–and finding more depth in my understanding of your words. I will continue to come back to it, time and again. Thank you for your gifts time and wisdom. It feels like water sprinkling down on parched earth. So needed. Claudia

  18. gloria says:

    Hi, Claudia.

    You are very welcome! I have some ideas for further developing the foci of this conversation. I will write a post on those on for this site. Thank you for your contribution to this creative process, Manifestor. As you know, you are here to initiate from your well of creativity (begins with a pre-verbal, non-articulated intuitive flow, which is why getting interrupted is maddening) and get the ball rolling.

    Let me know if I can be of additional assistance.


  19. Nicole Tormos says:

    I just love reading your messages. I’m 33 and just learned about human design in the last few weeks. I feel like I have unlocked the box of why I am the way I am. It’s truly awakening. I’ve suffered with autoimmune disease since I was 16/18 years old. I’m trying to heal myself… being an emotional Manifestor, it’s opened my eyes to where the anger inside me is and maybe why.

    Both my husband and son are generators. This has also allowed me to understand them and our relationship with each other.

    I feel like I’m peeling away the layers and I know this will be a process. Do you have suggestions for where I can continue to find information on how to follow my correct path? Or healing physical diseases?

  20. gloria says:

    Hi, Nicole.

    Thank you for writing. I’m very glad to hear that you are taking on your health challenge. Bravo for you!

    Anger can have very long roots, going back for many generations. Sometimes we just inherit the work that others who came before us did not complete. See

    You may be the portal your ancestors need in order to be free of their past. By you carrying and then letting go of injustices suffered by those whose lineage you inherited, you can bring peace and resolution to ancient quarrels. This is a big job, and you can be the heroine who chose to take it on.

    Your generator family can support you with their energy. Help them understand that one of their important jobs is to support you.

    It is all process, or a journey of discovery and self-discovery, and becoming a master of your life. As you know! Here’s the thing with following your correct path — follow what fulfills you, and your path will find you. I’ve written some stuff about that — take a look at my articles and For healing, I would use EFT. Tap into your field and get the energy moving. And there is nothing like loving yourself unconditionally!


  21. Susie says:

    Hello, send from Korea.
    AI translation is not smooth.
    It’s hard to understand everything.
    But I was deeply impressed.
    How to Restore Aura, Role in Society..
    I would like to inform countless Manifestor women in the East.
    Thank you.

  22. Julie says:

    Hi Gloria, I enjoyed your articles a lot and the answers to comments are wonderful. I am a Manifestor with Emotional Authority and just found human design a few weeks ago. After reading I understood why I had stoked short term contract jobs and freelance …then took most of 9 yrs off to care for my children. But I kept trying to work and started a photo business which I did not ever jump fully into either. Now we have found out that our immigration to Quebec could be expedited if I work full time for minimum 13 months …but I keep wondering could I do this? Some people say you can do anything for X amount of time …would it harm our family by using my energy this way? The universe is giving me what I am seeking: I have quickly found an unusually good + creative job for the small town area we live in, where I could work from home for 1 day a week -after my initial training period. Interview tomorrow… I also have known that being a stay at home mom wasn’t my full expression of my gifts, but I valued not being committed to anything else but motherhood (I have a Generator Girl and a ManiGen boy!) Thanks for your thoughts

  23. gloria says:

    Hi, Julie. Thanks for writing.

    My recommendation to you is to follow what feels good. If you make an effort to create something that you aren’t completely behind (just because it seemed like a good idea or a good thing to do), you are going to be challenged to give yourself to it, and to make your involvement energetically and financially sustainable. Not to mention, what kind of return on creativity and joy will you be getting?

    Anything we can’t fully get behind is going to drain our energy over time, so give yourself a little time to feel into your emotions and your truth about what is really calling to you.


  24. Isık says:

    Hi Gloria
    I am a Manifestor. I have yods in my chart, always felt I had a purpose in life, and I feel that power so immense… my name’s definition is light. It is really interesting, I guess. Especially after I became a mother I felt it so much stronger, like there is nothing I can’t do or manage in this world.

    I feel the anger so strong sometimes, even though I don’t do anything, every one fears from the looks of my eyes when I’m angry, and I have a very hard time sleeping. My brain never stops and I don’t feel tired. I always have energy.

