Gauquelin Astrology

The Mars Effect

Gauquelin Astrology Offers New Insights Never Before Seen in a Traditional Astrology Chart

I am excited to offer this profound, not-to-be-found-anywhere else service which enhances your understanding of your natal astrology chart. Gauquelin Astrology1 offers new insights into the gifts you brought in to support your unique purpose. When you look at your chart through the lens of Gauquelin astrology, it will be like seeing your chart for the first time. Offered only in combination with a Human Design reading.  See Combination Reading: Gauquelin Astrology with Human Design (Gauquelin Design)

Gauquelin Astrology is a unique interpretation system that applies the lesser known findings of Michel Gauquelin’s2  research on how cosmic influences affect human behavior. In addition, the findings of Patrick Jerome’s3 astrology research are also applied. Picking up where Gauquelin left off, he added extraordinary innovative depth and dimension to our understanding of astrology. Even if you’ve previously enjoyed readings of your natal astrology chart, you will receive all-new information about your chart and deeper insights into who you are. 

Gauquelin Astrology also helps you to identify your purpose through identifying the yearnings described by your planetary placements. Some examples are:

  • a yearning for strength,
  • a yearning for love,
  • a yearning for beauty,
  • a yearning for wisdom,
  • a yearning for creativity,
  • a yearning for adventure,
  • a yearning for achievement and status or a yearning for solitude,
  • a yearning to fit in, to be different, or to find your true home.

Your yearnings, if honestly acknowledged, will compel you to find your appropriate direction because they are hungry for specific experiences. It is through your calling that you live your dharma.

Your core  temperament is revealed through the Gauquelin placements in your chart of Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune; the quadrant placements of Sun and Venus (each quadrant is like a different season), whether Mars and Mercury are perihelion or aphelion, and much more. These configurations help you understand and validate who you are. These are just some of the interpretive methods that make Gauquelin Astrology unique in both its approach and the insights it delivers. Gauquelin Astrology does not apply conventional Western astrology methods of interpreting the chart through planets in signs and houses and the aspects they make.

Take Advantage of a Unique Opportunity – offered only in combination with a Human Design session. See Combination Reading: Gauquelin Astrology with Human Design (Gauquelin Design)

While we can cover a lot of ground in a single session, it is not meant to be, nor can it be, all-inclusive. After you have had one session, you may want to consider having additional sessions, especially as you face more challenges and more questions come up for you. 

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1 The term Gauquelin Astrology, a term I have coined, describes an interpretative system that includes identifying Gauquelin placements in the natal astrology chart, and more. This interpretative system is largely derived from the results of Patrick Jerome’s research. Mr. Jerome calls the body of his work skyTotems.

2 Michel Gauquelin (1928-1991) was a French psychologist and astrologer, who together with his wife Francoise, also a psychologist, conducted rigorous research over a period of thirty years that demonstrated that certain astrological phenomena held true to a high degree of statistical validity.

3 Patrick Jerome has studied causation in astrology for decades. He set out to review the scientific basis for conventional astrology and used over 200,000 charts to obtain solid data. Michel Gauquelin’s research, which Mr. Jerome purchased from his widow, was the platform from which he launched his own investigation.

4 Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, when placed in certain sectors of the natal astrology chart exert powerful influences in that chart. Those influences are characteristic of how these planets are traditionally understood to express, but their placement in these particular sectors can dominate the chart. An accurate birth time is necessary to calculate a Gauquelin placement.

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