    But if I don’t sleep 10 hours I wake up so hard.

    I am following the path of my duties naturally.

    I do what makes me happy. I use music to fill my energy — the music which usually has energetic vibes.

    I am so into the nutrition — I try to eat and feed everyone with best quality food I can manage.

    I always try to help everyone around me.

    Beauty is so important to me; that fills my energy too. Beautiful everything in nature, arts… thinking how magical and creative God is.

    And how he gave the humankind the ability of creation.

    I pray for staying on the road I should walk on.

    I believe the people who work who produce and create are more closer to God, and they honor their creation to be a human.

    Sometimes I have rough talks to my loved ones my family members. The changes I cause can be destructive and I feel pain, but I cannot cry — I just feel it in my chest. But no tears. I feel that we are organic robots designed by god but our souls are hardly generate, so the soul comes to this world, trapped inside the bodies, to generate itself to develop.

    I am 34 years old.

    I don’t know if I managed to give something to this world yet, I guess I’ll see it in years . I don’t know if any of these are true, but I just feel this way

    Thanks for your information.

  25. gloria says:

    Dear Isik,

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It sounds like you are very aware of your intentions and actions, and their affect on others. Be sure to inform your family about actions you will be taking that will impact them. This way, no one is surprised, and you will not be interrupted in your process. This should decrease the anger you feel at times.

    You are still very young in your process of unfolding. You have already given to this world, and there is more to come.


  26. Mora C. says:

    Hello Gloria,

    I just found out about HD last night during my insomnia. Finally, the universe gave me some light because I am struggling to find myself, who I am, what I am made for, my passion and so on. I am a Manifestor with Emotional Authority and an open Root Center. I’m always in a rush to do things and get bored easily. I would like to know how to better use my emotions to make decisions since I am very indecisive to begin with. And learn how to wait for my emotional wave to pass by.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Mora. Thanks for writing.

      Regarding your insomnia — as I said in the article on Manifestors, non-sacral people need to lie down and rest before they can fall asleep — before they feel sleepy. This means that Manifestors, (and Projectors and Reflectors) get healthy sleep when they go to bed and lie down before they are tired. If a non-sacral person waits until they are exhausted to go to sleep, the quality of their sleep may be poor. It is not uncommon for non-sacral people to struggle with insomnia or wakefulness at night.

      They will also tend to sleep better by themselves. The time spent alone sleeping helps the Manifestor discharge the extra Sacral energy that they have amplified all day. The idea of sleeping alone can be difficult for Generators to understand, but this is not a personal issue. Manifestors will sleep better, feel better and be healthier if they get a chance to renew their energy.

      An emotional authority Manifestor should ride out their wave and check in with themselves throughout the entire wave whether or not an idea they have feels right and is truly in alignment with their principles. Once a Manifestor gets going, they go very fast. But before they leap out of the start gate, they should consider whether or not this is something they really want to do. Inspiration may come in a rapid download (or not), but an emotional authority should wait to see if that inspiration feels right along the entire wave before they go rushing out the door. If the inspiration is correct for them, it will not be lost.


  27. Roseanne says:

    Hi Gloria!

    Im completely blown away by your in-depth responses and have requested to join your Facebook group as a result! :).

    I’m actually writing as I came across your page (as i’m unable to sleep, go figure) contemplating my next step, as I’ve recently been made redundant from my corporate paying job last week, after almost 6 years. it was a career.

    I’m 33, single with no ties, a Manifestor with a splenic authority and 5/1 profile. Also Aries, Scorpio moon, Pisces rising and Aries north node. From what I understand the Aries is a powerful combo when mixed with the Manifestor, but in all honesty I struggle to really know whats next. Im motivated, but possibly more out of a deep rooted excited panic! i am definitely struggling with the balance you mentioned above in response of doing vs resting in the phase i’m in.

    My intuition pinged me about studying Herbalism and I found a course I wanted to pursue over a month overseas, but I find my current circumstances daunting as I wish to do this so I may start my own business – With not knowing anything about herbalism necessarily I must say… or even understanding what itll take to start a business in this field. I’ve come from a background in Travel actually.

    I guess i’m looking for expanders and stories to know this is possible as I have conditioning around security and what that means- ie: a surplus of money to even start a business. I say this because I have a opportunity to be financially free after leaving this job, but if I do this course by the time im back ill need a job and im worried ill settle.

    However, I completely relate to all the facets a Manifestor (the anger not self theme actually made me aware of why I possibly struggle with my liver detoxifying Pathways – look up chinese medicine) has and do feel my purpose is to initiate and I get a lot of satisfaction out of this and creating things (art, writing, anything creatively thought out) which move people.

    Im unsure if I should follow my interests in holistic health, which has been spiked from podcasts and this area of further learning that lights me up in this connection with source — all as as a result of a healing journey ive been on this last year for my gut health. OR should I follow a creative path, which is something I tend to seek in my downtime which is more heartfelt expressive.

    Thank you for reading my drawn out post, any advice or knowledge you can provide would be much appreciated. I understand building connections and community are big on my cultivation list to be able to step into a place of empowerment to share and initiate and heal myself and others. I also realise the splenic authority may make things shift a lot for me, so trust is even more important.

    Warm regards,

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Rose. Thanks for connecting, and thanks for joining the Living From Your Essence Community FB page!

      I do what I can to mentor and give feedback. We only have each other, and so much of the time we could really use another point of view!

      The most important thing is to be practical in how you approach this particular juncture, this unexpected fork in your journey. By all means, follow your curiosity and excitement, but do so with an awareness of all your resources. It may be that your next phase is to have a herbalism-based business, but if traveling to another country to study this is going to strain your finances, I advise you to pursue your interests much closer to home. Later, when your financial foundation is solid, you can do this without the risks you currently face. Herbalism courses, even in other countries, will continue to be offered.

      Regarding your creativity – there is no either – or, or black or white. It’s clear to me that you are now free to explore since you are no longer with your job of six years. You want to get on with the next thing, but that next thing is not about finding a vocation or a hard and fast focus to dive into at the exclusion of other aspects of self, or even diving into it, at this time.

      Now is the time to let yourself explore, but not commit. Keep your eyes open; browse. Stay open, be curious. You will connect to your appropriate energies and find the trails that lead to those. Have patience and be practical.

      Your life is never going to be about one or two things. Yes, you can have a business or a job, but you will also always be creative and curious. Let your soul take advantage of the opportunity you now have to explore what is out there for you, while you protect your resources. You do not need to know what’s next! Let that unfold! You can always get another job, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay there – it could just be a bridge. And, you can also use this time to get some background on what having a business, even a small one, requires.


  28. Daisy says:


    I am ever so new to the concept of HD and anything astrological but definitely reached the point of no return.

    Found out about HD few days ago and since than can’t stop reading. It’s amazing as I finally have a logical explanation for a lot of things I have considered strange or wrong in my life.

    I am an emotional manifestor with 4/6 profile.

    I have struggled all my life how is it possible to want to be around people and to share with them all that I know and all that I feel but in the same time having hard time blend in in any group and ever so often prefer to be alone. Authority has been my thing, always wanting to dominate and cannot stand been told what to do: from work to the home, even if is what I am thinking too, just can’t take it from somebody else.

    I am 32 and is exactly 2-3 years ago when I start having the need of finding out more about myself and that there must be a reason why I am not happy at work, why have the need of changing jobs often, why loosing motivation so fast…in same time have the inner feeling that I am born for something more, something big, have so many ideas in my head but rarely people can even understand me.

    I am either shining like a star, which you can even see (like my husband say: have stars in my eyes) or very glum, with no desire to do anything and a lot of anger taking over.

    Hoping to find my path to piece and source of income that I will enjoy doing and will sustain me financially, as most aspirations I have at the moment sounds like dreams.

    Hoping for some guidance in finding those things suitable for me.

    Thank you,

    • gloria says:

      Hello, Daisy. Thank you for your comment.

      In their most natural state, the Manifestor is following their inner flow and taking action regardless of what’s going on around them. When they’re on a roll they are an irresistible force. However, we live in a world with other people and we need to exercise accountability for the potential effect of our actions on others. As you know, all the Types have Strategies that they need to follow. Each strategy takes into account how our actions could affect others, and that strategy also identifies whether or not an action is correct/ in right alignment for the person taking the action. Following your strategy will get you better results by far. This core piece of information is one of the gifts of the Human Design system.

      The Strategy for the Manifestor is to take stock of what’s going on in the “field” around them so that they know who is going to be potentially impacted when their signal for action kicks in. They need to make sure before they leap into action that they inform those who will be impacted by their actions. Now, the truth is, it is NOT natural for a Manifestor to stop to inform. It is not natural for them to interrupt their own flow. However — if the Manifestor does not inform those who will be affected by their following their inner drive and flow, the consequences can be much harsher for everybody. And the end result is that the Manifestor gets their flow interrupted in an even bigger way.

      As a Manifestor, you have an internal, non-verbal, creative flow that you need to follow. This is your imperative: you have to be able to follow that. Keep in mind that you are not following the logical dictates of the mind. As a Manifestor, you have a direct connection to Divine Spark, or Divine Inspiration. That connection bypasses language and goes straight into “doing” energy. You find your timing for doing anything or taking action by waiting for the inner alignment of the “go” signal with your inspiration. You will feel the timing. When you get that “go” signal, you leap into action — after taking your emotional authority into account. That is, you must also have a feeling of this is the right time to take the action.

      It can get tricky when you get the “go” signal. You usually won’t have the luxury to consider whether or not it’s a good time to walk away, or walk into something new. But timing is dictated on the internal plane, and that comes from your direct connection to Source energy. It does make things challenging because there can be conflict with current obligations and your need to follow your flow. How do you balance that out? This is where you get to become very wise through direct experience!

      The changes you are internally directed to make can sometimes be nuanced and broken out into smaller steps that do not have dramatic consequences. This is not to say that it’s not correct for you to make a radical shift in direction. The truth is, Manifestors lead change by inspiring others into action, and actions you take will definitely impact others. The process of acting will often create solutions that could not have been seen until an action was taken. These solutions will be for your benefit, and it could also be that your actions provide insight or other benefit for others.

      Human Design teaches us that we need to be true to our design — that is — to ourselves. We each come pre-loaded, as it were, with specific aptitudes, talents, interests, and yearnings. It’s your job to be true to these. This is how you find your calling: by following what calls you. As a Manifestor it means that you stay in touch with your inner awareness about what is correct for you and what you want to do. You don’t use your mind or logic or analysis to arrive at that understanding. The information is already in you, waiting to be unlocked. Remember that since you have emotional authority, you must take into account how you feel before taking action. If it doesn’t feel right, you don’t take action.

      You are new to Human Design (and astrology), so you are new to the process by which you awaken to your authentic self. You are on the right path by studying this system. Bear in mind that there are many nuances and questions that are specific to your set of personal circumstances; for example, 2-3 years ago you entered your first Saturn return which triggered a search for personal meaning and purpose. Your specific questions can be addressed through a conversation with a professional guide, like myself.


  29. Namrata says:

    Hey Gloria, could you explain this ?
    Manifestors are the only Type who are pure energy beings because they have a direct defined channel from the Throat Center to one or more of the motors — (Will Center, Root Center, and Emotional Solar Plexus).
    Thank you 😀 🤍

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Namrata. Thank you for your comment.

      The term “pure energy” refers to the fact that a Manifestor is the only Human Design Type that is capable of initiating action without first having to wait for confirmation from something outside of themselves. All the other types must wait before they can take action. Generators and Manifesting Generators must wait for something outside of themselves to respond to, Projectors must wait for the invitation, and Reflectors need to wait at least one lunar cycle to get clear on a decision.

      In contrast, the Manifestor has an internal, non-verbal creative flow that moves quickly when the timing is right. This creative flow is so fast that they often don’t have time to put words to it. When a Manifestor intuitively senses that the timing is right, they can just go do it. This is an expression of pure energy.


  30. Marina says:

    Hi Gloria,

    My son (11) is a Manifestor and he is struggling. He does not like his life. He does not know what he likes to do for a hobby. He feels he cannot do anything. For example, if he draws he wants it to be perfect. However, when he is inspired to make something, he does that for a few days and then he stops and is talking again about not liking his life.

    Has it something to do with his design? How can I help him? I am a Projector, his father is a Generator. his sister (9) a Projector and his little sister (5) is a Manifesting Generator.

    Thank you, Marina

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Marina. Thank you for writing.

      This is a child who follows a different set of rules. The challenge for parents of Manifestors is learning to trust your child’s inner creative instincts and wisdom while helping your child to grow as well as thrive.

      Here are a few things that Manifestor children need:

      • The freedom to follow their creative input.
      • To be informed and to learn to inform.
      • Downtime and regular rest.
      • To learn when enough is enough.

      Manifestor children need a lot of freedom to experiment and explore. In addition, they also need downtime, often away from others, to restore and nourish their own energy. They also need to be carefully informed about plans and what to expect so that they can flow along with the rest of the family.

      Without knowing the specific design of your son’s chart or the specific circumstances of his life, it’s not possible for me to say much more. It sounds like he might be depressed about something, and it’s also possible that you may be overly concerned. He may also need more options of things to do and explore to support his creative flow. I would reassure him that he is loved and wanted, and that he is perfect just the way he is. It’s possible that he may be overly tired and not getting enough rest.


  31. Alex says:

    Hi Gloria!

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I am a manifestor and I grew up with parents who were very strict and did not understand my manifestor qualities. I guess you can say I am the black sheep of my family. I am the daughter of immigrant parents and the cultural expectation was to follow their rules, study hard, get good grades, good job, etc. They did not give me much freedom growing up and they did not understand me at all or try to. There was a lot of gaslighting in the home when I did try and express myself and stand in my worth. Because of this, I now struggle with taking action and decision making because I am constantly aware of the judgments/perceptions of others that started when I was young. Words like ‘aggressive’, ‘mean’, ‘disrespectful’ come up when I think of how I come off to people and when I read about a Manifestor’s repelling aura, it really rang true. Now I know ‘repelling’ isn’t necessarily negative but my subconscious always seems to latch on to this fear of negative judgment from others and it really blocks me from making decisions that are best for me and prevents me from standing in my worth. Any suggestions on how to push past old programming ?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Alex. Thank you for your comment.

      It is easy to become disconnected from your personal power when you are continuously criticized, stopped in your process of creating, and when your natural inclinations and creativity are frequently re-routed to other more acceptable, conventional expressions. But it is our ability to easily connect to and express our power that allows us to self-actualize.

      And as you know, Human Design teaches us that we cannot be fulfilled, happy, or “successful” when we do not live according to our Type and specific Design.

      Your experience as a Manifestor who has not been allowed to be who you are is not an uncommon one. Since you are aware that you are being manipulated by old programming and truly desire to step into your power so that you can walk your correct path as a creative initiator, you are ready to reclaim your power!

      Instead of being paralyzed by the old programming and reacting to it, realize that there is really nothing to stop you from being proactive and advocating on your own behalf. Every time you feel yourself reacting to an old program, make the choice to be your own advocate. Spend no time in the dark fighting the old voices. This is a waste of your energy and attention. Every time you feel stopped from doing something that your desires and curiosity are calling you towards, instead of staying in the dungeon of guilt and lack of self-worth, move towards light, beauty, connection and excitement. Instead of feeling shame, guilt, anger, disappointment and blame, cultivate feelings of joy and expansion. Spend time dreaming of all the things you want to do! Take action, perhaps in small ways at first, that acknowledge your desires and that energetically move you towards them. Every baby step counts. Each time you take action on your own behalf you increase your ability to take more actions. This is because you are increasing your access to power and strengthening those power muscles. The more power you have, the more power you will get.

      Counter each negative voice with positive ones. Connect with what you really want. As you do this more and more, your belief in yourself and what’s possible for your life will continue to grow. Do not be dismayed by setbacks or apparent failures. There are no failures when you are reclaiming your power, your life. Every step forward is a real step forward. Go ahead, take them.


  32. Quinten de Jong says:

    Hi Gloria,

    I am a Manifestor (Emotional) 3/5 and I just finished writing out my human design (Gates, Planets, Personality, Strategy etc). My sister says I go too deep and focus on my authority and strategy first. I’m still having trouble with how best to do that and what best to say and in what way. Do you have any other tips for living the best life as a manifestor?


    • gloria says:

      Hi, Quinten. Thanks for your comment.

      Every Manifestor design is uniquely different. I think that studying the defined gates of your Personality and Design, and understanding the planets that create the definition for each gate, is a really good way to understand the Human Design you were born with. Understand your channels, and notice the circuits they are part of. There are three main circuits — collective, tribal, and individual, each with subcircuits. Knowing the circuits for your channels will help you understand your blueprint. Also get to know your Profile and Incarnation Cross. These pieces are unique to you. Put them all together to get an understanding of the tools you came in with. The kind of tools you have will help guide you on your path.

      All Manifestors have the same strategy, although they won’t have the same authority. So understanding your authority is important, too.

      Regarding how to live your best life — follow your bliss. Take stock of your talents, interests, and what lights you up. Your talents are your tools for navigating your life and following your path. Your best life will unfold when you follow your bliss and use the tools (talents) you were given. Develop your gifts, and then use them to improve the lives of others.


  33. Dee says:

    Hi Gloria, 1st time visiting your page but have been into Human Design. I’m a Manifestor who is puzzled by relationships. Any thoughts on which of the types are best suited for romantic relationships with Manifestors? I find I feel repelled by Generator types & most often attract or get into relationships with Projectors, which feel right at 1st but often end with them being too needy of my energy & not respecting my boundaries or being able to meet my needs, even when I have absolutely informed them of my needs. I feel like my life is one failed relationship after another, no matter how “good” of people the other people are due to core incompatibility which feels like it comes from them not being able to understand me, no matter how hard I try to communicate. It has gotten to the point where I am only 29 but have given up on the idea of marriage or that I can even have a fulfilling romantic relationship that lasts more than a few years at most. It sounds cliche but I really do feel as if I was meant to be alone, despite desperately wishing I could find even one person that truly saw me & could respect me for who I really am.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Dee. Thank you for your question. I am sorry that you have the experience of one failed relationship after another, and that you believe you may be meant to be alone, even if that’s not what you really want!

      First, I want to say that understanding our partner’s energy type is important because it lets us know what their core energy needs are, and how they function. We cannot expect that a Projector will have the sustained energy flow of a Generator, and we cannot expect that a Manifestor’s need for speed and creativity is the same as a Reflector’s needs for right place, right community, and consistency. Having said this, we are all of us more than just a Human Design type. We are complex beings with varying levels of experience, maturity, and emotional needs. Although we may share the same Human Design type, we are individuals walking our own path of discovery, and we have varying levels of self-awareness, awareness of the world we live in, and we have varying levels of complexity and sophistication.

      If you haven’t tried this yet, when you meet someone you want to get to know better, rather than having their Human Design chart upfront, allow yourself to get to know that person without knowing their chart. Having that information before you actually know who that person is can create impediments to getting to know someone. It’s too easy to make assumptions and draw conclusions based on a bodygraph that has no living energy. It’s the person who brings their chart to life, expressing that chart in a way that is completely unique to their complexity. We can’t know who someone is or how they’ll be until we get to know them. Knowing someone’s Human Design is a very different thing than knowing them.

      Successful relationships require boundaries which include respect for individual space, meeting and receiving the emotional, energetic, physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the other in a way that fulfills and satisfies each, and open and honest understanding about what each person is seeking to contribute to and receive from the relationship, shared values, and being on the same page with the purpose of the relationship. Do we seek long-term commitment, a marriage with children or no children, or a casual connection for now or for as long as it lasts?

      Regardless of the goals of the connection, it is important to honor and respect the other person. This means that we don’t make assumptions about who someone is before we really know them. Getting to know someone takes time — often a lot of time. It is necessary to experience each other in different settings with different people, including friends and family. It means we never make assumptions; those usually involve projections which distort the other person. It means we give the benefit of the doubt, and when in doubt, we ask.

      Creating successful connections begins with personal honesty. Are we truly available for a connection? Do we know what type of connection we seek? If we value independence and a great deal of alone time, then we have to be honest about the extent of our availability. If we’re not that available, then it’s not likely that we will attract someone who wants a long-term, soul-depth connection. We may think we want something deep, but find that it continually conflicts with our need for independence and personal space. If so, then we need to find like-minded people. The caveat is that we need to know our own mind.

      It is necessary to be thoughtful about our wants and desires, and what we really have to offer, so that we can be upfront and honest with the other person. Impatience for a connection serves no one. That only leads to leaping into something that is likely doomed. Making conscious, rather than hasty, choices for the type of partnership that we seek will lead to greater success and satisfaction.

      If you truly desire to have a close, long-term connection that leads to marriage, then you are not “meant” to be alone. We all make choices about the type of partnerships we will have once incarnate. Some of us plan to remain unmarried, but most do not plan to live in a cave, even if they remain unmarried. The reason for this is that human beings are meant to interact and to be interdependent. We simply cannot evolve or come into our own by ourselves.


  34. Patricia Rundblade says:


    I have been studying my role as a Manifestor 4/6 Emotional Authority for the last 2-3 years, more recently in the last year where I have experienced severe burnout as a result of working as a school teacher. I am in my 3rd phase of life and am leaving the 9-5 world. I would like further insight on how to utilize my skills best to create a life more aligned with my true self and make money at it.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Patricia. Thank you for reaching out.

      Congratulations on your career as a teacher. Teaching is a labor of love, and that love takes a great deal of personal energy. Without a defined Sacral, teaching schedules as they currently exist are very demanding of a Manifestor’s energy. Fortunately, you have a motorized throat and have been able to access the energy from that Center to keep you going.

      It is good to recognize your burnout, to have an understanding of your current energetic condition and how you got there. It is good to recognize burnout so that you know how to avoid it henceforth.

      When we are energetically used up we should consider creating the space and time for relaxation and recovery. I hope you are planning for this, and when you are revitalized, you can begin to take on new projects.

      The skills you developed as a teacher, as well as other skills and interests you have, are the ones that you will bring to your next phase of life. Creating curriculums, organizing, planning, instructing, as well as the individual creativity you bring to teaching, are some of your well-developed skills.

      How can you use your skills and interests to create an income in your post-teaching life? This is important: what are you drawn to? What do you want to explore? Is there something you’ve wanted to do but have put off because you couldn’t fit it in? Is there something you’ve wanted to learn, some new skill or subject that you will have time for when you leave teaching? It’s possible that you will want to pursue projects that won’t earn you money, but that will fulfill you in other ways.

      Sometimes we don’t know what truly interests us when we are burned out. Don’t be dismayed if nothing is very appealing at this time. If that is the case, then your next step should be to take it easy after you leave the teaching profession and let yourself find a place of peace where you can breathe. When you are restored in body, mind, and spirit, it will be much easier to know what you really want. From there, you will be able to see the opportunities.

      Blessings, Gloria

  35. Jordan says:

    Hi there, new to human design and a little bummed about being a manifestor, as I have this incredible yearning for deep, meaningful connections. I want to touch and hug and be close to my friends, but I do sense others’ resistance. I crave friendship, but feel people don’t really enjoy being in my presence. I’m struggling to make friends in my adulthood. Men seem to like me just fine, but I want long lasting female friends.

    Is there anyway to adjust the repelling aura? Id rather feel loved and give love than manifest! Is my energy making others uncomfortable and causing them to dislike me? This is sad news for me. I’m a sensitive soul who needs humans.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this,
    Jordan (she/her)

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Jordan. Thanks for writing.

      You are a human being. You are not an aura. Every human being needs connection regardless of their aura type. The Human Design aura for each type is a mechanism that shows us how our energy interacts with energy outside of us, including the energy of others. The aura is curious, observant, warm, and protective. It is not intended to push others away. There is no need to adjust an aura.

      Think about how you interact with others. Think about how others might interpret your actions towards them. Are you sending clear messages? As you know, it is necessary to be a friend if we want friends. If, however, your offerings of friendship are being rejected, this may indicate that you are trying to connect with people that are not correct for you. Not correct means that they don’t truly share your values and they don’t understand who you really are. Friendships are meaningful to the extent that there is genuine mutual support, respect, and appreciation.

      Peace, Gloria

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